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Saike Once Again 115

Just you wait.

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Oct 1, 2019 14:43 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 115

#1 for today. I almost think Will's ranting could be taken as a deconstruction of the abnormal lengths shounen protagonists will go to save their friends or fight against evil. I doubt Fukuchi meant it as such, though perhaps....

Chaotic scans only

(Sfx- Babababababa)
{Will is...}
{He's completely...}
(Sfx- Korokoro rooooll)
Take 115: Just you wait.

Will: And that ends my backstory.
Hizu: Oh you're finally done?
Your backstory was so long that I fell asleep in the middle of it.
Saike: Huh?
Hizu: Let's cut to the chase, Will.
What's your reason for kidnapping us?

Saike: Wha?
Hizu: It's not like you dragged us into this helicopter to wax poetic about the good old days, yeah?
I know that's not what a villain like you is about.
(Sfx- Posuh tok)
Will: Ah, Yeah.
Then let's get to it. Just like I said before this Akashic records can increase the scope of the brain's memory capacity.
It's like an external hard drive.
Though the truth of the matter is...
This thing is already filled to capacity.

Will: So in order to empty this out...
There's no other choice but to throw what's inside into the “recycling bin”.
I say a recycling bin, but I don't mean that literally.
Just one person will do.
All I need is one person's brain.
This is how what I said earlier is relevant. The person who takes on what's in here...
Will absolutely die from having their brain ruptured from an abundance of data.

Will: And that's the reason why I kidnapped you two.
(Sfx- Pashhitsu grab)
Will: Saike.
One of you....
Will be my human 'recycling bin'.

Will: Should you refuse me,
Then I'll just have this helicopter crash.
I'll escape via parachute...
and just find another person to be my recycling bin.
I mean seriously, anyone will do.
It's just this plan has been in the making for a long time.
And now that I'm so close to the end it feels like I should be a little particular, you know?
So I got to thinking.
To close the end of this long tale...
Who should I use as my “recycling bin”?

Will: Then I happened upon you two.
Among the people I've met you gents are the most...
Abnormal people I've ever seen.
On one side we have a crazy boy who drowns himself to turn back the day all so he can play hero.
On the other we have a weirdo who blinded himself for the sake of an enemy all so he can watch the aforementioned person die someday.

Will: For a long time, I've harbored certain feelings toward you two...
Both “admiration”
and “jealousy.”
You've done so many things that a “normie” like me could have never even dreamed of doing.
All for the sake of something as unreliable and unclear as “friendship” and “justice”.

Will: It's the pinnacle of abnormal!!
You two aren't normal in the least!!!
So basically it's this.
A normie like me is going to harass the two of you...
with a simple two choice quiz.
Which of you wants to be my “recycling bin”....?
And which of you wants to be freed?

Saike: In what way is this abnormal....
If anything is abnormal...
It's you...
Will: Well thank you.
By the way, there's a specific set of circumstances that have to be fufilled before the data transfer –specifically it has to happen during the next full moon's rising.
So which one of you is going to be the recycling bin and come to my island?
Saike: You've got to be kidding..!!
Hizu: Stop it Saike!!!

Hizu: If you do anything to him, Calim will drop this helicopter and it's game over.
I hate this too, but we'll just have to do as Will says for now.
Saike: But...
Then what'll we do...?!
Hizu: I'll stay behind.
Saike: Hell no!
Why do you have to die Hizu-kun?!
Especially for evil like him?!
Hizu: It's better than you dying.
Saike: In what way?!
Will: Tick tock~ Please decide quickly.
Helicopters run on fuel y'know, and that doesn't last forever.
Dawdle around too long and you'll both be sleeping with the fishes.
Hizu: It's not as if I wanna die for his sake either.
But that's why...


Hizu: I'm leaving it to you.
Will: What is he...?!
Hizu: Can't say I buy into your
“Which of us wants to be freed” spiel.
So sorry pal, I'd rather believe in my “friends”.

Hizu: You're out there, right Ana?!
(Sfx- Doonnn booom)
Hizu: I'm entrusting Saike to you!!!

Saike: A...
(Handwritten- How long were you out there?!)
(Sfx- Dan leap)

(Sfx- Gath grab)
Saike: Ana!!
We have to save Hizu-kun.....
Ana: I'm sorry...
But don't have the confidence I can save two people at this height.

Saike: We'll be back....
We'll be back to save you for sure...!!!

{So just you wait..}

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