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Saike Once Again 124

5 second rooms (2)

+ posted by Bomber D Rufi as translation on Dec 9, 2019 19:17 | Go to Saike Once Again

-> RTS Page for Saike Once Again 124

Still just two a day. Hoping I can finish this volume this week perhaps!

Chaotic scans only

Take 124: 5 second rooms (2)
(Sfx- Dododododo rmmmmmble)
Pedro: I am Pedro.
Welcome to the “5 second rooms.”
{This guy....}
{He's the one who killed Johann in the last go around....}
(Sfx- Zuhhn dsssh)
Pedro: They are testing rooms.....
??: Let's skip the small talk...

Ana: And get started, shall we?
I've got a friend to save, y'see.
Take 124: 5 second rooms (2)

Pedro: Then...Let me invite you to...
(Sfx- Suhoooooh whoooom)
Pedro: The “5 second rooms”!!

Pedro: Now I will explain the rules of the “5 second rooms”.
{I see...}
{So it is exactly as Calim explained.}
Saike: So first up is Pedro who Johann fought in the “5 second rooms”.
I think this time around, Ana should fight him.
Ana: Huh?!
(Handwritten- Me?)
Saike: Let's confirm what Calim told us about the “5 second rooms” and their rules.

Saike: Ana and Pedro are...
In 25 rooms divided into 5X5 partitians.
They are soundproof so neither one of them knows where the other is at any given time.
You don't need to open a door to enter the room from any of the four sides. Just passing through is enough.
You have to find your opponent in these 25 rooms in order to defeat them.
Ana: Yeah.
(Sfx- Kokun nod)
Saike: And now here's the most important rule...
The “5 second” binding...!!

Saike: Mutually you two are granted five seconds of movement.
No more, no less.
So let's say for example Ana begins her search for Pedro...
In that moment,
Pedro is stuck in place and cannot make any movements.
(Sfx- Pitaaah zzt)
Saike: And five seconds after that...
Ana is then unable to move.
(Sfx- Pitaaah zzzt)
Saike: This in turn undoes Pedro's paralysis and allows him to move again.

Saike: So you both take five second intervals in a loop...
and in that time you have to find your opponents.
(Handwritten- Understand?)
(Handwritten- Yeah.)
Pedro: Those are the rules.
Now then, let's get started.
You will be granted the first move.
“Five second rooms”....
(Sfx- Doooon whooom)

(Sfx- Bishiiii zzzzzt)
{Now then....}
{Today's opponent is a girl, huh...}
{How amusing...}
{Age and gender do not matter.}
{Those who possess it must use it.}
{That is...}

{Being able to make the right decision in a short amount of time...}
{A small point that has a major influence on life itself.}
(Sfx- Pihh beep)
(Sfx- Futhh shfft)
{If back then I had shown more “decisiveness,” then...}

{Yes, back then...}
{Huh? Karina, why now?}
Karina: Pedro...
I just don't understand you.
I know you have ambitions to be a wrestler...
I just can't imagine a gentle man as you being suited for that.
Pedro: I—It's not like...
Karina: Because what you want to become is a “heel”, right?
You do understand what a heel is?
You'll be taking on a role where people hate you.

Karina: Could someone who...
sews stuffed toys as a hobby do something like that?
Pedro: Karina, are stuffed toys wrong?
Is there something wrong with me being a heel who enjoys making toys?
Karina: Then let me test your mettle.
I'll give you five seconds.
Promise me you'll give up on being a heel.
If you can't then it's over between us.

Pedro: There's no way...
I could do.....
Karina: Cinco (5)
Quatro (4)
Tres (3)
Pedro: Wait....
Dos (2)
Uno (1)
Pedro: Ah...
Karina: Adios...

{It was then that I understood loss for the first time.}
{I should have chosen Karina.}
{But before I had realized it she had become the wife of another man.}
{Back then...}
{Those five seconds that I lost to indecisiveness warped my life!!}
{And through that I ran from my pain by embracing my wish to be a heel and hiding under a mask!}
{Those five seconds, merely five seconds created the person I am now!!}
{So that I would never make that mistake again, I made these '5 seconds rooms' to continuously test my decisive mettle.}
(Sfx- Zuuhh sffft)
Pedro: She's not here either, huh...
{And thus continue to win!!}

{As I thought, the direction of victory or defeat hinges on “decisiveness”!!}
{The faster one's decision, the quicker they can make a move.}
{Only an utter fool would enter a room and then not move.}
{Yet most of the opponents I've fought and broken through have done just that.}
(Sfx- Pikuh poit)
(Sfx- Oooooooohhh)
Pedro: I can feel her presence.
She's in there, then?
(Sxf- Ooooooooh)

(Sfx- Gogogogogogo rmmmmble)
{She is.}
{And I can't feel that she's moved from that room at all.}
{How disappointing.}
{So you're the same as the others I've fought then?}
Pedro: I'll shatter you...
Fool without “decisiveness!!”
(Sfx- Doooonn whooom)

(Sfx- Biiiinn ssssssh)
(Sfx- Don BAM)

Pedro: WHA?
(Sfx- Baaan)
(Sfx- Pihhh beep)
Ana: Ooh! I can move!
(Sfx- Gurun gurun spn spn)
Ana: You made this thing without “doors” so that it'd be easy to move between rooms.
But you didn't think that maybe the opponent would take another action while they could move didya?
(Sfx- kokii crack)
Ana: “Decisiveness” was it?
It's pretty important, sure...

Ana: But you know what I think?
“Considering your opponents feelings” is far more important.
{Goodbye Pedro.}
{I see...}
{What I was lacking back then wasn't decisiveness....}

{But consideration for Karina's feelings.....}
Pedro: Thank you little girl.
I now under---
(Sfx- Giri giri giri giri grnnnnnd)
(Sfx- Giri giri giri grind grind grind)
Ana: Anaaaaa~
(Sfx- Tan hop)

Ana: KICK!!
(Sfx- Dogooohhh WHOMP)
Pedro: GUGAH!!!
Ana: If it's a decision you want I made one a while ago.
That even if I have to risk my life I'd save my friend!
Got it?

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