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Mx0 99

Mx0 Chapter 99 Translation

+ posted by caesarpk as translation on May 17, 2008 03:48 | Go to Mx0

-> RTS Page for Mx0 99

Can't believe this great series is coming to an end...hoping for sequel
anyways here's tl

Mx0 99

=======Page 1=========
決断を下した九澄 そして魔法世界への新たの旅立ち・・・!!
Kuzumi has made up his mind, And the new journey into the Magical world begins!
校長「そう// 行くことに決めましたか」
Principal: So // you decided to go after all
Kuzumi: Yeah,

このままで校長先生や柊父に迷惑かけ続けるのも心苦しいし// 留学してちゃんと魔法を使えるようになってくるよ
I feel really bad after troubling headmistress and daddy-hiragi and // I will properly learn magic during the time I’m abroad.

2人には 今まで俺のために大きなリスク負ってもらって感謝してるよ// 2人のお陰で この学校で楽しくやって来られたんだもんな

I am grateful to you two for risking so much for my sake // it’s thanks to you that I’ve been having fun at this school till now
Thank you very much

=======Page 2-3=========

M:99 さらば聖凪③

M:99 Farewell Seinagi (3)


Even without magic,
They were friends in their heart

=======Page 4=========

Lucy: What do you mean, Thanks?!
1年も留学なんて聞いてないよ// 私に相談もなく決めるなんてひどいじゃない!!」
I’ve never heard you going abroad for a year! // you are so a horrible that you didn’t even consult with me.
九澄「ああ そっか一応言っとくべきだったかな」
Kuzumi: yeah, I should have had a word with you beforehand
Lucy: A word beforehand? // That’s it?
You are terrible
What does my existence mean to you?
嫌だよ私~~!!一年も大賀と離れるなんて// さびしくて死んじゃうよ―――!!!」
Don’t go! I don’t wanna be apart from you for a year // I’ll die of loneliness

=======Page 5=========

Kuzumi: Hey, wait
お前来てくんねーのか!? // ウソだろ?」
You are not coming with me!? You got to be kidding!
ルーシー「え…?  え…?」
Lucy: Eh…? What…?
Kuzumi: I thought you will definitely come with me
ルーシー「私も行くの・・・?// 行ってもいいの?」
Lucy: I will come with you…? // I can come with you?!
Kuzumi: Of course you can!
You are the only one that can help me there you know
一緒に来るよな?// な?」
You will come with me, // Right?

=======Page 6=========

ルーシー「行く行く 絶対行くぅ~~~~!!!」
Lucy: Yes Yes I will come with you !!

校長「向こうもマンドレイクの生育には適した環境です// いっぱい仲間を増やしてきてちょーだいねルーシー」
Principal: The environment is suited for the growth of Mandrakes there as well. // make a lot of friends there lucy

柊父「一年程度でGPが手に入るほど甘いものじゃないが やれるだけやってこい
DH: although it’s not easy to acquire a GP after only one year, try your best

滝は俺と違って熱血漢だ // 根をあげるなよ?」
Unlike me, Taki is a passionate [T/N literally hot-headed. Think this tl is better] guy // Don’t give up, alright?
Kuzumi: Of Course! Even if I don’t have the talent I will come back as a great magic user!

=======Page 7=========

And so
The story of Kuzumi studying abroad became known to other students within a day

Are you Serious?
急すぎるだろ 今日が最後なんてよー!!」
All too sudden! // What, today is your last day?

九澄「ゴメンな ギリギリまで迷ってたもんでさ
Kuzumi: My bad. I was hesitating until the end but you know…
でもよ一年なんてすぐだよ 帰ってきた時はまたよろしくな」
It’s just a year I will be back in a second I’m hoping to work well with you all after I come back
クラスメイト「ゴメンなじゃねーっつーの 迷ってんなら何で言わねぇ
What the heck is “My Bad!” you idiot! Why don’t you say something if you were hesitating
You ---
柊父「こら お前ら」
DH: hey you guys
You are really going away, aren’t ya?
I can’t even give you some present for farewell! [T/N technically farewell money, but I think it’s more like gifts]
Just call it off, man
You are being so formal idiot

=======Page 8=========

You will come back for sure right?
Come back in the weekends got it?
Don’t tell me you don’t have time anything, you bastartd!
久美「にぎやかなのがいなくなると 1-Cも寂しくなるな」
Kumi: When the noisy one is gone, 1-C will be pretty deserted
Micho: A deserted C class [T/N a joke here: it reads Sabisii Kumi, which sounds the same as sabishii, the adjective for lonely and deserted]

I’ve always felt really good by just being here

This was a place of only happy memories

=======Page 9=========

「おい 聞いたか?」
Hey did you hear it?

It’s still heartbreaking

You mean Kuzumi right?

To Say goodbye to everyone

I heard he’s gonna study abroad at a newly established Magic School
Looks like he’s going there to strengthen the bond between the two schools
「別の魔法学校があるなんて 知らなかったぜ」
I didn’t know there is another magic school beside this one
「今は一年だけらしいし 九澄に向こうで執行部的存在になってもらうんだろ」
Even though he’s with the first years now, I heard that he’s gonna be the main MEC agent there
「よ―――!! 九澄 元気でな」
Hey Kuzumi!! Be careful!
Good luck!
九澄「おー サンキュ」
Kuzumi: Oh, thanks

九澄「休み時間ごとモミクチャにされてちゃ マジ泣きそーになるっての…
If I was the center of attention throughout the whole break time I would really be crying by now

Kuzumi: What the…?

=======Page 10=========

…!? Mizuki!
Are you really leaving for Kyushu?
ねぇ… そうなの?
Hey…is it true?
何で急にそんな話になっちゃってるのよ// ねぇ…
Why do you have to go all of sudden, // I…
突然そんな事聞かされても 私… 私…」
even if you told me such thing so suddenly, I... I …
九澄「ストップ――!!! 観月ストーップ!!
Stop! Quit it, Mizuki!
今日は朝からずっとこの調子でさ もう謝りっぱなしなんだよ
It’s been like this since the morning, and I’ve been apologizing all the time

=======Page 11=========

ここまでは耐えられたけど お前に泣かれるともうアウト!
I’ve endure through this all, but if you cry then I’m done with
I wouldn’t be hold myself from crying either
Mizuki: I… I’m not crying at all
It’s just I’m surprised because it was so sudden
Kuzumi: Yeah, that’s where I liked about you
Mizuki: what…
九澄「帰ってきても 変わったりすんなよこっちの調子 狂っちまうからな」
Kuzumi: keep it the same when I come back // If you don’t, it’s gonna be crazy over here

観月「あいにく生まれつきこーだから // 変わりようがないわよ」
I’ve been like this since I was born // there’s no way I’m gonna change

=======Page 12=========

Mizuki: I will email you so reply to me [T/N More like texting, but I think e-mailing works fine here]
Take Care of yourself!
九澄「オイオイ… そんなサヨナラないだろ」
Kuzumi: Hey Hey, what kind of farewell was that…?
九澄「!!? とと…
Kuzumi: Woops…?
Who’s pulling me?

Look at me then
I will change so much
That you will so surprised

That you will never be able to forget to think about me [T/N literally leave me lone]

??「尚ッチは涙目がテレくさかったのよ // 察してあげて」
Nao was being shy for crying back there // understand her.

九澄「!! 柊?」
Kuzumi: Hiragi?

=======Page 13=========

愛花「おどかしてゴメンね //とりこんでたみたいなんで 姿消してたんだ

Aika: sorry for scaring you // since You two were busy so I became invisible

みんなが 九澄くんを教室につれて来いって
Everyone wants you back at the classroom
次の授業HRにしてもらって お別れ会やろーって」
The next class will be HR, and we will hold a farewell party
九澄「お別れ会?小学校でもねーのに いいよそんなの」
A Farewell Party? Why would we do that? We are not elementary kids anymore

愛花「いーじゃない せっかくやってくれるんだから」
Aika: DCome on, we are doing it for your sake anyways
Kuzumi: Hey wait Hiragii
愛花「いっけない もう消えてなくていいのか 魔法解除
Aika: Oh no, I don’t have be invisible anymore. Magic Out
Come on, hurry up

=======Page 14=========

Tsugawa: He’s here
Kumi: Alright, let’s begin!
津川「よーし これより九澄サヨナラ記念!!!
Tsugawa: From Now on we will commence Kuzumi’s farewell party!
Kuzumi will give us a Magic Show!
GPの魔法 山盛り披露してもらおーぜ」
Show us a mountain load of GP level magic!
九澄「…っと 待てよ 何だそりゃ」
Kuzumi: Hey wait, what the heck is that
愛花「いいじゃない やってあげなよ」
Aika: Come on, just do it
九澄「俺のサヨナラ会で 何で俺がショーをやるんだよ!!!」
Kuzumi: Why do I have to show off in my own Farewell Party?
津川「いーじゃん いーじゃん その方が盛り上がるんだから」
Tsugawa: It’s alright, come on! It’s more exciting that way

=======Page 15=========

伊勢「みんなお前の事 頭に焼きつけときたいんだ」
Ise: everyone wants to burn you into their heads
Do some spectacular ones!

Come on, show us 20 in a row!
Just don’t blow up the classroom, Okay?
Kuzumi: … Alright, I got it
   オープン!! クリアクリーン」
Open! Clear Clean!

=======Page 16=========

Beginning with light exercise huh?

(悪りィ 魔法借りたぜ)
Sorry, I borrowed your magic
(じゃ 俺行くよ 柊)
I’m leaving, Cya Hiiragi.
Aika: Hmm? Kuzumi-kun?

「オイオイ これで終わりじゃないだろーな」
Hey Hey don’t tell this is it!
Come out and show us the next magic!
Ise: Hey Kuzumi!
文美「ねえ 見て!!」
Hey Look!
Kuzumi’s backpack and his stuff are all gone

=======Page 17=========

Kagenuma: Look there
九澄「じゃーなー皆 // 元気でな――」
Kuzumi: See you everyone // take care of yourself!
Are you gonna leave just like this?
You are kidding!

Kuzumi: When I come back I will show you real mountain load of Magic
If I stay longer than this I would cry

Ise: Take a good care of yourself
津川「むこう着いたら すぐ連絡しろよ――!! 忘れんじゃねーぞ」
Tsugawa: as soon as you get there call us! Don’t forget it!

=======Page 18=========

バイバイSee you
聖凪 Seinagi

Until the day
I come back

Aika: I’ll be waiting!
We’ll be all waiting to hear your stories, kuzumi-kun!

=======Page 19=========

=======Page 20=========

Two months later

Kuzumi: Arggr
   「九澄だ まだやってるよ」
Hey It’s kuzumi, he is not done yet
   「毎朝朝から晩まで 魔法魔法だな」
He’s practicing magic all day long
But he’s improving at unbelievable speed

Kuzumi: Ogya---
Titan’s Hammer
=======Page 21=========

Kuzumi: There!

 滝 「よーし 今日はここまで」
Taki: Alright that’s it for today
K: ahh (sigh
 滝 「明日から操作系をやってみるか
Taki: from tomorrow we will try control class magic
Reenter those control class magic into your plate
Kuzumi: arg

Kuzumi: oh no…I’m so stressed up
I’m exhausted every day
   でも 魔法って すんげー楽しー…」
But somehow, magic is so fun…
=======Page 22=========

Lucy:Taiga, your phone is ringing
九澄「よお 柊か 観月も? 元気か
Kuzumi: Oh it’s hiragi and mizuki. How’s it going
   ああ 毎日する事なくてボーっとしてるよ」
Yeah, I’m so bored. I’ve got nothing to do everyday here

Everyone is still the same?

Oh really?
       「ハハハ 正月は帰るし 顔出すよ」
Haha, I will be there during the New Years

い つ か 大 魔 法 使 い に な る 日 を 夢 見 て ! !
Dreaming of becoming a great magician someday!

Thank you very much for loving Mx0
Please wait for Mr.Kano’s next project!

the end.

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#1. by Ueda ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
Oh no! I can't believe this is over... OMG! >< Another series that ends leaving us hanging... ><... But, at least, it's a good story...
#2. by override_x ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
thx for the translation :) and keep the good work...
let's hope for a sequel to come out soon! it was a great story so far and i cann't wait to see what Mr.Kano’s next project is like!
thx again
#3. by Phat ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
thanks :D
#4. by slimpickins ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
thanks for the translation.

hopefully there will be a special chapter or something where its set 1 year down the road. But that would just be toologica. lol:D
#5. by ikcud ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
Doesn't sound like this will come back.. ahh another pretty face.. lol.
Thanks for the translations.
#6. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
thanks for the trans!

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