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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Saijô no Meii 28

The Mystery of Life

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Dec 24, 2010 07:08 | Go to Saijô no Meii

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 28: The Mystery of Life

Page 2
Maria: Listen up everyone,
This is how it went.
Maria: "I'm going to make myself the standard!"
Maria: So it must mean that Saijou-sensei is determined to become the "Best Doctor" right?
Maria: I'm so electrified.
Ayame(thought): Electrified, you say...
Beside the head: Who still says that these days...
Ayame: Oh well, if Mikoto has the motivation, then I welcome the idea whole-heartedly.
Ayame: Miyabi, did you push him into it?
Miyabi: What a terrible way of putting it.

Page 3
Miyabi: I would like you to say that I gave some sound advice.
Miyabi: Normally, I also hate sticking my nose into anything so political...
Miyabi: In this case, I don't want the hospital to be directed by the associate director, who's only concerned about power.
Miyabi: That's why...
Ayame: I know.
Ayame: Besides what you said, I want Mikoto to be chosen as the "Best Doctor".
Ayame: Although he said before that admin stuff is a pain...
Mikoto: If I did that, I would have less time for operations,
Mikoto: And I'll have less patients to examine.
Maria: Th..that's true, but...

Page 4
Ayame: He can just leave all that work to Sakamoto-san.
Maria: Yeah, yeah.
Miyabi: That's true.
Ryuuma: Hey!
Ryuuma: Why does it have to be me!?
Ryuuma: First of all, I came from Teiou University.
Ayame: That's got nothing to do with it.
Ayame: Sakamoto-san, you're not bound by Teiou or Saihama, right?
Ayame: Besides, the person in charge of human resources or making important decisions should be someone who has gone through painful experiences.
Ayame: I bet my bro put pressure on that doctor called Sakamoto using his powers.
Ayame: He can't just buy however many houses he wants, and having to take a sick son to an unfamiliar place...
Ayame: Am I wrong?
Ryuuma: W-well...when you put it that way, I can't really say no to it...

Page 5
Ryuuma: Although that's not easy to achieve you know.
Ryuuma: At this point in time, the person who's most likely chosen as the Best Doctor is probably the associate director, who's both young and competent...
Ryuuma: From now on, the more he wants to destroy Mikoto, the more likely he's going to make some kind of bargain with Teiou itself.
Maria: ...Teiou itself?
Ryuuma: Yeah.
Ryuuma: I don't really want to say anything bad about my own school, but...
Ryuuma: In Teiou University,
Ryuuma: There exists a devil.
Maria(thought): Devil...!?

Page 6
Box: Teiou University---
Sign: Chancellor's Office
Man: Sadame-chan, I hear that these days you have it pretty rough.
Sadame: ...No, that's not the case.
Man: There's no need to hid it.
Man: Isn't it amazing though?
The secret weapon from Saihama.

Page 7
Yourou: That rumor travelled all the way to me you know.
Box: Teiou University Chancellor, Yourou Shigetoshi
Yourou: Ah~~ More of them died.
Yourou: This is a problem. Tropical fishes are so weak that they die right away.
Sadame: ...Chancellor...
Yourou: But, if you scoop them up with a net like this...
Yourou: There are some that will suddenly revive.

Page 8
Yourou: See?
Yourou: Just a while ago it was out of energy and simply floating around...
But when it instinctively sensed a foreign enemy, it's using its last strength to struggle.
Yourou: See~~ I'm a foreign enemy.
Above head: Hm~~~ Foreign, foreign.
Yourou: This is the mystery of life.

Page 9
Yourou: We also want to learn this sense of desperation, don't we?
Sadame(thought): Tch.
Sadame(thought): What a fiend...!!
Maria: D-devil you say? You must be exaggerating...
Ryuuma: I'm not really exaggerating.
Ryuuma: There are people in the world who deal with life and death for decades and decades.
Some of them become crazy.

Page 10
Ryuuma: In that way, calling him a devil makes him sound cuter.
Maria(thought): ...
Maria: B-but Saijou-sensei will be just fine.
Maria: If the opponent is a devil, then he is hero.
Maria: He will definitely defeat a guy like that!
Ryuuma: ...
Ryuuma: That would be nice...
Ayame: But he sure is late, that hero-sama.
Ayame: Even though today we're supposed to have a meeting for the diaphragm reconstruction procedure...
Diagram: Slice back muscle -> Slip the muscle through the rib cage -> The back muscle will be used for part of diaphragm
SFX: *Creak---*

Page 11
Mikoto: Sorry I'm late.
Mikoto: The Sawa Nasuka-chan that was discharged a while back came to visit me.
Mikoto: So we were talking for a bit---
Maria: ...But sensei, what is that kiss mark?
Mikoto: Huh?
Mikoto: Ah, you're right.
Mikoto: I didn't know what to do when Nasuka-chan suddenly clung on to me...
Mikoto: Sena-san,
Mikoto: If you have something to wipe with,
Mikoto: Can you please bring it...
Beside head: Woah!

Page 12
Ayame: Um...
Ayame: Being a hero is fine and all, but what's with being knocked out so easily by a resident?
Miyabi: Well, it is pretty tough to defend against the thing used for wiping (sofa).
Box: The day of the operation---
Mikoto: Alright, let's get going.
Ayame: Ok.
Maria: Alright.

Page 13
Maria: For some reason there are more people here than usual.
Maria: Are there a lot of observers?
Ayame: Maybe.
Ayame: Using back muscle to reconstruct diaphragm is pretty ground-breaking compared with other procedures...
Teiou's Method: Simply use Gore-Tex material. When the body grows, follow-up operations are necessary.
Saihama's Method: Use stomach muscle for diaphragm. The stomach wall becomes thinner, and can potentially swell.
Mikoto's Method: Use back muscle for diaphragm. Although the muscle will become thinner, it will not swell due to the bones.
Ayame: To be honest, this procedure feels extremely difficult to complete, even for me.
Maria: E-even for you, Ayame-sensei?
Ayame: Well, and that I originally specialized in heart surgeries...

Page 14
Ayame: Besides that, do you know what you have be careful the most for this diaphragm reconstruction procedure?
Maria: O...of course I know at least that much!
Maria: Don't loosen the newly attached diaphragm.
Ayame: That's right.
Ayame: If the new diaphragm is loose, it can cause a dangerous phenomenon called "see-saw respiration".
Correctly Attached Diaphragm, Inhaling, Exhaling
Loosely Attached Diaphragm (See-saw Respiration), Inhaling, Exhaling
As the picture shows, "see-saw respiration" is when both sides of the diaphragm move in opposite directions. In this case, the lungs have to breathe through the difference in pressure on the two sides of the diaphragm and not by themselves.
Ayame: To prevent it from getting loose, tightening it a little bit more than necessary would be better.
Maria: Ok...
Maria: But what does that have anything to do with the difficulty of this procedure?

Page 15
Maria: Since we're using the back muscle, if we properly calculate the correct size, then it shouldn't be that hard...
Ayame: Um, you know...
Ayame: ...Oh well.
Ayame: You'll understand the difficulty when you assist us.
Ayame: Rather than that...
Maria: Wh-what is it?
Ayame: Isn't this strange, no matter how you look at it?

Page 16
Ayame: The operation room is full of people.
Maria: !
Maria: Wh-why are there so many?
Ayame: Beats me.
Miyabi: Oh, everyone's here.
Ayame: Miyabi, what's happening here?
Miyabi: This is big.
Miyabi: It's the devil that Sakamoto-san mentioned.
Miyabi: He came to observe the procedure.

Page 17
Yourou: There are a lot of observers.
Yourou: At this rate, I won't be able to see who the secret weapon is.
Sadame: Seems like he hasn't come into the room yet.
Sadame: This turnout is probably thanks to your influence.
Sadame: All I did was to send an email to all the Teiou graduates saying that "The chancellor will be observing".
Yourou: Hohoho.
Sadame: Ah,
He's here.
Sadame: It's the one walking in the front.
Yourou: Oh, what a cute lad.

Page 18
Yourou: It makes me want to eat him.
Sadame(thought): ...Hmph, he is a complete demon.
Sadame(thought): But, even the demon has his uses.
Sadame(thought): His influence, authority, and connections are all useful.
Sadame(thought): However, besides bringing him here, I don't have any more schemes.
Sadame(thought): Saijou Mikoto, this will be the final battle between you and I!

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