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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Saijô no Meii 30

What Isn't Perfect

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jan 12, 2011 02:56 | Go to Saijô no Meii

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Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 30: What Isn't Perfect

Page 2
Mikoto: I will be making an incision on the seventh intercostal vein.
Mikoto: The latissimus dorsi muscle will be pulled out and made into the new diaphragm...
Diagram: The muscle is passed through the ribs -> It is made into the diaphragm
Diagram: Intercostal artery + Blood vessels of latissimus dorsi muscle -> (arrow) Supercharge
Mikoto: And I will perform a supercharge, which is to connect the blood vessels of the latissimus dorsi muscle with the intercostal artery.

Page 3
Yourou: Wh...what a thing to do...
Sadame: It's our utter defeat, chancellor.
Sadame: At Teiou University, we just attach an artificial diaphragm with Gore-Tex material in the procedure.
Diagram: 5 years old -> Growth -> In the future
Sadame: The boy is just 5 years old right now, but when he grows in the future, we would have to operate on him one more time.
Sadame: In addition, because Gore-Tex doesn't grow, using it may also have the potential to greatly hamper the development of of the side of the chest.
Sadame: On the other hand, his procedure is perfect.
Sadame: The latissimus dorsi muscle will grow, so of course there is no need for another operation. And there would be no obstruction in the chest development.
Yourou: B-but!
Yourou: He's making a big fuss over the nerves that aren't necessary in the first place...
Sadame: Chancellor.

Page 4
Sadame: In reality, you know as well, don't you?
Sadame: It's true that like you said, if the muscle is used for the diaphragm, the nerves would not really be necessary...
Yourou: Other than having it become part of the diaphragm, there's no need for it to be anything more than just a piece of normal flesh...
Sadame: But in five, ten years...making a comparison in the long-term, the latissimus dorsi muscle with nerves will be significantly more robust than it without.
Diagram: Muscle with nerves (robust), Muscle without nerves (weak)
Sadame: If enough blood flow is maintained, it's definitely better to keep the nerves.
Yourou: Grr---!
Yourou: We-well, what about the operation time?
Yourou: He's doing the time-consuming supercharge, so it must take quite a while!
Yourou: At Teiou, the whole procedure doesn't take longer than two hours...

Page 5
Yourou: With his troubesome way, it should take four hours no matter what!
Mikoto: Ok, the operation is over.
Maria: Wooow, sensei! It's only been two and a half hours!
Man: Only two hours and a half.
Yourou: ...
Man: Unbelievable.
Sadame: And the operation time has only changed by half an hour.
Yourou: ...
Yourou: Sadame-chan, what is the meaning of this?
Yourou: Whose side are you on?
Sadame: Are you saying that there is something for me to gain by being on his side?

Page 6
Sadame: Look at the condition around us, even with your presence.
Sadame: To think that it would turn out this way...
Yourou: Hmph.
Yourou: Far from being an elite after all.
Yourou: Like the tropical fish, dead too soon.
Sadame: ?
Yourou: I'm talking about you, Sadame-chan. You have to be more desperate.
Sadame: ...
Yourou: I do have to admit that that boy has some amazing medical skills.

Page 7
Yourou: But, as long as he's human, he isn't perfect.
Yourou: I don't know what, but he must have a weakness.
Sadame: ...
Yourou: Well, just watch.
Yourou: I will show you how I managed to climb all the way up...
Yourou: To the position of chancellor.
Sign: Pediatric Surgery

Page 8
Maria: Wow, Saijou-sensei was really perfect in there.
Maria: I was dumb, so I thought that by properly calculating the size of the muscle beforehand, the operation wouldn't be all that difficult...
Maria: But he has to make the incision without being able to see, so there's no way to correctly calculate the size.
Ayame: That's right.
Ayame: And as you know, it's an iron rule that the newly created diaphragm can't be loose...
Diagram: Correctly attached diaphragm, loosely attached diaphragm
Ayame: For that reason, he has to be able to grasp the correct size at the time of the cutting.
Diagram: Correctly imagine the size, Incision
Ayame: The latissimus dorsi muscle isn't really necessary for everyday life, so it's possible to cut more than what you need, and then stitch up the extra parts...
Diagram: The part leftover from cutting more than what's necessary

Page 9
Ayame: But in the end, it's still a muscle, so it's obviously better to waste as little of it as possible.
Maria: You're right-!
Maria: In Saijou-sensei's case, I was surprised that in the end, when he was sewing up the diaphragm, the size was pretty much just right...
Diagram: Just right
Maria: Huh? Speaking of which, where is he?
Maria: He didn't come back with you after the operation?
Ayame: Yeah, pretty much.
Ayame: In the locker room, he said that he was a bit tired, so he's going to sit down for a bit.

Page 10
Ayame: He is, after all, still human.
Wouldn't it be better for him to have a bit of a charm like that than to be too perfect?
Maria: I-I see!
Maria: Then in the future, I will also try to be less per...
Ayame: No, you have to try to be better.
Maria: I-I didn't ask for your opinion!
Sign: Locker Room
Mikoto: Phew...
Guy: Fufu,
Guy: You seem to be really tired.

Page 11
Guy: After completing the operation so well with so much pressure, you should take a rest.
Mikoto: ...
Mikoto: What's your name?
Daiki: ...Shiranui.
Daiki: Shiranui Daiki.
Daiki: I look up to you, and I'm interested in the pediatrics department---
Although I have met Sena-san before...
Mikoto: Oh.
Mikoto: She did mention to me that there were three people who wanted to join...
Maria: Three young doctors has come to make inquires. They said they were interested in the pediatrics department.
Ayame: I see.
Maria: All three of them are said to be pretty skillful, with great expectations for the future.
Daiki: Yes, I am one of the three doctors.

Page 12
Daiki: I wanted to introduce myself to you sooner...
Daiki: But I actually just joined the gastroenterological department of Teiou University. TN: Gastroenterological is about digestive organs
Daiki: If I suddenly transfer to the pediatrics department, the associate director's eyes would be on me, and there are annoying obligations...
Mikoto: Yeah, that's what they say.
Mikoto: Although I wouldn't know much about it...
Daiki: Fufufu,
I have heard that not being tied down to any obligations is one of your good points.
Daiki: I'm jealous. Wish I could work together with you soon...
Mikoto: Haha, then come visit us at the pediatrics department.
Mikoto: Since Ayame is actually from another department, but he's there all the time.
Side: And recently Miyabi is there a lot too.

Page 13
Daiki: Really, I can visit!?
Daiki: I will really be going there then.
Mikoto: Feel free, feel free.
Mikoto: And I'll also tell Ayame to not bully you around.
Daiki: H-huh~~ Now I'm scared.
Mikoto: Ahahaha.
Sign: Locker Room
Sadame: Chancellor, you have my admiration.

Page 14
Sadame: To think that you have slipped a spy into one of the three interested in pediatrics.
Yourou: I told you.
Yourou: That I'd show you how I came into the position of chancellor.
Yourou: You should constantly give it your all. Win by always making the first move.
Yourou: Sadame-chan, you are lacking in that respect.
Sadame: ...
Yourou: I told you this just now, but you have no sense of desperation.
Sadame: Please forgive me.
Sadame: But will there really be some result from using a spy?
Sadame: Even though he's human, he gives me the impression of having high morals...
Yourou: But we don't know that.

Page 15
Yourou: Despite how he looks, maybe he actually abuses the patients...
Yourou: Or maybe he over-spends, and embezzles hospital funds to pay off his debts...
Sadame: ...I-is that so?
Yourou: Well, probably not.
Yourou: Even if there is nothing, as long as we have someone on our side, things can always be fabricated.
Yourou: Isn't that right?
Sadame: Yes.
Yourou: Doctors are easily criticized by society you know. If, say, some evidence were to surface up, people's confidence in him would drop to the floor...

Page 16
Yourou: And Saijou would be destroyed without being able to resist.
Sadame: ...
Box: The next day---
Mikoto: Good morning, Shiranui-kun.
Daiki: Ah, Saijou-sensei.
Daiki: Will you be going to work now?
Mikoto: Yeah.
Mikoto: It was Sakamoto-sensei's shift yesterday, so I actually got to go home.
Daiki: Oh yeah, Sakamoto-sensei.
Daiki: He's also a pretty cool person.
Daiki: I'm actually a fan of his.
Mikoto: I see...
Mikoto: In that case, although it's on the fourth floor, do you want to come with me?
Mikoto: If I introduce you to everyone, it'll be easier for you to drop by.
Daiki: Is that ok!?
Daiki: I-I will definitely go!
Daiki: Let's go by stairs then!
Side: It's faster this way.
Mikoto: Ah...o-ok.

Page 17
Mikoto: Wa...wait, Shiranui-kun, you don't have to go so quickly...
Daiki: Ah, sorr...
Daiki: Hm?
Daiki: You don't look well, Saijou-sensei.
Big SFX: *Bump*
SFX: *Thud*
Daiki: S-Saijou-sensei...?

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