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Nononono 91

Acting Tough

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jan 19, 2011 01:21 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 91

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 91: Acting Tough

Page 2
Geez, they're so loud!!
It's Christmas Eve for god's sake!
Be quiet!!

Page 3
Man: !?
Man: Uwah----!!
Man: Murder!!
Man: It's murder!!
Man: Call the police---!!
Hino: Cwap!!
Kishitani: Damn you...
Hino: Kah!!
Nono: !?

Page 4
Nono: Kishitani!!
Nono: The knife!!
Kishitani: Ah...
Kishitani: Geez...
Kishitani: Damn...
Kishitani: Ow!!
Nono: Oh no!! We have to call the ambulance...
Kishitani: It's nothing to worry about.
He just grazed my back a bit, that's all.
Kishitani: I'll go to the hospital after this.
Nono: What should I do...
It's almost time for inter high...
Nono: If you can't participate because of the injury, I...
Kishitani: Hahaha, you're exaggerating.
There's still two months before inter high you know.
Kishitani: A cut like this will heal right away.

Page 5
Kishitani: Besides that, you should leave here.
The police are going to ask questions.
Nono: But...
Kishitani: Don't worry.
I'll make sure that he doesn't talk about you.
Kishitani: I'll come up with some sort of good explanation.
Since the guy saw me getting stabbed, I'm the victim.
Kishitani: So you should get out of here now!!
Nono: No!!
Nono: I can't...
Nono: Just run away by myself when you're hurt!!
Kishitani: I told you it was nothing...
Kishitani: If you are thinking for my sake, just go.
Kishitani: If they find out that you're a girl...
Then me getting hit and stabbed would all have been for nothing.
Nono: ...
Kishitani: Most likely...
Kourogi and Amatsu are waiting for you.

Page 6
Kishitani: When you see them, pretend that nothing is wrong.
Kishitani: No matter how difficult that is...
Kishitani: Do you hear me? Hino didn't make you do anything.
Kishitani: That's because you're a guy.
Kishitani: Don't let them find out about what happened no matter what.
Kishitani: Got it?
Nono: But you're...
Kishitani: Just go already!!
Nono: !?
Kishitani: You don't have time!! The police are going to come!!
Nono: You really...
Are ok right?
Kishitani: Don't make me repeat the same thing over and over again!!

Page 7
Kishitani: Just leave!!
Kishitani: Do you want my wishes to go to waste!?
Kishitani: Go, now!!
Nono: ...
Kishitani: Phew...
Kishitani: She's finally gone.
Kishitani: That was close...

Page 8
Kishitani: It wasn't easy to act tough...
Kishitani: Any longer and I would've collapsed right in front of her.
Kishitani: Ow...
Kishitani(thought): In the end...
Kishitani(thought): I couldn't give her my present...
Kishitani: Oi, Hino...
Kishitani: Are you listening...?
Kishitani: If you tell them about Nonomiya...
Kishitani: I will kill you...
Kishitani: Got that...?
Kishitani: I will definitely kill you...

Page 9
Kishtiani(thought): Definitely---
Nono: I've had enough!!
Nono: There's nothing good left in my life!!
Nono(thought): Having Hino do something like that to me,
Nono(thought): And then pretending nothing has happened...
Kishitani: Do you want my wishes to go to waste!?
Nono: Uwaaah!!

Page 10
Mikage: Did you see him?
Emperor: No...
Mikage: Yuuta...where did you go...
SFX: The siren of the ambulance and police car
Mikage: The ambulance...!!
Emperor: And the police too.
Mikage: No way...
Did something happen to Yuuta...
Akira: Let's go over there.
Mikage: ...
Mikage: Ah!!

Page 11
Mikage: Yuuta!!
Yuuta: Ah...
Mikage: Yuuta!! Are you alright!?
I was really worried about you!!
Mikage: What on earth happened!?
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Kourogi...
Yuuta: I...
Yuuta: I...
TN: She's using the feminine version of "I".
Kishitani: When you see them...
Kishitani: pretend that nothing is wrong.
Kishitani: No matter how difficult that is...
Mikage: Yuuta,
Mikage: What happened!?

Page 12
Yuuta: Sorry, sorry.
Yuuta: Actually, I lost my wallet---
Yuuta: I thought you'd be angry, so I tried really hard to look for it...
Mikage: ...
Yuuta: So that's why I'm late.
Yuuta: I'm sorry.
Mikage: Idiot!!
I was really worried!!
Mikage: We're done here!!
Let's go back now!!
Yuuta: Sorry, everyone.

Page 13
Mikage: Geez...
Mikage: What a false alarm.
Sora: Yuuta!! You're alright!!
Yuuta: Sora-san!! Why are you in Nagano...
Sora: Oh,
Sora: I'm here for the Christmas party, of course.
Sora: Well then,
Sora: Now we're ready, Kourogi-san.
Mikage: Huh?
Y-you're right.
Mikage: Yuuta!! Go to the bathroom and get me a clothes pin!!
Yuuta: Huh?
Yuuta: ...
Yuuta: Why a clothes pin...?

Page 14
Mikage: Yuuta!!
Sora: Happy birthday!!
Mikage: Now you're an adult!! TN: Seems like Nono is 20 now.
Mikage: You can drink too!!
Sora: He can't!!
Sora: Are you trying to make him drunk!?
Mikage: I have something I want to show you.

Page 15
Mikage: These are presents from everyone.
Mikage: Aren't they great?
Mikage: The skiing equipment are all brand-new.
Mikage: See!!
Why don't you say something?

Page 16
Yuuta: Uwaaahn!!
Yuuta: Uwaaahn!!
Yuuta: Uwaaahn!!
Yuuta: Hic...
Yuuta: Uwaaahn!!
Mikage: ...Yuuta...
Mikage: Aren't you a bit too happy?

Page 17

Page 18
Hino: Listen up, officer.
Hino: I'll tell you something good.
Man: Huh?
Hino: She a girl.
Hino: That Nonomiya Yuuta from Okushin High---

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