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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Addicted to Curry 76

People to Believe In and Boiled Miso Mackerel

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 12, 2011 05:34 | Go to Addicted to Curry

-> RTS Page for Addicted to Curry 76

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 76: People to Believe In and Boiled Miso Mackerel

Page 2
Makito: ?
Makito(thought): Where am I...?
Aya: ...Do that!?
Udou: Shut up.
Aya: Don't tell me to shut up!
Makito: !

Page 3
Aya: You need to stop resorting to violence! (side) You're not a child anymore.
Udou: Hmph. I'm just like a kid anyway!
Makito: ...
Udou: The heck, you're always like that when it comes to him.
Aya: N...no, that's not true!
Udou: As if!
Aya: No I'm not! Baka! Barbarian!!
Makito: !
Aya: Ah.
Aya: Kyah! I'm sorry, are you alright!?
Makito: Yeah...I'm...fine...
Udou: Oh! So you're awake now, you mackerel bastard!

Page 4
Makito: Udou...
Makito: ...
What do you mean, mackerel bastard...
Udou: I meant "mackerel gone bad"!
When mackerel is longer fresh, its composition changes into an allergen, and Aya:

That's so mean---
Udou: Even though you're alive, your eyes made you look rotten inside! Isn't that a good

name I came up with for you? (side) Mackerel bastard.
Makito(thought): How stupid...
Makito(thought): Oh well... (side) Who cares.
Makito: That aside, where am I--- (side) Don't tell me...
Udou: Yep.
Udou: 'S my house here.
Aya: Ah.

Page 5
Aya: It's Reina-san! Oh no, it's already that time!?
Udou: Hurry up and get going! (side) You're gonna be late.
Aya: Kouenji-san.
Aya: Um...
Aya: Please stay here...until I come back from school...
Udou: Stop saying useless crap and get out!!
Aya: I'm go--ing!
Udou: Hmph! (side) She's at that age.
Makito: ...
Udou: Now then...
Udou: I have another job at noon so I'm gonna go sleep!
Sorry, but amuse yourself till Aya comes back! (side) Reina'll probably be here too.
Makito: Huh?
Oi... (side) Sleep...?
Udou: Let me tell you something, Kouenji...
Makito: !

Page 6
Udou: If you go rummaging in my sister's room...
Udou: I won't let you off easy...
Makito: ...
Udou: What's this?
Udou: What's with that depressed face?
Makito(thought): A depressed face...huh...
Makito(thought): Unlike what I believed, my feelings are apparent through my expression

and attitude...
Makito(thought): Although I thought I was a calmer person than that...
Makito(thought): I was not acting like myself...
Makito(thought): The more I tried to keep calm---

Page 7
Makito(thought): Yui's feelings for me---
Makito(thought): I knew about them more or less...
Makito(thought): And what is easier to understand...is the fact that as I get closer to

Makito(thought): Her existence within me becomes bigger---
Makito(thought): So in order to prevent that...
Makito(thought): And I was supposed to have been in control of my emotions---
Makito: ...
Reina: !
Reina: We seem to have a rare guest. (side) That scared me.
Makito: Hey. (side) Haha.

Page 8
Makito: Gyahahahaha
Reina: So anyway, he cried nonstop when he watched the movie! Even though he has a body

like that!
Thanks to him, I couldn't cry at all! (side) Geez!
Makito: Hahahahahahahahaha!
Reina: He's claustrophobic---
Can't ride in airplanes--- (side) Says it's going to crash.
And he hates bell peppers--- (side) Just like a kid!
Reina: Wow, I exposed everything about him!
Makito: Oh--- that was some good stuff!
Makito(thought): Well...
Makito(thought): I had a different image of her...
Didn't know she could be such a fun person...
Makito(thought): Seriously...
Makito(thought): When it comes to Udou...
Makito(thought): She knows everything about him...
Makito: That reminds me, this morning he was working on road construction...
Is he no longer a cook?
Reina: No way! He still cooks.

Page 9
Reina: After he quit Suiren, he works at a small restaurant at noon...and work on road

construction at night...
He also does a lot of other jobs now.
Reina: He almost doesn't even have time to sleep, let along time to rest...
Makito: ...
Why...to that extent...?
Reina: ...
Reina: I will tell you because it's you.
Reina: Pretend that you don't know anything alright...? In the past...
Makito: ...
Reina: He was in debt...
Reina: Father left him a huge debt...
Reina: Him dirtying his hands with all sorts of shady dealings in Suiren,
Was all so that he could pay off everything...
Reina: And now, almost all of the money he earns goes to repay the loaners...

Page 10
Makito: Wait a second!
There's no need to go that far to pay off the debt in place of his dad right?
Reina: ...
Reina: It's because of this house...
Reina: His father put down this house as security for the loan...
And he doesn't want to lose it...
Makito: ...
Reina: It's about Aya-chan...
Reina: Aya-chan...
Makito(thought): Ah...
Reina: Can live here as if she can see through her eyes...!
Reina: He's always like that... Doing things for Aya-chan's sake...and mine...
Reina: That's why...I'm trying my best to support him...
Although he won't take any financial help...
Reina: When I look how hard he works,
Reina: The debt isn't scary anymore.

Page 11
Reina: Yes...it's because I can believe in him...!
Makito(thought): So strong...
Makito(thought): He's so fundamentally different from the rest of us...
Reina: Huh?
Reina: I started praising him without thinking.
Makito(thought): If we can understand each other completely...can we have such a strong

Makito(thought): Although...there's no way I can reach that point---
Reina: But...isn't it the same with you two?
Makito: Huh?
Reina: He told me this...
Reina: When you had the match with Suiren...when you were late...
Reina: And we though that you wouldn't make it on time...
Yui: It's fine!
Yui: Makito will be here!

Page 12
Yui: I believe in him...!!
Makito(thought): Ah...
Reina: It's the same, isn't it?
Reina: He cries when watching movies! And he's claustrophobic.
Reina: He can't ride in airplanes. He hates bell peppers.
Makito(thought): No...
Makito(thought): I---
Nao: Yui was complaining.
Nao: She was saying that you won't tell her anything about yourself...!

Page 13
Makito(thought): Wouldn't tell her anything---
Makito(thought): Believe in me...? The me who won't tell her a single thing...?
Makito(thought): Hiding myself from her---
Makito(thought): What part of me did she believe in...!?
Woman: Believe...
Woman: In him...
Makito(thought): Fundamentally...different from the rest of us...?
Makito(thought): No...!!
Makito(thought): Yui was always trying her best...
Makito(thought): The one who only appeared to do so is me---
Makito(thought): The one running away is me...!!
Makito(thought): In the end...
Makito(thought): I'm the same as him---
Makito(thought): It has nothing to do with who Yui likes...
Makito(thought): Tell her...!? About myself...?

Page 14
Makito(thought): But...at this point, how can I...!?
What kind of face would I show her...!?
Reina: ...
Udou: Hmph, I see that you are still here, mackerel bastard!
Udou: Guess I have no choice but to let you have some food! (side) Tch!
Udou: Here ya go!
Makito: ...

Page 15
Udou: Even though it's still too early for the season...
Mackerel bastard should have some boiled miso mackerel! (side) Try it.
Makito: ...
SFX: *Bite*
Makito(thought): Ah...
Udou: Answer me...Kouenji...!
Udou: I cook for a living...!

Page 16
What about you...!?

Page 17
Makito(thought): I'm...
Makito(thought): I'm---!!
Udou: Geez,
What a troublesome brat...
Reina: You should have talked to him from the very beginning. (side) Hehe...
Udou: Don't be stupid!

Page 18
Udou: I wanted to hear none of the talks about his inexperience in love!
Reina: Oh? You say that even though in the end you are on his side!
Udou: Huh!? Don't be a retard! I don't ever remember being on his side!!
Udou: But if I must choose one, hm...I would be on the little girl's side!
Udou: She small, but she's got good boobs! I'm on the side of those boobs!!
Udou: Unfortunately...
Udou: That guy seems to be the only one who can bring a smile to her face...
Reina: Hmph...
Udou: Owowowow!

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