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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Saijô no Meii 31

Mikoto's Weakness

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on May 24, 2011 07:59 | Go to Saijô no Meii

-> RTS Page for Saijô no Meii 31

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 31: Mikoto's Weakness

Page 2
Daiki: Sa-Saijou-sensei...?
Daiki: ...Sa...
Daiki: Saijou-sensei~~~!!!
Mikoto: ...Phew...
That scared me.
Daiki: !!

Page 3
Mikoto: Maybe I'm a bit tired. I tripped on the steps.
Daiki: Saijou-sensei...
Daiki: P-please don't scare me like that.
Daiki: You collapsed so suddenly, so I wasn't sure what to think...
Mikoto: Haha...sorry, sorry.
Ayame: What is it?
Maria: Wha...what happened!?
Ryuuma: What's with the commotion?
Mikoto: Ah! Everyone...
Mikoto: Good timing.
Mikoto: Sena-san probably knows already, but this person is Shiranui-kun---
Daiki: ...

Page 4
Sign: Pediatrics
Ryuuma: But are you really alright, Saijou? Suddenly collapsing like that...
Ryuuma: If you're tired, you can give me your shifts for 2 or 3 days, and go home...
Maria: That's right.
Maria: Sakamoto-sensei is like a dump truck, so he won't break so easily if you give him a bit more work.
Ryuuma: Wh-why you...
Mikoto: But thank you for the offer.
Mikoto: Recently, I've been working non-stop, so I get tired easily...
Ryuuma: Oh, I see.

Page 5
Ryuuma: Alright then, let me and Sena be on duty for a while.
Daiki: Ah, in that case, I'll help out as well.
Daiki: I'm not on Saijou-sensei's level, but among the newcomers...
Ayame: Hmph, how fishy.
Daiki: you mean me?
Ayame: Yeah.
Ayame: To begin with, why are you trying to get close to Mikoto when you have only met Sena?
Maria: There were three young doctors who are interested in the Pediatrics department.
Ayame: I see.
Daiki: My name is Shiranui Daiki.
Daiki: I'm interested in Pediatrics because I look up to you---
And I have met Sena-san before...
Mikoto: Ok.
Daiki: A-about that, isn't it obvious that it's because I decided to transfer to Pediatrics little by little?
Daiki: First of all, if you say that, then the other two haven't...
Ayame: That's right.
Ayame: In short, the three of you are garbage that can't make up your minds because you're scared of bro and ties of obligation.

Page 6
Ayame: We don't need wusses who are scared by stuff like that in our department...
Ayame: Bwh!
Ayame: What the hell are you doing~!
Maria: You know~~
Maria: Pediatrics this, Pediatrics that! Even though you are still a cardiovascular surgeon!
Maria: Besides, Shiranui-sensei is the best young doctors in the gastroenterological department you know!
Maria: Don't just dismiss new members as you please!
Ayame: Tch.

Page 7
Ayame: You don't know anything.
Ayame: About how the honor student types like him always have some kind of dirty secrets.
Ayame: Like maybe he's really a huge pervert...
Ayame: Or that he's actually a traitor...
Mikoto: That's enough, Ayame.
Mikoto: Shiranui-kun is crying.
Ayame: ...
Ayame: W-well, um...

Page 8
Ayame: S-stop crying, oi! You're a guy you know...
Ayame: F-fine, I got it.
Ayame: I'm the bad guy here.
Miyabi: ...
Ayame: You see, I just say exactly what comes to mind, so...
Miyabi: Ayame, saying that doesn't help anything.

Page 9
Sadame: I see.
Sadame: According to my research, Saijou Mikoto received a operation for the transposition of great vessels soon after his birth?
Yourou: Yes.
Yourou: There are many people who aim to become doctors after surviving major illnesses when they were young, but it seems like Saijou is one of those as well.
Sadame: I see...
Sadame: However, what can we really do with that information?
Sadame: Even though he had that operation, he has been healthy this whole time...
Yourou: That's true.
Yourou: But, there are people who become ill with bad luck.

Page 10
Yourou: Take a look at this.
Sadame: Chancellor...this is...
Yourou: This is Saijou's health certificate.
Yourou: The results...of the annual health checkup, mandatory for doctors in Heisei Central Hospital.
Sadame: Does he know of this?
Yourou: Not yet.
Yourou: The "premature ventricular contraction" written here is even occasionally present in healthy people, but for someone who had crossed great vessels, that's a completely different matter...

Page 11
Yourou: There is a very high possibility that he has begun to develop a very serious heart disease.
Yourou: Don't you think so?
Sadame: O-of course.
Sadame: Even if say that he shows no symptoms now, there is a possibility that dangerous one will appear when he works in the future.
Yourou: Right?
Yourou: Of course, there is nothing in the medical practitioner's law that parevents doctors with illnesses to treat patients...
Yourou: If his conditions become worse, then there's no doubt that he will not be able to stay in the Pediatrics department.
Sadame: Th-then...
Yourou: Let's keep him busy for a while.

Page 12
Yourou: With enough work that the few people there won't be able to handle.
Box: The next morning---
Sign: Pediatrics
Mikoto: Good mor...
Mikoto: H-huh?
Mikoto: Wh...what's wrong with everyone?
Maria: Mmm~~

Page 13
Maria: I can't anymore...
Daiki: Me too...
Mikoto: H...hey...
Ayame: Nothing you can do about it.
Mikoto: Ayame.
Ayame: There was a huge number of patients last night.
Ayame: I helped out halfway through as well, but everyone seriously had their hands full.
Mikoto: Huh...
Then they should have called me...
Ayame: Then you can't take a break.
Ayame: They all worked to the bone so that you can rest.
Mikoto(thought): Everyone...

Page 14
Ayame: But something's not right.
Mikoto: Not right?
Ayame: Yeah.
Ayame: I don't know the reasons for it, but patients who would usually be sent to Teiou University Hospital or Heisei Secondary Hospital are all sent here.
Ayame: Maybe they are busy as well, but feels off.
Mikoto: ...
Mikoto: Pediatrics department.
Speaker: Ah! Is it Saijou-sensei?
Speaker: Y, yes.
Woman: Excuse me, but this is the receptionist...

Page 15
Speaker: Currently there is a great number of patients who came to you at the recommendation of other hospitals---
Mikoto: ...
Mikoto: ...Is that so. Yes, yes, I understand.
Ayame: ...
Ayame: What is it?
Mikoto: It sounds like other hospitals recommended me to many of their patients.
Ayame: ?
Ayame: Wh-why so suddenly?
Mikoto: Who knows? But...
Mikoto: Since they came all the way here, I can't just turn them back.

Page 16
Mikoto: I have to go examine them!
Ayame: ...
Box: Many hours later...
Mikoto: There is nothing wrong with her in particular.
Woman: Phew, I'm so glad.
Mikoto: I'm really sorry that you had to wait this long, since we had many patients today...
Woman: It's fine.
Woman: I came here because I was told that you are an excellent doctor... So I knew that I had to wait a long time for my turn.
Woman: Well then, thank you very much for today.
Mikoto: See you.

Page 17
Ayame: Oi, Mikoto, do you have a second?
Mikoto: What is it?
Mikoto: Need you ask? This is definitely not right.
Ayame: I saw the examination results of some of the patients from this morning...
Ayame: And there are some kids, like the one just now, who are obviously healthy.
Ayame: There's no way anyone would recommend them to go see another doctor.
Ayame: This is definitely their trap.
Mikoto: ...
Ayame: I don't know if it's because of bro or that devil, but they probably found out about your weakness.

Page 18
Mikoto: Weakness...?
Ayame: Don't play dumb.
Ayame: I didn't really think much about it until yesterday, but...for you to collapse, and for someone like you to ask for help with your shifts, something must be wrong.
Ryuuma: If you're tired, you can give me your shifts for 2 or 3 days, and go home...
Maria: That's right.
Mikoto: But, thank you for the offer.
Mikoto: ...
Ayame: I want a detailed physical examination, Mikoto.
Ayame: If you refuse, then I will do everything in my power to make sure that you won't be a doctor for a while.

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