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Addicted to Curry 85

Yui's Sincerity and Stomach Herbal Medicine

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on May 28, 2011 04:42 | Go to Addicted to Curry

-> RTS Page for Addicted to Curry 85

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Makito: Yawn...
Makito(thought): 6am...
Makito(thought): Time to get up... (side) So sleepy...

Page 2
Chapter 85: Yui's Sincerity and Stomach Herbal Medicine
Morning, Maki...

Page 3
Yui: To.
Makito: ...
Yui: Kyaaah!
He...hey! At least put on some pants!
Makito: Huh?
Ah, Ahh---
Yui(thought): Wow, that was quite a shock...
Makito: Wait a second, what are you doing!? What's gotten into you!?
Why are you up so early in the morning!?
Yui: Huh?
Yui: I always let you take care of the cooking...
So course I feel bad about it...
Yui: That's why...
Yui: Once in a while...
Makito: ...

Page 4
Nao: Morning- Yui!
Yui: Soak dried shiitake mushrooms in shallow water, dice and add them in after the shrimp. Stir-fry everything... (side) Dice?
Yui: Empty the contents ont a tray and spread everything out evenly to cool. When in a hurry, wrap up the food and put it in the fridge... (side) Bat*?
*TN: The Japanese word used for tray here is bat.
TN: Yui is reading a cook book.
Yui: *Mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble*
Nao: ...What's that?
Sayuri: You see---
Sayuri: This morning, after eating food that Yui made---
Makito had a stomach ache and stayed in bed---
Makito: My stomach huuurts
Makito: It huuurts
Sayuri: So she wants to try again?
Yui: You over there! Don't laugh!!

Page 5
Nao: What? Why are you suddenly doing something that you're not used to?
Did you know? That you have no cooking talent.
Yui: Shut up--- I know--- (side) Don't say such depressing things.
Yui: I just wanted to make him happy.
Yui: That's why I tried so hard.
Nao: Kyaaa---! <3 Yui became a girl in love---!! (side) She say she wants him to feel pleasure!?
Yui: ...
Nao: Is it love!? Is it love!? It's love, isn't it---!!?
Sayuri: That's right!! This is the power of love---!!!
Nao: Aah, Makito...<3 In order to give you pleasure, I won't regret doing anything...!
TN: In Japanese, feeling happy and feeling pleasure are pronounced the same, but written differently.
Wig: Wig
Wig: Wig
Sayuri: Yui, you are so adorable! Tonight, let me be the one to make you feel really good...!
Nao: Aahn <3 Makito, we can't...
Sayuri: Hahaha! But that's how to make the body feel pleasure, Yui!
Nao: Aahn, meanie <3

Page 6
Yui: Phew...
Yui: Geez, those two really are quick to do stuff like that!
I had no such intentions in the first place!
Yui: ...
Yui(thought): It's just that...
Yui(thought): Makito...has been looking for his father the whole time...
Yui(thought): Wanting to make his mother's curry...
Yui(thought): Just so that he can experience the feeling of having a happy family...
Yui(thought): When I think about that...
Yui(thought): Even if only for a bit...
Yui(thought): Even if it's make-believe...
Yui(thought): I...
Yui(thought): Want to let him experience at least that atmosphere...

Page 7
Yui(thought): Thinking about it---
Yui(thought): Alright!
Yui(thought): I'll try hard to not fail tonight!
Yui(thought): Although...I wonder if Makito's stomach is alright...
Yui(thought): He really seemed to be suffering this morning... (side) I'm glad the restaurant doesn't open today...
Girl: I can't stand it anymore...
Girl: I'll die...
Yui(thought): I hope he's not still in bed...
Girl: No...
Girl: I'll die...!
Girl: I---

Page 8
Girl: I won't make it~~~
Makito: Uwah-- uwah-- uwaah---!
Yui: ...
Makito: W-w-w-welcome back Yui! Aren't you a bit too early!? Eh!?
Yui: You seem pretty energetic... (side) Although in a different way...
Makito: Ah, ah...! I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything weird yet!
Yui: Not yet, huh...
Makito: Ah! No...!

Page 9
Yui: Geez! And I came back early because I was worried!
Yui: And your stomach!?
Makito: After I sh*tted, it felt much better...
Yui: Then you'll be able to eat normally now?
Makito: Yeah.
Makito: Huh!?
Makito: ...Don't tell me...
Dinner as well...?
Yui: My second try!!
Makito(thought): I really might die...
Makito: ...
Makito: Then...I'll be resting in my room for a bit...
Yui: Hm?

Page 10
Makito: I really want to eat...
Makito: Something that you can make without trying to go past your limits...
Yui: ...
Yui: ...
Yui(thought): Something that I can make...
Yui(thought): Without going past my limit...
Yui(thought): Thinking about the person eating it, and pour your heart into the cooking---

Page 11
Makito(thought): Maybe...I should take some medicine...
Yui: I did it...!
Yui(thought): With...all my might...
Makito: Yui--- I'm hungry- Not yet---?
Yui: Ah, sorry! It's done now!
Makito: Oh?

Page 12
Makito: ...
Yui: Yeah...
Yui: You said it's fine if I don't make anything fancy...
Yui: It's only the instant kind...
Yui: But I tried really hard...
Makito: ...
Makito: Itadakimasu.
Yui: ...
SFX: *Bite*

Page 13
Makito: Ah.
Makito: It's good.
Yui: Really!?
Makito: Yeah. Although I can't believe it...
I'm not trying to flatter you, but this is really good.
Yui: YAY!! This is the first time anyone said that my cooking is good!! (side) I'm so happy---<3
Makito(thought): The first time...
Makito: Did you use a lot of ingredients?
Yui: Yeah!! The things you told me before.
Yui: Coffee and ketchup and chocolate and---
Yui: Oh and this!
Because your stomach isn't feeling well---

Page 14
Yui: This is the finishing touch!
Box: Stomach medicine
Yui: This morning...
I made you eat some really horrible stuff...
Yui: I thought you would feel better if I put in a little bit of this...
Yui: I'm...
Yui: Really sorry...
Makito: ...
Makito: I see...
So that's it...
Yui: Huh?

Page 15
Makito: The herbal stomach medicine are actually filled with spices.
Like cinnamon, as an example.
Makito: There are also coriander,
Cloves and cumin.
So basically, the medicine is just pretty much mixed spices.
Makito: Adding in a little bit of it as a finishing touch really improves the aroma!
Yui: Wow, is that so-
I had no idea-
Makito(thought): Without knowing even that... Those hands covered with cuts...
Makito(thought): Only when you think about the other person...
Makito(thought): Can you make something really good...!
Makito(thought): You're right... Occhan...
Makito: ...
Makito(thought): Now that I think about it...
Makito(thought): It's been a while...
Makito(thought): Since the last time...
Makito(thought): Anyone has cooked for me---

Page 16
Makito: Thanks for the meal---!
Yui: Alright, time to clean up!
Makito: Ah...just leave the clean-up to me!
Yui: It's fine! (side) I'll do it.
Makito: Nah, let me do at least that much...
Yui: It's fine---
Yui: I said!
Makito: Oh...!

Page 17
Makito: Ah...
Makito: Sorry...
Yui: ...

Page 18
Woman: What are you two doing?
Yui: Uwaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Yui: M-mom!!? Why are you here!?
Woman: What's wrong with that!?

Page 19
Addicted to Curry Recipes
All of the recipes that appeared in this volume will be shown once more!!

Page 20-23

Page 24
Funatsu Goes on a Research Trip!

Panel 1:
Text: At the beginning of 2003, we went to India to to do some material gathering for the manga, and went to Kolkata(Calcutta)->Delhi->Sri Lanka's Colombo->Thailand's Bangkok.
Map: Bangkok, Kolkata, Dehli, Colombo

Panel 2:
Text: Via Bangkok, we transferred at Nepal's Kathmandu.
Funatsu: Wow, the Himalayas!
Arrow: The plane was small and really cute.

Panel 3:
Text: And then it was finally time to go to Kolkata!
Funatsu: No matter how much I ride the plane, it makes me nervous every time--- (side) Although I haven't done so very much...
Arrow: The manager
Manager: I forgot to tell you one thing.

Panel 4:
Manager: This airline has the highest crash rate in the world--- (side) *Whisper...*
Funatsu(thought): Don't tell me that now!!

Funatsu in Kolkata! (1)

Panel 1:
On the way to Kolkata, I read a guide book for India.
I was shocked by how there were a lot of topics regarding being scammed there.

Panel 2:
Text: In short, Indians consider Japanese tourists to be easy targets.
Funatsu(thought): I see, I see.
Funatsu(thought): Those rip-off tourist companies and the guides who are accomplices.

Panel 3:
Text: And when we got there, as I expected, many people wanted to talk to us.
Man: Here, here!
Man: Here, here!
Funatsu: Where is the guide?
Manager: Ah! That's him.

Panel 4:
Guide: Hello~~~~
Funatsu(thought): He's weird!!!
Note: Well, he was actually a good person...

Page 25
Funatsu in Kolkata (2)

Panel 1:
The first shocking thing in Kolkata was how packed the streets were.
On roads with no markings or signals, people and cars filled up the space without even leaving any gaps.

Panel 2:
Text: According to the guide,
Guide: If you can drive in India,
Guide: Then you can drive anywhere in the world.

Panel 3:
Funatsu(thought): That's true...
Osaka is nothing compared with India...
Funatsu(thought): But...

Panel 4:
Funatsu(thought): We're driving in the opposite lane!!
Guide: So where would you like to go now?
Funatsu(thought): Just focus on looking ahead!!

Funatsu in Dehli (1)

Panel 1:
We arrived at Dehli.
It was a much nicer looking city compared with Kolkata.

Panel 2:
Text: In a certain park, an old man called out to us.
Old man: Ear picking, ear picking.
Old man: It feels really nice---
Text: He was trying to make money off of that.

Panel 3:
Funatsu(thought): Ah, I see. So this is the famous ear cleaning service.
Text: Looking around, there were a lot of people having their ears picked.

Panel 4:
Text: But...
Man: Oh~~ Very dirty~~~
Arrow: Earwax (for one person)
Funatsu(thought): No way!!

Continued in volume 9...
*These 4-koma are mostly nonfiction.

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