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Nononono 119


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Sep 6, 2011 04:04 | Go to Nononono

-> RTS Page for Nononono 119

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Endless text: Fall...
Terashi: I can hear them...
Terashi: The cries from all the ostriches that can't fly...

Page 2
Terashi(thought): This is it...
Terashi(thought): This is the power from their resentment that I need...
Speaker: Jersey number 11,
Speaker: Terashi Kazuya, Hokkaido, Yukino High School.
Chapter 119: Fall!

Page 3
Sasamiya: ...
Sasamiya: I hope Terashi is not...
Sasamiya: Trying to one-up that hobo.
Sasamiya: The hill size for this platform is 105 meters.
But Negita did 120 meters just now.
Sasamiya: That's already 15 meters over the limit!
Sasamiya: In reality, he didn't have a suitable place to land.
Sasamiya: It's impossible to go farther at this hill.
Sasamiya: Other than him, there isn't anyone else we should be worried about in Akita.
We would win by just going with the flow.
Sasamiya: So don't do anything excessive...
Terashi: To think...
Terashi: That there's someone who can get 120 on a normal hill.

Page 4
Terashi(thought): However, I...
Terashi(thought): Will not let anyone else get the award of longest successful jump in a domestic competition!
Terashi(thought): While competing with the likes of them,
Terashi(thought): I will not allow myself to lose by even one centimeter!!
Yoda: Nonomiya, make sure you take it all in.
Yuuta: Huh?
Text: This is the jump of Japan's current best.

Page 5
Text: Fall...
Text: Fall...
Text: Lose balance...
Text: Fall...
Text: Lose...
Text: Lose balance...
Muramatsu: That cheeky bastard should die!!
Yoda: Hey you...
Terashi(thought): ...
Terashi(thought): I can hear them...
Sasamiya: That idiot!!

Page 6+7

Page 8
Sasamiya: He jumped off without holding back at all!!
Yoda: So high!!
Yoda: His trajectory is completely different from everyone else's...
Ken: He jumped so high up by power alone...
Text: Fall...
Text: Die...
Text: Lose balance...
Terashi(thought): Ah...
Terashi(thought): I can hear all of your curses...

Page 9
Terashi(thought): With all those thoughts,
Terashi(thought): I will climb higher and higher.
Sasamiya: Is he stupid!?
Sasamiya: Where is he planning to land then!?
Negita: We get to see something very interesting.
Negita: Landing on a surface without any sort of slope...
Negita: Is just like committing suicide.
Sasamiya: Terashi!!

Page 10
Kat: Nyah-
Yui: Mii-chaan,
Yui: Is something wrong?
Yui: Ka-kun---
Is competing to become Japan's number one in Niigata right now-
Yui: I hope he wins---

Page 11
Yui: I'm sure that if he wins...
Yui: He'll treat you even better~
Kat: Nyah!!
Yui: Ow!!
Yui: Mii-chan, that's so mean...
Yui: You never did this before...
Yui: ...Does that mean, something bad...
Yui: Has happened to Ka-kun...?

Page 12+13
121 meters!!

Page 14
Asami: No way...
Asami: Negita lost?
Sasamiya: ...
Sasamiya: Hahaha...
Text: He braked...
Text: Right when he was at the very edge of the slope...
Itou: Did he drop where he did in order to get the extra meter?
Itou: Even so, that should be a considerable strain on his lower body.

Page 15
Text: Is this the true ability,
Text: Of an athlete competing overseas---?
Negita: ...
Negita: That was a shock.
Negita: This competition...
Is deeper than I thought.
Kishitani(thought): ...
Kishitani(thought): No...
Kishitani(thought): There's no way we can win now...
Kishitani(thought): We can't beat a team with someone like that...
Kishitani(thought): And Okushin...
Kishitani(thought): Is stuck with someone like me...
Kishitani(thought): If I were Amatsu, we wouldn't have any problems...
Yuuta: We can win.

Page 16
Yuuta: It's fine.
Yuuta: With the same conditions, I can do the same.
Yuuta: I can't be unlucky twice in a row.
Kishitani: ...
Kishitani(thought): It's been a while...since I last heard Nonomiya's big talks...
Kishitani(thought): How can she say that after watching the jump just now?
Kishitani(thought): Does that mean she really...
Katsumi: ...

Page 17
Man: ...
Man: Hm.
Man: We haven't done any material checks today.
Speaker: Andou, please check the jumper just now.
Andou: Ah, understood.
Andou: Terashi-kun, one moment.
Shimosato: Wha...!
Shimosato(thought): A material check right now...
Shimosato(thought): The trap that I set...

Page 18
Terashi: Huh!?
Speaker: Well---
Speaker: Due to the usage of equipment outside of regulations...
Speaker: Jersey number 11 from Yukino High School has been disqualified.


Nononono has reached volume 11 as well.

I always provide the drawings on the covers without giving them much thought, but ever since I read a magazine interview of an illustrator and how they talked about things like the theme, the situation, I realized that I need to give them more thought. Because of that, I decided to try something to fit the situation, of a "Kourogi at a competition and looking at the Nono above, who is about to jump". This is something very new. I wonder if...it gives off that feeling...?

This volume has been about nothing but inter high, so I hope to be able to include more cheerful things like love comedy.

Well then, see you again in volume 12~

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