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Koharu no Hibi 21

The way home is that way

+ posted by Do Kesubei as translation on May 9, 2012 19:07 | Go to Koharu no Hibi

-> RTS Page for Koharu no Hibi 21

Free to use as long as I'm given credit

BUBBLE1: Seeing a movie...
BUBBLE2: Eating lunch...
BUBBLE3: Going shopping...

BUBBLE4: Normal activities.
BUBBLE5: It's always best to play it safe...

BUBBLE7: I'm pretty early.
sfx: doki doki

BUBBLE8: Argh!
BUBBLE9: Why am I so nervous!?
BUBBLE10: The two of us go out all the time! Nothing's changed!

PHONE: Calling: Sasagase Mika
BUBBLE11: ...Mika?

BUBBLE12: Hello?
BUBBLE13: ...
BUBBLE14: What!?
SIDETEXT: The preparations are finished, but there's plenty of unrest.

What's happening today...?

RIGHT TEXT: First Date!
LEFT TEXT: Today, their time together will be sweeter than usual... at

least, it should be!

Chapter 21: The way home is that way

BUBBLE1: Ah, here he is.

BUBBLE2: Sempai!

BUBBLE3: Mika? Why're you here!?
BUBBLE4: I'm going to cram school.

BUBBLE5: You're wearing glasses today, Mika-san.
BUBBLE6: Yeah, well...

BUBBLE7: Nevermind that, aren't you two on a date today?
BUBBLE8: What are you doing, making your girlfriend wait for you in

front of the station?

BUBBLE1: 'What am I...?'
BUBBLE2: We're supposed to meet at 10AM...

BUBBLE4: Koharu-san...?
BUBBLE5: I was really excited... I've been here since dawn.

BUBBLE6: Was I too early?
sfx: niko!

BUBBLE7: Haaaah...


BUBBLE10: ...Sheesh
BUBBLE11: A daaaate!?

BUBBLE12: I was wondering why you called the two of us out here
BUBBLE13: So, you've finally taken that step, huh.


BUBBLE1: I... I just want to pay her back for the scarf.
BUBBLE2: I like your attitude

BUBBLE3: Okay!
BUBBLE4: I'll even give you a discount for this advice.
BUBBLE5: So you're going charge me...

BUBBLE6: Well...
BUBBLE7: Please.
BUBBLE8: Never thought I'd see Akira-chan bowing to Natsu-nee like


BUBBLE9: Good luck!

BUBBLE10: The plan's already in disarray...
BUBBLE11: Well, nothing wrong with starting early

BUBBLE1: Mutsuki, what do you want to see?
BUBBLE2: Pick whatever you want
BUBBLE3: ...

BUBBLE4: Don't worry about me.
BUBBLE5: Let's watch what you want to watch.
BUBBLE6: Huh!?

BUBBLE7: No, don't worry about that, just pick what you want to watch.
BUBBLE8: Really, it's no problem
BUBBLE9: I want to watch what you want to watch, Sempai.

BUBBLE10 (lower): What's with that? Does she not like movies?
BUBBLE11: Well, this adventure movie seems popular, so we'll watch


(movie)BUBBLE12: Captain, it's enormous!
(movie)BUBBLE13: It's going to kill us all!
BUBBLE14: This is totally aimed towards guys...

BUBBLE1: How's Mutsuki?

BUBBLE2: !!!

(movie)BUBBLE3: It broke through the castle walls!

BUBBLE4: Mutsuki!
BUBBLE5: The movie,
BUBBLE6: The movie!
BUBBLE7: Don't worry about that.
BUBBLE8: I want to watch you watching the movie.
(movie)BUBBLE9: It's getting further into the castle!
(movie)BUBBLE10: Must we retreat!?
(movie)BUBBLE11: No, we still have a chance--
BUBBLE12: Then, there was no point coming here...

BUBBLE1: Why sit next to me!?

BUBBLE2: This is our first time eating together at a restaurant, huh.
BUBBLE3: ...Yeah

BUBBLE1: She didn't even hesitate when choosing her seat...

BUBBLE3: ...Well, whatever.
BUBBLE4: Mutsuki, have you decided on what you want?
BUBBLE5: Yes, I have.
BUBBLE6: Oh? What are you getting?

BUBBLE7: The same thing you're getting, Sempai.
BUBBLE8: What!?

BUBBLE9: No, this is a good time to get what YOU want to eat.
BUBBLE10: There's no need to match what I'm eating.

BUBBLE11: See?
BUBBLE12: There's even a section aimed towards females--
BUBBLE13: It's fine.
sfx: patan (close)


BUBBLE1: I want to eat
BUBBLE2: what Sempai wants to eat.

BUBBLE3: This isn't any different from eating at school...
BUBBLE4: At least take the opportunity to eat something different from

what I'm eating

BUBBLE5: You're fine with whatever I choose, then?

BUBBLE7: ...I want this 500g steak and hamburger set with an extra

large serving of rice.
BUBBLE8: All right
BUBBLE9: Two of those, please.
BUBBLE10: ...What!?

BUBBLE1: ...Excuse me, but this meal is targeted towards men, so

there's a large amount of food...
BUBBLE2: ...
BUBBLE3: I don't mind.

BUBBLE4: That really was a lot of food...

BUBBLE5: Mutsuki...

BUBBLE1: .....
BUBBLE2: Th...
BUBBLE3: Thank you...
BUBBLE4: For 'he
BUBBLE5: ...meal
BUBBLE6: I'll increase our
BUBBLE7: lunch size
BUBBLE8: next semes--

BUBBLE9: She's clearly forcing herself...

BUBBLE10: Our stomachs seemed to have calmed themselves
BUBBLE11: yeah...

BUBBLE12: This isn't going as I planned...

BUBBLE1: Everything I've chosen for Mutsuki is being bounced back on

BUBBLE2: Isn't this wrong? Is this how a date is supposed to go?

BUBBLE3: Rather than a date, i
BUBBLE4: it feels like Mutsuki is just tagging along with me

BUBBLE5: Waaah! What a cute shop!

BUBBLE6: Ehehe!
BUBBLE7: Well, this is a new response.

BUBBLE8: It feel like we're back on track, though
BUBBLE9: Mutsuki
BUBBLE10: Yes?

BUBBLE11: Here we go!
BUBBLE12: Um...


BUBBLE1: I want to give you a gift, in return for the scarf...
BUBBLE2: so, let me know if you find something you like
BUBBLE3: What!?

BUBBLE4: No way... Is it really all right?
BUBBLE5: Yeah. Go ahead.
BUBBLE6(thought): This is the reaction I wanted
BUBBLE7: I'm so glad!
BUBBLE8: Thank you so much!
BUBBLE9: Well then...

BUBBLE10: You choose, sempai!

BUBBLE11: What
BUBBLE12: ...NO, listen! There's gotta be something you want, right?
BUBBLE13: That doll you just called cute, for example
BUBBLE14: I want you to choose, Sempai


BUBBLE1: Whatever you choose, Sempai,
BUBBLE2: will be what I want.

MIDDLE: This is wrong...

BUBBLE3: Ehehe

BUBBLE4: Thank you, Sempai!
BUBBLE5: I'll treasure this forever.

BUBBLE6: This is wrong


BUBBLE1: This is wrong! This isn't how things should be!

BUBBLE2: You've been like this all morning!
BUBBLE3: Today's date was supposed to be for you!

BUBBLE4: Yet, even though I told you not to hold back,
BUBBLE5: all you've been doing is deferring the decisions to me!
BUBBLE6: Did you think that was going to make me happy!?

BUBBLE1: Sempai,
BUBBLE2: rather than doing what I want
BUBBLE3: I'm happier doing
BUBBLE4: the things you want

BUBBLE6: So, you'll do whatever I decide, then?

BUBBLE8: Anything at all!?

BUBBLE10: Then,
BUBBLE11: What would you do if I told you to die!?


BUBBLE1: I would die.

BUBBLE1: ...How
BUBBLE2: How can you say that so easily?

BUBBLE3: If there's something you desire,
BUBBLE4: I would do my best

BUBBLE5: to make
BUBBLE6: you happy

BUBBLE7: That's
BUBBLE8: frightening

BUBBLE1: I'm scared

BUBBLE2: You'll do whatever I say, huh...
BUBBLE3: What about your own thoughts, Mutsuki?
BUBBLE4: They will be the same as yours, Sempai.

BUBBLE5: If you decide to go 'right',
BUBBLE6: I'll go to the 'right' with you

BUBBLE7: Even if anyone else thought it was the wrong decision?

BUBBLE8: It could be a decision that you hate, Mutsuki
BUBBLE9: That's true

BUBBLE1: However, it's impossible for me to hate or disagree
BUBBLE2: with a decision that you've made sempai.

BUBBLE3: Mutsuki...
BUBBLE4: You put too much trust in me...

BUBBLE5: I don't have the confidence to carry you like that...
BUBBLE6: The responsibility is just too heavy...

BUBBLE8: I won't be that heavy.


BUBBLE2 (last panel): Pardon me.

BUBBLE1: This...
BUBBLE2: won't work

BUBBLE3: Like this, then

BUBBLE1: I'll just stay by your side, then, Sempai

BUBBLE2: I won't be heavy that way!

BUBBLE3: Also,
BUBBLE4: with sempai by my side, there's nothing to be afraid of

BUBBLE5: ...

BUBBLE6: ...that's not really what I meant...
BUBBLE7: If I decide to go 'right', it's okay for you to say 'go


BUBBLE1: Rather, if there's something you've decided, say so,
BUBBLE2: say 'I want this'' something...

BUBBLE3: How...
BUBBLE4: Well...

BUBBLE5: ...Basically, I want you to be a little more selfish.
BUBBLE6: It would make things easier...

BUBBLE7: It would also let me know what you're thinking...

BUBBLE8: ...Selfish.
BUBBLE9: ...Wait, what am I saying!?

BUBBLE1: There's no way letting Mutsuki be selfish would be good

BUBBLE2: Quickly, before she decides on something...!
BUBBLE3: Le...
BUBBLE4: Let's go home
BUBBLE5: The days are shorter now--


BUBBLE8: have plenty of time today

BUBBLE9: ...And,
BUBBLE10: Um...

BUBBLE1: The way home is that way!

BUBBLE2: ...Huh?
BUBBLE3: Well, yeah, our homes are that way, but the train station is

this way, right?

BUBBLE4: I want to walk home with you!
BUBBLE5: That is my selfish request!

BUBBLE1: ...
BUBBLE2: Is... it okay?

BUBBLE3: Is she really okay with just that?

BUBBLE4: ...Why not?
TEXT: Well, it is what I told her to do

TEXT2: 'If there's something you want to do...'
BUBBLE5: How long is this going to take, anyway?
BUBBLE6: It's around 10km, right?
BUBBLE7: Over these next few hours,
BUBBLE8: it'll be just the two of us!
SIDETEXT: There was something of a change... I guess?

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