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Translations: Gintama 694 by kewl0210 , One Piece 913 by cnet128

SAI: Taker 4

The President’s Secret

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jul 7, 2012 12:35 | Go to SAI: Taker

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*for use by 13th Hour Translations

Kyouya: Yuma-nee-san, do you believe people / are fundamentally good or evil?

Yuma: They’re good, of course. Just look at a baby’s face, and the answer’s clear as day.
Kyouya: Yeah, I guess so…

Kyouya: But do you really believe that someone who is consistently evil was really good as a baby?

Kyouya: Someone who says they have something to take care of and asks you to wait for them, then proceeds to head home by herself,
Kyouya’s aside: She’s not coming…

Kyouya: and asks for you to take off your underwear in order to verify whether or not you’re a girl,
Asides: Strip~ / Strip

Kyouya: and finds out her underclassman’s weaknesses and uses them as blackmail to force him to take embarrassing photos,
Asides: Bring me back some nude photos! Nude ones! / *Yelp*

Kyouya: and even though she knows that if you run out of Life, you’ll die, she threatens to steal your headband if you disobey her…
Asides: Gimme here! / I—I’ll die!

[title]: Chapter 4: The President’s Secret
Who is the president, truly? / Is she a devil after all? / Or perhaps an angel?

Kyouya: The president must have been a good child, right?! / I just have to hold out, and everything’ll become clear, right? / Right, Nee-san?! Please, tell me I’m right! / <aside: Please look me in the eye!! >
Yuma: W-well, a strong argument can be made that mankind is fundamentally evil, so…

Kyouya: Blackmailing me with the threat of revealing my secret in order to force me to take embarrassing photos is hard to live with, but… it’s kind of dirty and childish. / At this rate, I might die of spiritual fatigue before I run out of Life.

Yuma: H-how about this: until Mizuho-san figures out a method to fix this,

Yuma: we’ll do as Takabayashi says / and try to get through this time as best we can.
Kyouya’s aside: And again, how are we supposed to do that?

Yuma: I’ll be glad to help! For starters, each day we could give her a slightly more revealing photo. / We could start with something like showing me putting on my makeup right after waking up!!
Kyouya: What part of that is embarrassing?

Yuma (outside bubbles): At any rate, as I said, we just have to make do!! / Let’s give it our all! Just tell her you’re trying to take whatever chances you can get, or something!
Kyouya’s aside (handwritten text in the middle): Do you really think that’ll work? / Well, she did say she wanted to use them to destroy you, so…

Takabayashi: What is this?

Takabayashi: This is just a plain old picture of her sleeping!! What is possibly embarrassing about this? Answer me!!
Kyouya: W-well, you see… Yuma-nee-san doesn’t let her guard down often, so it’s kind of hard to take a more decisive photo…

Kyouya: However, if I keep trying like this, I figure eventually I’ll get a photo that’s good enough.

Takabayashi: Well then. As punishment for your failure, you will be forced to chug this container of water.
Kyouya: Huh?!

Kyouya: Th-that’s a giant water purification tank, isn’t it?! / Wh-what are you—ugh!!
Kanemitsu: More importantly, there seem to be some rather interesting details hidden in here.
Takabayshi: Hm?

Kanemitsu: Look at this bookshelf behind her bed. It’s filled with manga.
Takabayashi: Oh. And what else?

Kanemitsu: Furthermore, on top of her desk is a pen tablet. / And by her side is a catalogue of pens from a doujin event…
Takabayashi: Oh. So what?

Kanemitsu: You don’t know?

Kanemitsu: This goes far beyond the level of a mere manga fan. This one has the scent of a full-blown otaku. / And judging by her collection of tools, the probability that she is a member of some doujin circle seems high.
Takabayashi: Igarashi—in a circle?!

Kanemitsu: And the fact that no one at school knows anything about it is the proof she’s hiding everything./ Which means this is a secret hobby Igarashi wants no one else to know about.
Takabyashi: Ohhhh!

Sumomo: She’s done with her drink~
Takabyashi: That means that we simply must…
Kanemitsu: bring that truth to light.

Yuma: That’ll be 500 yen.

Yuma <aside>: Thank you very much.

Yuma: One more sold…
Kyouya: Wow. They’re selling really well; you must be popular!

Yuma: I’m not really that popular; I’ve only sold about thirty copies. But more importantly, thanks for helping me out today, Kyou-chan. / Sorry it’s so crowded.
Kyouya: It’s fine, really! It’s pretty fun, too!

Kyouya: Besides, I’d be more than willing to put up with this in order to help you out.

Kyouya: But even so, Nee-san, you’ve really gotten good, haven’t you? I remember you used to like drawing when you were little, but… / this work really looks like a pro’s!
Yuma: N-no it doesn’t! Not one bit!!

Yuma: I still have a ways to go; really, I do. My drawings aren’t that good; I’d be embarrassed if anyone in the student council saw their quality…
Kyouya: I really don’t think they’re that bad, but…

Sgt. Frog: Oh? Might this happen to be the rumored newbie manga?

Kanemitsu: The proper term is “Doujinshi”.
Sgt. Frog: Regardless, this is such an indecent book. / Wow! What an impressive drawing of a naked girl!

Sgt. Frog: Anyways, secure the evidence!!
Kanemitsu: Understood.

Kyouya: What, exactly, are you trying to pull?! / Why are you barging in here, taking pictures without even bothering to ask permission?!

Sgt. Frog: Heheheh… Without permission, you say? Have you not figured it out yet? / Very well… Allow me to explain..!

Sgt. Frog: Sometimes, I am a sergeant!!

Sgt. Frog: But at other times, I am the most beautiful girl in Life School Tokyo!!

Sgt. Frog: I… can’t reach the zipper on the back… help?

Takabayashi: That’s right: I’m Takabayashi Reiri!! / I have successfully disguised myself in order to infiltrate your gathering and gather information!

Takabayashi (outer bubbles): And now, I will use that information in order to reveal the secret hobby of the fake student council president!! / You were completely fooled by my cunning disguise, weren’t you? You never even had a clue!! / I was perfectly in-character the entire time!!
Kyouya (aside): Who do you think you fooled?
Yuma (aside): You didn’t even bother to disguise any of your friends…

Takabayashi: But more importantly, Student Council President Igarashi-sannn? / I never doubted you had a few abnormalities; however…

Takabayashi: I never would have dreamed you’d have a hobby such as this! Even now, I can barely believe my eyes! / <aside: Just touching them makes me want to puke >

Takabayashi: I can’t believe you’re selling such a shameful manga to these sweaty, disgusting pigs. / And yet you still call yourself the student council president of the prestigious Life School Tokyo?

Takabayashi: And what is this? Nothing but a swarm of worthless people / gathering to purchase such perverted manga without even a hint of shame. / How despicable!!

Kyouya: You’ve gone too far, President Takabayashi!!
Takabayashi: Huh?

Kyouya: All of these people are here because they love manga!! / You have no right to insult people for working hard towards something they love!!

Kyouya: Even you, President Takabyaashi, / don’t have that right!!

Yuma: Kyou… / chan…

Takabayashi: Sit.

Takabayashi: Shock.

Takabayashi: You speak of rights?! Perhaps you should learn your place before you speak again!! / You are nothing more than a pi**chu-like pet!!
Kyouya: You’re—you’re wrong! This isn’t me… It isn’t…!!
Yuma (aside): Kyou-chan…

Takabayashi: And as for your precious little thing…

Takabayashi: Is this a “Adults Only” label I see here on your book?
Asides: Hm? / Is it? / Is it?

Takabayashi: If it’s so important to you, then why do you hide it?! / Wouldn’t it be best if we told the whole student body about it?

Takabayashi (outer bubbles): “I, Igarashi Yuma, am an otaku who draws adult doujinshi! / I can’t get enough of drawing pervereted art!”
Aside: I can’t believe her… Is she even human?

Yuma: So you’ve had your laugh… / Yes, I am a doujin artist.

Yuma: But I’m not hiding that fact because I’m embarrassed by it!! / I just don’t have enough confidence in my art to want everyone else to see it!

Yuma (all the bubbles): Yeah! I love drawing cute girls!! / I want to work hard so I can draw them even cuter and sexier!! / And I love breasts!! / If I only had some real talent, I’d be extremely proud of my work!
Takabayashi’s aside: H-hey…
Sumomo’s aside: Breasts…?
Kanemitsu’s aside: She’s entered self-destruct mode…

Yuma: And you… Have you ever seriously examined a manga—a doujinshi? / Maybe you should cast aside your prejudice, take a walk around this convention, and take a look at everyone else’s efforts… / Why don’t you try to think about what they’re trying to draw.

Yuma: And would you please stop criticizing and looking down on people for things you don’t even understand?! / I have never, ever been embarrassed about drawing doujinshi!!

Spectators (outer bubbles): That speech was awesome!! / Miss, you’re amazing!!!
Takabayashi (aside): What? What happened?
Kanemitsu: I’d expect as much from the official student council president… She has quite a way with words.

Kyouya: Heh.

Kyouya (outer text): That’s just like you… / Yuma-nee-san…
Yuma (handwritten text): Oh no… That was so embarrassing… Why did I go and say that?

Box: The type of person who gets pissed off when she loses an argument.

Takabayashi: Then why don’t I take a look around?

Takabayashi (outer bubbles): I’ll do as you ask, and take a good, hard look at everything at this convention. / And if my opinion remains unchanged..
Kanemitsu: Dammit… This has become a nuisance.
Sumomo: Yay! Are we going on a field trip?

Takabayashi: I’ll show this photo to the whole school!
Yuma: I--isn’t that a little one-sided?

Takabayashi: Nanase! You will show us around!
Yuma: Kyou-chan!!
Kyouya: Uwah! Why do I have to!!

(no text)

Takabayashi: Puwahhh!!!!

Takabayashi: Hah! Hah!!! / Kha!!

Takabayashi: It’s crowded over there, and over here, and everywhere…
Kyouya: We haven’t even seen a tenth of what’s here yet.

Kyouya: And, at some point, / we wound up getting separated from Kanemitsu-san and Izawa-san.

Kyouya: So, now what? Would you like to look around some more?
Takabayashi: I can’t accept it.

Takabayashi: What would possibly cause so many people to gather in the same place?

Kyouya: You still don’t understand? They’re all here to celebrate the one hobby they all share. / This is a place where all of these individuals gather so that they can warmly share what they love so much…

Kyouya: Don’t you think it might have been wrong of you to simply barge in here and try to judge them all?

Takabayashi: Sit.

Kyouya: N-no! Forget what I just said! But regardless, what Yuma-nee-san said was…!

Takabayashi: How dare you speak like that to me?! You have ten seconds to bring me something to drink. What are you waiting for—go!!
Kyouya: You haven’t changed at all!!

Takabayashi: A place where people bring the things they love, huh. / Well, I guess it kind of is…

Man: Would—would you mind if I took your picture?

Various: Huh? Who are you supposed to be? Is it some new cosplay outfit? / Oh! And the model is so high-level. / Please, let us take your picture.

Takabayashi: Tsu… Tsurumin…

Takabayashi: Sumomo…?
Asides: So pretty / She’s cute

Various: Could we please take your picture? / Can we take it? / Can we? / We can, right? / Right?

Kyouya: Dammit… The vending machine was sold out.

Kyouya: She’ll probably punish me again for being late.

Kyouya: Isn’t this where the president was? / Why are so many people gathered here?

Kyouya’s aside: Huh?

Various: Life both of your arms and show us your armpits!! / Could you turn your hips and extend out a little, please?! / Could you lift your skirt up just a hair?!!

Kyouya: What the hell is going on…? / Why is the President of all people doing exactly what everyone tells her to do?!

Man: Whoa… / Whoaaaaaa!!

Man: Your… Your shirt..!! / Please, could you take off your shirt?!!
Kyouya: What?!

Kyouya: That idiot! Why would he even say that?! / There’s no way she’d actually listen!!

Various; Yeah!! / Amzaing!! Go further! Further!!

Various: Whooahhhhh!!! / Miss, you’re the greatest!!!

Kyouya: Impossible! Why would she?!

Various: S—stay just like that, but face towards us!! / Squish… Squish your boobs together, please!!

Kyouya: No! Something’s wrong here!! / And these jerks are completely caught up in the flow!!

Man: Your… Your bra…

Man: Please take off your bra!!

Kyouya: NOOOOOOOO!!!

Kyouya: Out of my way, you idiots! Move!! / Please stop, President Takabayashi!!

Kyouya: Don’t you see what you’re doing?! / This has gone far above just doing them a favor!!

Kyouya: You—you bastard! Stop taking pictures!! / I told you to stop!!

Takabayashi: I’m… I’m scared…

Takabayashi: I’m scared… / of men…

Kyouya: President?!

Kyouya: Hey, you assholes!! / Give me all the pictures you took!!!

Various:We—we can’t! These photos are our most valuable treasure!!
Asides: Give ‘em here! / Like hell I will!
Kyouya (bubble): You think it’s OK to take people’s pictures without their permission, you criminal?!
Various: She didn’t say no, and she was doing whatever we asked… That’s like having permission, right?

Man: Uwahhhh!! What the hell is that?! A fire extinguisher…?!

(?): All of you are going to give me your memory sticks and I’m going to erase them.

Kanemitsu: There is no point trying to run. If anyone tries to escape, / I’ll chase them down to the end of the earth and send their ass to hell!!!

Kyouya: Kanemitsu-san… / Izawa-san…?

Various: Don’t… Don’t you dare underestimate the soul of an otaku! / These memory sticks are the proof that we lived! / Do you really think you can just take them from us?!

Kyouya (aside): Hiiiii!

Various: Here are our memory sticks!!!

Kyouya: What happened back there? / Why’d she obey all of those ridiculous requests?
Sumomo: President, you need to drink a little more slowly.

Kanemitsu: You must be happy.

Kanemitsu: Now you know the President’s weakness. / As you saw, the President isn’t very good with all-male gatherings.
Kyouya: All-male?

Kanemitsu flashback: The President is misandric.
Kyouya: You did say something like that before, didn’t you?
Kyouya’s aside: What the…

Kanemitsu: So, are you going to tell the whole school?
Kyouya: Huh?

Kanemtitsu: About today, I mean.
Kyouya: I’m nothing like President Takabayashi, thank you very much.

Kyouya: I don’t do such despicable things / as threaten to reveal other people’s weaknesses.

Tsurumin: Well, I suppose your secret is a million times larger, so the President’s doesn’t really compare, but…
Kyouya: You really are…
<aside: send them all to hell! >

Takabayashi: Tsurumin!!!!

Takabayashi: I want to know the address of every single one of those disgusting fiends from today!! (I’ll send them to a living hell!!)
Sumomo’s aside: Thank goodness!
Kanemitsu: We have all of their memory sticks, so it should be easy to look up that information.
Kyouya’s aside: Well, she’s back.

Takabayashi: We’re going home!! / I need to take a shower, now, or this stink is going to bury all the way down to my heart.
Kyouya: Ah, please wait!!

Kyouya: What about your promise with Yuma-nee-san? / You don’t plan on doing anything after all that’s happened, do you?!

Kyouya’s aside: Hm?

Kyouya: Huh?

Kyouya: Is this.. the memory stick? / This doesn’t happen to have the pictures of Yuma-nee-san on it, does it?

Takabayashi: This makes us even.

Takabayashi: But make no mistake!! / I do not accept Igarashi’s hobby, not one bit!!

Sumomo: That was fun!
Takabayashi: I am never coming to a place like this again!
Kanemitsu: I fear today was a net loss.

Kyouya: Yuma-nee-san!

Yuma: Kyou-chan?!

Yuma: Hey, what happened?! Was Takabayashi satisfied? / She didn’t bully you, did she?!
Kyouya: Well, you see…

Yuma: My goodness! / She gave us the memory stick?!

Yuma: But I’m really surprised! I wouldn’t have thought Takabayashi had that side to her. / So, does she understand the doujin lifestyle now?!
Kyouya: Well, I wouldn’t say she understands as much as…

Yuma: You don’t mean she’s joined us on this path, do you?
Kyouya: No, that’s never going to happen.

Kyouya: But really,

Kyouya: What was she thinking? / I don’t know if I’ll ever understand President Takabayashi.

Box: They completely forgot about her.
Asides: Excuse me… Might you be a member of the staff? / If you need someone to help show you around, we’d be happy to help. / Ah, thank you then. You see, some things happened, and…

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