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Chousuinou Kei 3

Episode 1: The Cursed Melody / Chapter 3: A Metal Snake

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on May 10, 2013 21:33 | Go to Chousuinou Kei

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Chousuinou Kei 03

*Reserved for use by the NilaiTP Group

Upper left: Blow, wind of divine logic! <3
Upper right: A whole 30 pages for the conclusive chapter!
Chousuinou Kei
Episode 1: The Cursed Melody / Chapter 3: A Metal Snake
Story: Gomi Kazuo
Art: Tanaka Yoshiki
Scenario: Mizuno Mitsuhiro

Kei: This organism, you see,

Kei: undergoes heavy amounts of stress when exposed to light. / It’s called the Leafy Sea Dragon.
Sidebar: This proves an unnaturally bright light shined at the crime scene, but…

Kei: Raising a Leafy Sea Dragon is quite hard. / Even the flash of a camera is enough to render it unconscious. / There are stories of them even dying from the stress.

Kei: This room is rather dark. Normally, it never tops 100 lux.

Kei: An inspection of that Leafy Sea Dragon / will prove it has been struck blind.

Kei: Even a quick perusal reveals it can no longer avoid objects.
SFX: Bump / Bump…

Kei: Clearly, it was recently flooded with light in excess of 20,000 lux.

Kei: Furthermore, let us consider the fingers of both of your hands.

Ryuu: ……?!

Ryuu: What’s wrong with my hands?

Kei: You have quite peculiar calluses on your hands.

Kei: That proves you regularly work with a certain medical apparatus.

Kei: One which can move freely like a snake, / and which emits a bright light from its tip.

Kei: Furthermore,

Kei: you are quite proficient / with that same item.

Kei: It is…

Kei: The intestinal camera!!

Kei: It is also called an endoscope. / However, what you used last night was no mere intestinal camera.

Kei: You gave the intestinal camera certain upgrades—ones that allowed to move akin to artificial muscles. / It was a hand-made weapon.

Ryuu: That is utterly ridiculous…! / …How long must I listen to him rattle on, Detective?!

Kei: ……..

Nikaidou: Continue, Kazaoka.

Kei: ……….. / Mister, you…

Kei: You distracted your brother with a phone call,

SFX Bubble: Flash / Flash
Kei: and accurately tunneled the camera into his inner ear.

You attached a knife to your special intestinal camera, and used it to slice the semicircular canal.

Hiroshi: W—Wait a second! / How can I believe a theory like that?!

Hiroshi: Even if he managed to slice the semicircular canal, / there’s no way he could guarantee his brother’s head would strike an object on the floor!
Maori: I guess not…

Ryuu: That’s right! / And even if… Even if you were right and I were the culprit, / why would I use such a sink-or-swim method?

Kei: Well… what I have described thus far may sound rather chancy.

Kei: However, you were confident. / You were confident you would create not just the perfect murder, but rather the “perfect accidental death”!


Kei: I’m sure you’re aware of this, mister, / but your brother didn’t die when his head struck the pyramid.

Ryuu: ……….

Hiroshi: What… do you mean?

Kei: Allow me to explain.

Kei: Detective Suzumori, / if you were the culprit, and you didn’t want your crime to be discovered, / you would take the victim before you and do what?
Hiroshi: Why do I have to be the culprit?
Kei: We’re just making a supposition.

Kei: Let us consider what actions we must undertake in order to create the appearance of an accident. / Would you not want to do everything in your power to make it look like one?

Hiroshi: Well, yes…

Kei: However, you’re short on time.

Kei: If you are spotted together with the victim, it’s game over.
Hiroshi: Oh…
Kei: You need to distance yourself from the victim as quickly as possible.

Kei: Thus, the murderer’s criminal profile is made clear by the crime scene.

Ryuu: …….

Kei: Nevertheless, / what if you could to create a scene which does not even hint of being a crime…

Kei: right up until the moment the body is discovered?

Nikaidou: !!!

SFX: Point…

Kei: The real reason… / you used the intestinal camera…

Kei: Was to create an “accident scene” which no one would be inclined to doubt.


Kei: The door, locked and chained…

Kei: And the windows, fastened shut.

Nikaidou: All to create a perfect closed room…

Kei: If you knew no visitors would come during the night, / you knew you would have about 12 hours after killing your brother.

Kei: That was more than enough time / to create the perfect accident scene.

Ryuu: …………..

Kei: Your objective was, above all, to craft a scene the police would judge to be an accident at first glance. / One so convincing they wouldn’t even bother to perform a detailed scientific investigation.
Hiroshi: ……….

Kei: After confirming your brother was unconscious,

Kei: you increased the brightness on the intestinal camera to maximum, and went about to craft your accident scene.

Kei: First, in order to conceal the wound to the semicircular canal, / you used your special intestinal camera to make it look like the pyramid had unfortunately pierced the inner ear.

Kei: And since your brother didn’t die instantly… / or rather, since you knew he almost certainly wouldn’t die instantly, / you waited patiently as he died of blood loss.

Kei: Afterwards, since your fake scenario required his chair broke,

Kei: you unscrewed a screw at the chair’s fulcrum,

Kei: destroying the chair.

Kei: Furthermore,
Ryuu: !

Kei: You needed to emphasize the signs of your brother’s drunkenness.

The finishing touches…

Ryuu :There’s too much alcohol left in the bottle…

Ryuu: He was certainly drunk, but…

Ryuu: This would suggest he only drank a little… / I must destroy this evidence. / So that… / So that this will be instantly judged to be a freak accident…

Ryuu: I cannot leave behind even a hint of a crime.

Ryuu: Heh heh heh heh… Perfect.

Ryuu: Anyone would judge this to be the freak accidental death of a drunkard.

Kei: This was an extreme performance, / aimed to create the image of a perfect accident.

Kei: That was fatal.

Ryuu: A hypothesis! That’s just a hypothesis! / First off, you yourself said that I don’t have a motive!!

Kei: I wonder… / There is one more clear abnormality I found within this room.

Kei: That is this PC’s keyboard. / It certainly isn’t new, yet many of its keys are bereft of fingerprints. <small text: Check it yourself later. >
Ryuu: ……….?!

Kei: And that is the proof that the true trick behind the cursed music / was deleted by you, the brother.

Ryuu: What?!

Kei: Each of you two brothers / was quite brilliant in his own way…

Kei: Brilliant enough to create something evil!
Hiroshi: ………..

Kei: This is the true trick behind the “killing” cursed app…

Kei: Your brother hacked police, hospitals, newspapers, and television station in order to gain information on accidental deaths. / He thus gained the information before it made the news.

Kei: From there,

Kei: he hacked internet mail-order companies, / video rental stores,

Kei: and other such businesses, / all in order to obtain the cell phone information of their customers.

Kei: When he learned of a death, he would find which persons’ data he possessed, / send them an e-mail with the URL attached, and instantly call them with the cursed app.

Kei: Determining the time of death is not an exact science. / Thus, we were made to conclude that the individuals had died immediately after hearing the cursed melody.

Kei: Furthermore, in order to mask the sender, / he made a number of systems to route his calls overseas before they arrived.

Hiroshi: ……..

Kei: Had your brother not been killed, / this would have been a serious crime.

Kei: Kanzaki-san, recently, / weren’t there plans for you to become the chief of medical science at a university?
Ryuu: ……..?!

Kei: Given your current position, / it would be rather deleterious if your brother’s crimes came to light.

Kei: So, after working to make the scene look like an accidental death, / you used your tool to remotely eradicate from this PC all evidence of hacking.

Kei: Since you sought the perfect crime, / and realized this might cause your brother’s blood or liquids to cover the keys, you used a small cloth to wipe them clean.

Hiroshi: Shut up, dammit!! Where’s the proof?! Well? Where is it?!! /
Kei: Suzumori-san, would you please go investigate the elder brother’s room upstairs? / Since he came here merely to confirm the body, he shouldn’t have locked the door…

Ryuu: Heh. / Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t have a warrant!!

Nikaidou: Suzumori!

Hiroshi: Y—Yessir!

Hiroshi: Hey! We’re going upstairs!
Police: Yessir!

Ryuu: Why… / Why did you suspect me from the beginning?

Maori: …..Tch.

Kei: Mister, / your brother had a feeling this would come to pass.

Hiroshi: What?

Kei: … Hidden in the cursed app / was a certain message…

Kei: If one takes the cursed music…

Kei: and plays it backwards…

Hiroshi: There! We found it!!

Hirsohi: There’s this incredible intestinal camera upgraded into a weapon, / and a hole in the floor! / There’s also some gauze faintly covered in blood!!

Hiroshi: We’ll bring it down to the lab immediately…

Song: Take heed to yourselves: / If thy brother trespass against thee,

Kei: It’s the Gospel according to Luke, chapter 17 verse 3.

Kei: This was something left behind by your brother, when he realized he might be about to die.

Kei: It is a message of forgiveness, / aimed at the brother about to kill him.

Song: rebuke him; / and if he repent, forgive him.

Ryuu: Uu… / Uuuuu…

Ryuu: Wah! / Wah / Ahhh / Ahhh

Hiroshi: Ah—Hey! Where do you think you’re going?!

Hiroshi: Nikaidou-san, who or what is that?! / You said he’s in high school, right?

Nikaidou: …Yeah. / A high school student with the best deductive mind around.

Hiroshi: But even so, calling a high school student to a crime scene is just…… / <aside: You could’ve found some other consultant… >
Nikaidou: It’s because he’s a high school student.

Hiroshi: Huh?

Nikaidou: What you witnessed today / was how strong his mind is.

Nikaidou: And furthermore,

Nikaidou: your eyes start to cloud over, once you’re an adult. / Promotions and self-security start to matter more than the truth.

Nikaidou: High school students are the most pure, the ones most able to view the world without prejudice. / So I believe high school students are the ones closest to the truth.

Nikaidou: For there are some truths only a high school student can find.

Ryuu: ……

Sidebar: Kazaoka’s super brain has solved the case!! A new chapter begins next week: “Immolation Game”!

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