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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 9

Kiruko, Haru, and the Porn Magazine House

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 24, 2013 03:11 | Go to Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san

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Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san 9
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Kiruko: Eh...
Kiruko: A ha-
Kiruko: A haunted house...you say!?
Kanna: Th...That's right, on a mansion we pass by when going to school...
Kanna: It comes out...The ghost of an old man---
Kanna: Who was the owner of that house...!!
Text: Extended 23P!! "Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san"
Kiruko: Eeeeeek!!
Kanna: Right!? It's scary, right!? Do something about it, Kiruko~~~
Kanna: It's on our way to school!! It's so scary we can't go back to our houses~~~!!
Haru: Kids...Why are you relying on Kiruko?
Haru: Go to a temple!
Kanna: What are you saying, this is also your problem, you know!?
Haru: Huh?
Text: This week is a special arc!!

Kanna: Haru...You might be the only one who can solve
Kanna: This time's problem!
Haru: Eh? Not that I'm proud of it, but I won't be of any use!
Haru's sd: I don't have supernatural abilities or anything.
Kanna: Usually...But this time you are needed.
Kanna: Because...We're talking about the porn magazine geezer's ghost...!!
Haru: What!?
Haru: No, wait, wait!!
Haru: What's that porn magazine geezer ghost!?
Kanna: Well...A person who was called the "Porn magazine geezer" lived there in the past...
Kanna: That person really liked porn magazines...So it seems he collected all kinds of them.
Kanna: He also lost his wife when she was young so there was no one to stop him.
Kanna: It seems his house got full of porn magazines before anyone noticed.
Haru: This might sound weird coming from me, but that's terrible!!

Kanna: That old man died...And around the time when it was decided that the mansion should be demolished
Kanna: Stories about people seeing the old man came one after another...
Kanna: The chief priest of a temple came to exorcise it, but it seems he failed.
Haru: That geezer sure is strong.
Kanna: That priest said---
Priest: A porn magazine...We have to find a porn magazine...
Priest: The issue that the old man treasured the most... We have to offer it to his grave---
Priest: Gwahaa!!
Haru(thinks): Eeh, what's with that? It's a pain in the ass!!
Kiruko: Uhiiiiiiiiii!!
Haru: !? You're getting too scared, Kiruko!!
Kanna: But...There's so many porn magazines in that house that we don't know which is it...
Kanna: But! Since you're a super pervert you can find the geezer's best collection...
Kanna: It's the time for the useless you to play an active role!!

Star: A festival where the three super popular rookie works have extended 23P!!
Text: It's kill or getting killed!?
Text: Kiruko vs the ghost!?
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 9 Extended 23P special!!
Kiruko, Haru, and the Porn Magazine House
Hirakata Masahiro

Haru: So this is...The haunted house, I mean,
Haru: The porn magazine house!
Chiaki: Hey...We're really doing this? Lowlife...!
Haru: Yeah...I had my doubts too, but if I pull back here my name as a super pervert will become obsolete...
Haru: Let's see what that geezer's got here...!!
Chiaki: Don't go see that...
Haru: Don't say tedious things, we cant say no to the kids' request, right?
Chiaki: Now you say reasonable things...
Chiaki: You just got lured in when you heard "Porn magazines", right?
Haru: ...Huh~~~
Chiaki: ? What?

Haru: Are you perhaps scared, Chiaki-san!?
Haru: I guess you are~~~Even if you're Chiaki you're a girl~~~
Chiaki: Huh!?
Chiaki: Like I would get scared, what are you saying, lowlife Haru!!
Chiaki: To-To begin with...Being scared of something un-unexistent like ghost is no-nonsense!!
SFX: ¨*tremble tremble*
Haru: Chiaki, your body sure is honest...
Haru's sd: You're trembling.
Bullet: Don't criticize her, Anjou...Scary things are scary, she can't help it.
Haru: !? What? Even the old man is scared of ghosts?
Bullet: Yeah, how couldn't I?
Bullet: Because bullets won't work on them...!!
Haru(thinks): Aah...That kind of physical things are scary...!!
Chiaki: I'm telling you...Ghosts don't exist, if by any chance they existed, there's no way
Chiaki: Something as stupid as the porn magazine geezer exists, right!!?
Chiaki: You too will be as useless as always!!
Haru: Y...Yo...You didn't have to say it like that...
Haru: But, well, it's that,
Haru: You two are pretty much on your senses compared to her I guess.
Bullet: !

Haru: ...
Haru: To think Kiruko was so bad with horror...
Kiruko: B...But! You can't cut ghosts...!!
Haru(thinks): You too go with physics!!? (cd: That's why soldiers are...!!)
Kiruko: B...But this incident is a great chance to get over my fear...
Kiruko: I'll definitely show you I can chop that old man's ghost in pieces!!
Haru: Are you trying to kill the geezer again...?
Haru: Alright, then, let's go inside rascals!!
Chiaki: Who's a rascal, you lowlife!!?
Kiruko: Wah...Wa...Wait, everyone.
Kiruko: Ueeh, it's hard to walk on this~~~!!

Haru: E...
Haru: Excuse us~~~...!!
Chiaki: U...Uwah, this gives you the feeling indeed...
Haru: !! Ah!
Chiaki: Eh!? What!?
Haru: It's porn magaziiiiiiines!!
Chiaki: Th...They suddenly are there...Just like the rumors said...!!
Chiaki's sd: Hey, don't be glad about that.
Bullet: They really are all over the place.
Chiaki: It really is a porn magazine house...It freaks me out...
Kiruko: Wa...Wait, everyone~~~...
Chiaki: Hey, walk faster, Kiruko,
Chiaki: It's ok, I'll say it as many times I need to,
Chiaki: Things like ghosts can't actually ex---

Chiaki: Ist...
Thought: It's here!!
Haru: Gyaaaah, i-it came ouuuuuuut!!
Bullet: Re...Retreat! Retreaaaaat!!
Chiaki: No way, I can't open the door!?
Haru: Se...Seriously!? This is the famous---
Chiaki: I...It can't be!! Wasn't the porn magazine geezer just a rumor!?
Man: ...

Man: ......Po...
Man: Porn Magazines...!!
Thought: ......I...
Thought: It's the Porn magazine geezer...!!
Chiaki: Hey, that just now was the real thing...!! Right...!?
Kiruko: Eeeeh, what should we do!? What should we do!?
Bullet?: I don't know either!? Now that it's turn to this we can only rely on...
All: ...
Haru: A...Alright!! Porn magazines...!
Haru: Let's divide and search for porn magazines!!
Haru: Hey, hurry, the geezer will come out again!!
Chiaki: I...It can't be helped...I'll leave it to you this time...!!

Chiaki: Geez, why do I have to do this...?
Box: --Japanese Living Room--
Chiaki: I mean, seriously, i...Isn't there too much porn magazines in this house!?
Chiaki's sd: It's filthy, filthy!!
Chiaki: Th...Then, is this fine?
Chiaki: Her bodyline is beautiful...And her womanly charms show up really well...
Chiaki: That old man should be satisfied with this---
Chiaki: Nooooo!!
Bullet: !?
Box: --Second floor--
Bullet: Chiaki...!?
Bullet: This is bad, I must hurry...
Bullet: E...Even though, I've been in the army surrounded by men for a lot of years,
Bullet: So I'm not really knowledgeable about this kind of things...

Bullet: ---That said...Hmm, the supreme porn magazine...
Bullet(thinks): Well...It should be ok to think that he's tired of japanese models...
Bullet(thinks): Which means that the answer is western magazines!!
Bullet: How about this, porn magazine geezer!!?
Bullet: Nwooooh!!
SFX: Bang Bang!!
Kiruko: !?
Kiruko: Se...Senpai!! This time it was Bullet's gunshots~~~!!
Box: --Western Living Room--
Haru: Yeah, that's ok, you search too, Kiruko!
Kiruko: E...Ermm, then, here! How...
Kiruko: How about this!!?
Haru: "The special edition of not quite gripping girls for you who are tired of beauties"...
Haru: Ok...Kiruko, calm down...That can't be.
Haru's sd: That too extreme...
Chiaki: Nooooo, geez, then, this one!?
Chiaki: Men only want them to be big after all, riiiiight!?
Magazine: The BIG BREASTS October Edition

Chiaki: Gyaaaah, it came out again!!
Chiaki: What's this? If we get it wrong it comes out!?
Bullet: Nuu...Is that true!?
Bullet: Then, how about this!?
Bullet: Nwoooooh!!
sd: Nuu~~~
Chiaki: Aaaaah, I can't keep on with thiiiis!!
Kiruko: Gyaaaah, you're bringing it hereeeeeee!!
Chiaki: How about the real thing then, old maaaaaan!!?
Kiruko: Hyaaaah, what are you doing, Chiaki-san!!?
Chiaki: Shut up, this fat lumps are only useful in this kind of moments!!
Chiaki?: Gyaaaaaaah!!
Kiruko: It seems it's no good!!
Voice: ~~~~~~!!
sd: Waaaah
SFX: *Bang*
sd: Gyaaaah
SFX: *Thump*
Voice: ~~~~
Voice: ~~~~

All: ...
Chiaki: E...
Chiaki: Enough of this!! I can't understand the geezer's tastes in porn magazines!!
Chiaki: I mean, that old man's ghost is really scary!!
Chiaki: He's the porn magazine geezer so shouldn't he come out more comically!?
Chiaki: Why does he have to look so serious!?
Chiaki: Lowlife!! You haven't chosen even one!?
Chiaki: Get a grip, you're our last resort today~~~!!
Haru: Yeah, well,
Haru: I know but...There's something that bugs me~~~
Chiaki: !? "Bugs you", what---
Haru: I wonder what it is...It's not like he's collecting the same magazine
Haru: Or that there's consistency in the contents...
Haru: But I think there should be a common feature...
Haru: Well, leave it to me! I'll definitely find it!
Chiaki: N...No, it doesn't click with me when you say it while reading a porn magazine.
Chiaki: A...Anyway, I leave it to you, lowlife!!
sd: Ooooh...
Kiruko: !

Kiruko: Gyaaaaaah E...Everyooooooone!!
Kiruko: Th...The old man suddenly appeared!!
Chiaki: !! Gyaaaaaah!!
Kiruko: A...And isn't he really angry!?
Kiruko: A...A super ominous aura is...
Bullet: What...!? If we don't find it already he's going to get angry at us!?
Kiruko: C...Calm down, old man,
Kiruko: We'll definitely find your best collection, so...umm...
Kiruko: !?

Kiruko: Wooh, wh...What's this?
Kiruko: A poltergeist!?
Chiaki: Nooo, he's getting clad in porn magazines!!
Chiaki: This supernatural phenomena is disgusting!!
Bullet: Let's buy time for Anjou, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Eeek, Nooo, it's scary in a lot of ways!!
Chiaki: Lowlife!! You can't choose one yet!?
Chiaki: We're in trouble in a lot of ways here, you know!?
Haru: Wait!! I think...I'm about to find it!!
Haru(thinks): I've been seeing it for a while...But, what is that---
Haru: Kuh...
Both: Whoaaaaaaa!!

Kiruko: I'm begging you, disappeaaaaaaaar!!
Chiaki: !! Hey...Don't damage the property!!
Chiaki: And that's the altar room!! You'll get cursed!
Bullet: H...However, this isn't to moment to say that...
Kiruko: But it really isn't working against the old man~~~
Haru: !
Haru(thinks): Hm..."Th...That", it can't be---
Haru(thinks): !! That's how it was!?
Haru: I might know now! What the geezers magazine is!!
Chiaki: Eh!?
Haru: Hmm, where did it go!? I'm sure it was---
Bullet: !! Gwoh!
Kiruko: Bullet!!
Kiruko: A...At this rate---

Kiruko: !!
Kiruko: Gyaaaaaaah!!
Kiruko: !!
All: ...!?
Haru: ---This is it, right, geezer...

Haru: "The special edition of not quite gripping girls"!!
Haru: The cover gravure is Imai Chiyo!! //this is a pun, "Not quite" = imaichi
Haru: The magazine you were searching for!!
Man: !!
Kiruko: ~~~~~~Se...
Kiruko: Senpai!!
Haru: Sorry for the wait!!
Man: Uh...
Man: Uuuh...!!
Chiaki: I...It really is working...
Haru: Yeah...It's something you can't understand if you treat a porn magazine just as a porn magazine...

Haru: In all of the magazines in this house there's always a page with "Imai Chiyo" in it.
Haru: She's not quite a cute girl so most of them are only small cuts...
Haru: And...This is the only porn magazine where that girl appears in the cover!
Chiaki: That means the old man was that girls fan?
Haru: Well...That's another story...
Haru: But before that!!
Haru: Let's finish this, Kiruko!!
Kiruko: Ye...
Kiruko: Yes!!
Haru: Rest in peace!!
Man: !!!!

Chiaki: Di...Did they do it...!?
Bullet: !?
Chiaki: ...!
Haru: Yo, old man...I'll take responsibility of putting this offer in front of your grave!
Haru: You couldn't just die with this jumbled between the other ones, right.
Haru: You can go in peace!
Chiaki: ...Hmm...It ended like a good story...
Chiaki: But he just went to heaven with a porn magazine, right!?

Chiaki: ...You look awfully happy for someone writting an apology...
Haru: Hm? Yeah...A comrade went on pleasantly so I'm happy.
Chiaki: Hmm...So?
Chiaki: What was it in the end? Was was the old man so insistent on that Imai girl---
Haru: Ah, that, huh,
Haru: It's simple...It was because she looked
Haru: Like the old man's wife who died young!
Chiaki: Eh!? H...His wife!!?
Haru: Yeah...Her picture was in the altar room...When I saw it everything made sense.
Haru: That's something...The old man was going after his wife's face!
Kiruko: Senpai...

Kiruko: But, in the end he made a nice face!
Kiruko: I might have conquered my fear of ghosts!
Haru: Fufu...That's right.
Haru: I have to go offer that magazine...
Haru: Later...?
All: !?
Chiaki: !? Hey...You put this much porn magazines in your desk again---
Haru: Eh!?
Haru: I...It wasn't me, wait, why is the old man's photo here!?
Bullet: ! I...It can't be, the old man is thanking you for finding his magazine...!?
Kiruko: !?
Text: Bright Eros!!
All: ...
Chiaki: No, don't come here, lowlife! Didn't you bring them!!?
Haru: Doeeh, you're kidding me, right!? Didn't he pass away!!?
Kiruko: Nooooo, ghosts really are scary!!
Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Chapter 9/End

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