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Jitsu wa Watashi wa 4

Let's Visit a Sick Person!

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Sep 7, 2013 17:21 | Go to Jitsu wa Watashi wa

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Reserved for Underdog. Don't use without my permission.
Jitsu wa Watashi wa 4
//So, this is a series I've been following ever since it began, it's really fun imo and it's finally getting some love...Or so I thought, it seems there isn't a perm TL for this so I might help out with it every now and then (this could also be the only ch I do for it though)
//Anyway, I hope you like it

Oka: Asahi,
Oka: Aren't you smiling all the time lately?
Diamond: An anazaru in love. A smile that shows his true feelings! //I kept it like this as the first TL left it like this
Asahi: Eh?
Shima: Keh, is it that?
Shima: You're doing well with Shiragami-san?
Asahi: N-
Asahi: No, no, no way, no way!!
Asahi: Shiragami is my friend or well...
Asahi: Wait, I'm not smiling that much!!
Asahi: Hahahahahaha!!
Shima: ...Hey, Oka...I...
Shima's sd: That damn anazaru, he's overflowing with happiness!!
Shima: I'm not jealous or anything, ok?
Oka: Go look at a mirror, Shimakou.
Oka: ...Well, looking back,
Sakura: Are you really just friends?
Sakura: You two stay really late together, right?
Asahi: No, no, not really,
Asahi: People like Mikan come too!!
Oka: Asahi hasn't stayed smiling for long even once, has he?

Voice: Stand!
Voice: Bow,
Voice: Sit down!!
Teacher: ...? Hey, Kuromine, what are you doing?
Teacher: Sit down already.
Box: Eh?
Box: ...Eh?
Box: ...Shiragami is
Box: Not here...?

Box: ---Shiragami said
Box: That if anyone found out that she's a vampire
Box: She'd have to quit this school
Box: Because she promised that to her dad...!!
Asahi: Se...
Asahi: Sensei!!
Teacher: Whoa!? What's wrong!?
Asahi: Why-Why isn't-
Asahi: Why isn't
Asahi: Shiragami here!?
Asahi: Haa
Asahi: Haa
Teacher: ...Listen, Kuromine,
Teacher: Pay good attention to this,

Text: A vampire absent for illness! The idiot is healthy!!
Teacher: She just has a cold!!
Teacher: Not everyone is an idiot like you are, they catch colds!!
All's sd: Yeah, yeah
Girl's sd: Thought as much
Asahi: Everyone in class agrees!? (cd: Like, Sorry!!)
Text: The subject of a boiling discussion! A romcom full of secrets!
Jitsu wa Watashi wa
Chapter 4 "Let's Visit a Sick Person!"
Asahi: ...Sensei too,
Asahi: She didn't have to call me an idiot in front of everyone!
Oka: Don't mind it, Asahi.
Oka: Everyone noticed that a while ago.
Asahi: That fact hurts me the most!!
Masuda Eiji

Shima: I mean, Asahi, you don't even know Shiragami-san's mail address?
Asahi: Uh
Shima's sd: Hmmm, and you say you're friends
Oka(thinks): Shimakou sure is lively right now. (cd: That's why he's no good)
Sakura: Well, well, Asahi,
Sakura: Cheer up.
Asahi: Sakura-san?
Asahi: Didn't you say you had something to do?
Sakura: I asked sensei for Shiragami-san's address.
Sakura: Go visit her!!
Oka: ...
Asahi: ...
Asahi/Shima: Eeeeeeeeh!?
Oka: Not bad, Sakura-san.

Asahi: ...Ermmm,
Asahi: Shiragami's house is...
Asahi: ...Getting totally lost like this
Asahi: Is because of that, right?
Asahi: Even if it's the same city
Asahi: I've never come to this side...
Asahi(thinks): ...Well, I'm not really satisfied with how this happened
Asahi(thinks): But I never thought I'd visit Shiragami when she's sick.
Oka: I'm amazed she gave it to you.
Sakura: She said "He's a good-for-nothing so nothing weird will happen."
Shima: Ah. (cd: I see)
Asahi: Isn't sensei's abuse going too far!?
SFX: Brrr
SFX: Brrr

Asahi: Hello?
Asahi: ...Wait, Oka? (cd: What's up?)
Oka: Yo, Asahi.
Oka: Rejoice,
Oka: Mikan-chan is still at school. (cd: She's using Shimakou as her toy)
Mikan: Now, spit it,
Mikan: I don't care what but tell me a secret.
Shima: I give...I give!!
Mikan's sd: Someone who loves other's secrets //I kinda made a guess, this was blurry in the raws I used
Mikan's sd: Someone who gets in the way of romance
Phone: Gyaaah
Asahi(thinks): Alright, my biggest problem is solved!! (cd: Do your best, Shima)
Asahi: Thanks for telling me, Oka!! (cd: And Shima too)
Asahi: With this I can go to Shiragami's place freely.
Oka: Wait, you aren't there yet, Asahi?
Oka: Spare me from you ending up not even getting there. (cd: You're lost, right?)
Asahi: Even if you tell me that...

Asahi: Ah...It's ok...
Asahi: I think I found it...
Asahi's sd: It's that apartment.
Oka: Hm?
Oka: Oh, I see.
Asahi(thinks): There's a lot of bats flying!! (cd: Even though it's still daytime)
Asahi(thinks): ...But, when it turns to this, I'm really glad Oka, Mikan, and the guys didn't come.
Asahi(thinks): Thinking again, there must be a lot of things in her home that would give away that she's a vampire...
Asahi's sd: Maybe She sleeps inside a coffin...
Asahi(thinks): ...Hm?
Asahi(thinks): ...I, alone...
Asahi(thinks): Came to Shiragami's house...?
Asahi(thinks): I think she lives alone, so...
Asahi(thinks): I came to her house when no one else is in...?

Box: 30 minutes later
Asahi's sd: Is it really ok? No, no, I just came to visit her because she's sick, that's not...Right? ...Hmm? My stomach started hurting.
Woman: ...Madam, what is that?
Woman: ...Maybe we should call the police?
Youko: ...Hmm?
Youko: Kuromine-kun?
Asahi's sd: That's it let's go to the hospital
Asahi: ...Eh?
Asahi: Shi...Shiragami!?
Youko: ...What are you doing?
Youko: You're just walking in circles there.
Youko: Ah, wait a second.
Youko: I'll open the door now. (cd: Come upstairs)
Asahi: Eh!
Asahi's sd: My stomach hurts
Asahi's sd: My stomach hurts
Asahi: Wa...Wait a second!!
Asahi: I'm not ready yet!!

Youko: Sorry for making you take the time to bring me this handout.
Youko: I heard from Sensei you were coming. (cd: The closest station to our homes is the same)
Asahi's sd: Just this made worth the visit!!
Asahi(thinks): Shi...
Asahi(thinks): Shiragami in pajamas!!
Youko: ...I'm glad, I thought you got lost
Youko: ...But I guess that can't happen, you're from around here.
Asahi: Th-
Asahi: That's right...
Youko(thinks): Ah,
Youko(thinks): He got lost...
Asahi(thinks): I see, sensei told her in advance.
Asahi(thinks): Well, that should be obvious actually.
Youko: Talking standing here isn't nice, come in, come in.
Asahi: Eh?
Asahi: Eeh!?
Asahi: No, I'd feel bad!! I was going to go back as soon as I gave you the handout!!
Box: The conclusion he came with after 30 minutes of worrying.

Youko: Ah,
Youko: If you're worried about me I got well around noon,
Youko: Don't worry about it.
Youko's sd: I only took the day off to be safe.
Asahi: ?
Asahi: Shiragami...What's that in your hand...?
Youko: Eh?
Youko: Ah!!
Youko: N-No, I keep my room clean all the time, you know!?
Youko: Even if someone suddenly came it would be totally fine!
Youko's sd: This mask is for my cold
Box: Sh...She was cleaning... (cd: She wants to show that)
Asahi: The...Then,
Asahi: I'll get inside for a bit...
Youko: ! I see!!
Youko: I see, I see~~~(music note)
Youko: Ah, I'm glad,
Youko: Actually, I got a bit excited when I heard Kuromine-kun was coming.
Asahi: Eh?
Asahi: Because I was coming...?

Youko: No...Well,
Youko: Ever since I started living alone
Youko: It's the first time a friend comes to my house.
Arrow: Friend Friend //Fuuuuuuurrrrrriendzoooone
Asahi's sd: Sorry for the intrusion
Asahi(thinks): Ah, yes, I'm a friend, I'm just a friend (cd: Hahaha)
Asahi(thinks): Actually, I shouldn't really be nervous, should I...?
Youko's sd: Humhumhummm (music note)
SFX: flutter flutter
SFX: flutter flutter flutter
SFX: flutter flutter flutter flutter

Asahi: Shi...
Asahi: Shiragami!! Your wings...Your wings!!
Asahi's sd: The door The door is open
Asahi: Eh,
Asahi: Eeh,
Asahi: Is it ok to let them out like this!?
Youko: Eh?
Youko: Ah, sorry, were they out?
Asahi: That's some light response!! (cd: Is it that trivial!?)
Youko: Well, it's no good, huh,
Youko: I really relax when I'm in my house.
Youko's sd: How embarrassing
Asahi: Well, if you're fine with it I don't mind.
Asahi(thinks): I mean,
Asahi(thinks): Thinking that she only shows them to me makes me a bit happy.
Youko: Ermm,
Youko: Then I'll take you up on your word.
Asahi: Ah,
Asahi: They're out
Box: But, I'm really glad that Oka, Mikan, and the guys aren't here.
Box: The wings will give her out in a go.
Youko: You see,
Youko: Having them outside is far more comfortable
Box: ...But well...

Box: The wings would really give her out
Box: But the room itself is fine...
Youko: E-...
Youko: Ermm...Kuromine-kun...?
Asahi: Eh?
Youko: Co-
Youko: Could you try to look around as little as possible...?
Youko's sd: Aren't you doing it too much...?
Asahi: Eh?
Asahi: Ye-Yeah, sorry.
Asahi: Umm...How should I say it?
Asahi: I just thought there not many vampire-like things around.
Box: In the end he didn't stop.
Youko: Eh?
Youko: "Vampire-like things"?
Youko's sd: You really won't listen to me
Asahi: Hmm, let's see...
Asahi: ...Hmm...Like a coffin?
Youko: Ah, no, no, I can't buy something so high-class.
Text: Get yourself A higher grade sleep!!
Asahi: Ah, it's high-class...

Youko: Hmm...You can look
Youko: But don't go opening things around there, ok...?
Youko's sd: It makes me worry.
Asahi's sd: I just...
Asahi: Eh?
Asahi: Ah, so...sorry!! I was looking again!?
Youko: ...That closet is especially, ermm...
Youko: By chance...By chance, ok?
Youko: Look, there's mysterious things in this world, right?
Youko: I usually clean up properly so it's really impossible, but
Youko: ...Look,
Youko: If something mysterious happened
Youko: It might crumble down, ok...?
Youko's sd: It should be...Fine
Box: She put the things inside that closet...
Youko: ...Wait,
Box: But well, like, there are some things out of place but that's just like Shiragami,
Youko: So...Sorry!!
Youko: I forgot to put my mask on!!
Box: Like, Shiragami's room is really like her...
Youko: Uwah, really, sorry.
Asahi: Ah, don't be,
Asahi: I'm totally fine.
Box: ...Ah, I see...That's it.
Box: I...Right now,

Box: I'm inside Shiragami's room...
Box: Inside the room of the girl I like right now.
Box: Thinking of that made this quite embarrassing...
SFX: Brrr
SFX: Brrr
Youko: Kuromine-kun, is that your phone?
Asahi: Ah,
Asahi: Yeah...It's ok! No problem!!
Youko: No, but, it might be something urgent.
Asahi: Hmm...
Asahi: Then sorry, I'll excuse myself for a bit...
Youko: Go ahead.

Oka: Yo, Asahi.
Asahi: Wh-What? It's just Oka,
Asahi: Just when I realized that I was in Shiragami's house...!!
Oka: Oh, oh, you're doing just fine,
Oka: That's great.
Oka: I have some news for you, Asahi.
Oka: Mikan-chan is heading to Shiragami-san's home.
Mikan's sd: Hello there
Asahi: Why!?
Oka: Well, the answer is simple.
Oka: That mop head sold you to Mikan-chan.
Mikan's sd: Alright
Asahi(thinks): That mop heaaaaad!! (cd: Well, Mikan is the bad one, though!)

Asahi: Uh...
Asahi: Thanks for telling me, Oka...
Oka: Yeah, be grateful.
Oka: I bet against Shimakou on if your visit would go well or not,
Oka: I bet that it would, ok? (cd: I'm counting on you)
Asahi's sd: Then why did you hold out for Shima
Asahi: Who'd thank you!!? (cd: Give me back my thanks!!)
Youko: Kyaaaaaaaaaah!?
Oka: ...Hey, Asahi, that scream just now...
Asahi: So...Sorry, Oka,
Asahi: I'll call you later!!
Box: ...It can't be,
Box: Mikan's already here!?

Box: This is bad,
Box: Didn't Shiragami...Have her wings out...?
Box: If
Box: Mikan, whose lifework is revealing people's secrets, saw that...!!
Mikan's sd: Vampires exist
Mikan: News flash!! Shiragami Youko is a vampire!! A vampire!!
Box: Shiragami's secret...
Box: I have to do something about it...!!
Box: That day,
Box: I promised
Box: That I would protect
Box: Shiragami's secret!!
Asahi: Shiragami!!

Youko: Ku...Kuromine-kun, this is umm...Not what it looks like!!
Youko: Umm...
Youko: Akemi-san came just after you left...
Youko: And suddenly opened the closet... (cd: Even though I told her not to...)
Youko: My...Mysterious things actually happen,
Youko: That's not it!!
Youko: Akemi-san, are you ok!?
Mikan: Fu...Fufu,
Mikan: A trap, huh, that's rather sophisticated...
Asahi: Ermm...
Asahi: I'm glad Shiragami looks healthy...
Diamond: She was repelled with a crash! To be continued next issue!
Youko: I-
Youko: I told you that's not it!! (cd: It wasn't supposed to be like this...)

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