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Shokugeki no Souma 80

The Conditions for the Challenge

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jul 29, 2014 15:59 | Go to Shokugeki no Souma

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Reserved for Casanova. Don't use without my permission.
Shokugeki-no SOMA 80

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Text: Takumi stands stock still…
Girl: The winner…Of the fourth match……
Subaru: I'm taking now
Subaru: The commemorative 100th tool…!

Shokugeki-no SOMA
Girl: Contestant Mimasaka Subaru……!!!
Cutlery: Stolen pride…!!
Story: Tsukuda Yuuto
Art: Saeki Shun
Collaborator: Morisaki Yuki
(cutlery) 80 The Conditions for the Challenge
Megumi: …
Yuuki: Wha…
Yuuki: Wha……

Yuuki: What's with thaaaat!!?
Yuuki: To think he won with a dish he made by spying on Takumicchi's semifreddo!!
Yuuki: That's definitely weird!!
Girl: Sh…She's right!!
Girl: Don't you think that's unfair!? Mimasakaaaa!!
Girl: You yankee gorilla!! Dreaded Gorilla!!
Girl: Muscled stalker!
Subaru: ……The Takumi Aldini Fan Club.
Subaru: It was created 3 years ago…One month after he transferred here.
Subaru: It currently has 87 members.
Subaru: If only I had some more time
Subaru: I could have investigated all of you girls thoroughly, too <3

Girls: …!
Etsuya: Silence!
Etsuya: With this result---
Bracket (from left to right):{ //wh means it's white text, bl means it's black
Wh: 1
Wh: Yukihira Soma
Bl: Nakiri Alice
Wh: 2
Bl: Tadokoro Megumi
Wh: Kurokiba Ryou
Wh: 3
Wh: Hayama Akira
Bl: Arato Hisako
Wh: 4
Bl: Takumi
Wh: Mimasaka Subaru
Etsuya: All of the matches of the first round of the Autumn Election are finished!!!
Etsuya: The second round will be held in one week.
Etsuya: The brackets will be decided by the end of the day…And we'll notify everyone then!
Etsuya: That's all.

Man: That was a bizarre match…
Man: Yes…I come to watch the Autumn Election every year,
Man: But this is the first time the atmosphere got like this.
Yuuki: I really can't accept it!
Yuuki: Just what the hell is wrong with that stalker!!
Shun: I got it…I got it, don't vent up on me.
Ryouko: I'm sure…Takumi-kun is shocked…
Ikumi: I want to cheer him up…But I don't know…
Ikumi: ………What to say to him…
Souma: …
Megumi: Souma-kun…?

Souma: I'm going to the dorm.
All: Eh!?
Yuuki: Hey, wait…Yukihira…
Ikumi: Are you really fine…Not saying anything to Takumi!?
Souma: …
Souma: …Hmm?
Souma: It's unlocked…

Subaru: Yo.
All: Mimasakaaaa!!?
Voice: Wh…Why are you in Yukihira's room…!?
Subaru: I have a duplicate key <3

Girls' sd: Eeeeeek
Souma: What do you want?
Subaru: Right…I had something to report to you.
Souma: Ok, wait just a bit.
Souma: I'll make you some tea or something.
Ikumi: Why!!?
Yuuki: Kick that guy out right now!!
Souma: No, but, he even gave us sweets when we were in the waiting room.
Souma: I must do something for him too.
Souma: With that said, I'm going to talk alone with him for a while.
Souma: That's right, Mimasaka, you had dinner yet?
Souma: I have some beef stew I had prepared left,

Souma: Want some?
Subaru's sd: Kukukuh
Subaru: I'll gladly have some…
Thought: He really is welcoming him normally!!
Guy: Don't push…
Yuuki(thinks): What are you thinking, Yukihiraaaa!!
Box: Eavesdropping
Subaru: ---It's about the brackets for the second round,
Subaru: They were just decided.
Souma: Hmmm…

Subaru: The clashes are Kurokiba
Big text: Kurokiba Ryou VS Hayama Akira
Subaru: vs Hayama!
Subaru: And me---
Big text: Mimasaka Subaru VS Yukihira Souma
Subaru: vs you!! …Yukihira!

Subaru: The theme for both matches is a "Main Dish for a Western-style Meal".
Yuuki: On the second round…
Ikumi: He's facing…Mimasaka!
Souma: Hmmm…
Souma: And you came all the way here just to tell me that?
Subaru: You know already, don't you?
Subaru: Let's do it…A Shokugeki!
Subaru: The knife you always use…
Subaru: If I win, I'm taking it.
Subaru: From what I've seen it looks like it's a really sharp one.
Subaru: So much it's a wonder why a punk from a special-of-the-day restaurant has it.
Subaru: In return,
Subaru: I'm betting---

Subaru(thinks): "What makes them get angry?"
Subaru(thinks): If you can grasp what that is you can easily figure out a person's personality.
Subaru(thinks): Takumi Aldini was the prime example of that.
Subaru(thinks): If you pinpointedly strike that you can always get them to accept your challenge.
Subaru(thinks): They are forced to do it!
Subaru(thinks): Their pride will make them do so!
Takumi: You bastard…
Takumi: How dare you---
Subaru: You're finally
Subaru: Making a nice face…
Subaru(thinks): Look…

Subaru(thinks): He really got angry for me…<3
Subaru(thinks): The same goes for you, Yukihira…!
Subaru(thinks): I know what makes you get mad for real very well.
Subaru(thinks): You won't overlook unfair insults towards the people you've recognized.
Subaru(thinks): You'll definitely try to get the mezzaluna back!
Subaru(thinks): Definitely!!
Subaru: That Italian guy is so pathetic!
Subaru: He lost big time before he settled things with you!!
Subaru: All with his pride and future as a cook in pieces!!
Subaru(thinks): How about it…?
Subaru(thinks): Now, get angry…Get angry for me…<3
Subaru(thinks): Your precious friend
Subaru(thinks): Is being belittled, you know…?

Souma: Hmm…Well,
Souma: I do think it's a shame.
Souma: We got to be on such a big stage
Souma: So I thought it'd be nice if I could face Takumi.
Souma: But Takumi won't get crushed by something like this.
Souma: And one more thing.
Souma: The pathetic one
Souma: Is you,
Souma: Mimasaka.

Subaru: …
Subaru: What?
Souma: I'll take you on the Shokugeki,
Souma: But what I want isn't only the mezzaluna,
Souma: All of the other 99 tools you've stolen so far,
Souma: Give them to me.
Ikumi: ---!?
Subaru: Huh…?
Subaru(thinks): What the hell…!?
Subaru(thinks): Why would he want those!?
Subaru: Don't fuck with me…What are you saying!?
Subaru: …Those aren't remotely worth the same!
Subaru: I'll have you take on a risk that balances out those 100 tools.
Souma: Then, if I lose to you I'll quit being a chef.

Souma: I'll quit
Souma: Being a cook.

Souma: If I lose on my Shokugeki against you I'll never shoulder Yukihira's sign again.
Souma: I promise I'll never stand on a professional kitchen.
Souma: Does that balance it out?
Subaru(thinks): ---…!
Yuuki: Yukihiraaaa!! What are you saying!?
Souma: Whoa…Guys!
Souma: What? You were eavesdropping on us?
Girls: Don't just laugh like that!!
Subaru: Yukihira…
Subaru: The shokugeki's laws are absolute.
Subaru: You understand you can't brush it off as a joke, right…?
Souma: Of course.
Souma: If you're fine with those conditions then let's do this.

Subaru(thinks): What is he planning!?
Subaru(thinks): He saw my match with Aldini…
Subaru(thinks): A match where I perfectly predicted what my opponent would make, so why can he say such things!?
Souma: …That's right, Mimasaka!
Souma: I'll take this chance to lessen your workload.
Subaru: …!?
Souma: The theme was a western-style main dish…Right?
Souma: I'm
Souma: Making this.
All: Huh!!?
Cutlery: What are you doing telling the stalker what dish you're making!?
Shokugeki-no SOMA
(cutlery) 80/End

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