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Busou Shoujo Machiavellism 1

+ posted by Eru13 as translation on Jan 26, 2015 07:37 | Go to Busou Shoujo Machiavellism

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Reserved for CAT. Don't use without my permission.
Busou Shoujo Machiavellism 1

Red text: New Serialization!!
Yellow text: Already in a pinch!?
Box: I'm Nomura.
Box: I don't have a nickname yet.
Busou Shoujo Machiavellism
Black Board:{
White text: Nomura Fudou
Pink Text: Requires Special Attention
Box: I like freedom and peace.
Box: I dislike being forced to do things.
Fudou: ......Well, I did want to live my school life surrounded by girls, but-

Box: I have no idea how things ended up like this.
Fudou: But this is a bit different from what I expected...
Box: I only remember being forcefully transferred from a sodden gloomy place.
Text: Now, it'll take some time before this man recovers from evading reality and actually understands the current situation, until then, in order to understand what happened between him and the girl with the mask in front of him, let's go back through their memories---
Text: One hour ago!!

Big Text: The pair that brought you "Shinakoi" presents an insurrection battle action story!
Text: There's never been a society where armed girls don't exist.
Busou Shoujo Machiavellism
Story: Kurokami Yuuya
Chapter 1
Art: Kanzaki Karuna
Red Box (left half): KCA "Shinakoi Kanzenban" Volume's 1-2
Hexagon: On sale with rave reviews!!
Red Box (right half): KCA "Shinai Mijikashi Koiseyo Otome" Volume 3

Box: After going through the school gates I found
Box: Wonderland!

Box: A bunch of chaotic structures,
Box: All of the inhabitants---Are armed girls!
Girl?: Hey you!
Box: ---And

Box: Guys wearing makeup!
Guy: You're new around here, huh, why are you staring at me?
Fudou: Hm? Ah...
Fudou: No well...I just thought this academy even has a Buddha statue.
Guy: It has one, you know!? It's inside the auditorium, though!
Guy: A real one, not one like this!
Fudou: Oh...
Fudou: No need to be humble, you're blessed enough.
Fudou: Hey, you just used "this" meaning "having a hard life" instead of "sacred" didn't you...?
Guy: Silence!!
Fudou: ...
Fudou: Leaving that aside, Buddha-kun.
Masuko: It's Masukodera! //I'm calling him Masuko
Fudou: Are there many like you around here, Buta-kun? //Buta means pig
Guy's sd: Heeeeey
Guy's sd: He's looking this way
Masuko: It's getting worse! //Fudou's way of referring to him

Masuko: Masukodera!
Masuko: I'm Masukodera Kusuo!
Fudou: Ok, Masuko.
Fudou: ...So, how's it?
Masuko: ...It's not a thing of them being many!
Masuko: All the boys are like this!
Fudou: Wha...
Fudou: Gegeeeeeeh!?
Fudou: Stop please, a manga with that kind of setting won't sell well!
Guy's sd: Ufufufufufu
Guy's sd: Ohohohoho
Masuko: You'll only be able to dislike it now!!
Masuko: You'll end up like this in a day at best!!
Fudou: Y...You're kidding me, right?
Fudou: I don't have such a hobby.
Fudou: Why does it turn like that?
Masuko: ...It seems you were sent here without knowing anything.
Masuko: Ok, I'll teach you.

Masuko: I think you've noticed already,
Masuko: What's crazy about this school isn't limited to the boys and the decoration.
Masuko: Girls are permitted to carry weapons like police batons on the name of self-defense.
Fudou: Then, those girls group and tease you?
Fudou: That sounds pleasurable.
Masuko: Idiot, this is where the point lies.
Masuko: Listen, it goes without saying these girls are scary, but what's truly fearsome
Masuko: Are the girls who have a special permit to carry real swords!!!!

Box: When the "Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy", which originally was a public morals organization and a school for high-class girls, became co-ed,
Box: The girls had an extreme fear of the boys, it seems that it was because of that that some sort of armed vigilante corps was formed.
Box: Since then, whenever their members graduate they hand their position down to their successors so that there's always five members.

Box: And, after the great results brought by many generations, the "symbiosis" began having a "troublemaker correctional facility" side to it.
Box: In other words, they began proactively accepting people who caused trouble and couldn't stay in their previous schools and began correcting them in the name of symbiosis--- //"symbiosis" and "correcting" are both read "kyousei" in Japanese

Text: Men have four beginnings //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mencius#The_Four_Beginnings_.28or_Sprouts.29
Text: "Benevolence", "Justice", "Courtesy", and "Wisdom".
Text: Add "Sincerity" to the four beginnings
Text: And you get the five virtues. //http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confucianism#Ethics
Text: We will abide by these virtues.

Text: And become the blade which leads the way to symbiosis!
Box: They are the five swordswomen who stand at the top of the armed girls and regulate what happens in the academy, the "Supreme Five Swords"!!!! //Tenka Goken

Rin: It seems we're all here.
Text: Onigawara Rin
Mary: Oui,
Mary: You were the last one.
Text: Kikakujou Mary //She should be Marie seeing she's probably French, but the name reads "Meari" and Marie would be "Marii"
Satori: Ermmm,
Satori: Something unusual?
Text: Tamaba Satori
Warabi: Aye,
Warabi: A seldom seen face is here.
Text: Hanasaka Warabi
Tsukuyo: ..."Making an example of someone", how disappointing.
Tsukuyo: Did you gather us for something like that?
Text: Inaba Tsukuyo
Rin: No,
Rin: There's one main topic to be discussed on this "Five Swords Meeting". //same, "Goken"
Rin: How to deal with the transfer student.

Fudou: Haaaaaaa,
Fudou: How troublesome.
Masuko: They should be in the middle of discussing how to deal with you there.
Fudou: They should rather be deciding the order in which they will kiss me.
Masuko: Every boy that transfers here was a man of valor outside,
Masuko: But they all got defanged here...
Fudou: Wait, weren't you all castrated instead of corrected? //again, similar words, castrated "kyosei", corrected "kyousei"
Fudou's sd: Were you only defanged?
Fudou: ...Anyway, I don't like this.
Fudou: It might well be the perfect place to look down on people,
Fudou: But if they try to measure me from that place they won't get but a glimpse on me.

Fudou: I could teach them how good of a man I am if they just came down and made contact with me.
Fudou: BANG!
Girl: .........

Black Board:{
Nomura Fudou
Requires Special Attention
Mary: He's basically the same as usual, huh.
Mary: He was part of a brawl in his previous school and was expelled...
Mary: But, his fangs are a bit too big this time.
Rin: He's injured over 40 people---
Rin: He obviously practices some kind of martial arts.
Rin: However, it seems he was the one who suffered the worst injuries,
Rin: He was hospitalized just a while ago.
Warabi: If he did all that barehanded he's quite the menace.
Warabi: Well, either way, he can't hold a candle against us.
Warabi: Am I wrong?

Bear: Grrr....
Bear: Gaaaaaaah
Satori: Heeeey, Warabi-chan,
Satori: Let me pet him one more time.
Bear: Awww
Warabi: Restrain yourself.
Warabi: Your way of caressing animals is excessively egocentric!
Satori: Eeeeeeh?
Rin: Hey! Concentrate on the task.
Satori: Hmm? I'm listening to you, you know?
Satori: Ummm...It was...? Noumura?
Rin: You're not listening at all.
Rin: He's Nomura.

Girl: Call him putting the accent on the first syllable.

Text: "Empress"
Kirukiru: He'll love it.
Text: Amou Kirukiru
Tsukuyo: Oh,
Tsukuyo: How unusual for the empress to grace us with her presence down here.
Kirukiru: It's nothing compared with having Inaba Tsukuyo here.
Tsukuyo: You're stirring the hornet's nest? How disappointing.
Rin: What's your business here!?
Kirukiru: Well...An interesting man's name came in the discussion so I thought I'd give you a warning.
Kirukiru: If you don't want to shame yourselves, attack him in group.
Kirukiru: Just like you did when you attacked me.
Rin: You bastard...!!!!

Rin: Kashima Shinden Jikishin Kage-Ryuu //Kashima Divine Teachings Earnest Heart Shadow Style, dafuq is that? XDDD
Rin: Hagakushi no Ken! //Blade-hiding Sword
Mary: Coup Droit //Forehand Swing
Mary: En Marchant! //While walking, or something like that

p26 //no dialog

Kirukiru: So these are the supreme five swords.
Kirukiru: Well, that was pretty impressive.
Rin: Kyaaaaaah
Kirukiru: You're well worth ruling over...

Mary: ...It seems some people fawn over you being the empress,
Mary: But could you restraint from words and deeds which assume you stand above us?
Mary: It's extremely unpleasant.
Warabi: Aye, and it was those two not us who lost to you.
Bear: Roar
Mary: Sargos! //Idk if this is even correct, I couldn't find anything for it
Warabi: Anyway, you speak as if you had already fought with this Nomura fellow.
Kirukiru: .........
Kirukiru: That's right.
Kirukiru: And thanks to that I suffered a "wound" I can't recover from.
Satori: Hmmmm
Satori: Then, Kirukiru-chan will do it?
Rin: No, that man is in my class.

Mary: I'll make haste to correct them,
Mary: Both that man and your conceit!
Kirukiru: Fuhaha,
Kirukiru: Well, do your best
Kirukiru: And be careful of his "Madan". //Magic/Devil's Bullets

Fudou: Why do you know I'm going to be in the same class as you?
Masuko: You're in second year, right? Then there are only thirteen classes you can be in.
Masuko: I've already told you about the five swords, but among them there's a woman called "Onigawara Rin" who's famous for her prominent hate of men.
Masuko: She's so merciless that most of the transfer students quit school and her class always has less people than the others.
Fudou: And that's class 13...Huh.
Fudou: I see.
Fudou: Good grief, all I wanted was a bit free and peaceful school life.
Fudou: Why does it always turn this bloody?
Masuko: You ended up here and dare to say that!?
Masuko: Let's be clear on this, freedom and peace are pretty much unrelated to life here, ok!?
Fudou: If the same goes for love affairs my body won't last.

Masuko: Don't worry, you're not going to be popular anyway.
Masuko: You're damn weak to that!
Masuko: Your legs are really feeling it!
Fudou: Haa
Fudou: Haa
Fudou: L...Leaving that aside...
Fudou: How did you manage to survive in that class...?
Masuko: ......It's easy,

Masuko: There's only one way to survive here,
Masuko: Throwing away your dignity as a man and live as a woman.
Masuko: If you show your allegiance neither the five swords nor the other girls will harm you.
Masuko: You better do the same for your own good.
Fudou: You not only gave them your upper fangs but the lower ones two, huh. //I think he means he not only stopped fighting but quit being a man
Masuko: ...
Fudou: Don't screw with me.
Fudou: What I can't stand the most are threats based on violence.
Masuko: You idiot!
Masuko: How do you plan to fight armed swordswomen with no weapons!?
Fudou: You see, I have a weapon.
Masuko: Eh?
Fudou: My positive heart.
Masuko: Throw that damn thing away!

Fudou: See you later, Masuko.
Fudou: I have to stop by the Staff Room.
Masuko: Ah, jeez!
Masuko: I don't care anymore!
Masuko: You're going to turn pale once you get to the classroom!
Fudou: Hmm...
Fudou: I can't wait for that!

Fudou(thinks): I remember now!!
Box: And that's how we got here. (cd: It's been about 0.3 seconds since the beginning of the flashback.)
Masuko(thinks): See! I told you...
Masuko(thinks): That's what you get for underestimating this school after all my warnings...!
Fudou: Jeez, and our homeroom teacher just went somewhere.
Fudou: My classmates should let me introduce myself properly.
Rin: There's no need for that.
Rin: We don't even know if you'll last today here.
Fudou: And you are?
Fudou: A volunteer for becoming my friend?
Rin: I'm about to teach you that.

Fudou: W-Wait, wait! I kinda understand this!
Fudou: But I'm unarmed,
Fudou: And you're planning to torment me with a group of armed people?
Rin: Worry not, I'm correcting you by myself.
Rin: If you need any sort of weapon shall I give it to you?
Fudou: Then give me a megaphone.
Fudou: I want to call for help with a loud voice.
Rin: You don't seem to need anything else with that sharp tongue.
Fudou: I'm not resisting, you know?
Rin: Your mouth is good for making comebacks but doesn't have the nerve to bite?
Rin: They say dogs who bark don't bite.
Fudou: Well, abuse me however you want,
Fudou: I feel like peeing so I don't have time for this.
Rin: Tch!

Masuko(thinks): Stop blabbing! It's giving me the chills...!
Masuko(thinks): But this isn't going so bad, just don't resist...!
Rin: ...Certainly,
Rin(thinks): I was wondering how strong of a man he was for Amou to speak like that of him...But how idiotic.
Rin: I don't feel like cutting someone unwilling to resist.
Rin: Then, imitate Masukodera, the one seating there, and live in "symbiosis" with us
Rin: Or leave this academy,
Rin: Make your choice.
Masuko(thinks): Phew...She looked like she was on an especially bad mood this morning so I was wondering how this would turn out,
Masuko(thinks): But it seems it will end without a drop of blood this time.
Fudou: Don't wanna.

Fudou: That's for me to decide.
Fudou: I don't want either.
Masuko: Idi...
Rin: I hope you understand what you just said.

Fudou: You surprised? I'm a Japanese who can say no.
Fudou: The first one is especially out of the question.
Fudou: I'll never do that.
Rin: The same goes for the latter?
Fudou: Leaving would be easy but that's no fun.
Fudou: On the other hand, there aren't many chances to get in here, right?
Fudou: I have make the most of it.

Rin: You finally bore your fangs.
Rin: But how long do you think you can keep with that attitude?
Fudou: I wonder.
Rin: Let me show you,
Rin: Before this morning homeroom ends,
Rin: In other words, before the next chime rings,
Rin: Onigawara Rin will correct you!
Fudou: For real?
Fudou: You won't go back on your word?
Rin: Naturally---

Fudou: Well then...
Girl: Eh...
Girl: Kyaaah!?
Fudou: Excuse me for a second!
Rin(thinks): The gaze he sent towards the corridor was a feint!?
Rin(thinks): However, those movements...!

Rin: Hey!
Rin: Wait!
Rin: Where are you going!?
Fudou: That's for me to decide, well...
Fudou: I'll be back before the next chime rings.
Fudou: You said you won't go back on your word, right?
Rin: Kh, it can't be...
Girl: You should not do that.
Girl: This should be the fifth floor.
Fudou: Ah,
Fudou: I forgot.
Fudou: Purple!
Girl: Kyaaah!?
Girl: Heeeey!
Thought: So flashy...

Girl: Hyaah
Girl: Ah!
Girl: There!
Girl: That's the ceiling of the corridor which connects the main school building with the auditorium!
Rin(thinks): I thought he'd try to escape though the corridor...!
Rin(thinks): That place is about three floors tall! The entrance to the auditorium is on the second floor so he can go down there.

Masuko(thinks): So he was investigating from below back then.
Masuko(thinks): He's unexpectedly astute...
Masuko(thinks): I think I know why you got here.
Masuko(thinks): You love freedom too much.
Masuko(thinks): That's difficult to have at the same time as peace as it is...
Masuko(thinks): Especially so for the boys at this school.
Fudou(thinks): She again, huh...
Fudou(thinks): She's looking at me, who is she...?
Fudou(thinks): She resembles someone I know...
Rin: Waiiit!
Rin: You bastard!
Rin's sd: You despicable man
Fudou: Whoa
Fudou's sd: She came after me!

Tsukuyo: ...Mozunono-san,
Tsukuyo: Could you open the window for me?
Mozunono: Yes, it's a bit hot.
Mozunono: I hope some nice breeze comes in.
Tsukuyo: No, what I want to let is sound rather than wind.
Mozunono: ...?
Mozunono: Nono!?
Mozunono: Rin-oneesama is fighting!!
Teacher: Ah, hey!
Teacher: We're in the middle of homeroom---
Mozunono?: That doesn't matter!!

Fudou: Ah, jeez, that was cruel!
Fudou: This was new!
Rin: This sword is edgeless but I can still
Rin Cut things with it!
Fudou: Whoops!
Rin(thinks): Leg techniques!
Fudou(thinks): She's watching my blinks!
Fudou(thinks): And she's wearing that mask so I can't aim for that?
Fudou(thinks): What a dirty woman,
Fudou(thinks): I'm pushing you down!
Fudou: !

Fudou: Whoa!
Text: "Yoko Ichi-monji"! //Horizontal "一" character
Fudou: Kh, that was close!
Fudou(thinks): If I continued like that my head would've flown away!
Rin: You have good eyes.
Fudou: Woo
Fudou: Woo
Fudou: Whoo!?

Rin: Ah
Rin: Hmmmm!
Rin(thinks): And
Rin(thinks): A flexible strong lower body!

Rin: You've got some legs and loins.
Rin(thinks): He probably has an innate disposition
Rin(thinks): But it's evident he's trained hard.
Rin(thinks): However, he didn't have nothing to start with.
Fudou: Well, thanks for that.
Rin(thinks): Even if he uses kicks and tackles I can feel it,
Fudou: You're embarrassing me.
Rin(thinks): The smell of my kind!
Rin(thinks): Moreover, the position of the callus I saw back then.
Rin(thinks): He's different from Amou who cuts people barehanded,
Rin(thinks): But he also
Rin(thinks): Knows everything on how to fight unarmed and uses that know-how to judge our techniques.

Rin(thinks): You could call him a swordless swordsman!
Fudou: Why don't we keep noticing each other's good points like that?
Fudou: I think the way you easily swing that katana with such thin arms is very charming.
Rin: Excess muscle only hinders breathing.
Fudou: Breathing?
Rin: I normally train using a stick of around 1.55m and about 16kg.
Rin: You can't swing such a thing with brute strength.
Rin: You must use your hips and breathing to do it.
Rin: That's exactly what the Kashima Shinden Jikishin Kage-Ryuu
Rin: Aun no Kokyuu is! //Om Breathing
Rin(thinks): What's called "Nairen Ichikouki" in Kung-fu! //Inner Training, One Mouthful of Air, I think
Rin(thinks): When foreign bodies enter the trachea you have a coughing fit! This is a movement in which you use all your inner muscles to expel the foreign body in response to its entry.
Rin(thinks): In other words, you control the inner muscles you normally wouldn't be able to control consciously by manipulating your breath! And training such muscles is possible!

Fudou(thinks): Jikishin Kageryuu, huh.
Fudou(thinks): No wonder she knows a lot about breathing.
Fudou(thinks): I knew her counter-measures were too thorough.
Fudou(thinks): All swordsmen are fragile when you attack the opening made when they're breathing,
Fudou(thinks): But she limits them to moments where it's difficult to attack her like when she's inhaling or falling back.
Fudou(thinks): She's forcing* her breathing.
Asterisk: Controlling the natural breathing on will
Text: "Ryuubi" //Dragon Tail
Rin(thinks): This man's martial arts-
Rin(thinks): I can feel an earnest straightforwardness completely opposite to his frivolous attitude in them.
Rin(thinks): If not he wouldn't have been able to get hold of such a power.
Rin(thinks): That makes it even more irritating!

Rin: Unforgivable!
Rin: I'm taking your neck!
Text: "Kasumi" //Haze/mist

Text: "Chidori" //Breast Taker (LOL)
Fudou: Uwah!
Fudou: You meant my nipples!? //neck=kubi, nipples=chikubi

Rin: I'm taking them off for you!
Rin: Men don't need them anyway.
Fudou: How am I supposed to play nipple sumo on New Year’s?
Fudou: I'm Yokuzuna you know? (Arrow: Oozeki)
Rin: Retire this year!
Fudou: No way in hell!

Fudou(thinks): What a pain in the ass!
Fudou(thinks): I want to wipe her front leg to make her fall after evading her sword-
Fudou(thinks): But that peculiar posture she takes after finishing a blow doesn't let me!
Text: "Tsuru no Kamae" //Crane Stance
Text: Kashima Shinden Jikishin Kage-Ryuu
Text: Tou no Kata //Sheath(?) Form

Fudou: !!?
Rin: The "Carpenter's square".
Rin: Your keen dynamic vision backfired you.
Rin: Your thoughtless discernment of the distance was so accurate you fell for this technique.
Fudou: "Hassun no Nobegane", huh...
Big text: Hassun no Nobegane //An Eight-sun Dagger/Sword
Text: Eight sun is the length of a hilt, in other words, the length of the distance between life and death.
Text: By freely controlling the tightness of the grip the left hand has on the sword's hilt, the grip of the right hand becomes loose in thrusts and overhead swings which make the hilt lengthen, if you add the right hand as support while holding the sword with the left hand your cut will be around four sun longer.

Rin: Hmm, to think you knew about it, I guess you're showing more and more of your true character.
Rin: Have you began wanting to use a weapon?
Fudou: No need to worry.
Fudou: Even if I had one it would literally become an extra charge.
Fudou's sd: Even more than my nipples!
Fudou: But it may be tough to continue like this.

Fudou: I guess I'll use my secret weapon too.
Fudou(thinks): The "Carpenter's square".

Rin: Hm!?

Warabi: Hmm (music note)
Warabi(thinks): Knife-proof gauntlets, huh.
Warabi(thinks): However, Onihime's strikes would crush bones on impact normally. //Onihime is Rin's nickname
Warabi(thinks): For that not to happen,
Warabi(thinks): That fellow is parrying up-to-down swings with the back of his hand and mow down's with his palms.
Warabi: Lend me a string!
Voice: Hanasaka-saaaaaaan
Bear: Roar
Teacher: This is the worst fake answer to a roll call I've ever seen.

Rin(thinks): He's aiming for my right hand...!

Voice: Kyaaah
Voice: Waaah
Voice: ...
Mary(thinks): He's trying to take Rin-san's extended right hand while parrying her slashes,
Mary(thinks): And Rin-san is quickly moving her left hand upwards to prevent that and is aiming for his hand after he misses.

Mary(thinks): They're in a bit of a stalemate...
Mary(thinks): Jesus...! What is Rin-san doing!
Mary(thinks): If she takes too much time with this Kirukiru-san is going to act almighty again...!
Kirukiru: Hm...

Fudou: Whoh
Fudou: oooh!?
Rin: I've got a location advantage now!
Text: "Gaisen"! //outer rotation
Text: Tou no Kata
Text: "Enren"!! //Cycle(?)
Fudou: !

Fudou: ...!!!
Big Text: Gaisen
Text: For it you relax your knee joints by lowering your body and applying force to the outer part of your feet while having your legs open as if standing on a barrel's edge.
Text: Since the joints get leeway while performing this technique, the whole body's muscle strength is applied which lets even a weak person draw out a great amount of force.
Fudou(thinks): My bones are creaking...!!
Fudou(thinks): I'm becoming unable to slip away from her slashes...
Fudou(thinks): My chances of successfully performing an all-or-nothing tackle are pretty low.
Fudou(thinks): But, no matter how much she controls her breathing she can't keep herself from inhaling for so long.
Fudou(thinks): She'll definitely fall back to inhale air!
Fudou(thinks): That's where I attack!!

Rin(thinks): Your intentions are obvious!
Rin(thinks): I'll defeat you before that!!
Fudou(thinks): My arms won't last any longer!
Rin(thinks): I'm in a pretty tight position too!
Rin(thinks): But!
Rin(thinks): I can overcome this!!

Box: Being on the overwhelmingly upper position of using a sword against a barehanded opponent.
Box: The desire to show off to Amou Kirukiru.
Box: The time limit she herself established.
Box: The pressure of the opponent aiming for the moment she tries to catch her breath.
Box: All of those made Rin grow impatient
Box: And Nomura calmly saw through that amidst the pain he was suffering.
Box: When striking the head, if the sword comes out from the right
Box: It means that the force is in the right hand.
Box: That stiffens the shoulders and kills the blow's speed,
Box: And makes the slash slant.
Box: He didn't miss that

Box: And slipped onto her!!
Rin: Puhaaah
Box: Both of their postures broke!
Box: Rin was the first to correct her posture!

Box: But Nomura
Box: Didn't do so!

Rin: ...What's wrong?
Rin: It seems you couldn't get to a good enough posture,
Rin: Or is it just that you felt you were falling and clung to me?
Rin: At any rate, you deserve praise for being able to touch my body,
Rin: But this is quite unpleasant.
Rin: Do you have any last words?
Fudou: "Drop your weapon and lift your hands."
Fudou: You might have a sword but I have a gun,
Fudou: You don't have a chance to win.

All: !
Satori(thinks): There's 222 seconds left before homeroom ends (cd: The numbers match)

Rin(thinks): This...Is-
Rin(thinks): A sunkei............!? //One-sun beheading

Rin: *Cough*
Rin: Egh
Fudou: This is a technique which failed to become a certain swordplay style's secret technique.
Fudou: I took it and arranged it into this.
Fudou: I haven't given it a name, but-
Fudou: Whoops!
Fudou: If I had to give it one it would be---

Rin: "Madan"...
Fudou: Hey?
Fudou: Who told you that name?
Fudou: Only one man called this technique like that,
Fudou: It was the guy who sent me to the hospital---
Rin: Man?
Rin: The person who told me that name was...
Mozunono: Let go ooooooooof
Fudou: Hm?
Mozunono: Rin-oneesamaaaaaaaa!!!

Mozunono's sd: Nono!?
Satori(thinks): 111 more seconds
Satori's sd: It's all ones

Fudou: Ooooh!?
Rin: ...
Fudou: Hey!
Fudou: You are just...!
Mozunono: You say it's Nono's fault!? ...Well it is but-!!
Mozunono: You were the one who did it!
Fudou: F...For starters, calm down...! Ok!?
Mozunono: O-Onee-sama, this is bad!
Mozunono: A murderer is going to go rampant in school...!
Rin: Y...
Rin: Y...
Rin: Yo...

Mozunono?: Ah, no!
Mozunono?: This is the kind in which she cries!
Rin: High
Rin: You bashtard...
Rin: Ugh
Mozunono: Onee-sama! That's bad in it's own way!
Mozunono: Her solemnity is...!
Rin: Your name...
Rin: It was...
Fudou: O...Oh,
Fudou: I haven't introduced myself.
Fudou: I'm Nomura Fudou!
Fudou: Call me Nomura.
Fudou: But the accent goes on the first...Hey?
Rin: Nomura...I will remember it.
Rin: In exchange you forget about it...
Rin: You...
Rin: Definitely...
Rin: This Onigawara Rin will...
Fudou(thinks): Yeah...
Rin: C...
Rin: C...
Fudou(thinks): She's trying to keep using those words even now.
Fudou(thinks): You can do it!
Mozunono(thinks): You can do it!
Mozunono(thinks): Here comes Onee-sama's catchphrase...!

Rin: Castrate You---------!!!! //she normally says correct(kyousei) but this time she says castrate(kyosei)
Fudou: Did it go like this!?
Box: Humans often act like small birds.
SFX: *badump*
SFX: *bathump*
Kirukiru: Haa...
Kirukiru Ha...
Kirukiru ...
Box: In other words, they can only pay attention to the prey in front of them.
Box: Like small birds, they are about to be attacked by hawks and eagles flying high in the sky,
Box: Yet they don't notice. (cd: Niccolo Machiavelli)

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