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Kuneru Maruta 1

Kuneru Maruta 1 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 2, 2013 17:21 | Go to Kuneru Maruta

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Kuneru Maruta 1 TL

Page 1:
[Text at top] 2012 Summer's new serialisation, One shot!!
[Below top] Takao Jing
[Speech bubble] It's starting~
[Around centre left to right] Even though I'm poor, I'm a glutton. A new sensation, the gourmandise comic! (Gourmandise - someone who loves food)

Page 2:
[Text] Ye-ah...
[Text] I give-- If I had followed the route to the shipping address, I would have ended up at a temple....
[Watermark] A new serialisation~~
[Text] Even though I asked the neighbours, they just said 'It's in the temple', // or rather, is there usually something like an apartment in the site of a temple?
[Text] ...even this delivery has an amazing smell to it...
[Smaller text] This isn't something like the ashes of someone right...
[Text] !
[Text] Eh...?
[Sign] Emi Akira
[Text] This....
[Text] Is probably the.... entrance....right?
[Sign] Emi Akira Inn ->
[Text] Ah-- Damn it, so narrow

Page 3:
[Text] ...do people really live here....
[SFX] Boro-... - gloomy
[Text] Ermm... what's this?
[Text] Ma-....ru-...
[Text] Maruta....Sanka? But it's in such messy handwriting
[Text] Sorry----
[Text] Express delivery but-----
[Text] Are you home Maruta-san---?
[Text] Sorry---!
[SFX] Gu----- - stomach rumbling

Page 4:
[SFX] Gugururururu - more stomach rumbling
[Maruta] Ah stop it....
[Text] Express delivery---
[SFX] Chupu chupu - swish swosh
[SFX] Ba- - suddenly
[Maruta] Delivery!?
[Text] Maruta-sa-----n!!
[Text] Is she out or something?
[Maruta] Yes, ye--s!
[SFX] Dadada - running

Page 5:
[Maruta] I'm Maruta-!!
[Text] Swimsuit!!?
[Maruta] Yay! It arrived! // Ah~~~~ I was waiing forever! Both my food and money had reached empty~~~~
[Text] Hah...
[Text] A foreigner? Huh? Japanese!?

Page 6:
[Text] Ah....eh? Maruta-.....san?
[Maruta] Yep-! Ah, my mother was the one who wrote this // Recently, she's been studying Japanese
[Maruta] You saved me~~~~ As I thought, food makes your heart feel wealthy right? // Puts you in a good mood right?
[Text] I- I guess so -haha-
[Maruta] Now then, let's dance!
[Text] Eh-!?
[SFX] Lan lan lalala~~~~
[Text] N-now then, excuse me
[Maruta] Thanks for your efforts-----
[Text] ..what a weird foreigner...
[Smaller text] She was happy with such a smelly delivery...

Page 7:
[SFX] Ufu-
[Maruta] It came....
[Maruta] It finally came <3 -ufufufu-
[Maruta] Ha~~ What a lovely smell <3
[SFX] Piri piri piri
[Maruta] Of course, speaking of this smell....

Page 8:
[Maruta] Bacalhau <3 (Salted and Dried Cod)
[Smaller text] Mama... God..
[Smaller text] Thank you very much
[Box] Bacalhau is a typical ingredient in my mum's country's (Portugal)
[Smaller text] Huh-- where is it-?
[Smaller text] I expected to still have some but...
[Box] Caught in Northern Europe, the thick cod's body is then salted. The recipe for bacalhau has more than 300 versions!
[Box] But, of course, today's is my own
[Box] ---Firstly, I boil the potatoes I had left, // Meanwhile, sensitively breaking the bacalhau into small pieces with your hands into the water
[Box] Usually, you spend 1-2 days desalting bacalhau but // Because I haven't had it in a while, this time I'm having it in moderation

Page 9:
[Box] Put the potatoes you boiled and the bacalhau into a bowl, add a beaten egg and mix them all together
[Maruta] I wanted to be in a position to add onions and parsely but... // no no, even with this much, it should take around 10 minutes
[Box] If you've finished mixing, use two spoons and,
[Box] Squeeze them into a rugby ball shape----
[SFX] Gu- gu- - squeezing
[SFX] Pon - Tada
[Box] If you fry them in oil at 180 degrees celcius until they become a light brown colour...
[Box] You should have bacalhau crockets
[Box] Finished

Page 10:
[Maruta] I'll taste on...
[SFX] Mogu mogu - chew chew
[Text] Delicious
[Maruta] Perfect! I'm a genius!
[Maruta] As expected from myself~~~~~
[SFX] Burorororo
[SFX] Kiki-----
[Text] Dammit--- I carelessly forgot to get her signature for the package -because she asked me to do something like dance-

Page 11:
[SFX] gacha- open
[Text] Sorry, erm----
[Text] You're dancing again!? -and you're still in the swimsuit-
[Maruta] Eh?
[Maruta] My my, express delivery-san, what's up?
[Text] Eh, ahh, sorry, to tell you the truth...
[Maruta] Ah! I get it!!
[Maruta] You came to eat some crockets right!?
[Text] Ha?
[Maruta] Here, please
[Text] Ah, no, that's not it...
[Maruta] I made it using the stuff you delivered earlier
[Text] Eh!?

Page 12:
[Text] Is- is this okay? It had quite the strong scent but...
[Smaller text] Don't mind it
[Text] Then, erm, ...j-just one....
[SFX] Mogu mogu - chew chew
[Text] ----Eh...
[Text] It's good...? -huh?-
[Maruta] Right!?
[Text] What's with this...how should I put it, it has a distinctively salty tast.... it's good? Somehow the fish's... // I-is it okay if I have another one!?
[Maruta] Please do, please do, I'll have one too... Hnnnnn!
[Maruta] Shall we dance!? -because it's tasty-
[Text] Heh!?
[Box] Eventually, I ended up forgetting about the signature again.
[Bottom text] The poor & Gourmandise!! Thus begins the various days of Maruta!

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