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Dear 46


+ posted by Heart Space as translation on Jul 10, 2012 18:25 | Go to Dear

-> RTS Page for Dear 46

Page 126-
Top Panel: Today, Chiruha didn't come?
Top Panel: Four people are off from work? Are they playing somewhere? Lucky.

Kisara: Is Chiruha safe?!

Page 127-
Kisara: Where is she?!
Captain: Calm down, Kisara!

Captain: Chiruha just has a little scratch.
Captain: Kisara, I know how you feel.

Captain: This is also for Chiruha's safety.

Kisara (Black Box): Chiruha...
Page 128-
Kisara (Top right panel, top right black box): She encountered danger...
Kisara (Top right panel, bottom left black box): Just like before...

Kisara (Top left panel, black box): At a place I didn't know...

Captain: Kisara. are you alright?

Kisara: ... I'm okay.
Captain: Kisara...

Captain: Chiruha will stay at my house temporarily. This way, it's safer.

Page 129-
Captain (top right panel, near Captain): What are you going to do?
Kisara (top right panel): I'm going to go too.

Kisara (top left panel): I'm want to stay by Chiruha's side.

Captain: That's okay. You can go to my house to pick Chiruha up, help her with her stuff, and come back.
Kisara: Yes.

Captain (thoughts): About Purino and the others... Don't tell Kisara... Might be better...
Page 130-
Captain (thoughts): Even though I don't know how long I can keep it from him.

Page 131-
Captain: So... Subaru is the Demon Lord, and you are his subordinates...?

Purino: ...

Purino: Sorry...!

Carol: Purino...!
Purino: We don't have the means to lie to you...!
Page 132-
Purino: Maybe you think it's impossible to believe ... but... Really...

Captain (small panel top left): Purino...

Captain: .............

Captain: Purino.

Captain: Calm down, I'm not blaming you. Raise your head, okay?

Purino: Clevart...

Captain: Times like this we need to stay calm and say what you want to say clearly.

Page 133-
Captain: I believe you. So, let me ask you something, okay?

Purino: .........
Purino: Okay...

Carol (bottom right panel): About those three people...
Carol: Subaru didn't tell us everything.

Carol (bottom left panel): When we first met, we did say our purpose. That isn't a lie.

Page 134-
Carol: But, for protecting ourselves, we didn't mention the Demon Soldiers
Carol: Sorry...!

Captain: Is that so...

Captain: This way is smarter.

Captain (bottom right panel): If Kisara knows of this, things will become troublesome.
Captain: Don't tell him for now.

Page 137-
Captain: Chiruha... You too worked hard today.

Chiruha (Text in Memory Bubble): No... I'm okay...
Captain: ........

Text in bottom panels: Experiencing this... I'm still worried about Chiruha... Kisara, you also have to pull yourself together...
Page 138-
Maid: Chiruha.
Maid: A guest came to see you!

Maid: It's Kisara.

Page 139-
Chiruha: Ki-

Chiruha: -Chan!

Kisara: Chiruha...
Chiruha: You came to play? It's breaktime?

Kisara: No...

Kisara: About yesterday, I heard.

Chiruha: ............

Page 140-
Chiruha: Is that so...

Chiruha: Then you must be shocked.

Chiruha (bottom right panel): On the TV, there has also been a kidnapping. I'm also shocked.
Chiruha (by the feet): Ki-chan, you came because you worried about me?

Page 141-
Kisara: Captain told me to help you get your stuff.
Chiruha: Is that so... Then you will be with me?

Chiruha: Let's go!
Black Box (bottom right panel): Why...?
Black Box (bottom left panel): Why...? Chiruha...
Page 142-
Chiruha: My stuff is really not that much. Just this is fine.
Chiruha: Ki-Chan?

Kisara: I'm ready too.

Chiruha: .......

Chiruha (bottom right panel): Captain already told you?
Chiruha (bottom left, top panel): He really worries about me, so he's probably exaggerating.
Chiruha: I'm fine, really.

Chiruha (bottom left panel): Except I gave Ku-Chan and Caro-Chan a lot of trouble. They were the ones who protected me.

Page 143-
Kisara: Compared to those two...
Kisara: You chose not to talk to me?

Kisara (bottom right, top panel): Yesterday, why did you lie to me on the phone?
Chiruha: ........
Chiruha: Sorry.

Chiruha: I didn't want you to worry about me.

Kisara: So now I don't have the right to worry about you...?

Page 144
Kisara: You want it to be like before... Every time Chiruha is in danger, I can only watch?

Chiruha (bottom left, top panel) : ..........
Chiruha: Hn.

Chiruha: I don't want to put Ki-Chan in danger.

Page 145-
Chiruha: I don't want to put you into any danger...

Kisara: Why...! Then what's the point of gaining immortality!
Kisara: Like this ... I can't keep our promise!
Chiruha (bottom right panel): It's okay. Ki-Chan already protected me for a long time.

Kisara (bottom middle panel): ......? What...

Chiruha (bottom right panel): The Lycanthrope forced Ki-Chan to experience many hardships.

Page 146-
Chiruha: I won't come back to this home again.
Chiruha (bottom right panel): When things are completed, I will leave this place.
Chiruha: I will find a way to lift the curse of immortality.

Chiruha: I gave everyone trouble.

Page 147-
Kisara: You... So sudden...
Chiruha (bottom right panel): It's not sudden.
Chiruha: I've been thinking about this for a long time ago; now I have decided.

Chiruha (bottom left, middle panel): Even though I caused you to lose your past life...
Chiruha (bottom left panel): But... At least I should cure your curse of immortality.

Page 148-
Chiruha: Because Ki-Chan's happiness is my biggest wish.

Page 149:
Kisara: My...
Kisara: Happiness...?

Kisara: Chiruha, do you really understand?

Kisara: Do you really know what I want?

Kisara: Do you really know my true wish?

Page 150-
*kiss scene*

Page 151-
Chiruha: ..............?!

Chiruha: Hn.oo..
Chiruha: Hn, hn!

Chiruha: Hn...

Page 152-
Chiruha: ............

Kisara: (bottom right panel): Hoo!

Chiruha: (bottom left, top panel): Cough, cough! Cough, cough!
Chiruha (near Kisara): Cough, cough!

Chiruha (bottom left panel): .........!!
Kisara: I already...

Page 153:
Kisara (top panel): Can't take you as my friend.
Kisara: I know this means that I betrayed you... But...
Kisara: I can't change my feelings.

Page 154:
Kisara: I love you, Chiruha.

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