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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Galaxy Express 999 20

The Queen of the Prehistoric Planet

+ posted by Hunk as translation on Aug 26, 2014 17:40 | Go to Galaxy Express 999

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Reserved for Dark Murmur

GE999 ch20

Whenever an event occurs in the universe, it proves to be impossible to go back. And if you still try to give things their original state, it will trigger tragedies...
20th stop
The Queen of the Prehistoric Planet

What is this planet?
Planets aren't all round, Tetsurou.

But once, this one didn't have this shape.

Some incident turned it that way.
But you'll understand when we'll arrive.

We will soon arrive at "Separation". There will be six hours till departure...
The temperature down there is 39°C.

It's a tropical temperature!!


It feels like right in an equatorial forest. It's as hot as in a sauna.
The humidity rate is near 100%. If you don't like taking bath, too bad for you!

Are there any inhabitant?

They are the descendent of those who transformed this planet.

Back then, was the climate the same as now?
Not at all.

Once, temperatures were similar to the ones on Earth, with seasons...


It's an hovercraft... No, it's an even more advanced anti-gravity car...
That's right.

There are more of them!!!
We're at the crossroad of the ancient town.


Back in the day, there were the same towns as on the Earth.

Maybe it was because of some war?
There wasn't any war here.


Do you hear that weird noise?
The echo is distorting the sound of drums.

It would be wiser to go back to the train!!!

Maetel, where are you?



I remember something bumped on my head, then I passed out...


Maetel's boots...




What the hell is this?

A cyclops!!!




Maetel, it's me!! What are you doing?

I want blood. I want flesh.
I want your life!!


What's wrong with you, Maetel? If you don't stop right now, I'm going to die!!

It's bubbling down here!!

And something is moving at the surface.

I want your life!!!

Before dying, a scholar of Antiquity shouted: "once an event has occurred, nothing and no one can bring back things to their original state. Here's the law that is ruling the whole universe."

Maetel, where am I?
Thanks god, you didn't end up in the stomach of the crocodiles who live in this hellish swamp.

I set this net to stop your fall...
... and it worked perfectly.

You can see it from up there...

But, why did you do that by the way?
It's all because of this half of the planet "Separation".

You mean there is another half?


Men whom you were with are human beings?
Yes, they are the degenerate form of the ancient inhabitants of this planet.

And they named me as their queen.

Their queen?!
A legend of this planet states that a queen will descend from the sky and will sacrifice a boy with curved legs.

However, they can change their mind anytime and decide to kill me.

The people are spending their time choosing humans to lynch them then kill them.

We definitely need to get away from here and get back to the train.
For now, it's useless in considering it. Their sight is especially good, even at night.

It's because their eyes are big.

They are cave-dwellers and live in holes like ants.
In front of us, there is this hellish swamp we can't get through.


Their drums are making a gloomy noise.
This change of tone is like a signal.

They've probably decided to sacrifice their queen.


No matter what, from now on, you mustn't try to save me, because I'll be all right.
Then you'll have to run away from here.

But it's a man's duty to protect you without running away...
If you truly wish to get a robotized body and live forever, you can't die here.

Berabo nbabo!!!

They're coming, Maetel! Quick, let's run away!

Please forgive me, it's the only way.

Ourorong ga!! Ourorong ga!!

Ourorong ga!!


Where is Maetel?!


What are they doing?

They're going to eat Maetel!!!

She's in danger!!

Fortunately, the primitive men are too busy drooling in the thought of their future meal.

I need to help her no matter what...


[some unreadable glyphs]
Gh gh gh...


There's nothing I can do!!



Tetsurou, quick, let's go back to the train!!!

What's going on?
The planet is about to explode.

The internal pressure is suddenly increasing, it will be reduced to ashes.

What will the primitive men become?
We can't save them.

Please hurry up, the ground is getting unstable.

Damn planet!!!



Once, the people were split between progress partisans and nature ones.
They couldn't agree and then decided to split their planet in two around the equator.

You mean that the other side which contains the progressives still exists somewhere?
Yes, because thanks to their science, they have the ability to move freely through space...

Then, they managed to survive.
Like the nature partisans who regressed, the progressives are also in peril because they covered half of their planet with metal.

They split up more than 200 years ago, and now, we don't know where they are...

It would still be better to live all together in a good relationship rather quarrel to the extent of splitting up.
You're probably right...


It look like the planet exploded right on time to save Maetel...

But then...
... maybe there are some sort of force which is protecting her and which caused the destruction of "Separation"...

Who is Maetel to be protected like that...?
Just before the departure, I heard some strange voices coming from the bathroom and once, she even got stabbed by a spear and yet, she got through unharmed.

Oh well, I get on this train in order to go where android bodies are free.
And I don't even know if this planet really exists.

And until I get there, it doesn't matter who Maetel really is.
Because she's deeply kind... She's very important to me, I will always like her, even if she's a witch!!

What's on your mind?
Hmm... Nothing much, Maetel!!

"Once an event occurs, things can never be back to their original state." Once on board of the Galaxy Express, it is impossible to back out. The train is carrying Tetsurou on its rails ruled by the laws of space. But even it ignores the destination of its travel...

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