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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box 48

Beasts Begin to Move

+ posted by js06 as translation on Dec 8, 2010 03:07 | Go to Bloody Monday Season 2 - Pandora's Box

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For JAC only

Chapter 48


Top left: Volume 5 is on sale now!!
Text: Two extremely dangerous people have just come to Japan while it is in chaos...!!
Alpha: This is Alpha.
Alpha: Beta and I just entered the country.
Phone: Understood.
Phone: You have a lot of missions here, but act as you see fit while keeping in mind that your final objective is "Pandora's Box".

Alpha: Will do.
Title: File 48 Beasts Begin to Move
Credit: Ryuumon Ryou x Megumi Kouji


Beta: Alpha...

Alpha: "Dupe" has come out.

Phone: Okay.
Phone: Start with Mission Number 1.

Alpha and Beta: ...Roger.


Beta: Kyah!!
SFX: Thunk

SFX: Slide

Dupe: Oh!
Dupe: Be careful!!
Beta: Sorry!!

SFX: Smile
Beta: Sayonara.

SFX: Step step
SFX: Smile smile


Dupe: Japanese girls sure are cute. I wish they'd export them instead of their cars.
SFX: Sit
Man: She was speaking Japanese, but I don't think she was Japanese.
Man: She looks more like she's from our continent...

Dupe: By the way, what was it she said after "sorry"?
SFX: Rrrrr...
Man: Sayonara...It means goodbye, Mr. Dupe.

Dupe: Goodbye?


SFX: Boom


Alpha: Mission Number 1 is complete.
Alpha: We "made it nice and flashy" as instructed.

Phone: Good work.
Phone: Zeta is already on the way to Karuizawa.
SFX: Roooar
Phone: You two hurry up. You should be able to get there in just 3 hours from there.

Alpha: We're on our way.


Hibiki: Kyaah! What a lovely room!!
Fujimaru: That's "Third-i" for you! Staying in a room this nice on government money even though I don't pay taxes makes me feel like I'm getting a great deal. Ha ha ha.

Minami: C'mon, this is no time for this. The summit meeting is tomorrow.
Minami: Prime Minister Kujou is already here.
Minami: And who knows what will happen once President Adams gets here.

Fujimaru: I know, I know, Minami-san.


Hibiki: I wonder where the fridge is.

Hibiki: Do you think we get towels and yukatas?
SFX: Clatter

Minami: She's pretending to frolic around...
Minami: and is actually looking for bugs?

Hibiki: ...Okay! There are no bugs or hidden cameras!
Fujimaru: No response here either!
Minami: ...I can't believe it!
Minami: You thought someone could have set the place up?

Hibiki: Well, there's that. And...

Hibiki: I don't want anyone to film us having sex.
Fujimaru: H-hey, now!!


SFX: Rrrrr

Adams: Mr. Ryan, it's only been a short time, but I just don't feel completely safe without Dupe, the "Spare Key".
Ryan: No need to worry. The level of security for your trip here is unprecedented.
Ryan: And the US forces in Japan are also defending you.

Ryan: According to the report from the Japanese secret military agency "Third-i", there are some remnants of the terrorists left, but they won't be able to do a thing.
SFX: Rinnng
SFX: Rinnng

Ryan: This is Ryan.
Ryan: ...What!?
Adams: What is it?


Ryan: ...Dupe was...Special Aide Smith was...
Adams: Did something happen to Will?

SFX: Boom
Ryan: He was killed in an explosion.

Adams: ...What?

SFX: Rrrr
Ryan: We've arrived at the Queen Hotel, Mr. President.

Adams: Ryan.
Ryan: Sir?


Adams: Smiles.

Adams: ...Y-yes, sir.

SFX: Cheer


Adams: Konichiwa, everyone.
SFX: Smile
Adams: Watashi wa Adams desu!
SFX: Cheer

Kujou: Welcome! President Adams!

SFX: Flash flash


Hibiki: That president can make quite the performance.
Fujimaru: That's what politicians do.

SFX: Vvvv

SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Vvvv
SFX: Click
Fujimaru: Otoya!?

Otoya: Fujimaru? Where are you?
Fujimaru: Karuizawa! I was just looking down on the Prime Minister and the President.
Fujimaru: Where're you?


Otoya: Tokyo Station.
Otoya: I'm headed to Karuizawa. I have to make it there in time for the welcoming ceremony.
Otoya: My grandfather "ordered" me to.
Fujimaru: I see...

Otoya: I'm sorry that he...
Otoya: didn't go to Ryuunosuke-san's funeral.

Fujimaru: He had no choice.
Fujimaru: This is an important time.
Fujimaru: Both for your grandfather and for the country.


Fujimaru: What about Haruka!? How's she doing?
Otoya: She seems to be doing fine.
Otoya: Her body didn't reject the organ...
Otoya: and she was looking healthy this morning.

Fujimaru: ...? What is it?
Otoya: Nothing...

Otoya: It's just that she's worried about you.
Fujimaru: Eh?

Otoya: About you...
Otoya: and your "girlfriend", Mizusawa Hibiki.

Fujimaru: Oh, that...
Fujimaru: Well, a lot's happened...


Otoya: She said that Mizusawa Hibiki...
Otoya: seemed to be "acting".

Fujimaru: She's a sharp one.

Otoya: I heard from Kirishima-san...
Otoya: that you asked "Third-i" to get Mizusawa Hibiki Japanese citizenship.
Fujimaru: Yeah, she's with me right now.

Otoya: I won't say anything about...
SFX: Rinnng
Otoya: something that already happened.

Fujimaru: Thanks, Otoya.
Otoya: But.


SFX: iinnng
Otoya: Do you remember what you said before?
Otoya: You said you wouldn't do anything else that would worry Haruka-chan.
Otoya: You're just a family of two now.

Otoya: ...Please be careful.
Fujimaru: You don't need to worry.

Fujimaru: Bye, Otoya...
SFX: Click

Hibiki: Fujimaru...?


SFX: Grab

Fujimaru: I just want this to all be over.
Fujimaru: I want it to be over and for everyone to be okay.

SFX: Hold
Hibiki: It'll be fine, Fujimaru!


Nik: The President just arrived at the hotel.

Man: Yes, sir.
Man: We will break into and take control of the hotel when the welcome party begins tonight.

Nik: Good.
Nik: I'll send you the locations of the Japanese and American special forces thought to be hidden around the forest once I have them.
Man: What should we do about them?


Nik: Annihilate them.
Nik: And "make it nice and flashy".

Man: Yes, sir...!!
Text: Fierce warriors from across the world are gathered here! This isn't going to end without casualties!!

Bottom: To be continued in Issue 50

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#1. by Mr. Death ()
Posted on Dec 8, 2010
Thanks JS06...
#2. by Arhazivory ()
Posted on Dec 10, 2010
Thanks Hot-Stuff. We're working to catch up by next weekend. We may not always comment but we're extremely grateful. <3
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