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Needless 112

City Arc (23)

+ posted by js06 as translation on Apr 19, 2013 00:10 | Go to Needless

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Text: An "angel" has descended from another world!!
SFX: Whoosh
Credit: Imai Kami
Title: #112 City Arc (23)

SFX: Shine

Disk: That's...

Cruz: the angel!!!

Eve: An ultra vibration...
Blade: is coming!!


SFX: Burst

SFX: Crash
Gido: Gheh!
Saten: Gfh!

SFX: Spark

SFX: Burst
Disk: Kyaahhh!

SFX: Crash
Cruz: D-Disk-san!!
Cruz: What's wrong!!

Disk: My brain is being hacked!!
Disk: What is this!?


SFX: Crack

SFX: Open

Cruz: It's gathering information using Disk-san!!
Eve: What!?

Angel: War. War.
Angel: Ning. Ning.
Angel: Warning.

Angel: If...attack...
Angel: destroy...
Angel: future!!

Gido: It can't be!!
Gido: It is interfering on its own?

Saten: But we had to remove this seal eventually!
Saten: If we devour it, we will become gods!!
Saten: The same way ancient life forms evolved by taking in mitochondria!!


SFX: Stomp
Blade: Hah hah!

Blade: Blast them!!
Blade: Spot!!!
SFX: Charge up

Saten: What!?

SFX: Blast


Saten: Gwaahhh!
SFX: Impacts

Saten: What is going on!?
SFX: Drip drip

Gido: Gwooohhh!
SFX: Impacts

Gido: I cannot negate it.
SFX: Drip drip
Gido: So this is an angel!!


Eve: Waaaahhhh!!
SFX: Whoosh

SFX: Blast blast blast blast

Gido: Oh...Oh...
SFX: Tremble tremble
SFX: Rumble rumble

Gido: How can its power be...
Gido: so much greater!?

Saten: Gwohh...
SFX: Rumble rumble

Saten: I was to be a god...

Saten: I was to be almighty....
Saten: This was my chance...
Saten: So why?


Blade: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Saten: Why!?
Saten: Why can he control the angel!?
Blade: What's wrong, small fries!!?

Gido: Why is it only us!?

Blade: Lookin' good there!!
Blade: How's it feel!? Well!?

Saten: Is he controlling it with Black Attraction!?
Saten: No!! He never touched it!! He couldn't have sent in the ESP virus!!
Saten: Is this an illusion using Fragrance's Lilith Temptation?
Saten: No, this pain and this scent of blood are both real!!
SFX: Blast blast blast


Saten: Then how!?
Saten: What did he do!?
Saten: Why is the angel on his side!?
SFX: Blast blast blast blast blast

Blade: Hah hahhhh!!
Blade: It's true you were stronger than me just a moment before!! I'll admit that!!
SFX: Blast blast blast
Blade: After all, both Arclight and I either had our heart or a portion of our brain taken in your cowardly plan!!


Blade: But!! There is one thing I have that you don't!!
Blade: And I'm making full use of it!

SFX: Boom

Saten: No!!

Saten: It isn't that the angel isn't attacking him!!
Saten: Look at his back!! It is attacking him!!
SFX: Blast
Saten: But the attacks aren't working at all!!

Gido: Impossible!! He could never defend against the angel's attacks if we can't-

SFX: Realization


Gido: You don't mean...
Gido: The final Stigmata!?

SFX: Rip

Saten: What is that shape!?

Blade: Nhhhhh!

SFX: Throb


Blade: Shield of Aegis!!!

SFX: Crash crash crash


Gido: That power is negating the angel's attacks!!
Gido: It's his left hand!!

Saten: I see!! That's why it looked like only we were being attacked.
SFX: Burst

SFX: Crash


SFX: Flame

Teruyama: Yamada!!
Teruyama: Your hand!!

Teruyama: That's badass!!
Teruyama: You're blocking the angel's attacks!!
Cruz: Th-this Stigmata...

Cruz: So was the Stigmata burned onto Mengroze's hand my own!?
Cruz: Is that what my sister was saying!?

Disk: Agnishwattas melts any approaching enemy and refers to the breath of a flame god.
Disk: Shield of Aegis defends against any attack and refers to a goddess's shield.
Disk: They truly are the right hand of god and the left hand of god!!


SFX: Clench

SFX: Wham
Gido: Gh!

SFX: Crash
Gido: Kh

Blade: What's wrong!? That all you got?
Blade: Your regeneration isn't keeping up!


Saten: Impossible!!
SFX: Tremble tremble
Saten: Simply acquiring Shield of Aegis should not be enough to overwhelm us!!

Blade: Hah!!
Blade: The situation has already been reversed!!
Blade: Didn't you know? A fist that has learned fear...

Blade: cannot defeat its enemy!!!
SFX: Wham


SFX: Crash

Saten: Fear?
SFX: Crumble crumble

Saten: I...
Saten: I am feeling fear!?
SFX: Tremble tremble

Gido: I-I can learn Shield of Aegis now!!
SFX: Charge
Gido: That will put us on equal ground!

Blade: Too bad!
SFX: Grab

Blade: Even after sleeping next to him with my forehead against his, I only just now learned it.
Blade: If you think you can do it in just a few minutes...


Blade: then prove it!!
SFX: Crash

Gido: Gyahhh!!

Mio: Y-yay!!
Cruz: Father's keeping up his winning pace!!

Saten: H-how can this be?
Saten: We were so close to him and yet neither of us noticed it.

SFX: Turn


Angel: Warning.
Angel: If you show any sign of attack, you will be instantly annihilated.
Angel: We have three demands.
Angel: First, immediately return the two advance troops!! And...

SFX: Boom
Angel: Bh.

SFX: Rumble rumble rumble

Teruyama: N-now he's done it!!
Text: Kyahh!

Blade: Hey, Spot.
Blade: Who gave you permission to speak?


SFX: Stand
Blade: Come to think of it...

Blade: eating you...
Blade: makes me a god, right!?

Angel: Vaaahhh!
SFX: Blast

Blade: Hah hahhh!

SFX: Boom


SFX: Boom

Mio: Kyahhh!
SFX: Crash crash

Angel: How can you...
Angel: negate and...
Angel: reflect it!?


Blade: Oraaaaaaaaaaa!!
SFX: Wham

Angel: Vooooo!!!

Blade: It's time to eeeeeeaaaaaaattttttttt!!



Teruyama: He ate iiiiitttt!!
Cruz: H-he really did iiiittt!!

Blade: Delicious!!
SFX: Gnaw gnaw gnaw

Eve: The most primitive ability of the Adam Series...
Eve: is to absorb the abilities of life forms it takes in!!
Eve: Can he really absorb an angel!?

Disk: If our powers truly do come from these angels...
Disk: it should be possible!!

Saten: St-
Saten: Stoooooppppp!!!



Top right text: Blade has awakened!!
Left text: That is the almighty!!!

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