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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Tales of Graces f 3

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 10, 2011 17:13 | Go to Tales of Graces f

-> RTS Page for Tales of Graces f 3

Now, I'm going to translate the new manga, while waiting for Rena to finish proofreading some scripts of CB. :3

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group.

Tales of Graces f
Chapter 3 "The Capital of Dream"

Pg. 1
Asbel - Aah-ah.
Grounded inside my own room, huh...?

[I'll protect you, Richard!]

** Everyone's out to the capital, while Asbel is... **

[The first time used against a person...]

[and the first time used to protect someone.]

Pg. 2
[I'll leave this with you.]

Richard - [See you again, Asbel.]
Asbel - The Capital of Balonia...huh?
I want to go there too...

[Since if I go to Balonia...]
I might find someone who knows Sophie...

Sophie - You called?

Asbel - Wah!?

Pg. 3
** Lhant's specialty "Protector Earl of the Wind"! Oh, wonderful breeze, wonderful scenery? **

Pg. 4

Sophie - What's the capital, Asbel?
Is that where Richard went back to?

Asbel - [She can hear me?]
The capital is the biggest city in Windol,

[and the city where the knight academy is.]
[It's a place of dream for a knight wannabe like me.]
That city is very populated, so there might be someone who knows you there.

You want to go to the capital too, no?
Sophie - ...Yeah.

Asbel - Alright! That's set then!
One sec. I'll use this to open the door right now...!

Pg. 5
it doesn't work?

Sophie - ...Asbel,
stay away from the door.

Asbel - Eh?

Sophie - Hah.
Asbel - Wah!?

Sophie - ...It opened now.
Asbel - That's called "broken"!

...Either way, let's hurry to the capital
before someone comes around!
Sophie - OK.

Pg. 6
Asbel - Looks like no one is here...
Alright, this is our chance!

Sophie - Is that your father?
Asbel - Eh!?

Oh, you mean the portrait?
[Don't scare me, Sophie.]

My dad hired an artist to draw that for us.
It's our family's portrait.

Sophie - Family...?
Asbel - I bet you have one too.

Ah, no good!
Let's hurry, Sophie.

Pg. 7
Asbel - Hehe, safely got out of Lhant!

Now, we just need to go down the West Lhant Road,
go to the port and cross over the sea.

Asbel - Are you tired, Sophie?
Sophie - I'm fine.

Asbel - OK...

[Come to think of it, back when we fought with Bias]
[and with that door as well...]

Sophie...you seem gentle, but
you're pretty strong, huh?

Sophie - ...Strong?


Pg. 8
I'll protect Asbel.

Asbel - ...Eh?
[Sophie? Protect...me?

[I have to take care of Sophie.]
No, no, no,
that's wrong!

I'll protect you!
You don't need to worry, Sophie!

Sophie - I...
want to protect Asbel.

Pg. 9
Asbel - ...Alright, fine. If that's so,

we'll race to that small cottage.
Whoever wins will be the protecting one.

Sophie - Alright.
Asbel - I'll never lose in a race!

Asbel - Ready, set,

Pg. 10
Asbel - [She's fast!]

Sophie - ...I won.

protect Asbel.

Asbel - Hey, wait.

[And I already decided that I'll take care of Sophie myself...]

Pg. 11
[I was supposed to be the one protecting her.]

This is the port connecting to the capital.

We'll take the ship to Balonia from here.
[That's for our child tickets.]

Is this your first time on a ship?

Sophie - I don't know either.
...But I think yes.

Asbel - Oh.
We can see it now!

Pg. 12
[The Origin of the Winds, Balonia]

This is awesome.
So many wonderful building. I see people everywhere.

[It's nothing like Lhant.]
[The capital is so awesome.]

Any bell rang, Sophie?

Cheria - Asbel?
Asbel - Cheria?

Why're you here...?
Cheria - I came to have a check-up with the doctor in the capital.

You really came after all then...

Pg. 14
Asbel - I want to search for Sophie's identity,
and I'm interested in the knight academy.

I got to visit Richard!

Cheria - It's the prince we're talking about though?
He's not someone you can pay a visit so easily...
Asbel - I can

with this.
Cheria - What's that?
...A ring?

Asbel - It's the proof of friendship between me and Richard.
Cheria - Oh?
This stone's the Cryas, right?

Asbel - Alright, let's first go to the palace!

Pg. 15
Hey, mister!
Knight - What's it, kid?

Asbel - Here.
Knight - That's His Highness Prince's...!

You must be Asbel-kun then?
The prince already told me about you.

Cheria - Whoa...
He heeds to us.

Can I meet with R-...
the prince right now?
Asbel - There's that thing with his dad too...
Though if it's not possible, then nevermind it.

Pg. 16-17
Knight - ...I'll go ask the prince for you.
This place is too opened, so...

let's see, how about the main square where the Valkynes Cryas is? Since that place is visible.

You should pay a visit there if you haven't yet.
It's a gigantic Cryas everyone should admire.

Asbel - Wow...!
[So this is the Valkynes Cryas.]

It's this big? Wow!

Cheria - It's nothing like the Cryas
we always see...

Asbel - It's the Wind Arles coming from this Valkynes Cryas that turns the windmills at Lhant.

Sophie - Cryas...
Asbel - Ummm, if I recall, the name's...

Pg. 18
Richard - "Gróandi"
which means "The Grower".
Asbel - Richard!

Richard - Did I keep you waiting, Asbel?

Sophie and Cheria came too?
Asbel - Is it alright for you to come out alone?

Cheria - He does bring the security guard with him though.

Asbel - I see.

Pg. 19
Richard - The Arles which is used for technologies of all kinds,
and Cryas, the container of Arles, is an essential compartment of this world.

This Valkynes Cryas gives us that Arles, and become both the symbol of our kingdom and the cornerstone of our prosperity.
We have to treasure it.

But you really pleased me.
I never thought we'll be able to meet again this soon.

Asbel - How's your dad doing?
Richard - Yes...
there's no need to worry for now.

Asbel - Really!?
That's great, Richard.

I'm planning to walk around the capital right now.
Come with us!

Pg. 20
And you can show us around...Is that alright with you?
Richard - Asbel...

Cheria - But what if something happen...?
What'll we do? [He's the prince after all...]
Asbel - Everything'll be fine! We even got the guards with us...

Also, if something did happen,
I'll just protect Richard again!

[So come with us!]
Richard - Asbel...

Cheria - [Will this really be OK...]

Asbel - Wow,
so many stuff for sell.

Pg. 22
Wow, this is so cool.

Richard - How about I buy one for you as a present?
Asbel - Eh? You will, Richard?

Shopkeeper - Hm? [Richard...?]
Asbel - [Oops.]

[Crap! I slipped out his name...]
Cheria - [Gosh, just right after you said it...]
Asbel - Oh...

Tiger Festival!

Let's go that way!
Tiger Festival!

Pg. 22
Shopkeeper - What a strange name...

Cheria - Geez,
you have to be more careful, Asbel!
Asbel - Sorry, I slipped.

Richard - Tiger Festival...
Asbel - Richard?

Cheria - [Waah.]
Please forgive us for our disrespectfulness,
Your Highness...!

Richard - That's good. I like it.

Pg. 23

From now on, I, Tiger Festival, will be your big brother.

Cheria - A-...Alright...
Asbel - Bros!
Sophie - [Bros Tiger Festival...]

Cheria - [...Is this]
[really OK...?]

Richard - This is the knight academy.

Asbel - This is...?
[My dreamed place...!]

Pg. 25
It's huge!

Cheria - You're too loud, Asbel.
Student - [C'mon, Victoria.]


Richard - Oh no...
he knows who I am...

Let's get going right now.
Asbel - Eh?

Pg. 25
Cheria - [Don't just look around.]

Richard - ...Thanks...

Asbel - How're you doing now, Cheria?
You seems pretty OK today.

Cheria - Since I really enjoy being with you all.
I wish it'll stay like this forever...

Sophie - You seem happy, Cheria.
Cheria - Oh? Yes,
are you enjoying this too?

Asbel - [We laugh together when we're happy.]

Sophie - Happy and enjoyed being together.

Pg. 26
[Like this forever...]

Asbel - [That's "Tactics Bar"]
Cheria - [You can't drink till you're 20 though!]

Richard - [And this is the church.]
Cat - Meow.

Richard - I'll show you to my special place as my thank for what you did for me at Lhant.


Pg. 27
Asbel - Wow...

Cheria - This is awesome...
We can see so far out...
Richard - How's it?
This scenary is just as beautiful as Lhant's, right?

I really like the view here.

We can only see beautiful things from here,
without having to look at anything ugly.

Pg. 28
Asbel - Richard?
Richard - ...This is our secret, but...

my father's sickness seems to be due to poison.
Asbel - [Poison!?]

Who was it that...
Richard - People who'll benefit from my dad's death did this...

I assumed.

And one day, they'll
also poison me, the crowned prince...

Asbel - They're planning to kill you!?

Pg. 29
Bias - Your Highness...
Prepare yourself!
Asbel - [Richard's being targeted...]
[Even the palace isn't safe for him...?]

That's unforgivable!

Sophie - Unforgivable...?
Cheria - Asbel...

Sophie - Are you alright, Richard?
Richard - I'm already on my guard.
Thanks for your concern.

...That's why I always have doubt in my mind,
of why can't people stop waging war against one another.

Pg. 30-31
And if my dad didn't become the king,
would he not need to be sick like this...
Asbel - Richard...

Richard - I want to create the world without war,
but that's nothing but a mere ideal.

Can I...really make it?

Asbel - Of course you can!

If you become the king,
I'm sure you can create that peaceful kingdom!

We'll help you out too.
Talk to us whatever you want!

Sophie - Friends...
always help each other.

Richard - ...Thanks, all of you,

Pg. 32
We better get back now.

Cheria - Oh?

Sir Aston and Hubert?
Asbel - Crap, it's dad!

Oswell - With that said, Lord Lhant.

Pg. 33
Please excuse me as I have to return to the ship and get the preparation.
Aston - Yes!

Please take care of the rest, Lord Oswell.

Now then, Hubert-kun,
I'll be waiting.

Hubert - ...Yes sir.

Asbel - Crap! Have to hide...


Pg. 34
Aston - Asbel...Prince Richard?

Hubert - Asbel!?
Why're you here...

Aston - [You're grounded for now!]

Asbel - Oh...Oh shit...!
** Yet another lecture to come!? **

To be continued in Vol. 5. On shelf on June 28 (Tue)!

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