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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

To-LOVE-Ru 148

Silent Island

+ posted by Kaibayugi2002 as translation on May 16, 2009 13:44 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 148

Translation Check BY serizawa

Proofread by Amzy

page 1
top left->Love's 3rd year anniversary! A breakthough commemorative color page!->heart

right->A burning summer of
left-> pursuing your hotness.

page 2
panel 4

outside panel
If you’re talking about summer,/then you’re talking about resorts!!

page 3
panel 1
Welcome, everybody,

panel 2
to the Tenjouin family’s villa!!

panel 3

page 4
panel 1
You are Saki-sama's friends, right?/Pleased to meet you.

panel 2
Who are you?

panel 3
I'm Arashiyama, the butler who manages this mansion./I have prepared lots of seafood for you, so please make yourselves at home.

panel 4
Ah...thanks. Please take care of us./Nice to meet you!!

panel 5
I'm a little nervous because this is an invitation from Tenjouin-senpai, but I'm glad he seems like a nice person.../

page 5
panel 1
Saki! Thanks for inviting us!

panel 2
It's because you guys helped me when I ran away from home./ The Tenjouin family never forgets a favor.

panel 3
But with this, we are even, right?/Yep.

panel 4
Now then, Arashiyama! Show everyone to their rooms./Yes, Saki-sama.

page 6
panel 1
This would’ve been better if Risa, Mio and Oshizu-chan also came./It’s unfortunate that this came up all of a sudden.

panel 3

panel 4
It’s been a while./Ehehee. You too, Senpai.

page 7
panel 1
Anyway, Senpai! Is it really okay to let Lala enjoy herself like this?/Eh?

panel 2
This is your chance, isn't it?/To create a plan and embarrass Lala in front of everybody.

panel 3
And then if Senpai reaches out to the fallen Lala in a gentle way.../Saki...You really are the true Queen./Saki-sama is the best!!

panel 4
That...would be great....../Wouldn't it?/Saki-sama...

page 8
panel 1
Wow,/ what a great view!->16th notes

panel 2
You seem happy, Mikan./Of course, I am.->16th notes

panel 3
Aren't you excited to be staying with such a big crowd of people?/Is that something to be happy about...?/

page 9
panel 1
Hey, Yami-san. There’s still time before supper, so how about we go look at the giant bath?/The bath...Okay...

panel 2
Alright, then! Let's go!

page 10
panel 3
Fuu.../I just knew big baths would feel great.

panel 4
That's the truth.->16th notes/.........

page 11
panel 1
Kotegawa.../You have really big breasts...

panel 2

panel 3
How can I get mine to be that way?/You...You're asking me how, Nana-chan?!

panel 4
I want to know, too.../You too, Sairenji-san!?

page 12
panel 1
Now that you mention it, Yui, your breasts have gotten bigger since the first time we met./Ahh! Ho...Hold on, Lala-san!!

panel 2
That childish Nana…

panel 3
Is there something that makes you worry about your chest?

page 13
panel 1
It's very annoying when you say that!!/Uhn? I was just trying to back you up.

panel 2
Hey, hey! Stop the fighting, you two./Enough with the breast talk.

panel 3
Th...That’s a discussion I don't want to get into.../If I use my Trans...Then I could...

page 14
panel 2
Run! Do you have a good plan to embarrass Lala with?/Fufu...I bought a good item through the Galaxy Mail just for that.

panel 3
Tada!! The shocking Bubble WOW Soup Item!!/Just a little bit will cause a lot of bubbles to form and it will cause great excitement to the person who use it !!

panel 4

panel 5

page 15
panel 1
Kyaa!/What's with this kid?!

panel 3


panel 5
It's in my eyes!/Save me,/Sa...Saki-sama...

page 16
panel 2
It's starting to look bad outside.

panel 3
Rito.../It seem the girls have already gone to the giant baths...

panel 4
Eh?/Yeah...So we'll have to go after dinner.../That not what I meant!!

panel 5
Let's go spy on them!!!/Haaa!?

page 17
panel 1
Saruyama Genichi locks onto the target and goes in for the kill!!/Hey, hey, Saruyama! Wait a sec!

panel 2
That wrong, right? So let’s.../I know that.../I may be on the path to hell.

panel 3
But Rito, men are animals that chase/ and the name of our El Dorado is Breasts......!!

panel 4
If I go to hell for that, then fine by me!! Let's go, Rito!!/ Why me!?

page 18
panel 1
Where are you going?

panel 2

panel 3
No, it’s not what you think! Rito was just saying something about breasts being the dreams of men.../WHAT!?

panel 4
Hey! Don't just make thing up, Saruyama!!

page 19
panel 1
Dream, huh? Yuuki-kun.../I...I didn't say that!!

panel 2

page 20
panel 1
Wh...What was that sound.../Gunfire...?

panel 2
Rito! What was that just now!?/Lala!

panel 3
It sounded like it came from the hall.../Let’s go take a look!

panel 6

page 21
panel 2

panel 3

outside panel
What labyrinth of troubles.../has started to develop...!?

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juUnior, eyesotope

Approved by serizawa

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#1. by serizawa (ならぬことはならぬ)
Posted on Jun 1, 2009
Hi Kaibayugi2002,

I have given a look at your translation. Overall, it's pretty good! :)

However, I suggest you to have a proofreader check your text. There are not a few typos and a good proofreader will help you a lot to identify them and improve your text a lot! :)

As for accuracy and stuff, I think it's quite good, but I have a few suggestions:

Page 13
panel 1
It makes my stomach stand up when you say that!!/
-> It's very annoying when you say that!!

Page 17
panel 1
Saruyama Genichi Will soar to the target!!/
-> Doesn't look much like English. Perhaps "Saruyama Genichi is going for the hunt now! Target lock on!!"

Page 18
panel 3
No It not what you think. Rito was just saying something about breast being the romance of men.../WHAT!?
-> "Rito was just saying something about breasts being the dreams of men", perhaps?

After revising your work, please PM me, so that I can approve it :)
#2. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2009
panel 3
So please make youselves at home.
So please make yourselves at home.

panel 4
ah...Thanks, Please take care of use./Nice to meet you!!
Oh...Thanks, please take care of us./ Nice to meet you too!!

im not a proofer neither am i good at gramar XD but i just wanted to help out a bit ^^

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