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81 Diver 353


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 17, 2018 02:00 | Go to 81 Diver

-> RTS Page for 81 Diver 353

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2 volumes to go.

[81diver 353 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 185:
Title: Chapter 353 Swallowed

Page 186-187:
Minta: What the hell...?
It's a three-way now?
Hapi: Even our lethal weapon...
Kiri: ...
Yuki: They say good deeds should be sone quickly,
Minta: Good deeds?
Lee: That's right.
This is a "good deed".
MInta: What part of any of this is a good deed?
Lee: What was the reason you got strong for?
Minta: To assassinate people.

Page 188-189:
Johns: For the strong to do battle is a "good deed".
Yuki: Quite good.
Minta: Wh-
What are you, monkeys?
Johns: Looks like we're all on the same wavelength here.
Yuki: I'd expect no less.
Johns: What do you say we get married?
Guys: Huh?

Page 190:
Morine: I've fallen in love with you.
Yuki: Someone confessed their love to me...
It's happened...
I've gotten popular. [Heart]
Kiri: She suddenly...
And now she's got a face like Dash Kappei.
T/N: Dash Kappei is an 80's manga.

Page 191:
Morine: Hoh.
Suzu: Hooh.
Guys: S...
6-6 Fu?
Soyo: I've never seen someone make that first move before.
Narr: To effectively combat an opponent in shogi,
one could say that starting with the 70% 7-6 Fu move,
so they can immediately make use of their kaku
is the most effective first move.

Page 192-193:
Narr: But
Tanio's move,
6-6 Fu,
Suga: Wh-
What's this mean?
Tani: Mean?
Suga: ...
Mom: He's serious.
Soyo: Serious?
Mom: In shogi, two identical boards
differing only by an exchange of the edge fus,
causes the
gears to turn
resulting in a completely different board.
Tani: With this 6-6 Fu,
this game of shogi...

Page 194-195:
Tani: becomes brand new.
Suga: ......
Tani: A fresh...
Suga: I can't believe I'm stopping...
on the second move...
SFX: SU...
Okay, first, how is he going to defend against that?
6-8 Hi, huh...?
Is it already be too late to use the Hachi One System...?
I can't believe I need to figure things out right from the opening.
Suga: Dive...
After just three moves, it's already a game unlike any I've seen before.

Page 196:
Suga: For this game...
I'll throw the Hachi One System
Tani: Yes,
is the saga of a shogi player.
A shogi player
is a creature that reproaches a dubious move with all its strength.
Even going so far as to throw away your favorite formation,
Suga: ......

Page 197:
Tani: I know your shogi.
Suga: You know a bug's shogi?
Tani: You can lose at shogi just because you accidentally made a doubled fu.
Even if my opponent is just a little kid that only just learend the rules, once we start playing, I crush them to a pulp.
You've been swallowed,
Suga: ?
Tani: bug.

Page 198-199:
Tani: You're inside my stomach.
Suga: ......
Suga: HAa
Suga: HAAH.
Suga: He converged to a standard 4th-File Hisha formation.
Suga: This is a board where experience is your best asset...
Not good.
That first move,
the 6-6 Fu...

Page 200:
Suga: was a poison apple.
After being hit by that 6-6 Fu's poison,
I can barely play.
and then he pushed out a standard 4th file hisha on his own.
Soyo: He's serious...
Mom: Men with broken hearts are scary...
So are women, in fact.
You may have been able to defeat Tanio...
So you're the reason why
that small-fry went up there.
Soyo: He's not a small fry!

Page 201:
Mom: Tanio has fallen... out of love with you, Soyo.
Soyo: No.
No way.
Tani: Everything...
along with you, bug,

Page 202:
Tani: will be crushed.
There is something I can gain from that as well.
Bottom: Hachi One Diver (33) (End)

Page 203:
Top: Newly-Drawn Extra Manga
Goodbye Ultimate Weapon
Narr: When Himiko
to Soyo,
she cried and wailed,
and just going where her legs took her,
left the Kishoukai Building.
Himi: I wanna die!
Narr: just
as that was
going through her mind,
she found something right before her eyes.

Page 204-205:
Himi: WHAT?
Girl: I am the ultimate Zanguard,
Zanguard Armageddon!
My big brother
is in this building!
And he's apparently in big trouble!
I modified my big brother's Zanguard
so I get a signal when it gets damaged.
Himi: U...

Page 206:

Page 207:
Are you okay?
Himi: ..........
Himi: What about you?
Girl: Yeah.
I'm kinda hungry, though.
Himi: Yeah...
Me, too.

Page 208:
Kids: Thanks for the food!!!!
Tasty, isn't it?
Box: And the two of them became good friends.

Page 209:
Top Box: Hachi One Diver
Shibata Yokusaru
Shogi Supervisor
Suzuki Daisuke 8-dan
Yokoi Shuuwa
Drawing Assistance
Inagaki Naohito
Johns Lee
Bottom Left: Volume Editor
Yonezawa Kazuyuki
Cover Design
Suenaga Kei
Heading: Naruzou-kun's Mating Shogi
LV4 (9-Move Mate)
Naruzou:☗ 2-2 Kin
☖4-1 Gyoku
☗4-2 Gin
☖Same Gyoku
☗2-4 Kaku Promote
☖Same Fu
☗3-3 Kaku
☖Same Gyoku
☗302 Kin Drop
and that makes a 8-move mate-naru!
Middle Text: Solution to the puzzle on page 76.
The diagram shows up to ☗3-2 Kin.
[Ok I'm out. 2 more.]

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