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Gintama 704

Nobody with a Natural Perm is a Decent Guy

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 21, 2019 08:03 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 704

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Welp, we made it.

[Gintama 704 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: Lesson 704
Nobody with a Natural Perm is a Decent Guy
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Zura: Gintokiii!!
Can you hear me?!!
Where are you right now?
Are you all right?!!
We've seized the ship.
And the remaining enemy is starting to flee. They've been completely devastated.
But the terminal is still out of control.
It's only a matter of time before the terminal collapses, taking this ship with it. We have to escape right now!

Page 2:
Saka: Zura, we can't just run!
If the Terminal blows, then the Altana is just going to go even further out of control!
I dunno if even the whole planet will be able ta hold!!
If we wanna survive, we have ta do somethin' about that!
Zura: But... is there even anything we can do?
Someone: There... is.
Zura: !
Someone: Would you mind...
leaving this... to me?
Zura: Who's that?
Shou: I'll use the enemy's weapons.
This mess is happening because they extracted too much Altana from the Terminal.

Page 3:
Shou: So if we hit that with equal energy from this side, the two forces should cancel each other out.
And as for this massive amount of Altana that's been sucked out of the Earth,
I'll destroy the weapons and make it flow back into the Terminal
by using the Altana inside me as a detonator.
But even if that stops the Altana from running out of control,
I doubt the Terminal will make it through in one piece.
Shouyou: Can I entrust getting everyone to safety to you,
the brightest prodigy of my school?
I do not want there to be... any more victims.
Shou: I know I can count on you.
I want all of you
to live.

Page 4:
Shou: ---As you heard,
you all must hurry out of here as well.
I will isolate this area in order to keep the damage to a minimum.
Shin: Shouyou-sensei, you...
Handwritten: GEHO HO GO
Shin: Sensei!!
Handwritten: GEHOH
Shou: ..........
Ironic, isn't it?
That I, someone with eternal life that they didn't even want, would end up pressed for time.
But in this little life I have left,
I have thanks to him.
And I know
what meaning that has.

Page 5:
Shou: I am a feckless man who could not even protect his disciples.
Shou: But that is why
all of you
must protect the future
that they spun.
Shou: Perhaps the thousand years of my life
was all for this moment?
It's the first time I've thought
that I'd like to keep living...
Shou: Please, let me have
even one second more...

Page 6:
Shin: One second isn't nearly enough.
Shou: !
Shin: Even if that's all you have on your own,
Kagu: if everyone joins their life spans together,
you should at least have enough to see the faces of your idiot disciples.
Shou: Y-You!
Shin: We're sorry, Shouyou-sensei.
But we just can't leave you like this.
If we did that,
we just wouldn't be the Yorozuya anymore.

Page 7:
Shin: We told you, didn't we?
Kagu: The Yorozuya does its job until we take our exorbitant reward money.
So if there's a future for us,
it's not one that someone gave to us.
Taking our future
with our own hands
is what the Yorozuya is.

Page 8:
Shou: You two...
Guys: ---Then we'll stick around, too.
Guy: Those religious folks were scrounging up Altana from all over the place
trying to find a way to make themselves immortal or whatever, right?
If we throw all that in,
not only will you be able to see their faces, you'll even be able to bop your idiot disciples on the head.
Shin: You guys!!
Han: Uh, how are we gonna throw it all at him? Ta be honest with you, even my cell phone is a pretty old model.
Zaki: Yeah, I just can't keep up with new technology anymore.
Han: This coming from the guy whose whole body is a machine?!
Nobume: If it's about cell phones, leave it to me.
Sa: Machines are like people. When they don't listen to you...

Page 9:
Sa: this is what you do!
Han: Uh, hey! You bunch of unruly girls!
If you're gonna be that rough, forget fixing blocked signals,
even Siri would snap and start showering us with abuse!!
Tsukuyo: It'll reach.
With all of these feelings united together,
even without any sorta cell phone, I'm sure they'll reach.

Page 10:
Guys: Wh-What is this?!
A large amount of Altana is flowing in here!!
Shin: Shouyou-sensei, if you're going to destroy it, now may be your only chance!
Kagu: Sadaharu, we protect Shouyou, yes?!
Shou: ..........!!
All of you...

Page 11:
Guys: Yo.
You sure took your time.
You took so long we were thinkin' 'a just leaving you here.
Gin: You guys...
Hiji: Getting citizens to safety is part of the police's job.
Kon: Seriously, with guys like you that never know when to give up around, it really makes our job tough.
Okita: We'd rather not all drop dead with you so I guess we're gonna have to all go home together.
Hiji: Now get the hell up.
Let's go.

Page 12:
Zura: ----Gintoki,
It's up ahead.
Most likely, that man
and the rest of the Yorozuya are up ahead from where you are.
So if there's anything you have left undone, you'd better hurry up with it.
----Got that?
Zura: Because the brightest prodigy of Shouka Sonjuku has been entrusted with getting everyone home safely.
Everyone's already taken shelter at this point
besides you no-good brats that is.
Gin: ..........
Zura, Takasugi is...
Zura: Sensei may not have known,
but back then, there was another no-good brat
who would cover up for for you two and wipe your asses for you
whenever you made mischief.
Isn't that right, Gintoki?
His... Both of your final work of mischief...
Until your asses have been wiped,
I cannot move from this spot.

Page 13:
Gin: Zura.
Zura: So whether we live or die, we'll do it together.
So whatever it takes, we've got to get you home alive, Gintoki.
Saka: Relax.
Even if I gotta go
all the way ta the depths of hell, I'll make sure ta rescue you guys.
go ahead, go hog wild.
Enough for his part, too.

Page 14:
Shou: -----Gintoki,

Page 15:
Shou: These ones here
are like you are to me.

Page 16:
[No text]

Page 17:
Shou: On that day
when that immortal demon
met you,
met all of you,
he became human, Yoshida Shouyou.

Page 18:
Shou: On that day
the little demon with the sad eyes
met a whole bunch of people

Page 19:
Shou: and became human,
Sakata Gintoki, didn't he?

Page 20:

Page 21:
[No text]

Page 22:
Gin: Shouyou,
I always wanted...
to show you.
A whole lot happened to me
since then...

Page 23:
Gin: I've been running a Yorozuya
with these guys.
Shou: ...Yes.
I see that clearly.

Page 24:
Shou: Yorozuya
Sakata Gintoki,
you've become...
such a great person, haven't you...?

Page 25:
[No text]

Page 26:
Computer: Data transfer complete.
Good morning.
Fuyou No.0.

Page 27:
Tama: Where am I?
Girl: Gengai-sama's machine storage vault.
You suffered damage in the war, resulting in a long time asleep.
I have been accumulating data in your place during that time. I am a replica of you, Tamako.
Tama: My apologies... My circuits are still in a state of confusion...
How long
have I been asleep?
This is
Tama: No, it is now called Tokyo.
After overcoming the war, Edo made major expansions and was reborn.

Page 28:
Tama: If it were not for everyone's strenuous efforts, Tokyo would not exist as it does today.
I see... So the world regained its peace, did it?
...Though it seems that
the world which I know is not here.
Just what happened to everyone since then...?
You already have the answer.
Someone: -----san
Tama: !
Someone: When did you awaken from this sleep?
and obtain that data?
Tama: Is that Shinpachi's voice? From the old Edo?
Shin: Even now, I do not know
what we fought against, what we won against,
or what we lost to, but...

Page 29:
Shin: we came home.
To Edo.
Do our daily lives.
after I saw that somewhat-lonely smile on Gin-san's face,
I finally felt it.
The scale of what we'd taken back
and the scale of what we'd lost.
I guess he's
not home.

Page 30:
Where the hell are you sleeping, Gin-saaaaan?!!
Eww! I stepped in vomit!!
I was just thinking I hadn't seen you in a while and you were out drinking, weren't you?!
Gin: Sheddehp. This's my house. I decide when I come home 'n where I throw ubruhbruhbruhbruh
Shin: HEYYYY!! Don't get this place any dirtiurbrubrubru
Gin: What're you doin' bein' all high-and-mighty sitting in my seat of honor anyhow?
Shin: What're you talking about? I've been propping up the Yorozuya as its leader while everybody was away.
Handwritten: I couldn't hold it in.
Shin: You said yourself that you were going to redo everything from a bottom-rung employee, didn't you?
Gin: I did not! I said you should redo those dumbass glasses frames!
Shin: No you did not! Why don't you go redo everything starting from your father's ball sack!
Gin: Why don't you go redo everything starting from your father's glasses case?!
Shin: You're making me out to be just some dad's glasses at this point!! And anyhow, if you're gonna sleep, don't do it in the office, do it on a futon, please.

Page 31:
Kagu: Do not intrude in a lady's roooom!!
Kagu: How many times do I have to say it before you understand?! This is not Gin-chan's room anymore, yes?!
This is the room of the vice president of the company, the one who came back here second!
Shin: Uh, well the vice president just kicked the president's lights out.
Kagu: Yes well a company president is really nothing but a decoration like a tiny mustache, yes?
Most of the real power is held by the Gouriki-san. In every world it is the physically strong ones who rule.
Someone: Uh, Gouriki-san isn't actually physically strong. And isn't a company vice president.
T/N: "Gouriki" can mean a strong person but Gouriki-san is a nickname for actress Gouriki Ayame.
Kagu: We can shove a good-for-nothing like that into a closet.
Shin: Um, miss super-strong, it looks like the closet was occupied, too.
Gin: Enough already you guys! Where the hell am I supposed to go?!
At this rate I'm gonna have to start marking this whole place! RRRRR!
Someone: I'll kill you, bottom-rung!!
Shin: ---But the reason we're able to keep going like nothing's changed at all
Shin: is because us three humans and one dog are here together.

Page 32:
Otose: Sheesh.
After two years I thought you might've earned a lot of rent money,
but from what I'm seeing now, it looks like you spent those two years doing nothing but picking your nose.
Gin: Any inquires about rent should be directed to our new company president.
Shin: Please don't just push stuff onto me when it's inconvenient for you.
Kagu: Okay, let's leave it to leader! I will take the right nostril, Gin-chan will take the left nostril, and we will leave the rest to Shinpach.
Gin: The only thing you guys are digging up is snot!
Otose: Honestly, I had just been thinking that Shinpachi and Kagura had grown up so much,
but with you back, everything looks just like it did before.
Cath: I guess it's true what they say, one rotten apple spoils the barrel.
Gin: I'm a fan of the sugary type that comes in cans rather than in barrels.
Gengai: I see. If they're in a can, then even if they rot, it's pretty hard fer it ta spread anywhere.
Gin: Could you not start with the assumption that I'm rotten?
Kagu: Everybody makes fun of each other, but I didn't ask why.
Umi: You don't need to ask stuff like that!

Page 33:
Umi: Okay, then let me ask you something.
Why do you think I crossed the universe to see you?
Kagu: Because you are going bald.
Umi: No, nothing to do with going bald!
Kagu: Are you perhaps going bald down there? ["down there" in italics]
Umi: I said it's not about baldness!
There's no reason.
You don't need a reason to see your family's face.
It's just like that. You don't need a reason to stick around here on Earth
and work at the Yorozuya again, right?
So, for no reason,
that trouble-causing idiot older brother of yours might come back, too.
Shin: When Umibouzu-san said that, the view of his back seemed just a bit lonely
and it also seemed to be balding.
Otose: ---Well, whatever the case,
as long as you pay me the rent, I've got no issues.
The world seems to be in a new era or whatever.
But there doesn't seem to be any talk of it being more prosperous, is there?
Guy: As you can see behind me,
the reconstruction of the Terminal has progressed quite a bit.
No matter how many hardships come our way, as long as we have the spirit to never give up,
we'll be able to rise from the ashes again and again.

Page 34:
Soyo: So I truly hope that all of you will come alongside me...
Someone: Soyo-sama, my apologies, but we would very much like to ask
about the assassination of former Prime Minister Donald Zurump.
There are rumors floating among the populace that it was orchestrated by you
in order to remove Mr. Zurump and gain his position.
Nobu: If you think that the princess is the type of person who assassinates those that hinder her agenda,
then I hope you're prepared to disappear hear and now.
Guys: HEEEEEEEH! M-Murderer!!
Handwritten: Yyyup.
Reporter: I knew those rumors were true!
Shin: It was those two that restored Edo after it had been met with chaos and disorder again.
Handwritten: Grrrr
Shin: After Princess Soyo took over Zurump (Katsura)-san's job, she restored Edo through some brilliant political finessing.
And Nobume-san could always be seen by her side.
Actually, not only her,
I'm sure those two were also always by her side, too...

Page 35:
Shin: And one other person that nobody could ever forget...
Handwritten: HU HA HA HA
Zura: Fools!
The one known as Zurump could not be done in by little girls such as these!
That man is alive!
Even with his soul wandering as a spirit, he still watches over this country!
Do not forget, Zurump is always watching you!
And if you forget yourselves and stray from the righteous path, he is sure to come to hand down divine punishment!
The Departed Spirit Patriot,
T/N: This is a joke on Oba-Q, short for Obake no Q-Tarou. A 70's manga about a ghost.
Gin: ---And after that, Katsura-san died.
Shin: Don't just take over the narration and kill the guy off!!
And anyhow, it hasn't been established that that's Katsura-saN! Even though it obviously is!
Gin: Yeah but that idiot's as good as dead. Just let me kill him off. And anyhow, what've you been mumbling about? You almost done?
Shin: You could hear that?! That's actually really embarrassing!!

Page 36:
Shin: Uh, I thought I'd just make a record for Tama-san...
Gin: What, are you trying to forcibly tie everything together through narration because it's the final chapter?
That's way too long-winded and dull! You're seriously devoting pages to that idiot?
Both the readers' and Tama's minds are gonna start drifting when they see that. Ya gotta be more concise with this stuff.
Lemme take over for a bit.
a lot's happened since then... I'm not sure how to convey it all to you... But there's one thing I'm sure I want you to know,
everyone died.
Shin: Don't try to tie it all up with thaaaat!!
Gin: What's the problem? Everybody dies eventually.
Shin: That's way too broad!! I'm sure Tama-san wants to know what happened directly after the war!
Kagu: Gin-chan, Shinpachi is right!
I would feel bad if Tama was the only one who did not know what happened.
I want to tell her about every last thing that happened to me and what I felt about them when she was gone.
The rolled omelettes were delicious.
Shin: Where'd you get that from?!! That's the most who-cares thing I've ever heard!!
If you're gonna go over all your impressions of breakfasts you've had, this final chapter alone is gonna be longer that every volume of Kochikame combined!!
Gin: After Kochikame ended, Jump always felt kind of lonely.
T/N: Kochikame is a long-running Jump manga that ran for 200 volumes and ended in 2016.
Shin: We don't need your impressions of what Jump was like without Kochikame!!
Gin: Jump died, too.
Shin: Don't put another one of those here!! You're gonna get people confused!!

Page 37:
Narr: Did you see that?
Someone: ?
Narr: If people do not have others observing them, they will degenerate to the point they're so depraved that they'll even fake a final chapter.
Someone: Hey, who's that?
That wasn't me!
Narr: The world needs 'eyes' that spans across different eras and always watches a country and its people.
The only one that can do such a thing is a God, a divine spirit... No,
only the Departed Spirit Patriot, Oba-Z can-
Gin: Because we ignored him like that, he managed to sneak his way all the way to this thing!!
Kagu: That is true, but now we have taken care of one person at least. Who is next?
Shin: Don't use force just to get to an ending where everyone's dead!!
Narr: ---And that would be his final straight-man bit.
Shin: No it's not, I'm not dead!!
Narr: It's okay, I won't off over the narration.
As you saw before, Zurump's political power has been inherited by the next generation.
And along with that, the once-defunct Shinsengumi has had their status restored.
Matsudai: I'd like ta say welcome back, but the world you've come back to isn't such a welcoming place.
It's a battlefield.
If you've got any feelings of excitement or nostalgia, throw 'em away right here.
The one thing I ask is are you prepared to die?

Page 38:
Matsu: Then drink until
ya drop deaaad!!
Narr: They never take a break from their fight.
So that the taxes on the citizens do not go to waste, they keep on fighting all day and night.
There are times in those days where it feels like they may face defeat,
but it's all right.
Because they have her with them.
With having her own shop now in addition to managing the dojo, she's been very successful as a businesswoman.
Sister has become quite a person of influence in Kabuki-chou.
In the past, she would be non-commital to Kondou-san's advances,
but now...
she seems to be both a public and private source of strength to him.
It makes me feel a bit lonesome, but if it's for my sister's happiness, I suppose it's all right.
Maybe after the numerous battles I've been through, I've become an adult as well?
How 'bout you have a taste of an adult straight-man bit!!

Page 39:
Shin: So it was you that started impersonating me and started narrating up a storm of things that didn't happen.
What the hell are you people thinking?! That you can just spout a bunch of blatant lies and get away with it because it's the last chapter?!
Narr: Ha, ju~~~st kidding. I just can't help but butt heads with my brother-in-law whenever I run into him.
Shin: Hey, I'm standing right in front of you! Are you psychotic?
And Sister, why are you participating in this final chapter fraud?!
Tae: Huh? I'm not doing anything.
I just...
Hey, Gorilla. Didn't I tell you that the next time you showed your face in this shop you'd be charged triple?
Shin: Wait so under the narration there was some outrageous statements being made?!
Kon: Yes, you've been very clear about that, Otae-sama.
My wallet... no, the national treasury is yours if you so desire.
Oh, and please accept this.
Tickets to the B'Z live show.
Tae: Oh, Gorilla dealer, you are evil indeed.
Kon: No, no. Not as much as you, Otae-sama.
Shin: This is just a scene of massive corruption!
T/N: These are cliche lines of the "evil magistrate" character archetype.
Someone: I'm sorry... I guess I sort of hid that with the narration, huh?
The tears wouldn't stop flowing down my face. He really is the only one out there I could ever entrust my sister to...
Shin: Yeah, I don't think so!
Gin: Geez, what the hell? You just used three pages being the same idiots as ever.
Okita: Sorry, Boss. But I think it's for the best.
I don't need to do any sorta final chapter shams, as long as I have an everyday life like this.
Gin: Ooh, looks like you're really getting into a conclusion. Okay, end it in the next panel. Just commit seppukue, that'd really tie things up.

Page 40:
Narr: We were back to our normal everyday life. But for the Shinsengumi, that was just the beginning of a new battle.
Check out this quick preview of the, the new series 'Shinsengumi Sword-Wind Notebook' starting next issue.
Shin: Forget ending, that sounds like they're starting a whole new series!!
What the hell do you mean next issue?! After that whole fake-out ending catastrophe this manga got kicked out of Jump!
Narr: With the start of their new adventures, just who is their enemy in this new battle they are facing?!
Shin: This isn't new at all!! We've seen this tons of times!! Don't just come butting in again!!
Narr: And just what is the Shinsengumi's new weapon?
Someone: Yamazaki-kun, in the process of your revival, your personality was split into 108 parts...
Shin: Hey, what the hell happened, Jimmy?! Did he get into another convoluted mess?!
Narr: Will the Shinsengumi be able to protect Edo from creepy idiots?
Grave: Hijikata Toushirou
Okita: There's a lot of difficulty that comes with being Vice Chief.
I'm really getting a sense of what sorta hardships you went through.
But... I swear I'll support the Shinsengumi for your part as well,

Page 41:
Gin: So in the end you did a sham ending, too, dammit!!
Hiji: Quit slacking off on the job, you assholes!!
Or I'll have you commit seppuku for failing in your bushido!!
Okita: Hijikata-san, today's the last chapter. Even if we do do our jobs, we won't get paid for it.
Look at Yamazaki. Him and the mecha-zakis are playing me-kabaddi.
Handwritten: Me-kabaddi!
Hiji: Ok, what the hell even is me-kabaddi?! And who the hell is mecha-zaki?!!
Gin: Hey, hey, Vice Chief!
Gin: We get it! It's clear as hell that you guys don't have any ability to wrap things up.
So for now, just take this.
Okay, now strike a pose!
All right, now just hold that!
Handwritten: WHSPR WHSPR
Why the hell do I have to strike a pose!? And what was that look you just gave me?!
Narr: The Shinsengumi was... like that.
Hiji: Like what?! What the hell kind of wrap up was that?!

Page 42:
Tae: No need to be so grumpy, Hijikata-san.
We've got everyone together in the same building like this, so why don't you take it easy just for this final chapter?
Hiji: A policeman's job doesn't have a final chapter!! Even at times like this...
Kyuu: I see... So it's a policeman's job to yell and cause a commotion in people's shops, is it?
Then perhaps I will do my job as well.
Hiji: !!
Hiji: Oh yeah. Something like this's happened before, hasn't it, Kyuubei?
All right then. I held back before, thinking of you as a woman.
But now I know there's no need for that.
Kyuu: I'll show you what my job is!
Serving fruit! Now say ah!
Handwritten: AAH
Someone: Wait, you're a cabaret girllllll?!
Tae: I asked her to come over and hang out, but she felt bad for us having to do all the work, so she volunteered to help out.
Kyuu: I came up with a way to serve customers without getting close to men! Now my becoming the No. 1 cabaret club girl isn't just a dream!
Hiji: Don't let her serve customers with a personal-space sharp sword!!
Tae: This is a legitimate battle strategy!
In cabaret clubs, it's pretty common to serve customers from really close distances,
but I heard that in Yoshiwara, they have a trick where if you act cold and distant to customers it actually makes them crazy about you!

Page 43:
Tsuku: I cleaned the place up fer ya, Otae.
Shin: Forget cold and distant, she's coming in with long-range strikes!!
Sae: Gin-hya...n. Sto...
Someone: And I have no clue what this one is even trying to do here!!
Tsuku: Kagura, you look like yer doin' well.
Kagu: Everyone came, yes?!
Guys: Yeah,

Page 44:
Hanzo: Sheh sheh!!
Well, ya said ta come hang out, so I came!
But looks like there's not a single ugly girl here! What's the deal?!
Here you are, si~~~r!
Someone: Sheesh, what a calculating bunch.
Everybody swarms together just for the final chapter.
Tae; But now we can all wrap things up through narration, right?
Shin: Uh, what kind of wrap-up would that be?
A wrap up where everybody has fun with each other and gets dead drunk?
Gin: ........
That doesn't sound too bad, really.
I think that'd suit us just fine.

Page 45:
Narr: ----Yup,
same as always.
That might be the best phrase
you could use to describe us.
Shin: Hey, pull a yourself together
Gin: What makes you think I don't got myself together?
I'll show you. Want me ta recite all the Dragonball enemy characters?
Shin: Uh, I think saying that is proof enough you don't have yourself together!
GIn: Doctor Gerororororo
Handwritten GYAAAAA
Someone: Hey, miss!
Ten more servings just like this one.
Hey, hey. Maybe you aught ta leave off there.
Abuto: We don't have any huge groups backing us up or any financial muscle to fall back on now. Our organization's dirt poor.
Think about the ones managing our finances, won'cha?
Kamui: But this planet's food is so good!
And anyhow, you said to get a good meal before a war, right?
Abuto: War? We ain't got the money for that.

Page 46:
Kamui: Okay,
we'll save the fun for later, Miss.
I promise next time
I'll come for the Earth.
Abuto: Geez, another huge goal, huh?
You may not have money, but you've sure got dreams.
What about your little sister?
Kamui: I'm gonna beat her, of course.
Abuto: Again with that? Two years ago you were talkin' about going to train, but I know you were just hovering around your little sister.
Kamui: I think that's a certain old man that just looks like me that you're talkin' about.
Abuto: Don't talk shit, you dumbass.
Sign: Noodles
Zura: Y-You did well to spot me, huhahahaha!
Yes, I, Departed Spirit Patriot Oba-Z, am watching over you all at all ti-
Handwritten: GYAAAAA

Page 47:
Sakamoto: I know it's been a long time since I we've been in contact,
but how are you doing,
Paper: Sakamoto Tatsuma
Saka: I'm flying around outer space, same as usual.
Space really is a great place. When I look out at the vastness of space, I forget all my troubles.
Why don't you come out with me for a space trip next time, Mantoki-kun?
Now then, the reason I'm writing to you right now is that there's something I want to tell you.
On that day,
I promised I would save you,
but the moment I saw that collapsed Termina, I honestly thought you were dead, lololol.
I'm not just saying this or anything,
but back then, it wasn't me that saved you.
I think it was that person.
I believe that after pouring everything into the Altana and disappearing,
he became a part of the Altana and protected his disciples through it all.

Page 48:
Saka: So
there's no reason to feel lonely.
Your master is surely here and there all over this Earth
and he will always be watching over you.
To my dear friend,
This is something I heard when I met up with Zura the other day.
The remnants of the Kiheitai
were making some odd movements.
Someone: Dragon Holes?
Takechi: Yes,
I heard she was traveling around to each of the Dragon Holes across different lands.
Zura: Just who is she pretending to be? That's exactly like...
Takechi: I suppose she couldn't forgive him.
That man... making Sakata Gintoki carry everything.
Or herself for not being able to do anything.

Page 49:
Takechi: She was thankful
to once again be able to see the smiling face of that man, imprisoned by death.
she said that now, it was her turn.
Zura: .........
Take: Takasugi's corpse was swallowed by the Altana.
But there isn't the slightest chance for him being resurrected like Utsuro was.
That was something like a miracle that occurred because Utsuro had been born from the Altana.
Still, I don't mind.
This is our, the Kiheitai's,
Zura: Takechi, don't tell me that you're also going to...
Take: ..........
Zura: Would you
stick around with me a bit?
Saka: It is my belief
that there is no such thing as miracles in this world.

Page 50:
Saka: And that all things that happen in this world
have causes, and happen for logical reasons.
So I do not think my saving you
was a miracle.
People: Why did someone abandon it
in such a place?
This must be
the divine wrath of Ryuujin-sama!
Saka: And I do not think that a master protecting his disciples
is a miracle.
I believe that is
something only natural.

Page 51:
Grave: Shimura Ken
Otae: Oh, you came, huh?
It's been a long time since the two of us came to see father.
Is there something you wanted to tell him?
Shin: No.
Back then,
Father looked up at the sky of Edo and sighed,
but I was just thinking that this sky that always looks the same
looks different right now, doesn't it?

Page 52:
Shin: After all,
we know
that everyone
is under this sky.

Page 53:
Shin: Even if it's covered in clouds,
in our hearts
and under that sky,
is always there.
Page 54:
Shin: So, Tama-san,
even if where you are now
is beneath a sky you don't recognize,
even if where you are now
is below a sky without us,
please don't cry.
Because we
are always with you
beneath your sky.

Page 55:
Shin: Yes, if you believe,
Shin: will break through worlds,
and panels
to be there
to wipe away your tears.

Page 56:
Tama: Let's go.
Shin: After that, those girls
lived in this era.
The world was, at that time, the golden age of machines.
Humans' jobs and places in the world were taken by machines and the leading role of the world was changing.
They found happiness
and humans
became unemployed.
Every last one.

Page 57:
Hase: And when everyone is unemployed together, no one is.
Joblessness became colorless.
And so even the jobless could find happine-
Tama: Hasegawa-san?
Guys: You're doing a sham final chapter, tooooo?!!
Gin: You asshole! What kind of final chapter did you feed Tamako?!
Kagu: Heeey, do not go moving the world into later eras on your own!
Hase: Nah, ya got it all wrong!
I quit being a hero, but then when I tried to get a new job, I couldn't find anything!
Hase: And then I just happened to mumble something to Tamako-chan about how nice it'd be to live in a world where everybody was unemployed!
Tama: My apologies.
It would seen that there was an error in my data.

Page 58:
Gin: Yo. You still half asleep, Tama?
Eh, that's okay. We've got an urgent job to do, so get fully woken up by the time we get back.
There's no need
for us to wipe those tears away, right?
Kagu: Gin-chan, what is the urgent job we have to do?
Gin: Oh yeah. What was it again?
Shin: Whadda you mean, what was it?! You said it was urgent! Did you already forget?!
Gin: Uh, do you remember, leader?
Gin: Well, whatever it is, we'll get it done.
After all, we're

Page 59:
Gin: the Yorozuya.
Top Left Sign: Gin End
Middle LEft Sign: Gintama - The End
Right Sign: Bar
Bottom Right: Gin
Bottom Insert: Than you so much to all the readers that've stuck by these 15 years!!
The final volume, volume 77, will go on sale August 2nd (Friday) with a massive 360 pages!! And at the same time, the final and largest character book 'Koujien' will go on sale, containing lots of new drawings!!!!

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