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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Gisèle Alain 3

Does love lie beyond expectations?

+ posted by Laika as translation on Nov 9, 2010 14:19 | Go to Gisèle Alain

-> RTS Page for Gisèle Alain 3

Little edits

Chapter Three

SFX: Peel [Piri]

Excuse me, you, over there.
Y-yes!? [written] me!?

Are you familiar with this address?
Might it be nearby?

Uh... Mmm


It's guess you could say...
that it's pretty close... !!!

It's the third house after you turn [that] the corner.
Oh, really?

Thank you.

Chapter Three
Does love lie beyond expectations? [Lit: Is love outside of expectations?]

Stop running, Eric! [lit: wait]

We're going to go find some work!!
Go by yourself!

I said stop!
!? Wha... Gisele!

Watch ou- [Lit: That's dangerou...]

Please, move aside!

Too slow! [Lit: There's an opening]

Sfx: Boing [Muni]

Sfx: Ssss [su]

Sfx: lap [pan]

Ahh, geez,
Sfx: Badump [Dosa]

Now you've gone and hurt my hand... [Lit: You're going to make my hand swell...]

Who are...

Sfx: Badump [dosa]

Sfx: Wobble [Fura]


Who? [Don't know you]

Oh, my,
you were just so cute that I...

I'm sorry.

Are you a resident here?
Yes, and?

Then maybe you might know something?
About this poster, that is...
SfX: gasa

"Gisele Alain's Jack-of-all-trades"

It's located here, isn't it? It's rare to find a woman running a jack-of-all-trades but...
That is I.

Gisele Alain who runs the Jack-of-all-trades
is I.

I would like you to find me a room.
A room?

To be honest, this morning...

I was chased out of my previous accommodations for a crime I did not commit...
My belongings are heavy, I have nowhere to go,
and I am completely exhausted.

Anywhere will do.
Though if possible it would be nice to find somewhere close to your place. [written] I wish! [or just kidding]

Is that all?
Then why don't you just live here?

Are there rooms available here!?
Sfx: Gata
[written] You can keep pets too.

Then I'll take it.
Take me to the owner...
It's I.

I'm the landlady as well.
Sfx: Pini

... Ah.
I see...
There are two rooms available, which one would you like?

I want the one closer to you!
Hmm, well then

How about the third floor?
Right next to Eric.


I suddenly remembered
that I had something very important I needed to talk to you about.
Please come over here.

are you really going to let that woman stay here?

It's true that she's a little bit strange but...
Not just a little bit!

Having one self-indulgent lady doing whatever she pleases around here is more than enough! [Lit: having one noble who i cannot figure out, gisele, is more than enough, but colette isn't an aristocrat so this would not work]
How cruel.


Could you please not take me for a fool?

I _do_ work in the nineteenth district.

Nineteenth district?
... it's the flower district. [furi: hanamachi, lit: flower district/street, meaning: red-light district]

I'm the star at one of the small strip joints there. [Lit: small strip shop, but this doesn't seem "period" correct, replace with star at a small cabaret if you like]
It pays quite well.

The red-light district?
A star at a strip [joint]...?

Sounds interesting!! [lit: What is that!?]
Sfx: sparkle [kira]
[written] Teeheehee
I have a bad feeling about this...

Hey, Gisele, do you have more work to attend to after this?
No, not particularly.

just had a brilliant idea <3.

Now wait one...

What do you mean by hiring her as a "companion for a day!?"
Doing whatever is asked is what a jack-of-all-trades does, isn't it?
[written] My, my,

We refuse anything illegal.
[written] Well
How rude. What is illegal about it?

I'm coming along.
Sfx: gugugu
That won't do.

What you did... to me [my breasts]... a moment ago...
was traumatizing...
I'm scared...

Gisele, are you really going to go!?
It's a job.

You're such a strange fellow.
Weren't you telling me to go by myself just a moment ago?

[written] Ugh
that was-

Besides, this will be my first time in the flower district!! [written] And at a strip [joint] too!!
You are aware it's not like going on some nature excursion, aren't you? [Lit: You know it's not like the sea and the mountains, this line won't work if you don't use "flower district" and I cannot really think of a similar line using "red-light district," unless you want to use something like, "you know it's not actually covered in red-lights, don't you?"

She will be fine. I'll have her back by evening. [I'll return her in the evening]
And what reason do I have to believe you?
Just believe me.

See you lateeeeer <3
I'll be back soon.
Sfx: wave

Ah, Eric.

How fortuitous, I had something I wanted to ask you to do...
Oh, my, the landlady is not with you?
... Gisele has been

swept away.

SFX: Kyu


Sfx: Kyu kyu

Say, are you really all right with it?
I'm fine.

That's not what I'm talking about. I'm referring to the landlady.
Are you really not going to go after her [mind after her]?
It's just cleaning the windows, it can be done anytime you want.

Sfx: ha-

... It's fine.
I don't really care.
Sfx: Kyu

She has seriously been running me ragged this entire time.
This morning she even came into my room while I was eating breakfast saying we were going to go look for work.
Even if/though I want to pay the rent I don't have any time to look for a job...

I'm so fed up with it all that
I actually feel relieved about the whole thing.

It'll be good for her to get a taste of how harsh reality can be.
Sometimes people have to learn the hard way.

Sfx: Zabu


Eric, my dear...
What is it? Did I miss a spot?

You're feeling lonely, aren't you?


Don't be ridiculous.
There's no way I'd feel that way!
Your face is completely red, you know?

... Please don't tease me because I'm young. [lit: ... please don't tease young people]

But I was being serious.

... That's
really not how it is.

Sfx: Gyuu

Sfx: Kyu

Isn't that the spot you just cleaned?

Sfx: Kyaaaaa

Who is she!? She's so cuteeeeee!!

Teehee <3
She's my new landlady.
Nice to meet you
Whaaaaaaat!? No waaaaaay! She's soooooo cute!!

But Colette, didn't you say you broke up this morning?
Ahaha, you sure are fast.
You're even into kids like her?
Her breasts are so small!

Sorry, but she's just my landlady.
Right, Gisele?
You call your landlady by her first name!? [written] Scandalous!

You guys [she's being very informal here]
strip too?

Did you hear her? She called us, "You guys!"
We do!
Make sure you watch us.

This is the stage.

... Striping is...
sort of like opera, right?


You don't know what stripping is?
... I don't.

She doesn't know what stripping is!
I can't believe it!
She's a real live aristocrat!

Stripping is... you know...
a naked opera.

Don't make the noble mad! [written] Eek [Kyaa]

This is the first time I've seen a noble lady.
Opera, what a joke!
Sfx: heeheehee [kusukusu]

You're one of those people who have it all, huh?
You can get by without having to take off your clothes. I'm so jealous.
All it means is that her parents have got money, right?
How nice that must be.

Sfx: heeheehee
I can hear everything you're saying.

Oh, really?
Don't worry about it!

You people- [she's being gruff again]

[Written] Eek [Kyaa]
The princess is mad!
We're sooooo sorry!

Aren't you ashamed of yourselves!?
come with me.

... tch.

Sfx: batan

I'm sorry about that.
They don't mean anything by it.

Is this your room, Colette?
Well, I suppose.
It's the green room.

You enter the stage
from that green door over there. [blue/green door]

What kind of job...
is stripping?

You really don't know anything about it?
No, I don't.


Is what those girls said bothering you?
They were just gossiping.
It's frustrating.

Sfx: Kyuuuun

You're so cute, Gisele...
It's okay,
you don't get to chose how you're born.

Ah, she smells so nice...
If you don't know what something is you should get some hands-on experience with it. [lit: for things that you don't know anything about, you should try to touch/experience them]

show you.

Sfx: blublub [Kopopo]

Here you go.
Thank you for your hard work.
Thank you.

Sfx: clank [kacha]


Are you worried?

You are, aren't you?
About what?

District nineteen... I wonder what is happening.
And you know how she can be...
What's happening...? What do you mean what's happening? To who!?

Sfx: Urk! [Ha-]

You're worried about her, aren't you?
No w...
Love must be in the air, hmm!? [lit: it's a blue spring, isn't it!?]

I said there was no way!!
Then there's nothing for you to get embarrassed about, right?

You're getting so flustered over it,
you should just be more honest with yourself.

I am being sincerely honest with myself. [I am conducting myself honestly with my own heart]

But, really, how scandalous...

After all, there's not not only a difference in social position, but a difference in age!
How romantic!!
Sfx: Pfbhht

Oh, dear me, Eric,
are you okay?
Sfx: Koff koff [GehoGohoGeho]

Sfx: Gishi

What did you think?

It was amazing...
Stripping is so beautiful.

Thank you, that makes me so happy...

Thank you for everything today,
take care of yourself.
It was nothing.

Say hello to the landlady for me as well.

Sfx: tan tan tan

Sfx: kacha

Sfx: sigh [ha-]

Sfx: Ko-

What a troublesome person...

Did that catch you off guard? [surprise you]

You've got lipstick on you.

Hold on, I'll
find something to wipe it...

There's my handkerchief.



Oh my...
Was that a little too much excitement for her?


She's still just a child.
What a shame.

Well that should've been obvious.
You devious woman.
Cradle-robber! [Child-abuser]
Why were you girls watching!? [Don't watch!!]

Her keeper is here for her,

Sorry to keep you waiting, Eric.

Here you go.
I'm returning her back to you.


Why's she all worn out like that!?
Hmm... I guess we must have over did it a bit.

Over did it?
Over did what!?
[written] Hmmmm
That's a secret. [written] This and that.

Sfx: Slap [pan]

still just a child.

[written] Hmph [fu]

That's right.
Too bad for us both.

I'm sure you'll be in for a treat
in two or three years. [written] I'll be looking forward to it too.
What are you talking ab...

... Eric?

Oh, are you awake?
... I'll walk by myself...

Are you all right?

Did that woman do something to you?

Sfx: twirl [kuru]

...'s what she did.

...! ...!!

Something like that would catch you off guard too! [surprise you]

Ah~ today was so much fun!
I'm starving.

I want to go buy something to eat!
I'll treat you to something too so...

[written] Control yourself!!! [lit: reason]
[written] Why won't you just hurry and grow up!? [lit: please hurry up and become an adult]
[written] In more than one way [in various meaning]

Chapter Three: The End.

Sfx: Kusa
You were amazing tonight as usual!

You men are so persistent!
Hey, isn't it about time for you to get married to me!?
Colette is ours!
Be quiet!
sfx: gui gui

Oh, my. Settle down, men.
I'm sorry about our girls here.

What wonderful bouquets.
They're all so lovely.
And they're all that I'm willing to receive from you boys. [lit: that's why I will only take/receive the flowers]

[written] That's so cold!
[written] Marry me!
[written] Ahahaha

Sfx: Kyu

What are you doing over there?
Don't look!

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#1. by kurosaki-linkin ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2010
Awesome work as usual (quickly done... and I see you want to do your best... it's really admirable)
Thanks again ;)

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