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Mahou Shoujo of the End 53

Mahou Shoujo of the End

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Jan 15, 2018 13:19 | Go to Mahou Shoujo of the End

-> RTS Page for Mahou Shoujo of the End 53

Mahou Shoujo of the End Chapter 53

Page 1


-53. Mahou Shoujo of the End

-A few minutes earlier







-What the hell are those~~~!!

-Those dead people have become zombies and are attacking everyone~~~!!




Page 2

-I'm saved...




-What are you doing here!

Page 3

-I was running away from those zombies~~~ but more importantly - Mikano!

-Your hands! You just created those explosions with your hands!!

-Ah...no you see...

-After all this time I haven't seen you...
You really were a terrorist~~!!?

-Please don't call me that.

-Oh, what about Shinobu-kun?

-Right now he's...

Page 4


-W..woah! We really are flying through the sky!

Page 5

-Hiiiih, don't open your eyes~~

-Kaede, you've always been bad with high places.

-Damn right!


-Haha, now this is fun isn't it, Roid Monkey.

-Say, Bowl cut.


-You had no hesitation coming over to this side.
Even though Hanzawa Yoruka stayed there.


-That titty-chan wasn't the one I knew.

Page 6

-My God came with me!

-BBA, get your hands off me!!

-So mean.

-Hey kid, are you some sort of ability user!?

-Well, it's a long story.
But I came into possession of these powers.

-By the way,

-I thought I recognised your face from somewhere.
You're Detective Akuta right?

-Huh!? How do you know that?

-Wait...what do you mean Detective.
I'm still just an officer.

-You're inside that building right now.

-Huh, what do you mean?

Page 7

-The you from 20 years later is inside that building right now.

-The me from 20 years later!?

-A 20 year older God!!

-He entered Wahre Liebe with the Witch to chase down Himeji.

-Woah, woah, woah!! Stop overloading me with info...!

-Looks like I've been doing quite well...

-My God, you're amazing!! A Detective!!
In the 20 years since I met you perhaps we had a child...

-I hope not.


-How do you know the Witch.

-It's my fault Tokyo was seriously damaged.

-The Witch has been hiding Mikano and I.

-Mikano is the other person who had a warrant out for their arrest...who is she...

Page 8

-She's my childhood friend, and also a Mahou Shoujo.


-I only learned it recently myself,
And also Mikano...

-Says the Witch is her mum. I don't really understand how though.

-But you said she was your childhood friend...


-It appears as though the father and mother of Mikano that I knew were decoys.

-Her true mother

-Is the witch.

-If what Shinobnu-kun says about Mikano being the daughter of the witch is true

-Then it means there's one more of the Witch's bloodline...

Page 9

-Shinobu-kun, I don't think you could ultimately be behind the destruction of Tokyo...
What happened?

-I was definitely responsible for the destruction...


-I wasn't conscious while it happened.

-You weren't conscious...?

-At my father's request to make an immortality drug I researched the "Origin of the Demon" and injected it into my body.

-Right now there's an entity existing inside me
When it got out of control it attacked the city...

-A Demon...!?
How is that sort of thing possible!?

-I have no idea either...But it's still inside me right now.
However I'm able to control the power for now somehow.

Page 10

-By the way, why did you travel to the past...

-It's a long story but put simply it was to try to foil Himeji's plan.

-Himeji was collecting 13 Mahou Shoujo in order to be able to rewrite the universe itself.

-Rewrite the universe...

-Out of the 13 there was one remaining. In order to bring about Kii-kun and Tsukune having a child who would be the final Mahou Shoujo, Himeji sent the Alternative Mahou Shoujo back into the past to bring them together.
The reason why was Himeji wanted a future where those two had that final child...

-We did everything we could to try to stop him, but he escaped from us.

Page 11

-Hold on, isn't Kogami Kii right there...and Fukumoto Tsukune was just there too...
They're both fine...

-Have you heard about Parallel worlds? There are multiple timelines.
In a different parallel orld to ours,
Himeji disappeared with the bodies of Kii-kun and Tsukune in order to bring forth their child.

-In the other parallel world he could use their child to enact thte ritual.

-As a last resort to try to stop that

-We travelled further back in 2012 to erase Himeji's existence in all the timelines.

-But we failed.

Page 12

-So in that other world Himeji is currently...

-We might not be able to stop the ritual from being performed in that world...

-But we need to do what we can in this one.

-Another world


-The future where Himeji returned with Kii and Tsukune's bodies

Page 13

Have you really...

-Collected all 13 Mahou Shoujo...



-More accurately two of them haven't been born yet,

-So it's only a matter of time.


Page 14

-The location of "The Altar of Time"...

-If you please.


-How is it Papy-chan?

Page 15

-It's finished.

-The sperm has fertilised the egg.

-All we have to do is wait for their fertilised egg to develop and then take it to the "Altar of Time".

-We don't need to wait.


-You know my ability don't you?

-I can control an objects speed at will.

Page 16

-I can hear something!

-I can't hear anything...?

-It sounds like a countdown!

-A countdown! What for!?


Page 17

-Thanks for waiting. He's about to awaken.

-Oh shit...!

Page 18

-Himeji will be revived in just 10 seconds!!!


-Dammit! We can't let him be revived!!

-If he wakes up he'll be fully healed!!

-Throw everything we have into beating him before he's revived!!

-Hey, Super Boy!! We gotta go faster!

Page 19

-We're going down everyone!!

Page 20

-You have no interest...

-If the ceremony is held then the world and the entire concept of the universe will be rewritten.

-You'll be affected too...

-Humans all use weapons and arms to hurt others.
It's foolish isn't it?

-It's the same with "magic".

-If nothing changes then everyone will eventually end up getting hurt.

-What is it you want...

Page 21

-My ancestors were afraid of the Demon

-And were commited to preventing the Demon's power from returning.

-I think differently from them.

-When the Demon's power is used for the ritual the entire universe will reset.
The Demon, the Mahou Shoujo, everyone's existence...yes.

-The world will return to "Zero".

-So then our own existence will...

-Yeah, exactly.

-That's why you made the "Of the End Catastrophe"...!?

-Someone has to bring this to an end.

Page 22

-The Mahou Shoujo of the End.

Page 23

-Their magic infused blood will lead to an existence of zero.

-Yes...a true peace.

-Himeji Wataru should resuscitate any time soon.

-Muroku Rail...is this all a joke to you...!

Those from the past are moving,

-Will they make it in time...?

Page 24

-There's 5 seconds left!!

-As soon as we get to the bottom he's in the next room!!
Attack without hesitation!!

Page 25

Page 26

Page 27

Page 28

Page 29

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32

Page 33

Page 34

Page 35

-What's that...!?

-There's a light coming from the building.

Page 36

-What was...

-That sound...


-It's decided...

Page 37

Page 38

Page 39

-Fuck yeah!!!

-We got him...

-Made it in time...

-We beat him...!!

-We beat that monster!!

-No way.

Page 40





Page 41




Page 42


-Why is Maria wearing the mask...

-What's going on now...


-Your wounds are terrible...

-I'm okay...I can heal myself.

Page 43

-Oy, titty-mama, me too!!
I'm going to die from blood loss...!

-Detective Akuta!! Your legs...!



-Kyaaaaah, two of my Gods.

Page 44



Page 45

-Why are you in front of me...

-Why am I...





Page 46

-You've lost.

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