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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mahou Shoujo of the End 54

Two Despair

+ posted by Lingwe as translation on Feb 18, 2018 12:29 | Go to Mahou Shoujo of the End

-> RTS Page for Mahou Shoujo of the End 54

Mahou Shoujo of the End Chapter 54

Page 1

-"The time has come"

The parrallel world

Seems like an apt thing to say.

-So, Papy-chan.


Page 2

-Ch 54 Two Despair

Page 3

Page 4


-Get this ritual started.

Page 5

Page 6


-How did you know my plans...

-We found out from the you in the parallel world.

-A...parallel world...

-Ah, I see
I understand how...

Page 7

-A parallel world...

-That's how you were able to know about my plan...

-After being beaten by me in that parallel world you travelled back further in time in order to strike at me when my magical power was weaker.

-The only way for you to erase me...

-You needed this many people to take me out while I was sleeping...

-What a cowardly bunch you are.

-You seriously calling us the cowards?

Page 8

-Do you know how many monsters you created that we had to fight our way through to get here.

-Which one of us is the coward.

-You piece of shit.

-Well whatever...

What will you do now?

-Kill me?

Page 9

-I can't even do anything since you've destroyed my core,
Talking to you through this monitor is taking all of my power.

-It looks like you've beaten Papy-chan too.

-I don't have anything left.

-Kogami Kii...

-If you're going to do it then now's the time.

Page 10

-That's the plan.

-Do you know just how many people

-were sacrificed for the sake of your stupid plan.

-Stupid plan...

Page 11

-Don't act like you shitstains

-Know anything about me!!!


-I am...

-I am...

-All for what...


-Kill me.

Page 12

-Answer one final thing at least!!


-Please wait...!


-Tell me this one thing.

Page 13

-Why is Maria,
The "Masked person"...?


-Ah, so you were worried about that.

-I guess you were her fiance after all...



That picture...

-That woman is,

Page 14

-A Mahou Shoujo.


-Maria is...
A Mahou Shoujo...impossible...

-That woman is Mahou Shoujo able to "control the speed of things".

-But then..

-Haha, so why was I able to use the same power?

-That woman's "core" was transferred into me.

-Once the core had been removed I was able to make use of her body.

-And placed a new personality in her in order to make her my partner.

Page 15

-So for that reason...

-This happened to her...

-Well this has been an interesting chat.

-The first thing we need to do is off this guy.
If you're not going to then I'll be the one to do it.

-Maria-san has had her body and soul separated by the Separation Gun, she isn't dead.

-So there has to be a hope of bringing them back together.

-But before that we need to deal with this guy.


Page 16


Page 17

Page 18

-What the...

-What happened!?



Page 19




-What is it now...!?

-Everyone...get away..from me...

-It's him...!!

Page 20

Page 21

Page 22

Page 23


-An earthquake.

-It's huge!!

-What is this shaking from!



-The building is...!

Page 24

Page 25

Page 26

Page 27

Page 28

Page 29

Page 30

-What the fuck...!!


-My God!!

-Miumiu, don't!!

Page 31

-My God, wake up!!



Page 32

-That teleportation skill huh,
Thank you, Breast Monster.


-I didn't get everyone...

Page 33

-What's happened to Shinobu-kun.

-Wasn't he able to control the power?

-No, more correctly...

-The core that was controlling the Demon's power was the one that was transferred into Himeji.

-Wh..why did you save that dude!?

-Wait..the core, then...!?


Page 34

-She was the one who stopped the great destruction of Tokyo.

-And her power continued to suppress Shinobu-kun even after her core was transferred into Himeji.

-When Himeji's body was weakened,

-The Demon's power within Shinobu-kun re-awoke.

-Wait, so then what we did...

-After your attack brought Himeji to the verge of death,

-Shinobu-kun's rampage started.


-The core has lost nearly all of its power...

Page 35

-There's no way to stop his rampage.

Page 36

Page 37

-After all that's happened...

-We came so close

-God dammit

-There's one way.


-We stabilise Himeji's core.

Page 38

-We can't do that...

-You mean we revive Himeji again!?

-But if we do that...

-We cannot stop the Himeji in the parallel world from completing the ritual.


-That can't be true...

-If Shinobu is not able to be restrained then the world definitely be destroyed.

-If in order to stop that we revive Himeji, no matter what we choose the ritual will be completed, and we will have no future.



Page 39

-No matter what we choose to do, the only thing waiting for us

-Is death.

Page 40

-It's not just the world,

-The whole of time and existence will disappear.

-The connections between the universes are starting to show.

Page 41

-So what will you choose!

-No matter what you choose you can't stop the destruction of the world.

-The time of revelation has come!!

-Is this what you truly desire...

-I told you already,

-I don't what happens to the world.

-Of course that includes myself too...

Page 42


-What's this, an earthquake!?

-Oy, oy, you don't think those guys got defeated do you...

-Something's happening.

Page 43

-The shaking isn't stopping...!

-Ren-san...run away...


-There's no way I could run away from you.

Page 44

-The parallel world

-What is this...

-What's going on Himeji...

-I don't care.

-I'm starting the ritual.

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