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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 4

+ posted by lucifell as translation on Oct 19, 2009 12:39 | Go to Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE

-> RTS Page for Yandere Kanojo GanGan ONLINE 4

Reserved For C_K



=white page no txt=


>top txt: Mayami Technique

Mayami: Onee-sama~~ Onee-sama~~

Mayami: I'm Tanaka Mayami, and right now I'm looking for Reina-oneesama with all my might.

Mayami: She's a very popular girl! And she likes to settle any differences with force.

Mayami: I wonder if she has an interest in SM play... / By the way, I'm Manabu's little sister, and a masochist.

Mayami: Ah! Onee-sama, hit me~~~~~!!

>lil txt: Kyaaa~~~~~~

Mayami: Who in the hell is that woman?!!

>txt on left: A new woman? A discovery!!

>txt on bottom: And now the love struck delinquent! Yandere Kanojo


Chapter Title: Friendship, three people who are noisy when together.

>top txt(center of page): She says sisters, but really means a more girl-girl relationship.

Mayami: You're horrible onee-sama~~~ Who is that girl~~!!!?

Reina: Whaa?!

Reina: This is Yoshimoto, from my class!

Hijiri: Eh...um, hello.

Hijiri: Are you Reina-san's little sister?

Mayami: We're like "sisters" at an all girl school!!
T/N: Think she is hinting at a lesbian relationship.

Reina: And what the hell is that supposed to mean!!

>lil txt: Apologize to those who go to those type of schools!!


>top txt right: Recurring trauma.

Reina: Look! This thing here is Tanaka's little sister.

>txt next to mayami: Grrr! Hiss~~~

Hijiri: Ah..I..I see.

Hijiri: Now that you mention it, I remember you beating her up at the athletics festival...

Hijiri: Umm...maybe you should let her go now, that looks kind of painful....

Reina: Huh? Oh, this is nothing...

Mayami: Hahahaha.

>lil txt: This pain is bliss~

Reina: This is the only way to get her to settle down.

Box: Erotic

>top txt left: Mayami's life-long goal

Reina: Anyway, why are you suddenly so hot to get me and Tanaka together when we haven't said a thing about it to you?
T/N: Not quite sure on this one.

Mayami: Only this!

Mayami: If you marry my brother, then we really will become sisters!

Reina: What?!

Mayami: And then I can come over every day and you can beat me and beat me and then beat me some more!!

Reina: What the hell?!

Reina: It...it's still too early to talk about marriage!!

Hijiri: Eh? That's all you have to say?!


>top txt right: Beside, more like under.

>txt above mayami: Look here

Mayami: Anyway! My brother will be on your right side! And that's fine!

Reina: When did you prepare a sketch book..

Reina: Then what's the problem?!

>lil txt: Here-->

>lil txt: Rough sketch

>lil txt on his shirt: Idiot

Mayami: What I'm trying to say is, who will be on your left side?!

Mayami: Miss, who is THIS?!

Hijiri: Eh..umm...

Mayami: Too slow! That's Mayami!!
>Is that not Mayami?!

Mayami: In other words, here!

>txt on manabu's shirt: Idiot

Reina: And how is that gonna happen!

>lil txt: And what's with my face

>top txt left: Fighting a different way

Hijiri: Um, Mayami-chan, we aren't doing anything weird.

Hijiri: Just now I was only lending her my math notes...

Hijiri: You see, we studied together every day in a study group...

Hijiri: And since then, we've just had many more chances to talk to one another.

Hijiri: Occasionally when we see each other at the bath room, or while eating lunch, you see what I mean?

Mayami: What is that?! Are you bragging!?

Mayami: I've been hit by sister 48 times already!!!

>lil txt: Indignant

Reina: Is this a competition?!
>And why are you keeping count?!

Hijiri: You've beat her up that much!?!


>top txt: Complete stranger and a twit.

Hijiri: So like I said, we're really only just classmates.

Hijiri: Nothing more than that.

Reina: This person is right! We're justcomplete strangers!!

Reina: In what world would a yankee like me and her be.....

Reina: After all, our way of life is so different!!

Reina: Hijiri you twit!!! You're just a side dish anyway!!!

Hijiri: Reina-saaaaaan?!


>top txt: Just who I wanted to see

Reina: hmph / hmph

Reina: omph!

Manabu: Ah, Reina-san, just who I wanted to see......

Manabu: ....did something happen?

Reina: Nothing important.


>top txt right: Puzzling skill

Hijiri: Reina-san...

Mayami: Ahh--
>That hurt onee-sama's feelings you know.

Hijiri: What do I do, I didn't mean...

Mayami: Well. Going after her and apologizing might help.

Hijiri: But, I don't know where could have gone....

Mayami: Geez!! You don't even know that?!

Mayami: It's a good thing my phone is able to track onee-sama's phone by using GPS.

Hijiri: Why....why does it have such a function...?!

>top txt left: Bargaining chip

Mayami: It isn't like me to help an enemy.

Mayami: But I don't want onee-sama to feel hurt either.

Mayami: Okay, I guess I should clue you in on the location.

Hijiri: Re..really? Thank y--

Mayami: However! There is a condition!

Hijiri: Eh?!

Hijiri: A...condition?

>lil txt: Money? Cheating? Carrying her bags?

Hijiri: It seems I give off a bad impression. What kind of unreasonable thing will she want...

Mayami: You have to hit me once with all your strength!

>lil txt above mayami: kukuku...hahaha

Hijiri: Eh...EHHHH?!!

>txt in hijiri's mouth: No way!


>top txt: Hit hard! Hijiri!

Mayami: Well then, hurry up! If you want to know sister's location...
>You have to hit me as hard as you can!!!

Hijiri: Hiiiiiiiiii~~~

Hijiri: I...

Hijiri: Ok! I'll do it!!!

Mayami: Okay~~~~!!! Come on~~~!!!!

Mayami: Pain! Pleasure!

>txt in mayami's mouth: haaa~ / haaa~

Hijiri: Take...this!

Mayami: What the hell was that?! You couldn't even kill an insect with a weak hit like that!!!!
>To reach sister's heart, you have to hit like a hammer!!!

Hijiri: Gyaaaaa!!!~~~~

>txt on mayamis head: Seriously pissed


>top txt: Definition of a friend.

Reina: No, it's all right. Hijiri is a normal person

Reina: And I'm a delinquent. It's my fault for thinking we could be friends.

Reina: But...I really did think we could be...

Reina: I guess I was the only one who thought that way....

Manabu: You think so?


>top txt: Amazing persuasive power.

Manabu: I think Yoshimoto-san really does like you, Reina-san.

Manabu: Probably.

Reina: What's with that....
>You don't have any reason to say that!

Manabu: Well, that's true but...

Manabu: That's just what I think.

Reina: Just what you think...huh.

Hijiri: Reina-san!!!

Box: Conditioned response

Manabu: Gyaaaa~~~~!?!


>top txt: Speak with body language.

Reina: Hi..Hijiri?

Reina: It's you?
>What do you want...

Hijiri: Hiii-yah!

Reina: What the hell do you think you're doing~~~?!?!

Hijiri: Kyaaaaaa~~

Hijiri: I..I'm sorry. Mayami-chan said this is how you express your affection, so I thought....

Hijiri: Uhm...I....Uhmm...
>I always thought we were friends, Reina-san.


>top txt: Mutual love and friendship.

Hijiri: I thought I was the only one that thought it....
>I just thought a boring kid like me would bother you...

>lil txt: so earlier was...

>lil txt next to hijiri: shy

Manabu: Told you, Reina-san.

Hijiri: So if we can be friends from now on I'd be really happy...

>lil txt: Anyway...


>top txt: It's like a rite of passage.

Reina: I....

Reina: I also...

Reina: That's exactly what I was thinking! Stupid~~~!!!!

>txt in hijiri's mouth: Revenge for earlier?

>txt above reina(bottom right): Ah!

Reina: Waaaaahhhh
>Ss...sorry, are you okay, Hijiri?!

Hijiri: It really is like a hammer....

>lil txt: I reached her heart....

Box: And with this first punch, Hijiri succeeded in becoming friends.

Mayami: Yoshimoto-senpai! That was amazing~~!!!
T/N: Cotton candy pom-poms? wtf?

>lil txt: You were here?!


>top txt: After that.

Sensei: Do you have a second, Yoshimoto-san?

Hijiri: Yes?

Sensei: Lately, you have been hanging around with Ryuuzaki-san....are you okay?

>lil txt: Is she...bullying you?

Hijiri: Yes.
>I'm okay, sensei.

Hijiri: After all....
>we're friends.

Hijiri: Ah! Reina-saaan!

Box: Who is going to be on Reina's left side is still up for debate.

>txt on left: Friends who speak with their fists?!

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Oct 30, 2009
Hey Lucifell~
I saw that you stated above that there were multiple places where you had no clue how to TL it. You should post about the places where you had problems on this forum thread. There are people that would check parts of your TL faster. ^^;;
Level [C] Translator

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