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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 30

A Way to Fly

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 29, 2012 04:50 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 30

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(Shou): --He caught up to me.
(right bottom)
His spike was stopped, but...?!
With opening color!!
(Shou): He chased me down.
(Shou): Little by little,

(Shou): I've had the life wrung out of me.
???: Oi!

Tobio: Don't get down over every little thing!
Tobio: We'll make up for it with the next one!

Ukai: There's no such thing as a spike which cannot be blocked. Don't forget that.

Tanaka: You'll score with the next one, Hinata!
(left of Noya) With a BAM!

Shou: ...Right!!

(black sfx) Tweeet
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Nekoma
Box: Start of the 2nd set


Shimada: Ahh...!
Shimada: Again...!

Inu: Alright!!!
???: Nice block, Inuoka!!

(Ukai): Player #7... so it wasn't a fluke...
(Ukai): He's gotten used to Hinata's movements...!

(Suga): His final match since the onset of junior high was a complete shutout,
(Suga): and even in high school, he couldn't win against Tsukishima's height.
(Suga): ...But


(Suga): he'd finally obtained
(Suga): a way to combat opponents that are much taller than himself.
(Suga): That attack, which Hinata viewed as the single strongest,
(Suga): was

Suga: stopped by one lone blocker.

Suga: ...Hinata...
Suga: I wonder if he's alright...

Shou: ...Kageyama.

Shou: --One more time.


(right) Crow vs. cat,
The official homepage is finally open!! And we have opening color as thanks for the extra super incredible explosion in popularity!!
Chapter 30: A Way to Fly | Furudate Haruichi


(left, large) the battle intensifies!!
(left, small) The manga continues on page 25!!
(bottom, red) The official "Haikyuu!!" homepage is now open!!
(bottom, green) 100 people will be drawn by lottery to receive an original Karasuno High School volleyball club mini enamel bag!!
(bottom, white spiked) Thanks for the huge popularity!!
(bottom, box) On the back is the full assembly of Karasuno members!!


(right) Hanging in there...!!!

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Scoreboard, left side: Nekoma

???: Daichi-san, nice recovery!
???: Nishinoya!
???: Left!

(Kei sfx) Glance

Ukai: You wanna ask me why I'm not making Hinata switch out, right?

Kei: ...not really...
Ukai: If this were an official match, I'd probably substitute him... but right now, it's his chance to find a solution to this problem...

Ukai: Still, if it looks like
Ukai: Hinata is losing his fighting spirit, he should probably sit out for a round.


Taki: ...This side should really... concentrate the ball on that long-haired guy or the one with the monk haircut. It's the only solution.
Tanaka: Free ball, free ball!

Taki: That shorty has a sort of "almost there" feeling, but...
Taki: The height difference really is rough...
Taki: When he jumps with all his strength, the taller guy can catch up, even if his timing is a little late.


(Tobio): He evaded the blocker...!

Inu: Urgh!

Tanaka: Dammit!

Takeda: It didn't work...

Nekomata: --A "human wall"
Nekomata: that breaks one's willpower.

Nekomata: If you keep hitting up against it,
Nekomata: it will crush your spirit...


Nekomata: ...he smiled.

Tobio: ...Oi.
Shou: It's kinda...
Shou: different, somehow...
Tobio: Huh?

Shou: Compared to the feeling back then, when I couldn't see past
Shou: the blockers at all and had no idea what do to...


Shou: it's different.

Shou: I know
Shou: that the other side is also just barely keeping up with me...

(left of Tora) One more!!
Shou: ...Even though
Shou: I've only disliked and feared being blocked until now,

Shou: when he appears in front of me,
Shou: it's absolutely thrilling.

Shou: I think with your toss
Shou: and... some... some sort of plan...
Shou: I'll be able to break through somehow.
Shou: So

Shou: toss it to me
Shou: one more time.


Tobio: Of course I will.

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
???: Nice receive!

Scoreboard, right side:
Team name
sfx bubble: Squeak
Scoreboard, left side:
am name
sfx bubble: Squeak


Suga: Ehh?

sfx bubble: Glance


Shou: Ah!
Shou: Uwah!

Shou: Gah!
sfx bubble: Bounce
(sfx) Thunk

Taki: What the heck was that?
Taki: Is something wrong with the shorty?

Suga: Just now...

Suga: Hinata
Suga: looked at
Suga: the toss...!

Yama: Eh? ...But that's only natural, isn't it?
Suga: Normally it would be, but!
Suga: In Hinata's case, he's always left the ball to Kageyama and focused solely on his swing!

Ukai: gh... T...

(top left sfx) Clatter
(left of Takeda) Ah! I can call time for you!!
Ukai: T-
Ukai: T-
Ukai: T-
Ukai: TIME OUT!!


Shou: Ahh! I-it's not that I didn't have faith in your toss or anything like that...
Shou: What happened...
Tobio: Why are you getting all worked up.
Ukai: Kageyama!

Ukai: Toss the ball
Ukai: to Hinata a little bit softer than your usual.
Ukai: Not the direct delivery you always use, but--

Tobio: Indirect delivery...
Shou: In...??

Ukai: Rather than the straightforward movement of your usual toss,
Ukai: use one that's just a bit floaty.
(above top diagram) Direct path
Top gray box: Direct delivery
(above bottom diagram) Parabolic path
Bottom gray box: Indirect delivery

Ukai: Me telling you to change it all of a sudden might make things difficult, though...

Tobio: I'll do it.
(white sfx) Tweeet


Takeda: Why are you changing the type of toss...?
Ukai: So Hinata has some leeway when he's in the air.
Takeda: Ohh...

Ukai: Earlier, it was as if
Ukai: Hinata were trying to avoid the blocker in midair...
Takeda: Eh?

Ukai: The straight Kageyama hit in the first set...
Ukai: That's
Tobio: Oi. It's because that was a "straight" just now!
(small text) Straight along the sideline!
Tobio: You become able to properly "choose" the ball's path!
Shou: Urghh...

Ukai: what Hinata was trying to imitate
Ukai: as a way of avoiding being blocked.

Ukai: He wasn't able to pull it off at all, though.

sfx bubble: Poff

(Shou): All this time, I've hit the ball without ever thinking about it, so
(Shou): now I have no idea how to match its rhythm by myself...!


Ukai: Time out!
Ukai: Hinata, cool off for a bit!
Shou: Okay!

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno
Box: Karasuno High School's 2nd time out
Scoreboard, left side:
Team name
Ukai: Kageyama's sending the ball to the best possible place.
Shou: Right.

Shou: S...
Shou: Sorry.
Shou: I've...
Shou: had a lot of misses...

Tanaka: What're you saying!!
Tanaka: It's aaalways thanks to you that I can hit so many free balls!
(left of Asahi) Yup.
Tanaka: Once in a while, I should be the one who looks cooler in the match!

Noya: Asahi-san scores more than you, though!
Tanaka: Shut up! Anyway, it's fine!
Tanaka: Right?! Asahi-san!!
Asahi: Ah! Yes, exactly. That's right.

Asahi: We'll make up for the lost points.

Kei: They probably won't be able to unless you're switched out, though.
Tanaka: Tsukishima!!


(sfx) Grip
Daichi: Don't worry about it. You seem to be onto something, so see it through to the end.

Daichi: While you're jumping, you're alone,
Daichi: but we're right behind you, watching your back,

Daichi: and it seems that our ace will reclaim those points for you! He's just so reliable, isn't he!
(Daichi sfx) Whack
(left of Asahi) Urk!

Suga: Daichi! Don't put pressure on Asahi!
Suga: What'll we do if he ends up getting hurt!

Noya: Yeah! He's got a heart of glass, y'know!
Tanaka: Don't say anything else!

???: Asahi-san!

???: Nice aim!!

(Suga): ...What incredible concentration... he's been like that every since he switched with the libero...


Scoreboard, right side:
Team name
Scoreboard, left side:
Team name

(right of bubble) Argh...
Takeda: He's giving his all, but it was still knocked back again...
Takeda: What does he have to do to make it to work...
Ukai: Still, he's doing a good job of returning it, with that ridiculous pose. He's definitely got good balance.

Ukai: ...It's a given that he wouldn't be able to pull off a new play immediately.
Ukai: However,

Ukai: whatever it is,
Ukai: he always starts from "I'll give it a try".

Ukai: He's short, clumsy and simple-minded,
Ukai: but he kinda
Ukai: reminds me of something my gramps said.

Takeda: You mean the former Coach Ukai?


Ukai: You know that Karasuno used to have a guy called "the small giant".
Takeda: That's the ace Hinata-kun idolizes!

Ukai: Though he had that nickname, he was about 170 cm. or so,
Ukai: and in the beginning, he was always blocked.

Ukai: In the second half of his second year,
Ukai: the guy he couldn't beat when it came to aerial battles left.

Ukai: Since he was no match for the blockers in height,
Ukai: he aimed for that gap and struck...
Ukai: He intentionally hit the blockers' fingertips and flicked the ball down...
Ukai: Like that,
Ukai: he created a means for himself to fight, despite his short stature.

Ukai: ...What gramps said about him
Ukai: burned itself into my mind.

Old Ukai: Humans have no "wings",


(Old Ukai): so they search for a way to fly.

sfx bubble: Tweet
sfx bubble: Shift

Takeda: Aughh!
Takeda: It went out!

Inu: ...wow...

Inu: That was amazing, Shouyou!!

Shou: ...one more time.
(bottom left) One more step in the right direction!!! Next time, the fierce battle also has center color!!!

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