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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 22

Autonomy Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Dec 6, 2012 05:00 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top right)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 22: Autonomy Time
Matsui Yuusei
ATFA: The plants in the garden have become a deeper shade of green.
(right, star) Artillery, who has undergone some tinkering...?!
ATFA: Spring is ending, and the scents of the approaching summer are in the air!
(bottom right)
Volume 2 from Jump Comics goes on sale 12/28 (Fri)!!!
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Korosensei's been made into a cell phone strap?! Details on page 13!!

Student: She became amazingly cute overnight...
(left of ATFA, arrow) Function which generates atmospheric music
Boy: This is... fixed artillery... right?

Tera: The hell, you guys are being deceived.
Tera: All of it's just a program that octopus made.


Tera: Even if it's being friendly, a machine's a machine.
Tera: That piece of junk's gonna start shooting again without caring about the rest of us anyway.

ATFA: I understand how you feel, Terasaka-san.
(sfx) Rotate

ATFA: That is how I acted, as recently as yesterday.
ATFA: Piece of junk...
ATFA: Even if you call me that, I have nothing to say in return.

Kataoka: Geeez.
Kataoka: You made her cry.
(ATFA sfx) Sob... sob...
Hara: Terasaka-kun made a 2D girl cry.
Tera: Quit saying it in a way that'll be misunderstood!!


Take: 2D is just fine...
Take: Real women don't need more dimensions than that.
Sugino: Takebayashi, do you seriously want that to be your first line in this manga?!

ATFA: But do not worry, everyone.

ATFA: Korosensei admonished me...
ATFA: and I learned the importance of cooperation.

ATFA: I will make an effort to get you to like me,
ATFA: and until we have all come to a mutual agreement...
ATFA: I will refrain from carrying out the assassination independently.

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Korosen: So please get along with her.

Korosen: Oh, and of course,
Korosen: thought I gave her a wide variety of improvements,
Korosen: I didn't so much as lay a hand on her murderous intent.

Korosen: If you wish to kill me,
Korosen: then she will certainly be a reassuring ally.

Box: --Korosensei, who can do anything,
Box: has even turned a machine into a proper student.


(blackboard, right of Korosen) A look at the structure of an eye
(eye diagram, right label) Retina
(eye diagram, left label) Pupil
(eye diagram, bottom label) Vitreous humour
(blackboard, speech bubble): Hey, a lens!!
Korosen: Now then, Sugaya-kun. Without looking at your textbook,
Korosen: inside the retina are rod cells, which are longer,
Korosen: and one more type of cell, which is shorter. What is it?

Sugaya: Huh?
Sugaya: Me?
Sugaya: Crap, uhh...

(white sfx) Wheeern
(black sfx) Flicker

(on leg) Cone cells

Sugaya: Umm...
Sugaya: Cone cells.
Korosen: Hey, wait a second, Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery-san!!
Korosen: Don't use sly tricks to teach him!!

ATFA: But sensei,
ATFA: In order for me to steadily assist everyone, I was programmed to-
Korosen: Cheating is not assisting!!


Girl: Woah.
Girl: So you can even make something like this inside that body of yours!

ATFA: Yes.
ATFA: I am able to mold a special sort of plastic into anything I choose inside my body.
ATFA: I can make anything except guns, as long as I have the data!

Girl: That's so neat!
Girl: Then, how about...
Girl: you try making some flowers?
ATFA: Alright.
ATFA: I will study data on flowers in preparation of doing so.
ATFA: Check, Chiba-kun.
Chiba: ...3 games in, and I can't win against her anymore.
Chiba: What a crazy learning curve.


Sugino: She's unexpectedly really popular.
Kayano: She can easily multitask all sorts of things at once,
Kayano: and can alter her body at will, too.

Korosen: ...Oops.
Nagisa: What's wrong?

Korosen: We're both the same character type.
???: You aren't even the tiniest bit close!!

(Korosen): I'm the one who made improvements on her, but
(Korosen): at this rate, she'll suck up all of my popularity!!
Korosen: Everyone!!

Korosen: Sensei can show something like a human face too, you know.
Korosen: By changing the color of my skin, like this.
Students: That's just creepy!!


(Korosen sfx) Sob
Kataoka: By the way,
Kataoka: have we decided on a nickname for her?
Kataoka: Saying "Autonomously Fixed Thinking Artillery" all the time is a pain.

Students: It really is.
Students: ...definitely.
Students: Like something with only one character...
Students: Auto (ji)...
Students: nomy (ritsu)...
Students: I've got it.

Girl: How about we go with "Ritsu"!!
Boy: So simple~
Maehara: What do you think?

Ritsu: ...It's wonderful!!
Ritsu: Well then,
Ritsu: please call me "Ritsu"!!


Nagisa: Looks like things are going well.
Karma: Hmm...
Karma: Maybe.

Karma: It's just as Terasaka said.
Karma: She just moves according to Korosensei's programming.

(character in Ritsu's hand) Ritsu
Karma: It's not like the machine has a will of its own.

???: I wonder what that thing's going to do after this...
???: That's for the proprietors who made it to decide.


Man: What the...

Ritsu: Good evening, master!!
Ritsu: It is all thanks to you that I am experiencing such an enjoyable school life!

Man: ...Unbelievable.
Man: Being remodeled of its own accord, and what's worse...
Man: there are even aspects completely unrelated to assassination that were added.

Man: We'll do an immediate overhaul.
Man: Remove everything that is not needed for assassination purposes.


Man: This thing was based off the AI of the Aegis Combat System.
Man: It analyzes battle situations faster than a human
Man: and wields all manner of firearms with comprehensive judgment, also at a speed beyond human capability.

Man: In addition, it has an outstanding ability to learn and
Man: has a function allowing it to remodel its own weaponry.

Man: With solid proof of its formidable might...
Man: the world's warfare will change in an instant.


Man: The entire situation and the reward money are nothing more than an excellent opportunity.
Man: This classroom is the best sort of test site.
Man: With the results we get from killing that monster, we'll receive several trillion yen in profits.

Man: Your parents' orders are absolute.
Man: You need only think about the assassination.

Ritsu: Yes, master.


(sfx) Open close
Ritsu: Good morning, everyone.

(Students): She's back to her old self.

Karasuma: You have a contract to "not inflict harm on a student", but...
Karasuma: They said that "from now on, making enhancements will also be considered harm."

Karasuma: The same goes for all of you.
Karasuma: It seems that they will demand reparations if "she" is even slightly damaged as a result of you tying her up.

Karasuma: This is her developers' view on the matter, so all we can do is comply.


Korosen: It might be troublesome for the developers, but...

Korosen: I'd prefer to respect the students' feelings on the matter, rather than her parents'.

Ritsu: Commencing attack preparations.
Ritsu: Please go ahead and start the lesson, Korosensei.


Box: Her having been downgraded means...

Box: that that constant, day-long nuisance of a barrage
Box: will begin again.

(Students): ! Here is comes!!


Ritsu: I promised to make some flowers.


Ritsu: Korosensei made a total of 985...
Ritsu: modifications to my body.

Ritsu: Master deemed that...
Ritsu: nearly all of them were "unnecessary for assassinations",
Ritsu: and they were deleted, dismantled and reset, but

Ritsu: from my study of the situation in Class E,
Ritsu: I personally deemed the "power of cooperation" to be an indispensable element of assassination

Ritsu: and hid the related software in a corner of my memory bank before it could be erased.

Korosen: ...How splendid!
Korosen: In other words, "Ritsu"-san, you...


Ritsu: Yes.
Ritsu: With my own will, I went against the master who created me.

Ritsu: Korosensei,
Ritsu: this sort of behavior would be called a "rebellious phase", wouldn't it?
Ritsu: I suppose that would make "Ritsu" a bad girl?


Korosen: Of course not.
Korosen: That is perfectly acceptable behavior for a 3rd year junior high student.

Box: And so,
Box: the compatriots of Class E increased by one.
Box: From here on out, these 27 students will work to kill Korosensei.

Irina: Karasuma, Karasuma,
Irina: is it true that drawing on a face makes you popular?
Karasuma: Your priorities are really off.
(left, star) We've got a failure here...



[page 5] - the little eyeball person drawn on the blackboard is actually Medama-oyaji (Daddy Eyeball) from the classic series GeGeGe no Kitaro (Hakaba no Kitaro) by Mizuki Shigeru.

[page 6]
As long as I have the data / data on flowers - In both cases, the reading given is データ (deeta, or "data), but in the first sentence, the kanji used mean "plans/blueprints" whereas in the second sentence, the kanji used means "model/design/appearance".

[page 8]
Ritsu - In Japanese, the first word of her full name is 自律 (jiritsu), meaning "autonomy". The other students decide to use the second character in that word as her name.

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