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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haikyuu!! 168

Not a Miracle

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 3, 2015 17:25 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Volume 17, jam-packed with extras, goes on sale 8/4!!
Chapter 168: Not a Miracle
Furudate Haruichi

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Crowd: Nice kill, Kawanishi!

Crowd: Kawanishi!
Crowd: Kawanishi!

Tendou: His blocking's just as omnivorous as always!
Semi: Huh?

left: The fated 4th set is a close battle right from the get-go!!!


Tendou: He's fundamentally a read blocker,
Tendou: but when he's in the zone, he uses guess blocking,
Tendou: and this time, he used commit blocking and jumped at that #10 shorty.
Tendou: It's a style where he only fights battles he knows he can win.

Semi: That's definitely the smartest way of going about it.
Tendou: Shut up! Blocking's all about how big of a KABAM you make!

Yachi: Their synchronized attack was blocked...!
Taki: That #12

Taki: quickly determined that Sawamura's stance didn't put him in a position to attack after receiving that spike,
Taki: and thus instantly discarded the possibility of an attack coming from the right side...


Shimada: It's not like there was absolutely no chance of Sawamura attacking from the right, but
Shimada: the likelihood of it happening was overwhelmingly low.

Aki: Split-second judgments like those really hammer home how experienced they are, being champions and all...

Saeko: Tag-team commentary!!

Gramps: You should've been putting that level of thought into things all along.

Aki: Geh!


Aki/Shimada/Taki: 'Sup!!!

Gramps: You guys aaalways seemed to jump at the ball before thinking it through, y'know.

Taki: W-
Taki: We were really swamped, y'know!
Taki: With hitting strong spikes! And keeping our serves in-bounds! And making sure our receives got the ball back in the air properly!
Taki: All sorts of individual plays like those!

Saeko: That used to be their dreaded coach!
Saeko: He's Ukai-kun's grandpa!
Yachi: Eep!

Gramps: Well, whatever.


Gramps: I see Washijou-sensei has yet another good lineup.

Washi: If Karasuno... hadn't sent everyone in to attack there,
Washi: someone might've been able to carry out a block follow-up.
Man: That's true.

(Washi): Our fighting style and theirs
(Washi): are completely different, but we both prefer to take points by force. In that regard,
(Washi): we're similar.


Voice: Nice kill, Tsukishima!
Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno

Washi: This is a battle of philosophies.
Washi: It's been like that since the old days with Ukai.

(Washi): This is a good opportunity.

(Washi): Using these two groups of high schoolers,

(Washi): we'll determine which style is truly stronger.


Ukai: Looking at a volleyball court on TV or from the audience, it looks pretty cramped, but
Ukai: if you actually stand on one, it's a lot larger than you'd expect.

(Ukai): There's got to be a way,

(Ukai): no matter how insignificant, to extend our players' reach
(Ukai): as far as possible.


Takeda: But you really shouldn't make such a scary face, Ukai-kun.

Box: Sawamura's serve
Voice: Hit'em hard, Daichi!

(Ukai): Keep it the same as always.

Reon: Got it!
Voice: Reon!

(Ukai): Since they're keeping Ushiwaka off serve receives,
(Ukai): we have to keep the left side in check!
(Ukai): And that'll make Ushiwaka hit as much as possible!


(Tsuki): He cut straight through the center.
Tsuki: We're going to stop him.


Crowd: Nice kill, Ushijima!
Crowd: Ushijima!

Tsuki: Tch.

Yachi: I've seen Tsukishima-kun irritated plenty of times, but
Tsuki: Tch.
Tsuki: Tch.
Tsuki: Tch.
Shou: Are you a clock with all that tch-ing?!
Yachi: that's the first time he's ever
Yachi: seemed so frustrated!

Scoreboard: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno

Voice: Nice kill!

white sfx: Tweet
Boxes: Shiratorizawa | Karasuno
Voice: Asahi-san,
Voice: hit'em hard!
sfx bubble: Hoo
Box: Azumane's serve


Yui: Al-
Yui: right!

Gata: Wakatoshi!


Tsuki: Here we go.
Tsuki: And...

Tsuki: now!


Crowd: It blew right through them!

Ukai: If they send Ushiwaka a perfect toss and he perfectly slams it home, there's nothing we can do about it.

Ukai: As for how to reduce the number of points lost the rest of the time,

Ukai: the back center defender will take
Ukai: one step back.
Ukai: This is if Ushiwaka has at least 2 blockers on him, mind you.

Shou: That's the thing Ennoshita-san did in the Wakunan match!
Ukai: Bingo!

Ukai: I think it's worth a shot precisely because it'll support the higher-than-expected level of our
Ukai: Tsukishima-centered blocks.

Ukai: It's just one step,


(Ukai): but that one step is all you need!!!

Asahi: Orya!

(Ukai): Hinata and Tanaka's quick reflexes have
(Ukai): enabled them to save balls which have blown past us but are still in play, so don't give up on them.
Tanaka: Ngh!

(Ukai): Turn that play into something that isn't a miracle!!!
left: Bring the ball back with that one step!!!

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