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To-LOVE-Ru 120

To-Love-Ru 120

+ posted by Mel_Luvz_Anime as translation on Oct 19, 2008 08:10 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 120

To-Love-Ru 120 by Mel_Luvz_Anime

Page 1

-You've got the day shift today don't you...

-Can you give these handouts to Kotegawa after school, she's out with a cold
-I've got a map from Honekawa-sensei so...

*Yui is absent!?*

-That's rare, Kotegawa staying away from school...

Page 2

*No matter how much time passes, he's slutty! You're occasionally called a "bishie", right Onii-chan!!*

*To-Love-Ru 120 : Wonder Drug*

Page 3


-It seems my terrible fever has come down a lot

*I need to get better soon...*
*Or I'll fall behind in class*

-Yui~~! I brought you your food and medicine
Even thought it was one of those ready-made instant meals
-Ah Thank you Onii-chan

Page 4

-Onii-chan, what about university?
-Yeah I'm skipping today

-As if I could go to school when my cute little sister in pain

-You can't use me as an excuse to truant
-Shut up, you're stubborn even when u have a cold!

-Did her mother go out?
-It's in this neighbourhood

Page 5

-So this is the Kotegawa residence...

-*Ding Dong*

*I'm going to say that this was asked of me...*
*Coming to a girl's house... it makes me kind of nervous*



Page 6

-Ah umm
*Ko... Kotegawa's older brother!? He's so cool-looking*
-I came to give Kotegawa Yui-san this handout

-Huh? Where have I seen this guy from before...

*From that time...*

-Oh sorry for making you come all this way
-I'll take it out now

Page 7

-Hey, since you're here you might as well hand it to her personally!
-Eh but...

-It's ok, don't hold back!
-This way Yui will be happy too

-It is now progressed to a point where I feel that I'm intruding...
-It would've been good if I bought some fruits

-... Is it here

-Ah... excuse me, Kotegawa?

Page 8


-No... I didn't mean to...

-Y... yo...

Page 9


-Entering a girl's room all of a sudden without knocking, that's lacking common sense!!

-I... I'm sorry, Kotegawa...
-Whatever... well, what is it!?

Page 10

-The class committee member asked me to give this to you

-Thank you...

-So... how are you feeling
-... The fever has already gone down so I think i'll be able to go to school tomorrow

-R...really! That's great

Page 11

-Yuuki-kun said he came to my house because he was asked to...

-Being in a girl's room, alone with a girl makes me feel unusually nervous...
I... have to say something, anything

-Is... is he looking at my room!?

*This is kind of embarrassing...*
*I didn't leave anything weird lying around did I...*

Page 12


-Well, do you...

*... He's got a serious face...*
*What is he trying to say!?*

-Like cats by any chance?

Page 13

-Y-y-y-y-yes I do, is that bad!?
-N-no, I was just surprised...

-Wait, give that back to me!!



Page 14

-A-are you alright Kotegawa!!

Page 15


-Well, it's just coffee but...

-Wait... it's not what it looks like!!

Page 16

-That surprised me...!! Has Yui already gotten that far...
-I was completely unprepared for this

-... I'll also give it my all...
I have to show Akiho-san that I'm serious...

-S... sorry Kotegawa...
-I...it's ok, it was my fault...

-I... I should get going soon

Page 17

-It wouldn't be good if you were to get worse because of me overstaying my visit
-N..no way that wouldnt...

-My cold... is gone now

-N... nevermind!

Page 18

-Hey Yui! You have more guests!!


-Everyone came to see you!!

Page 19

-Huh? Rito came too
-Ah yeah, to give her something...

-Did you really come to give her something?

*Catching a cold once in a while*

-It's so great that you're doing well Kotegawa-san
-I brought some Taiyaki [T/L:Taiyaki = fish-shaped pancake filled with bean jam]

-Thank you...

-I brought all kinds of medicine from Mikado-sensei!!
-Yo... you really didn't hold back did you...

*Isn't all that bad!!*

*To-Love-Ru 120 /End*
*Next time, school-life becomes clear to Mikan*

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Oct 19, 2008
Thank you !
#2. by Phat ()
Posted on Oct 19, 2008
thanks :D
#3. by tailender1 ()
Posted on Oct 19, 2008
thank you
#4. by juUnior ()
Posted on Oct 21, 2008
Big THX <3

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