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Translations: One Piece 777 by cnet128 , Bleach 616 by cnet128 , Gintama 531 (2)

World Embryo 2

World Embryo 02. Cocoon

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 1, 2007 05:52 | Go to World Embryo

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Translation by Molokidan

[Chapter 2]
sfx: Haaah x3
Youhei: Haha...that's sixty.

Rena: Takebe-san...there are still more!
sfx: buiiiiiin
Rena(2b): Are they trying to provoke us? How ridiculous. Let's follow them!
Youhei: Wait, wait a minute.
Youhei: (Scribbly) Rikuuuu, answer meeeee!
Riku: You-nii?
Riku: You-niiiii! I'm right here!!
Riku: I'm fine! I'm not hurt!
Youhei: Riku!?
Youhei: More importantly than being hurt...can you get out of there?
Riku: Y, yeah, the glass is broken...
Riku: But hey...

Rena: Takebe-san! They're getting away! (Come on, he's fine!)
Youhei: Sorry! We'll go ahead of you.
Youhei: I'll check back with you in a bit. Later!
Riku: Wait...You-nii!?
Riku: This...
Riku: A dream...?

Riku: It wasn't a dream...

Chapter 2 - Cocoon

Riku: Ah, it broke!
Riku: Alright...
Riku: Shizuru-saan, breakfaaast!
Riku: Shizuru-saaan...
Riku: You're late...
Riku: Shizuru-saaaaaan?
R: ............... (Muh)
Riku: ...What am I going to do with her...
Riku: Alright, this my last resort!
Riku: Mooooom!

Shizuru: Ri..Ricchan! Just called me...
Riku: Good morning, Shizuru-san.
Riku: C'mon, breakfast, breakfast!
Shizuru: Eh...wha...
TV: And now for the daily news...
TV: Last night in Yasaka City, an unexplained...
Riku: Itadakimaaasu.

Shizuru: Uuu.......sleeeepy.....(I can't even concentrate)
Shizuru: I don't have anything to do today, so let me go back to sleep....
R: Is that self-employed work ethic really okay...?
Shizuru(2b) Of course! Yesterday we had a big problem with an animal that got some sudden infection....some other person was taking care of the poor thing...
R: Must have been tough on whoever asked this vet for help, too...
Shizuru: Okay then, goodni...
Riku: At least sleep on your futon!
Shizuru: So I can sleep, right? Well then, I'll see you off.
Shizuru: Uu.........
Riku: Alright, fine, I'm leaving!

K: Oh! 'Sup, Amami!
T: Good morning!
Riku: Good morning, Kijima, Tashiro, Masaki-san!
Kid: Everyone looks super tired.
K: Well, that's what happens at the end of the semester.
Kid: You said it! Hahaha...
Masaki: When we become 2nd-years, everyone's gonna be all over the place, huh...
Masaki: It's kinda sad.
K: I'll be relieved when the noisy people go away, though.
Masaki: Shut up, Kouta!!
Kojima: Ah? But I didn't say a single thing about you...
T: It will reaaally be a relief, won't it...

Wah!! Ken-chan, when did you--?!
Kenmochi: It's "KENMOCHI-SENSEI!" (Right?)
Kenmochi: C'mon, the first bell's ringing! Everyone in their seats!!
Kenmochi: Alright then...this third semester's just gonna be a challenge of stamina.
Kenmochi: As long you just sit still, I won't complain.
Kenmochi: I'm still your homeroom teacher until the end of next week, remember.
R: She's got no energy...
Kenmochi: Errr, anyway, let's try to keep going!!
Riku: ...Sitting here like this makes yesterday seem like a lie.
Riku: Yeah...more than anything, I feel at peace.
Riku: Since I entered high school this year, I've made some friends.
Riku: All of already starting to drift away from me.

R(2b): At any rate, Amane-nee was...but then what about that mail?
R(2b): You-nii was the one I met there, right? And that garden...was in ruins...
Riku: Huh...?
Riku: Aren't I...forgetting...something important?

Riku: You-nii...saved me from "something"?
Y: It's already 9:00?
Youhei: Hey, might if we call it quits for now?
Rena: Never! They're getting away!!
Youhei: ...At the rate we've been going, they're probably already long gone...
Youhei: More importantly...look, you're too worn out!!
Youhei: You're practically staggering!
Rena: E...excuse me!
Small text: Huh?

R: Speaking of which, Takebe-san...back there, when you covered for him...
Y(3b): Ah, I forgot about that. I'm more or less alright now. Jinki really are convenient, huh?
Youhei: I hope Riku's alright,
Youhei: After getting dragged needlessly into something like this.
Rena: Of course...he didn't see the "Kensei," did he? (*Kanji: Appear, Awaken.)
Youhei: ...probably not.
Youhei: I had him close his eyes and stuff.
Rena: In that case!
Rena: By now, he should have completely forgotten everything.
Youhei: Yeah, I guess so...well, once we're done here, shall I go take a look?
Rena: You're acting a bit hasty, Takebe-san.
top sfx: gasa
little sfx: jukajuka, buiin, buiiin, gasa

Youhei: Hoh...this might be a hard fight for you, Rena-chan.
R: I'm more than prepared. If you keep up such frivolous talk, however, I will cut you up along with them.
Y: Uwahh, scary!
Youhei: Well then, shall we clean up here?
Rena: Please work on moving your hands rather than your mouth!

K: Amane, Komaki! What do you wanna do now?
Masaki: Go to Sakashita, of course!
Masaki: Today's Half-Off Okonomiyaki Day at "Tabeta!"
Masaki: And after that, "Raibura" has a cake buffet!
K: ....And you're going to both, right...
K: ...Amami, what's wrong?
Riku: Eh? Er, nothing...
Riku: It's nothing. I just think I forgot something...
Masaki: Your eyebrows are all the way up here like this. You sure you're alright?
Riku: The cocoon...
Riku: That's it!! (*Eyebrows = Mayuge. Cocoon = Mayu.)
Riku: I was saved by that cocoon...
Riku: But from what?
Riku: Dammit...why is everything so unclear?
Riku: You-nii said "Don't answer your cell phone, or you'll be infected"...
Riku: By what?
Riku: This was just yesterday...? Remember!
Riku: And then finally, You-nii rescued me from something...

Masaki: ...Amami-kun?
Masaki: Your's really pale?
Riku: Sorry...I'll come with you next time...
Riku: Why?
Riku: Why did I forget everything?!
Riku: About that gang...
Riku: About those monsters.

Riku: That's it. The thing You-nii saved me from was that gang...!
Riku: And then...they turned into some kind of monsters!
Riku: But from there, my memories are all blurry!!
Riku: That cocoon...
Riku: saved me...!
Riku: That's what I thought then.
R(2b): That's why I brought it back home with me. I felt like I had to.
Riku: What the hell was I thinking?!
Riku: That cocoon might be the same species as those monsters...!!
Shizuru: Today I'm staying home...
Riku: Shizuru-san!!

Riku: Shizuru-sa...
Riku: ....What are you doing?
Shizuru: Ricchaaaan! Goooood timing!
Shizuru: Something's theeeere...some weird round white thing!
Shizuru: Ri...Ricchan?
Riku: Oh no...
Riku: Oh no!
Riku: OH NO!!

Riku: It's gone.
Shizuru: KYAAAA!!!
R: Shi...Shizuru-san!? (Wah...wah...)

Shizuru: It's in there! ....I may have changed its shape...
sfx: dokun x3
R: ....where?
Riku: In the sofa's shadow...over there...
sfx: dokun x2
R: Thread...
R: The cocoon...?
sfx: dokun x4

sfx: kotsun
Shizuru: KYAAAAAA!!
Shizuru:'s right below meeeee!
Riku: Calm...calm down, Shizuru-sa...

R: Wahhh!
R: Wahh!
R: Wahhh!

Shizuru: Ri...Ricchan?

Riku: ...It's alright, Shizuru-san...
Riku: just wants to come outside...
Shizuru: Ricchan?!
Riku: This is...different...
Riku: It's different from those monsters yesterday!
Riku: This isn't...
Riku: ...anything like that!

Child: Nee!
Riku: Wah!
Riku: Wa...wait...!
Shizuru: Ah...

Chapter 2 / End

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