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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Steins;Gate 1

Time Leap Paranoia

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:47 | Go to Steins;Gate

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

1: After exiting the Radio Hall,
2: I saw that all the people who had been walking around Akihabara had disappeared
3: and that some kind of satellite had crashed into the building.
side: The game that's all the rage in Akihabara is now a comic!!
4: Is this a dream...? Am I seeing a hallucination...?
5: Doot-do-doooo!
6: What's wrong, Okarin?
7: Mayuri!!

red: The 12th theory that desecrates God -- the product that coincidentally fell into
our hands.
bottom right: [The text messages you send change the future!]
bottom left: Chapter 1 - Time Leap Paranoia

1: So you're still here too!
2: Huh?
3: Everyone else disappeared all of a sudden! You saw it too, didn't you?!
4: Huh? What are you talking about?
5: Did the heat get to you?!
6: Waaaah, what are you doing?!
7: I think the heat's gotten to YOU!
8: Excuse me?!
9: I mean...
10: this place has always been deserted.

1: Wh...
2: What?!
3: A special summer term class, eh?
5: Wanna skip class and go to a maid cafe instead?
6(2b): I know what I saw...Akihabara was packed with people. Then, they all disappeared
before my eyes!
7: You still going on about that...? Wake up, man.
8: Look at that.

1: The only thing the news has been covering is that satellite that crashed into the
Radio Hall.
2: The Radio Hall is currently being swamped by reporters.
3: Investigations are still going on regarding the reason behind the crash.
4: Expert sources say that--
5(2b): What a catastrophe, eh? I wonder if anyone died.
6: There hasn't been a word about Makise Kurisu...
7: Was that really all in my imagination...?
8: By the way, about the phone microwave...

1: Hm? Are you talking about the machine we invented in the "Future Gadget Lab," the
inventor's club we created in a commercial building in Akihabara?
2(2b): Nice explanation. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
3: Why did those pieces of fried chicken come out frozen, when they were supposed to be
thawed? I still can't figure it out.
4: Any ideas, Okarin?
5: If my right arm, the super hacker Daru, doesn't even know about what happened, then
maybe Mayuri was right. Maybe the heat just got to me...
6: My opinion is that the phone microwave (tentative) is the key to opening
7: Siiiiigh.
8: And so, Okarin's chunibyo delusions continue...
9(2b): Hey! I am NOT a chunibyo!
10: I am simply sensitive to the supernatural possibilities of this world...
11: Kyaa!
12: Ah...sorry.
13: No, I'm sorry...

1: Excu...
2: Th...this is...
3: Makise Kurisu?!
4: Why is she here?!
5(2b): ...is something the matter?
6: Y...you're dead! How are you standing here right now?!
7: ...huh?

1: Did she survive? No...she was stabbed by someone, splattered in blood...
2: I'm telling you, man, it was all in your head!
3: You sent me that text message a whole week ago, you know?
4: A week ago?
5: Impossible...I just sent Daru that message after confirming that she was dead...
6(2b): It wasn't a week ago! I saw Makise Kurisu's dead body a mere three hours ago!
7: Hey...can you please stop acting as if I'm dead?
8(2b): Oh yeah, but now that I think back...the timestamp was actually one
week later...like it came from the future or something.
9: From the future?
10: Look.

1: The timestamp is the 28th -- today, one week after I initially received it.
text 1: It looks like
text 2: she was stabbed.
2: ...I sent this to you three hours ago!
3: Huh?
4: Intriguing...
5: ...I know I saw you.
6: Right after Dr. Nakabachi's presentation in the Radio Hall, you were stabbed and
killed by someone!!
7: I SAID, would you stop acting like I'm dead?!

1: Besides, Dr. Nakabachi's speech was already canceled
2: because of the satellite crash.
3: Canceled?!
4: Things aren't making sense again...
5: Just like when I was with Mayuri.
6: This place was always deserted.
7: ...hey, you.
8: M-My name is Hououin Kyouma.
9: No it isn't.
10: (small: Well then,) Mr. Hououin, I'd like to hear more...
11: Ms. Makise, it's about time we...

1: Ah...alright...
2: If you'll excuse me.
3: ...Something's really up with you today. What's wrong?
4: That's my line...
5: Let's just get a move on.
6: ...ok.
7: And so, Daru and I went to our college class.
8: To our surprise, the teacher was

1: none other than Makise Kurisu.
2: I thought I was having deja vu, but it's the same person...
3: She's only 18 years old! Geez.

1: Makise Kurisu...
2: Was that dead body really just my imagination...?
3: The next day--
4: I've been thinking...all this chaos revolving around Makise Kurisu may be part of a
big conspiracy.
5: You still haven't gone to the doctor yet?
6: The timestamp on that message leads me to think that it may have been interfered
with by some third party... (It's gotta be)
7: A text message from the future...

1: You're like a time traveler. Or maybe it was just your message that did the
2: I know I'm right! THEY are obscuring the truth!!
3: Argh!
4(3b): Your delusions are giving me a headache. I'm going on ahead to meet one-on-one
with Feiris-tan. See ya!
5: Curses! Daru got away...
6: ...this place is full of people.
7: Maybe I really was seeing things...
8: Ahhhhhh! ...No, this doesn't make sense!
9: tug.

1: ...Hm?
2: ...um...
3: Wh...
4(2b): Who are you?! Why do strange women keep creeping up on me..?!
5(2b): I'm searching for the IBM 5100...the urban legend of Akihabara...

1: The IBM 5100...?
2: That old PC from 1975 that John Titor was looking for?
3: ...Apparently...it's somewhere in Akihabara...
4: Have you ever seen it...?
5: I only know of the name...
6: This is so random...
7: Do you know anyone who might know more?
8(2b): Huh? Yeah...Daru might know about it...
9: M-my phone!!
10: Give me your phone number...
11: Hey, what do you think you're...
12: Relax. I'll give you mine too...
13: Huh?!

1: beep
2: ...I'll send you a text message.
3: So talk to that Daru friend of yours for me...
4(2b): H...hey, wait! Who the hell are you, anyway?!
5: Kiryuu Moeka...
6: I work part-time at an editing production company near here...

1: Welcome back, master!
2: Ahhh, it's Okarin!
3: Thanks for coming, Kyouma!
4: Mayuri, Feiris...
5: Are THEY chasing you again?
6: Pretty much.
7: Okarin, Okarin, what do you wanna eat today?
8: I'll leave that to you, Mayushii Nyan-Nyan.

1: Yes sir-nyan!
2: Make yourself at home, Kyouma!!
3: Ahh...this place really is the #1 maid cafe in Akihabara. Feiris is so damn cute...
4: I can't believe Mayuri decided to work here.
5: What took you so long?
6: I was approached by some weird woman...
7: A weird woman?
8(2b): You know about John Titor, right?
9: Who?

1: Gross...
2: The American guy who appeared in 2000 saying that he had traveled back in time from
2036! Don't you remember talking about this in high school?!
3: Huh?! I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
4: What is this, some new story you thought up?
5: No idea...?
6: You sure you just didn't forget?
7: Trust me.
8: Srange...Daru's been all over the internet.
9: The John Titor story really blew up on @chan, there's no way he wouldn't know about

1: How about the IBM 5100, then?
2: Oh, yeah, I know about that.
3: It's the rare PC that IBM made in 1975, right?
4: Yeah, that's it!
5: Titor also wrote about the PC himself on @chan.
6: It was a highly-advanced PC for the time, filled with all of IBM's original code and
7(2b): It was so expensive, (*tl note: $20,000) however, that it transformed into a
kind of legendary computer that no one person could get their hands on. There's an
urban legend saying a model exists somewhere in Akihabara, but it looks like no one's
found it yet.
8: So the urban legend isn't real, then?
9(2b): Who knows? There are a ton of weird shops in this town. It could be stuffed in a
back room somewhere for all we know.

1: Why are you asking me about this all of a sudden, anyway?
2: N-no reason...
3: ...More importantly, why is SHE looking for an IBM 5100 in this day and age...?
sign: Future Gadget Lab
4: It's so hot in here!
5: Come on, please let me turn on the AC, Okariiiin!

panel 1: @Chan Occult Board
(rest is too cut off to translate)
1(2b): click click
2: Titor created tons of commotion on the internet 10 years ago.
3: How could Daru not know about him...?
4: He probably just forgot...
5: ...Hm?
6: click
Hello everyone. I'm John Titor, an American.
I've come here from the year 2036.
The world is a lot more peaceful in this age.

229 Anonymous Believer
sage this shit

230 Anonymous Believer
I hear it's summertime now.

8: John Titor?!

1: What the...is this some kind of joke...?
2(2b): click click
3: I'm gonna try looking in another thread...
panel 2: 294 JOHN TITOR
It doesn't matter whether or not you believe I'm from the year 2036.

All of you who exist on this world line wish to know more about time travel, correct?
The world's first time machine was invented by CERN

panel 3:
4(2b): click click
296 Chestnut Gohan and Kamehameha


344 Anonymous Believer

What did you come back to this year for? Don't tell me you're the guy who dropped that
satellite in Akiba.

Anonymous Believer

Come on people, he's an American, speak in proper Japanese so he can understand you!

5: ...? Wait a minute.

panel 4:
I was sent here by CERN, for a specific reason. I like it here.

This peace will not last much longer, however.

6: click

panel 5:

7: Weird...

524 Anonymous Believer

I think I saw this in a movie before. No one really thinks ahead with what they're
doing so things eventually get all fucked up.

525 Chestnut Gohan and Kamehameha

What the hell is CERN? What kind of an organization?

8-9: click

panel 6:

I don't think anything will happen if I do, but I have never met myself in the past.

690 Anonymous Believer

pics or it never happened

10: It's like everyone is seeing this "John Titor" character for the first time...
11: Don't they know about him either?!

1: Argggh, fine then...!

panel 2:
812 Mad Scientist

John Titor already appeared 10 years ago.

panel 3:

812 Mad Scientist

John Titor already appeared 10 years ago.

813 Anonymous Believer

Titor-tan? M/F?

814 Anonymous Believer

I have a question for Titor-san.

2-3: click

4: Dammit! They're totally ignoring me!!
5: I know there was some English site out there that collected all his forum posts...
6: click click
7: And tons of Japanese blogs that wrote about him...
8(2b): click click

Google: John Titor
The search term "John Titor" returned about 12 results.

1. John Titor
Some guy claiming to be a time traveler appeared on @chan.

2. I've come from the year 2036.
I've come from the year 2036. It doesn't matter whether you believe me or not. The
world's first time machine was invented by CERN.

1: Impossible.
2: When I searched for John Titor's name on Google a few years ago, it returned tens of
thousands of results.
3: creak...
4: My memory cannot be lying to me! Is this some kind of conspiracy?!

1: Something strange
2: is happening...
3: It's like...
4: I've been thrown into some kind of parallel universe.

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