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Steins;Gate 2

Abstract Fluctuation Rendezvous

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:47 | Go to Steins;Gate

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 2 - Abstract Fluctuation Rendezvous

1: I am not a chunibyo.
2: No...you are. Think about it.
3: After spending some more time going through all the threads surrounding John Titor's
sudden appearance...
panel 3:

Since you all seem so interested in the time machine, feel free to ask me any sort of
questions about it. I don't mind explaining it to you. It may be difficult to replicate
certain parts of the machine with your current technology, especially a certain area
that underwent revisions in 2034.

Time travel is achieved by manipulating gravity. The basic theory comes from Einstein's
twin paradox. However, that alone will not allow you to turn back time.

234 Hououin Kyouma


It utilizes a tipler cylinder and a Kerr black hole, right? This is exactly the same
thing as what you said 10 years ago! I know that your time machine first went back to
1975! I know everything!

panel 4:


How surprising. There's someone in this time period that already knows about my time
machine? I did appear ten years ago. If you saw me, however, Hououin Kyouma, then it
must have been on a separate world line. I still haven't been to 2000 yet.

The important thing here is the spinning black hole, or the Kerr black hole.

267 Anonymous Believer

Did Titor really appear 10 years ago?

270 Anonymous Believer


Hououin-san never ceases to amaze me with his delusions.

panel 5:

274 Hououin Kyouma

This is no delusion. Titor already spoke of these things ten years ago. There's even
been a book released about it. Go look through the bookstores in Jimbocho.

You installed the machine that manipulated gravity into the back of a Chevrolet, right?
The John from 10 years ago said the same thing.


Yes, that's where I installed the machine. My time machine was not created by CERN, so
its gravity manipulation is a tad unstable.

Through creating microsingularities and then injecting electrons into them, the
microsingularities begin to spin at high speeds, creating a localized Kerr field. I'm
not an expert, so that's all I can really say any more about how it works. But it is
possible to create man-made Kerr black holes using this method. CERN will create their
own black hole in 2010.

1: It turns out these people really don't know that Titor already appeared 10 years
2: Seriously, what's going on here...
3: Argggh!! I shouldn't have to waste my time with such an unscientific phenomenon!!
I'm done with this! Doting any more on it will just be a waste of time!!
4: I have inventions and research to be working on!!
5: Alright, Daru! Time to begin the experiments on Unit #08!!
6: Unit #08? What the hell is that? (An Eva?)
7: The invention that was built here, in the Future Gadget Lab...

1: The phone microwave (tentative title)!!
2: Phone Microwave (Tentative Title)
The eighth invention produced at the Future Gadget Lab.
It's a microwave that can be controlled remotely using a cell phone.
If you put food in the microwave before hand, you can begin to microwave it while
you're on your way home.
That way, as soon as you come through the door, you'll have a warm meal waiting for
3: Oh yeah, about that...the chicken that was supposed to be thawed came out frozen,
and the bananas came out in a sort of gel form...
4: snap
5: Don't you think something's odd?
6: It's our job as inventors to pursue those oddities.
7: ...Hey, aren't those the bananas Mayu-san bought?
8(2b): Mayuri may be a high school student, but she's also a member of our laboratory.
Therefore, these are important research materials she gathered for us. We're allowed to
use them!
9: Poor girl...
10: In order to warm it up for 2 minutes, I need to punch in #120, but I'm going to
make a mistake on purpose.
11: beep
12: This should make the banana come out in a gel form again!!

1: Two minutes later--
2: It's done!
3: If my theory is right, then it should be gel now...
4(2b): ...Huh? Where's the banana?
5: Where did it go?

1: ...Hand it over.
2: Huh?
3: Enough with the silly jokes. Give me the banana.
4: I didn't hide it.
5: You think you're cool because you learned some sleight of hand trick or something,
6: Um...what? (LOL) You're the one who hid it, right? (LOL)
7: What do you think I am, a gorilla?!
8: Then why is it gone?!
9: M...maybe it...was teleported...?
10: H...hold on! Let's be level-headed about this...use common sense!
11: Come on, it was just one banana! We have more left, so let's just use those!
12(2b): True...banana, banana...

1: Wh...what the hell?!
2: D-d-d-Daru! Is this gel banana in the spot where you snapped it off earlier?!
3: I-I don't know...I wasn't paying that much attention...
4(2b): This gel banana is completely stuck to the bunch...! Is this the banana we just
stuck in the phone microwave (tentative title)?!
5: Hrmm.
6: That looks like quite the interesting experiment.

1: Wh...
2: Why is zombie girl here?!
3: What did you just call me?!
4: I came to talk with you, Okabe Rintarou-san...oh wait.
5: Hououin Kyouma-san...was it?
6: Wh...Why does she know my real name...? I don't remember ever telling it to her!
Could she be with THEM...?
7: I asked Hashida-san about it yesterday after class.

1: He also told me about this place.
2: Wh-whaaat?! Daru, you traitor!!
3: I came to find out whether you actually did see my dead body or not...
4: But this is really interesting.
5: Hey!! What are you doing to our precious data?!
6: ...It has no taste.
7: Hey, can we try one more experiment? I want to see what happens with my own eyes.
8: Wh...what was your name again, Christina?
9: Christina?! When did I ever say my name was Christina?!
10: You're the little rat who snuck into my lab! I have no obligation to answer you!!
11: E-Excuse me?!
12: Hey, wait, Okarin!

1: Remember, Makise-san is enough of a genius to skip ahead in an American university.
2: She might be able to figure out what's going on with the microwave.
3: True...
4: She did give that talk yesterday at UPX...if she's smart enough to work as a teacher
who gives talks on time machines, then maybe she could be of use...
5(2b): ...Fine. If you really want to know the secret to this microwave that bad, then
I'll let you work here in this laboratory...as my assistant.
6(2b): I'm planning to go back to America in August, but I don't mind bestowing you
with some of my knowledge until then, Hououin Kyouma-san.
7: ...So be it.
8: Allow me to begin by asking your opinion, then...

1: ...Hey, don't put the banana in yet!!
2: You two just keep your eyes on the bananas.
3: Don't order me around!!
4: I'm a mad scientist, you know
5: Just watch the damn bananas!!
6: Wh...who does this woman think she is?! She's scary when she gets angry, too! She
appears out of nowhere, dies randomly...
7: And then when just when I think she dead, she suddenly reappears and starts giving
me orders, even though I'm older than her!! What a selfish bitch!!!
8: 60 seconds have passed. Any changes?
9: Nope.
10: Hmph...but now that you're working in MY laboratory, you've already lost the power
11: I'm going to work you to the bone now!! Fuuuuuuhahahaha!
12: It came out!

1: The banana really did pop back here in an instant...
2: How about on your end?
3: Um...
4: Er...
5: At the 104 second mark...
6: It suddenly disappeared...
7: Hahahahaha! Look, I knew it! It teleported!
8: This is the first teleporting machine in human history!
9: But...teleportation is impossible...
10: OK then, genius girl, then how else can you explain this?!
11: ...Have you ever tried this experiment with anything other than a banana?
12(2b): Yes. But only the banana teleported.

1(2b): I wonder if it has to do with the size and weight...have you noticed any other
2: Hm...now that you mention it...
3: When I switched the cell phone connected to it with my own, there was a big electric
4: What?!
5: When did that happen?!
6(2b): Yesterday afternoon. When you went to go see Dr. Nakabachi's speech.
7: Dr. Nakabachi...
8: Wait, Daru.
9: I thought you said that Dr. Nakabachi's speech was canceled!
10(2b): Yeah, I did. But you still left with Mayu-san regardless.
11: No...
11: As far as my memories are concerned, Dr. Nakabachi's speech WASN'T canceled.
12: Yet another contradiction...

1: Wait a minute...didn't you get the mail I sent you at that time?
2: The one you showed me at UPX? About how I was stabbed by someone?
3: Huh? Wasn't that just something you made up?
4: I *ALWAYS* tell the truth!!
5: Fine, if you're going to be that stubborn, then just look at my message history!!
panel 3: 001-002 Mayuri
003-19 THEM
6: ...It's gone.
7: Huh?
8: The message I sent at 1:00 yesterday is gone!!
9: Wait, that's probably around the time when the electric discharge happened!
10: What happened to the microwave after the discharge?
11: I connected my cell phone to it and then checked to see if it was still functional
with my PC.
12(2b): ...That discharge may have something to do with your cell phone. Let's try it
with mine.

1: I'm off work now, Okarin!
2: Did you buy more bananas?
3: Huh? Do we have a guest?
4: I'm Makise...I think I've become another member of this laboratory.
5: Oh, really? A female member, wow!
6: Hey, do you want some chicken nuggets?
7: Let's put this into the microwave.
8: Ahhhh!
9: OK, Daru! Send me a message from your cell phone.
10: Roger.
11: Huh? Wait, you're going to use that in an experiment?!
12: Nooooooo!!
13: Wha...hey, Mayuri! Don't open that!!
14: Huh?
15: crackle

1: Kyaaaaaaaaa
2: ...Woah...
3: Another discharge...?
4: The microwave...burst through the floor...
5: No matter how much electricity was discharged, there's no way a microwave could
become heavy enough to burrow through this floor...
6: Looks like we have more questions to answer...

1: Something besides the discharge must have happened...
2: Ku...kukuku...
3: Fuuuuuhahaha!! Everything went according to plan!! Feast your eyes on this!!
cell phone:
from Daru
Sent: 7/24 17:30
Title: Okarin is
a perv
4: ...that's the message I just sent you!
5(2b): But...the timestamp says it was sent on the 24th...? It should say 17:30 on the
6: The chicken that was supposed to thaw simply returned to its frozen state.
7: And the lone banana simply returned to its bunch...
8: Impossible...!!

1: This phone microwave (tentative title) is...
2: a time machine!!
3: B...but...
4: How could that thing be a time machine...?
5: There's no waaaaaaaay!
6: Christina?!

1: Christinaaaaaa!!
2: ...The next day
3: ...so tired.
4: After the explosion, I tried experimenting with other types of food, but for some
reason, they just warmed up normally without turning into gel...
5: Why did everything turn back to normal all of a sudden...? Christina also hasn't
come back yet...
cell phone: New message
6: ...oh, come on already!!
7: That goddamned woman...she keeps sending me a new message every ten minutes....!!
8: And you call her a genius!
9: Hey, Daru, want to go get some food?
10: Hmmm...?

1: ...? What's that a picture of?
2: A Large Hadron Collider.
3(2b): It's an experimental machine that exists at CERN. They call it the LHC for
short. Total moe material.
4: How is this in any way moe material?
5: So you've finally gotten to the point where not even 2D can satisfy you, huh? You've
gone on to inorganic substances...
6: ...Hm? Wait a minute..."CERN?"
7: Ten years ago, Titor claimed that in 2034, CERN, the European Organization for
Nuclear Research, would complete a time machine.
8: The new Titor said that too, you know. Everyone's talking about it on @chan now.
9: It isn't important whether this is the same Titor or not -- what we should really be
thinking about is how we're connected to him through our time machine!
10: ...meaning?
11: Titor's always talking about CERN. Maybe if we dig up some info on them, we could
learn something important.

1: ...Daru.
2: Let's hack into CERN.
3: ...is that supposed to be some kind of joke?
4: All we'll take is any hints we can find out about time machines!
5: Whaaat?
6: Do it!! Super hackmaster!!
7: ...C...come on man, just leave it as hacker.
8: That's my right-hand man!
(small: Don't be embarrassed!)
9: What is CERN, anyway?
10(2b): The largest particle physics research facility in the world. The LHC is a
particle accelerator that exists in their basement, and there have been rumors that
they're creating miniature black holes down there.
11: Miniature black holes...? I think I remember Titor mentioning those...
12: Obviously nothing like that is actually happening, though.
13: Twenty hours later--
14: I...
15: did iiiiiiiiit!!

1: Y...you did?!
2: I got into the accelerator supervisor's mail logs.
3: Any notes on time machines?!
4(2b): There isn't a mention of those two words in any of his mail...something called
the Z Program is mentioned over 100 times in the span of a few months, though.
5: Any details on this "Z Program?"
6: I found a PDF file, but...
7: I think this is a government secret.
8(2b): ...S...So what? Open it!
9: ...OK, but I take no responsibility!
10: "Error in tests results.
Human dead, mismatched.
Check Jellyman Report #14 for more information.
Experiments are to be stopped to perform maintenance on lifter and other necessary
11: ...Nothing about a time machine, huh.
12(2b): This is top secret, so even the file itself is pretty hard to decipher. I'm
more interested in this other weird database, though.
13: Weird?

1(2b): It looks like some kind of programming code at first, but...I've never seen any
code like this, and it doesn't seem to be some other kind of encryption.
2: What?! You mean it's something even you don't understand?!
3: Yeah.
4: T...this smells like a conspiracy!! It's something not even Daru can
understand...and I have no way to contact Christina...
5: I guess I have no choice but to ask Titor!!
6: I sent Titor a picture of the screen on @chan.
7: What? You think he's actually going to give you an answer...
8: He answered?! (That was fast!)
cell phone: This program can only be accessed with the hidden features of the IBM 5100.
9: The IBM 5100...?

1: ...now I remember...that woman was looking for the IBM 5100 too...!!
2: That woman?
3(2b): Daru, keep trying to find more information on CERN. I'm going to go look for
that legendary PC, the IBM 5100!!
4(2b): Huh? But where are you...
5: If I find the IBM 5100, I'll be able to figure out what happened to me in Akihabara
that day, why no one else besides me knows about John Titor, and what happened to the
phone microwave (tentative title)!!
6: Wait for me, IBM 5100!!

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