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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Riki-Oh 10

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Riki-Oh

-> RTS Page for Riki-Oh 10

white text: THE SEVENTH DAY
W: Seven days under the cold, wet ground, without eating or drinking..
W: Looks like he doesn't even have the energy to play that damn grass whistle of his...

violence10 THE SEVENTH DAY

P: Geh....they're going to dig him out with a bulldozer?
P: ....this is just hideous...

P: He...he really did die, after all!
P: I guess even Riki-Oh can die...
sfx: zzz zzz
S: Th...that bastard...he's sleeping so soundly!!
P: His face looks just like an innocent baby...
W: I wonder what kind of dreams he's seeing? Maybe one of playing with Mizukami Keiko at the Yamashita Hospital...
R: Ke...iko...

sfx: pkih
S: He...he broke the chains!!

P: Ri..Riki-Oh!
R: J...just now...you said Keiko!
R: Did you bastards..go to see her?!
R: Uuu!!
W: Fufufu...looks like you became a little mole down there...
W: Suddenly being put in sunlight again after being underground for 7 days is bound to paralyze your nerves a bit...
S: What are you idiots doing?! Hurry up and grab him while he's blind!!

P: Uuu....
S: You damn cowards!!
R: Wh..what did you do to Keiko?!

P: It..it's gonna crush him!
R: Uuuugh...
P: Wh..what...
P: What the--

P: Yomi!!
P: Shiragami!!
P: It...it's the last two Emperors, Yomi and Shiragami!
P: Didn't they get swallowed up by the concrete?!
S: So you two did survive...
Y: I cannot die...

Y: Until...I kill this man!!
Y: Shiragami!
S: Yeah!!
sfx: hyuuuu hyuuu
sfx: pipih

R: Ugggh....
R: My eyes..
Y: Die, Riki-Oh!!

W: Move Riki-Oh to the Beauty Parlor.
W: There's something I need to ask him.

S: Kakaka! Welcome to the Beauty Parlor!

W: Women go to beauty parlors to become more beautiful...this one here is to further open up the hardened hearts of certain difficult prisoners.
W: In other words, it is a room made to cleanse you of what dirty secrets you may harbor...
S: Guheheheh, which means it's a torture chamber!!
W: You see, I want to become friends with you. But in order to do that, I must first come to understand humans of your type.
W: I want to see if it is possible for me to understand the deepest, darkest secrets you hold within.
R: Friendship can never exist between wolves and pigs...

R: But people like you, who grow poppies in prisons, traffic heroin, and even sacrifice young girls all in order to increase your own profits...
R: are lower than pigs....
sfx: hiku hiku
W: L...lower than pigs...
S: Idiot! You think you can talk like that and get away with it?!
R: Uu!!
W: It seems like you're placing the blame on drugs for turning the girl you loved like a sister into a vegetable...
W: When it truly is the fault of modern doctors. If a war happens to break out and we receive tons of wounded soldiers, drugs will turn out to be a more effective strategy than weapons or tanks.

W: This is why prefectures all over the nation run syndicated drug manufacting countries, which, at the most basic level, ends up in heroin being sold on the streets.
R: You say you're preparing for some kind of war...
W: Kukuku...
R: When in the end, it's always people like us who get hurt as a result.
W: Not just war.
W: After Japan started seeing the aurora lights, it started to snow in April.
W: This abnormal weather is being caused by irregular magnetic forces...
W: An immense disruption is expected to occur on a worldwide scale in just a few years.
W: Although -- some people say it has already begun...

sfx: gura gura
S: A...an earthquake!!
sfx: gura gura
W: This is why we must accumulate more heroin, gold, and silver than anyone else.
W: One could even say that the very life or death of our country will be decided by the amount of heroin we amass.
W: Using prisons around the nation to farm poppies was implented through a national policy, of all things!
R: A national policy...!?
R: That means Keiko was a victim of the entire country...
W: Fufufu...

W: Let's get to the main question here.
W: I don't think you came all the way here just to stop our production of heroin. I have a feeling there's something else that drew you here, as well.
W: And the key to unlocking that secret lies in your senior year of high school...after you disappeared while preparing for college entrance exams, you found yourself in a certain Chinese graveyard in Yokohama, did you not?
W: Make him talk,
W: Shiragami!
S: Sir!

Y: Fufufu...

W: Why did you abandon your secure, happy life and disappear?!
W: Why did you un away from the warmth of your gentle parents, just to live under the cold stone of a Chinese graveyard?!
W: Why did you come all the way here to find me?!
W: Turning my poppy fields into a sea of fire was just bait to lure me out, wasn't it?!
W: What is your true goal?!
W: What are you scheming?!
W: Cough it up, Riki-Oh!
W: What are you scheming?!

Y: Stubborn bastard!!
SFX bubble: bugi bugi
Y: Ahh!
Y: Blood...
Y: Razor pieces...

W: Just answer it honestly. I want to become friends with you, remember?
Y: Whaaat?!

W: Hieeeee!!
S: Warden, are you alright?!
R: The day you find out my true intentions...
R: will be the day you pigs die!!
W: Whaaaaat?

Grave: Oh Birei

?: Yesterday...I had a dream.
?: A dream that a boy with a six-pointed star on his hand would come to see his mother's grave...
?: You are the son of Oh Birei, are you not?
?: Were you thinking of dying so you could meet your mother in heaven?
?: Or maybe you were thinking of rejecting your destiny by rejecting your life...

?: But humans are born with an obligation to fight their destiny. Yet they cannot die until they have fulfilled their karma.
?: If you're throwing away your life, then I shall take it instead.
Z: My name is Zenki.

P: Riki-Oh!!
P: Riki-Oh!
P: Riki-Oh, I brought you some dinner.
P: After seven days of nothing, you must be starving. Eat up and regain your spirits!
P: You're the shining star of hope for us!
P: Can't you hear it?
P: Riki-Oh...
P: Fight on, Riki-Oh!!

P: The Warden will do anything to suppress you, but you can't give in!
P: I'll come again soon.
P: Fight on, Riki-Oh!!

(every bubble on this page): Huuun!

R: Huuun!
R: Huun!
R: Huuun!
R: Huun!
S: Someone's been bringing things to Riki-Oh!!
S: Who is it?!
?: Uhehehe...
?: Iwasaki from the North Block.

P: It's Sugiyama! Sugiyama's come here!
P: What are you gonna do to Riki-Oh this time?!
P: Ohh....Tanimoto's walking alongside him!!
P: Ahh..
P: Iwasaki!!

P: Tanimoto, that bastard!! He betrayed us AGAIN?!
S: Uhehehe....I'm gonna deal the finishing blow to this guy in front of Riki-Oh...
S: Riki-Oh may be able to take his own pain, but he's the kind of guy who can't stand to see the pain of others...
S: Riki-Oh, today'll be the day you spill everything to us, uhehehe!!
S: Wh....what?!

S: Riki-Oh, how did you get free?!
S: I...impossible!
S: Hieee!!

S: Riki-Oh!
R: Sugiyama, Tanimoto...
S: I'll send all your karma to Hell.
S: Pass on to the next life!!
T: Hiieeee!!

S: Hiieee!!
S: Auuhh!!

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