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Ame Nochi Hare 4

Many Blooming Flowers

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Mar 27, 2010 21:07 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 4

Please help me proofread and do a TL check especially on the lines I'm unsure of T.T

This chapter felt harder than usual to do,maybe.The next chapter should be easier.My break ends on Monday,so I'll do the last chapter slowly.No rush.

Edit: Looking at it now,this chapter was hard because there was so much f-ing text to type.Arrgh!!

Random talk:
Zomg,Hazuki-chuwan is so cuuute that you just wanna hug her!

Take Note:
Read from right to left,top to bottom unless stated otherwise
// means the bubbles are connected.
I had to put in some more SFX this time because I felt the need to emphasize some of the small nuances.Even though I still think they are a pain in the ***.
Bolded lines are the ones I'm unsure of.

Chapter Notes(at the end or whatever):
The title of the chapter in Japanese is (百花繚乱 Hyakkaryouran) / Something like "Many Blooming Flowers" - It can literally mean having a lot of flowers bloom at once.Or in the manga's case,it refers to the gathering of many beautiful girls.
The literal meaning is the best title I could think of though.

Title: Many Blooming Flowers


You've got it all wrong,Jouji !


And what might that be! I've misjudged you!

I know it does seem that "that" was going on,but trust me,its not like that!

You have some nerve making up excuses for this, considering the situation you're in !

And here I thought you had no woman.It turns out that you actually have THIS kind of fetish!!

And on top of that....you were going after....the high school girls next door.....

You've got it all wrong !!


Ha-Haru-chan is our savior whom we owe a great debt to for helping us out....!



Th-...That's why,he's not the kind of person who would lure a high school girl here to do any of those things you think !

Hey-Hazuki,I heard a loud crash.Something fell over?


He's the dorm's other supervisor at Amagai....!


Are you still alive, Hazuki?

Waa!Hey hold on a sec you guys.....


...You better explain what's going on here,Haruto

After I tell you....// Can I get your full co-operation on this too?


You're moving into the dorms!?

Ye--Yeah//Commuting to and fro from school has always took quite a while you see.

And you know I need to ride the bus to the station, don't you?//If I get caught up in delays or traffic,it could take me up to 3 hours to get home.That's really inconvenient....//And I want to join clubs too....

But isn't applying for it this late unheard of?

Well,they made an exception....

An exception~~?

Well....a friend of mine from school is a foreigner you see,so.....


Homesick!? (Me ?!)

Yeah,I'm sorry! I used you as an excuse.//I said that since you came from overseas,even though you made friends when you started dorm life,you became homesick and depressed.So I wanted to be by your side to give moral support.

Sigh...I don't really mind but

Did you work it out with your parents?

With my parents,yes.It's only my brother that....

Yo!Sorry, Touma.I used you as an excuse for moving into the dorms!


Did you manage to break the news to your roomate,Touma?

Yeah,somehow.Though he seemed pretty happy when he found out that he was rooming with someone from the some place he's from.

Suddenly wanting to changing rooms sure leaves some bad vibes with the other person.It's hard telling him and really hard to make up a good excuse for it.



Me?You know that Maki is from a whole other district, right?So I just said that he got so homesick and depressed even that his physical health got affected.And since I'm in his class,I wanted to give him moral support.

Who the hell is homesick!?

Are you done with the moving,Maki-chan?



I saw your 3 person room.It's so spacious.Awesome!

I don't know about that.It'll get pretty cramped with the 3 of us in it.

I didn't know they had 3 person rooms.

I hear they're seldom used nowadays because the number of students has been gradually decreasing.

After getting lucky,having a room comfortably all to myself,it turned into a 3 person room in a heartbeat.What a pain....


Top right most grey box: Triple shared room
Other grey box: Double shared room
Title next to Maki's head:Their room assignments.

Oh right,I said hi to the dorm head just now,and he told me that the dorm's traditional welcome party is going to be held this week.

Oh yeah....they did tell me about that.But with all the things going on here,I forgot about it。

Both me and Goro-chan just moved in all of a sudden,right?....And the rest of you switched rooms.The dorm head had a real suspecting look on his face.

Uwaa,did he say anything to you?*Correction

Nothing in particular....it seems Saiki-san was just filling him in on the story.

When I found Saiki-san,he was really breaking out in cold sweat.

Strangely though,Saiki-san understood the situation pretty quickly.

Haru-chan secretly told me that Saiki-san's real job is actually a novelist you see.

But it seems that he also works as a live-in dorm supervisor.


Even though he may put on a stern face,he's actually a softie at heart.

He said it...!//It seems that they both graduated from Amagai and they were students together.

I thought it was going to be impossible for sure!

Well,I wouldn't say that.


I just ain't got the confidence to cover for all 5 of those troublesome kids.

It's going to blow up in our faces and get exposed for sure.(The dorm head had one hell of a suspicious look on his face when I told him about the room change!)

If it was just one,I can manage.But 5 of them is just a pain.

You're enjoying this aren't you?

No way!

You've always been like that.

You always have that look on you,that goes wherever the wind blows,in whatever you do.It makes the people around you get all excited.

Hey,don't make me out to be like some kind of troublemaker.

Well,if it's something the two of us can handle,I can count on your co-operation too,right?



It's always been like this with you.


Touma,you awake?


Could you sleep that well on the first day you moved into the dorms?

You can't fall asleep?

I feel kinda anxious.//It's my first time living away from my family after all.


I've always been the type of person who can sleep anywhere.I always go on trips too.

Haha,I kinda envy that

If you were a cute girl then I wouldn't mind holding your hand until you fall asleep though.

(Hoho) Is he serious...?//Ouch!

SFX at their hands right to left: Grip / Clench


I'm glad I'm not alone.//I'm really glad there's 5 of us.

That's true....


We take shelter at Haru-chan's house during rainy days.

I wonder if the rain will let up.

Just when I think we're going to change back,it rains again.It seems like we're going to be stuck as girls for quite a while?

When I looked up the forecast just now on my cellphone,it seems that it's going to continue to rain and clear up like this for a few days.

Even if the rain stops,if it doesn't even last 12 hours,we can't change back.On top of that,it's pointless if it rains again within that time.

Is everyone here?I have something to give you all.


I think you've already heard it from Yamanoi-kun.From now on,when you turn into girls,you'll all be having your school hours at the girl's school next door.

I'm having mixed feelings about actually being able to go over there.

Do I really have to wear this....

Over there,you'll all be treated as overseas students who grew up abroad due to your parent's circumstances.//Because you also attend another school,you'll all be alternating between the two and showing up in varying degrees....at least that's the plan.

Wait a sec! I can't speak anything other than Japanese!

Me too!

I've studied English in school but I've never used it in any other context.....

I can have a conversation in English,but it's no where near a native speaker's level.

I guess we just have no choice but to insist on speaking in Japanese while we're in Japan.(Although it's quite impossible)

Touma,how good is your English?


I wouldn't say that I can't speak it.....

Well then,please give the others a helping hand,alright.


Awesome!Touma can speak English!

He's half Japanese,so it's no surprise that he can speak both languages from his parents.Even so,it's still cool !

Hazuki's SFX:Sparkle Sparkle (キラ キラ)

The rain stopped.

It's true!

Goromaru's squiggly text: If it stays like this,I won't have to wear a girl's
uniform.And that's that!

Ah,I think it would be a good idea for all of you to go out for a while then.

Go out?


I was able take care of the uniforms for you but//It's a given that I can't go so far as to take care of the things under your uniforms too.

So please go shopping for them

Black box:Meanwhile at Amagai Girls Academy

Yes,well done....We studied that sentence a while back and made use of the
grammar before.Please take note of it***
Not sure about the last part of the sentence.

The next line,Oohara-san//Yes

Waa----My stomach's acting up.

I'm hungry~ That's why I don't like 4th period.Hurry up and end already~!



If my stomach starts growling now, in such a quiet room,the whole class is going to hear it!

...Does your stomach hurt?

(Eh!?)No...I'm just fine.It's nothing at....//....all

SFX: Ding Dong Ding (キーン コーン カーン) -Can't think of anything better...
SFX from the girl's grey bubble:Gruuuuu
Teacher's speech bubble:That's all for today.
SFX bottom right: Hmm

It's making a big tantrum I see.

Oh no,you heard it?


Here,have some candy.


Th-Thank you!

I've been holding it in too

What a cute pouch

Oh this?

It was on display at a lingerie store I often go to.They have a general merchandise section.It was really cute and I just ended up buying it on a whim.

Oo,where is this store?

It's at Kawano Station,if you take the train.Do you want to drop by and have a look on the way back from school?

Eh,is it alright with you,letting me tag along?//But don't you get picked up by car to get here and get back,Mutsu-san?

You can just call me Sakurako

If I call home to tell them,it'll be fine.What about you?Is making a detour on the way back okay with you?

I'm okay with it

My family is pretty chill with these things!


Okay then,it's settled!//What about lunch?If you like,how about we eat together?

Of course!

Oh and you can just call me Asumi!

At this hour,we'll just slip right into the crowd of girls who are on their way back from school.

Yup,because it's already pass lesson time.


It looks like it's going to rain again.Let's just get there and go home quickly.

It would be nice to get this over with quick.

Does it really take THAT long?

How would I know!

I was able take care of the uniforms for you but,it's a given that I can't go so far as to take care of the things under your uniforms too.

We could order it by mail but you can see that if they deliver 5 persons worth of it to my house,it's going to stir up some trouble.


What do you mean?

Please think of it as your first ordeal.//Your underwear.

Come to think of it,I don't know any stores like that at all.Where do we go?

I looked it up on my cellphone just now.

You looked it up!?

Text over Maki's head: Ignored

When I searched for it,I got tons of results,but this one's pretty close//....And the price is reasonable....

Why the hell am I researching this kind of stuff....!

SFX for man:Glance


Hazuki // And Maki-chan too


Your legs are open.People can see inside.

Skirts are so bothersome.You have this cool sensation whenever you walk around.It makes me feel really uneasy.

If someone did catch a glimpse of it,they'd be in for a shock to see a guy's one instead.

So it might be true that the sooner we get girl's lingerie,the better.


Be careful alright.The two of you are cute after all.


**********Train bubbles:
Arriving soon at~ Kawano Station. Those transferring to the Chuo Line and Kanjou Line please kindly disembark there.//We have had a lot of cases of lost umbrellas again today.Please take care of your personal belongings.

We're here.This is where we get off, right.


What's the deal with him.

Don't think I'd be happy about it or anything!

Squiggly text: It's true....


Here it is....

From another person's point of view,there's no problem for high school girls like us to.....

Even so,I'm still a little nervous about going in.


What should I do!

No idea !


I'm too scared to touch it....!

Are you looking for something?

YE- Yes!!


This is our new stock for spring.We have a variety of colors including pink.Isn't it adorable!

If you like,I could get you one that's your size?



Eh,your bra size.

I-I don't have the slightest idea about that.I've never measured it before!

Eh?You've been wearing whatever feels right all this while then?It's not good you know~

I don't have one (Slipped my mind)*** Can't read the kanji very well,I'm guessing its 忘.

Don't have one!?You're not wearing a bra !?

I don't have one,so that's why I'm here to buy one right....(Guu...)

All of them look cute,so we felt lost.


We haven't measured them in a while,so could you please measure our sizes for us again?

Touma is good!

Well then, come this way please~ You're going in here!

And you'll be going here


Is this okay~?Looks about right...your size is...this, I guess//Does it feel tight over here?

A litt-...

Now then,this is just going to be a little uncomfortable okay.




Hey,how did it go?

65 B

65 B

65 B...

70 E!

SFX: Bam


Anyway,now that I know my size

Time to pick one that fits.....

Oh-, I'm sorry

I-It's okay!Please,you first!


You were first,what's your size?

B 65....

Ah,me too

Is that so?

Yeah.I think white is cute.//Right?I think white would look good on you too.

This camisole is also really cute.The store assistant got me a matching size.

What's this?You're buying lingerie even though we came here to look at the other stuff they have.


Yup!Because they look so cute!//Thanks for showing me this place

What's your size,Sakurako-chan

70 C // You're also in the same year as us, right?


We might have passed by each other while we're walking around in the corridors

Hazuki! Let's pay for everything together!

Oh uh,wait a sec! //I'm sorry, but my friends are waiting for me! See you some other time!



Ahhh-//It's raining again~

If possible, I didn't want to put something like this on!

I thought I was gonna die back there when we tried some on!

Squiggly text:What's more,she says I don't need one at my size?!

Even so,we can't put on a guy's boxers,right.

You should be thankful to Haru-chan you know.I never thought girl's lingerie would cost so much.

I guess it's a good thing he footed the bill for us

That girl you were talking to back there.She's a first year too?


Her ribbon was the same color as ours.


Someone you know?...Nah,....I guess not//Even if you do know her,I doubt she would've guessed that you'd look like this,not in her wildest dreams.

Yeah,I wouldn't say I know her.After all,I've only ever met her once before.

I remember now....On the day of the school entrance ceremony.She's the girl who showed me they way....

Well,on the other hand,she probably wouldn't remember me anyway....

I'm hungry~ Hazuki! I wanna eat Oyakodon tonight ! TN: Japanese rice dish with chicken and eggs in it.Google it =P

Mm~ Well,Haru-chan says he has a lot of spring cabbages.Maybe I should put those in too~

Text above Goromaru: I don't want any


Eventually,it did rain again,and we headed out towards the girls school

Squiggly text: Uh- I'm still not very good at hooking it---

What a cruel story.I can still count the number of times I've worn Amagai Academy's blazer,and yet...


Everything ready?

Okay...then....I guess we'd better prepare ourselves too then.

It seems that Haru-chan's garden stretches out into Amagai girls school's grounds as you walk deeper and deeper into it.


Soaked in the rain,we made our way through the rose bushes

And stepped into the grounds of the girl's school.

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#1. by Rio-kun ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2010
Hi Noob3d I’m Rio-kun, first of all I want to give you thanks for translating the first 4 chapters of the series Ame Nochi Hare, I liked when I read it. Anyway, like all fansub or scanlation you always have to ask permission to the translator or editor of a series to translate into another language, so I'm here to ask you permission to use your translation for me and my team to make it in Spanish. Thanks.

If you grant me your permission, not only me, many others in Latin America will enjoy this series translated into Spanish, I’m not “WHO” to tell you that it would be nice if you translate the other chapters remaining in the first volume, the fact of studying Japanese, the kanjis katakana and hiragana, it's hard for me. But seriously, it would be great if you keep translating the other chapters. Thanks and hope you can answer. Rio-kun and JD_MCR Scans.

I hope my English doesn't sound too robotic XD.
#2. by noob3d ()
Posted on Apr 21, 2010
Yeah sure,I don't mind.
I'll most likely continue doing this series,as along as there are chapters available.
#3. by Rio-kun ()
Posted on Apr 22, 2010
Thanks, Truly thanks, we'll start editing next week, thanks for your permission, you are a very good person.

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