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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Ame Nochi Hare 5

Dressed In Rain

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Apr 24, 2010 09:08 | Go to Ame Nochi Hare

-> RTS Page for Ame Nochi Hare 5


Eh so volume 1 is done.Which means I can take a break.At least until the raws for volume 2 appear online.

As a semi-spoiler for those who want to know,we won't see Tsukiko-chuwan for a while for the majority of volume 2(T.T).And one of the chapters in volume 2 is a freakish 70 page long chapter.There goes my summer.But it ends on a cliffhanger just like volume 1.

I'm also guessing that volume 3 will be out by December.I'm getting my wallet ready.

//- Dialog connected by bubbles.
**Trying to think of a better phrase/accuracy slightly unsure of.
Read from left to right,top to bottom.

Title: Dressed in rain


For now, while we're girls, we'll just change our first names and leave our family names as they are. Don't mess it up.

Even with that, it'll be rather confusing to us...

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but…Wow It's really just girls here!

The building's structure is a spitting image of the boys' school...

We stick out like a sore thumb...

There's nothing weird about my uniform, is there?

Ah, there's quite a number of cute girls around.


I'm Yamanoi Tsukiko

I'm Kisaragi Mako

Big words: It's a pleasure to meet you all

I'm Sakonji Madoka

I'm Goromaru Junko.

I'm Maki Yuuko


I wonder if things went well for the others...

Let's get in touch with them after class.

The textbooks are the same, so the classes should be fine...



What a coincidence!

Remember me? We met at that store yesterday.

What a surprise! I never thought we'd end up in the same class!

O-*//Me too
Thought bubble: Not supposed to say that

*TN: Tsukiko-chan was going to use "o-re", a masculine (and un-girly) way of saying "I"


You know I...

You there!

It's nice that you're getting along so well right from the get go, but leave your chit-chat for after the lessons!

Looks like we got told off good.


We're sorry!


SIGN: Class Sakura

First period over...

SFX next to Tsukiko: HAA (??)


At the store... Um... There were a few other friends with you including Kisaragi-san, right?

Could it be that all of you were overseas exchange students?

Eh// Uh... yeah.

I see! So that means both you and Kisaragi-san have known each other for a long time, huh?

It's barely been two weeks!...

Y-Yup... that's it. It's been so long that I've even lost track of how long it's been.

You're living away from your parents? Must be tough.

You're very good at Japanese. [She says this in English...supposedly]

You've mostly lived overseas, right? It's amazing that your Japanese is so good.[Also in English]



I know... that it's English she's speaking...


This girl...

What's the matter?[Also in English]

Could it be that my English is so poor that you can't understand me?

I can't reply to her in Japanese here!

SFX: Hwaaa

It's weird if I have no idea what to say to her despite supposedly coming from overseas!

It's fine. You don't have to concern yourself with it. [Touma speaking in english.. supposedly]

Our parents have always spoken to us in Japanese so it's not an inconvenience for us to speak it.//It's been a while, so we'd prefer to use Japanese while we're here. We'd be delighted if all of you could enlighten us on what the life of a student here is like.[Touma also speaking in English]


Touma is amazing... He's speaking so fluently!

I'm sorry. That was uncalled for.


Your English is really good, isn't it? I'm surprised.

Those two are amazing!

Oh, but you can talk like that too huh, Tsukiko-san!

Y- Yeah...

Is it alright if I call you Tsuki-chan from now on?

Please tell me all about what it's like overseas!

S-Same here! I hope you'll teach me lots about this school, too...

Of course!

I'm Houjou Asumi. I don't mind it if you just call me Asumi.


Oh // We're moving to another classroom for the next lesson, so we'd better hurry up.

You dropped something.

Ah! Thanks

A movie?

Yup, it's a private showing! I was supposed to go with my big brother, though.

But my brother is busy with things at school now, so I thought about asking a friend from school to go along with me.

But it seems that Sakurako already has some plans for today...

The lead role is being played by a pretty famous actor, I see.


Yes yes!//Isn't it cool !

I got it! How about we go together, Tsuki-chan?

Eh? O-...Me?

Yeah. Could it be that your family is strict with these things?

Like not letting you make detours on the way back or going out to meet someone?

I-It's nothing like that, we're just normal folks after all!

Y-You're right, though. What do we do about it... could you wait for me for a sec?

Man, hanging around that girl really wore me out. I have no clue why she would just randomly try to sniff us out like that.

Touma, what should I do?



I got asked out


Phone sfx: Brurururu

This ring tone... it's probably from them.

Maki-chan fainted.

Sign: Infirmary

Seems like anemia


So it's anemia

Just take it easy and lie down for a bit. Oh, and loosen up your bra, too.

Ah- Y-Yes!

You're the one who accompanied her here, right?

Please write down her name and class here. It doesn't seem like there's anything to worry about, so I'll be out for a while. If anything happens, I'll be in the staff room.

Are you okay, Maki-chan?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Was the bra you bought... too tight, Maki-chan?

Th-That's certainly no-

Now now, just take it easy.


The stress from not being used to dressing up like this might also be partly to blame.

But everyone's in the same boat if that's the case.

How pathetic of me...

Maki-chan, are you alright!?

Don't worry.

It's just a mild case of anemia.

Thank God! How're you feeling?

I feel much better now.


How were the classes on your end?//Did you somehow get by?

Ahh. Well, somehow.

When Maki-chan came down with anemia, it turned all chaotic, so I didn't really hear about the little details very much.

Something did happen to us.

Some sarcastic little girl tried to talk to us in English.

That... could possibly put us in a pinch that'll do us in for good.

I cooked up an excuse to get us out of it, though.

Touma was awesome! He was speaking like a pro!

That reminds me!

I got asked out by a girl!



Remember the girl from the lingerie store the day before? We happened to be in the same class!

Oh, the girl with the braids.

That's right! It's tonight !//She asked me to go with her to a private screening of a movie! What should I do? I have no idea how to handle being alone with a girl since it's my first time.

Look here, you shouldn't get so worked up about this.

Because, right now, you're a girl.

It's a given that she...

...asked you out as a friend without any romantic interest involved.


Text: Just to be sure

This thing is going to be at night, right?//It stopped raining this morning, so if the weather holds up like this, we'll change back again at about 9p.m.

Squiggly text: So that's what it was!

But it's nice that you get to go out with a girl.

If you want to, shouldn't you just go?


We'll wait outside in case anything happens so you can call if anything happens.
You guys are free today, right? How about we help him out on this first date, it might turn out to be quite interesting.

You could call this a date, I guess.

I'm fine with it, but will you be alright, Maki-chan?



Then it's decided! We'll get a bite to eat and wait for you outside the meeting place, Hazuki!

Have fun with the// "Girl-Talk".

TN: Gossip about guys and what not (dunno if this is a common phrase in english) ? I don't think you need to keep this TN...

Why you...

This is it! There's still time before it starts, though, so we may have to wait in line a little.



Do you often watch movies, Tsuki-chan?

About as many as... are needed so it's easy enough to start a conversation about them.

<There is a private screening being held in Hall A.

For those attending the screening, please line up here. The screening time is...>

My big brother like movies, so he brings me along a lot!

It's really fun. I can sort of follow them even without reading the subtitles.

Hm. Looks like Hazuki is already inside.

But he doesn't have to report every single little detail, though.

It's his first date, after all, so it's natural he's feeling nervous.

Hazuki is really shaking in his boots, huh.


The girl he's with, Asumi-chan, wasn't it? Hazuki has her practically defenseless, right where you'd want her.

You could say that it's unavoidable, considering that we look like this. It's tough.

Oh, that's right! Aren't you hungry?

Eh? No, not that mu-....

I was so nervous that I totally forgot about it.

My stomach starts growling right when I start getting hungry. It got me into quite a pinch in the middle of lessons.

Whether it's a movie theater, or during class, it's really embarrassing when the place is dead silent.

I bought this as a snack in the morning, but...

You want a bite?

Melon bread



The baker bakes really tasty bread!

By the way, what about you, Touma?

You're not dating a girl right now?

Not at the moment.

That's a surprise. You seem pretty popular with the ladies, after all.

I'm living in the dorms, so for now it's going to be difficult.

He just killed the topic with that excuse...

The conversation has shifted to something I hate to talk about.


What about you, Goro-chan?

Sorry. It's all about club activities for me!

How about you, Maki-chan!? How're things on your end?



...It's none of your business.

A secret, huh... Then what about you, Madoka?


Ah... no, I... how should I put it...



I-...// I have a fiancée...

A fiancée!

B-But it's something my parents decided on their own!

I had nothing to do with it!

Whose son are you, man?!

You're the first guy I've seen with a fiancée!

...a fiancée

It's all behind me now

<As for today's private screening, "My other self"// I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to be here today.>

<You probably know this already, but this film's lead actor, Alan Bennett, // is an Academy Award winner for Best Lead Actor! Moreover, the film also won many other awards, including the Best Art Director Award...>

Hey, are there any bread crumbs stuck near my mouth?


Aww, there are?

Hmm? Over here?

No, it's on the other side.

Ehh... Did I get it?

Not yet...

<Ladies and gentlemen. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy yourselves from start to finish.>

SFX: Clap clap clap


Waa! The movie is about to start! Can you get it for me? (I don't have my mirror!)

O-... Me!?

...can I?

What do you mean?

SFX: Ba-dump Badump (heartbeat)

SFX: Brush


...I got it



I can remember nothing of the beginning of the movie...

The movie might still take a little while longer.

By the way, did anybody call Haruto-san to tell him that we're going to be back late?

Yeah, he said that as long as the 5 of us are together, there's nothing to worry about, but we should still be careful because we're girls now.

Even so, this is one heck of a long movie.



What's wrong?

Oh man, I might be changing back.

I'm going to the toilet for a bit.

H-Hey, take this! Don't forget this!


I knew it was a good idea to bring our guy uniforms along...

I wonder if Hazuki is doing alright.


<I can't believe it! To think that you're my father! // Why didn't you say a word about it to me?>

SFX: Sniff (??)

Text: Uuu… what a good movie...

What should I do about this?... I might be changing back!...

I'm going to the toilet.





Thank God I brought my uniform along...

If I just changed back like that with a girl's uniform on... Good grief... just thinking about it gives me the chills...

SFX: Gacha (door opening)

SFX: tap tap tap (footsteps)

That movie was great, wasn't it? // Yup yup!

Wha?... The movie ended!?

I cried at the end.

It was during that scene, right?

Wh-What do I do now? I can't get out of here like this!

I'm so stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I should've gone into the guy's toilet!


SFX: Brubrubrururu

It's from Hazuki.

He changed back, as we suspected.

It seems that he's currently trapped in the girl's toilet.


SFX: Plap


Let's go pick him up.

What's taking Tsuki-chan so long...

[Ame nochi Hare] Volume 1 END

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