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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 79

If you want a meeting, make an appointment

+ posted by nyanpyou as translation on May 15, 2009 00:24 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 79

Reserved for the use of Maximum7.

Page 1

Hashida: Do you know why people have two eyes?
Hashida: It’s so they can keep on living after torture.
Hashida: For the last time.
Hashida: Speak. Where did you hide Kanshichirou?
Text: Lesson 79
Text: If you want a meeting, make an appointment
Ofusa: …
Hashida: Cut her.

Page 2

Shinpachi and co: UWAAAH!!
Hashida: !
Hashida: ….What is it?
Nizou: Sorry to interrupt your playtime.
Nizou: We just found some suspicious rats.
Hashida: !
Hashida: You were the bunch with Otose-dono…

Page 3

Hashida: What a meddlesome lot to follow me all the way here.
Hashida: Did I not say this was a personal affair to be dealt with in private?
Shinpachi: Don’t worry. We are here on personal matters as well.
Shinpachi: Anyways, aren’t you overdoing it for someone who is a caring grandparent?
Hashida: The same can be said about you and nosing into people’s affairs.
Hashida: There are things better left unknown in the world.
Hasegawa: Excuse me~~ I’m um… not involved at all so can I go?
Shinpachi: Kagura-chan
Kagura: Masters~ Do you prefer sugar or milk with your coffee?
Kagura: When it comes to coffee,
Kagura: sugar is the best!!

Page 4

??: A smokescreen!?
Hashida: Those tricky bastards!!
Hashida: !
Hashida: Shit!! The woman. The woman has escaped!!
Hashida: Guard the exits! Find her! She must still be in this room!!
Nizou: A smokescreen huh…?
Nizou: That doesn’t really faze me.
Nizou: The airflow is odd. Where is it coming from?
Nizou: Where?

Page 5
Nizou: Bingo

Page 6

Gintoki: I’m telling you, I want to see the president.
Woman: Excuse me, but did you make an appo? (Appointment)
Gintoki: What’s an apo. Oh, could it be the northern fruit? The president fancies Aomori’s apples?
Woman: Not apples. Why the hell would we selectively use English for that?
Gintoki: What the heck. Going on about your apos and your Kobo-chan. I just want to see the manager.
Kanshichirou: Apoh
Gintoki: That’s right. Recently, you need to follow up everything with cumbersome paperwork. What a difficult era for Japan.
Gintoki: A~h! Just where is the future of Japan heading!!
Kanshichirou: Babu~!!
Woman: Excuse me; can you keep it down please?
Woman: Oh…?
Woman: Hang on, that baby is the president’s…
Woman: ! What? What was that noise?

Page 7

Woman: Ah! Hey you can’t just go in like that!!
Woman: Wait!!
Gintoki: Apo
Kanshichirou: Napo
Hasegawa: Gyaaaah!!
Shinpachi: We’re done for! We’re dead! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
Hasegawa: Wheeze~ wheeze~ My lungs! My lungs hurt! It feels like it’s going to burst!!
Hasegawa: That’s it! I’m going to stop smoking and associating with you guys from now on!
Shinpachi: Hold on!? Where’s Kagura-chan!? She’s gone!!

Page 8
Kagura: NUGOOOH!!
Shinpachi: No way?
Shinpachi: Wait a second.
Shinpachi: Waaait!!
Shinpachi: We’re still here!! We’re still…
??: Gyaaah!!

Page 9
Shinpachi: What…!!
Hasegawa: It can’t be! He’s a monster!?
Shinpachi: We can’t possibly win if we fight him! Let’s run for it!!
Hasegawa: Right!!
Hasegawa: Wait? Weren’t we running to begin with?
Hasegawa: Uwoah!!
Hasegawa: Geffuh
Shinpachi: Buh
Shinpachi: Hidebuh
Hasegawa: Shit!! We’re going to fall off…

Page 10
Guy: What! They disappeared!!
Guy: Where did they go!?
Guy: Search over there!!
Ofusa: Um… Are you alright?
Shinpachi: We’re lucky there was roofing underneath.
Hasegawa: Ah~ I thought I was going to wet my…
Ofusa: Um… Who are you people?
Ofusa: Why did you save me…
Shinpachi: It’s you isn’t it?
Shinpachi: The one who left the baby in front of our shop.
Ofusa: Eh? Then you are…
Shinpachi: Don’t worry. The baby is in our custody.
Hasegawa (small writing): No way.
Hasegawa: (small writing) I’m already 38.
Hasegawa (small writing): Ah, it’s probably a stain from when I was tidying.
Hasegawa: If I take off the apron.

Page 11
Shinpachi: So you are the baby’s mother.
Shinpachi: Can you tell us what happened?
Shinpachi: At least you owe us that much.
Ofusa: I used to work for Hashidaya as a maid.
Ofusa: I was only 16 back then. My family was… poor. So I was looking for work.
Ofusa: …My task was to look after the master’s son, Kantarou-sama.
Ofusa: Kantarou-sama was sickly from a young age, and was always bedridden.
Kantarou: Oh, you must be the new maid.
Kantarou: Nice to…
Ofusa: Kyaaaaah!!
Ofusa: Somebody help!!
Ofusa: Somebodyyy!!
Kantarou: Um.
Kantarou: What look…
Sign: Joke
Ofusa: Kantarou-sama has dieeed!!
Kantarou: No wait, look at this…
Ofusa: Somebodyyy!!
Kantarou: Waaait!! This! Are you hearing me!?
Box: Kantarou-sama loved to bother the maids by playing pranks on them.
Box: But he was friendly and approachable to even a lowly one like me.
Box: I became attracted as I was caring for him.
Kantarou: Hey Ofusa.
Ofusa: What is it?
Kantarou: How much longer do I have to stay in bed?
Ofusa: There you go again. You’ve got a bad cough so you must stay inside.

Page 12
Kantarou: I probably will not live long.
Kantarou: Sure, I might live longer if I just lay here…
Ofusa: Kantarou-sama, it will sadden the master if you say things like that.
Ofusa: The master has hired numerous doctors just to try and heal Kantarou-sama.
Kantarou: What are you talking about. That old man just wants me to protect Hashidaya’s fortune.
Kantarou: Is it so important to live a long life or to keep the fortune…?
Ofusa: …Kantarou-sama. That sounds like the whining of a person who has everything.
Kantarou: Maybe you’re right.
Kantarou: Then I’ll trade it all away so I can…
Kantarou: become a cicada.
Ofusa: Cicada?
Ofusa: Kantarou-sama. If you become a cicada, you will only be able to enjoy this life for a week.
Kantarou: That’s fine.
Kantarou: Listen to their joyful calling.

Page 13
Box: Half a year later, Kantarou-sama and I snuck out from the mansion.
Box: I should have known better, but I wanted to be a source of strength for Kantarou-sama.
Box: From then on, we lived together.
Box: It was not an easy life, but we both worked hard and there were happy and sad moments. …It was a good time.
Hashida: Just when I thought I’ve finally found him, look at his dire state.
Hashida: If he remained with me, he would not have become so sick.
Hashida: Being tempted by such a filthy girl.
Hashida: Hey, how are you going to remedy this? It’s all your fault.
Hashida: Do you really think you’re a match for the heir of Hashidaya?
Hashida: Know your place, commoner.
Hashida: At any rate, I’m taking Kantarou home.

Page 14
Ofusa: Please wait master!!
Hashida: Shut up!!
Ofusa: Ah!!
Hashida: Can it be…
Hashida: You have Kantarou’s…
Hashida: Abort it.
Hashida: Hashidaya’s name will be tainted if rumors arise from this.
Box: After that, I was forbidden from seeing Kantarou-sama until the end. Until he passed away.
Box: Soon after, my baby was born.
Box: I decided I would raise Kanshichirou into a fine person in his place.

Page 15

Ofusa: Master!!
Box: Kantarou-sama was the master’s only heir.
Box: The master wanted to make Kanshichirou the new heir.
Box: I couldn’t bear losing Kanshichirou as well.
Box: I became desperate to protect him.
Box: But I could not elude the pursuers forever…
Ofusa: …I really have placed a burden on you all.
Ofusa: You’ve become involved now because of me.

Page 16

??: Despite your age, you’ve been through a lot, Ofusa-chan.
??: But that Kahei sounds like the lowest of the low.
Kagura (small writing): What is this place
Hashida: That woman is the one who is low.
Hashida: It’s because of her that my son died.
Hashida: Without her, my Hashidaya would have been stable.
Hashida: It would’ve passed to another generation.
Hashida: My life’s work would’ve been accomplished.
Hashida: But that poor and greedy woman has nullified my work.
Hashida: Do you know how hard it was for me to protect Hashidaya?
Hashida: I drank mud water, dyed my hands with sin, and rid of myself of a conscience just to protect it.
Hashida: Do you know what I went through?
Ofusa: It is those attributes that Kantarou-sama so despised.
Ofusa: Why do you attach yourself to the shop in this way? For money? For power?
Hashida: Young ones would not understand.
Hashida: A man spends his life forging an art piece.
Hashida: The piece may be his job.
Hashida: Or it may be his children.
Hashida: It varies depending on the person.

Page 17

Hashida: For me, that piece is Hashidaya.
Hashida: I want to build a flawless art piece.
Hashida: No matter how much the attempts taint me.

Page 18

Gintoki: Hey~ Is this the president’s office?
Hashida: W-
Hashida: What!?
Gintoki: With this, you will meet me right?
Gintoki: Apo~
Kanshichirou: Napo~

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