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Kamen no Maid Guy 13

Service 13

+ posted by otakujoe as translation on Jan 30, 2012 00:29 | Go to Kamen no Maid Guy

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Kamen no Maid Guy Chapter 13:

Narration: …The restaurant floor of the department store in front of the station at night. // Sweets Café D’erlanger.
Title: Service Thirteen
Miwa: Welcome.
Eiko: Welcome…Please take a seat…
Eiko: We got a table for one!
Miwa: Alright, the customer’s setup is complete! // Now!
Miwa: It’s your turn master!!

Kogarashi: Ku ku ku ku ku, Now you have entered my captivating patissier world. // To say you want to taste this Maid Guy’s Special means you are every bit the fearless food sampler!

Kogarashi: Now! Eat until there is nothing left!
Manager: P…Please wait…
Kogarashi: Now!!!
Manager: Please just wait…!!!

Eiko: Manager?
Manager: A…Asking me to eat this is crazy talk! // Look, isn’t that a snake!? Isn’t that a Snake…!?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, Do not worry, I made sure that there was no poison in it!
Manager: That’s not the problem, the problem is that it is a snake…!?
Manager: First of all! You don’t seem to get this but we are a store that sells sweets! A store that sells sweets!! // It’s a store where a patissier makes candies and cakes that give people peace of mind!! // In what world would a cake maker create a cake that looks like a snake!? // With in interior overflowing with the smell of flowers and dancing waitresses like fairies dressed as maids!! A flower garden filled with sweet dreams!! That is my image!! Understand!? // What is this new menu? You don’t understand the basics! Not even the basics!!
Kogarashi: Hmph… You’re saying I don’t understand? That I’m mistaken? // After saying all that why don’t you try my Rose Treated Fried Fruit Snake Special! // With all your babbling, let’s see if you can say the same thing after placing my Maid Guy Desert on your tongue!!!!
Kogarashi: Now!!
Manager: For your information, I am a returnee from France! I have trained with the real thing!! // Snake doesn’t seem like something you should eat, and furthermore…

Manager: Sweet!!?
Manager: It’s sweet!? // D…Do my taste buds deceive me or is this snake magnificently sweet…!!?
Miwa: It…It’s true! It...It’s sweet and delicious!
Eiko: And it’s incredibly fruity!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, in that case you girls should try this snake’s liver next!
Miwa: Th…This time it’s the liver master??
Eiko: Th…This taste is!!
Eiko: Ahhh…What a dream like sweetness. It’s filling my mouth with the scent of flowers.
Miwa: Your…Your right! This is truly the taste of a flower garden filled with sweet dreams…!!!
Manager: Wh…What…!!?
Manager: Im…Impossible. I have mastered the culinary art of the French pastry in order to bring forth my ideal taste. But this strange concoction… // To think it could be found in this embodiment of strange cuisine…!!!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku ku ku, None of your foolish borders exist when it comes to the Maid Guy Recipe. // I, the Maid Guy, am the man who has mastered the cuisine of the entire world, the entire earth, the entire universe!! // Do you think that your opponent will be a border-bound chef like you and limit himself to a particular type of cuisine!!!

Kogarashi: Alright, then the new business plan you will use starting tomorrow has been decided! // It shall be a food wonderland the likes of which no one has ever seen! We shall be a sweets shop with the thrill of a festival of the blood boiling meat dance painted with both fear and surprise! // With this we will no doubt have a packed house!!!
Background: This is next!
Eiko: Wo..Would it be okay if I try and maybe see something scary!?
Miwa: With this we can do it manager!!!
Manager: Noo…
Manager: No no no no… // You can’t, you can’t, you just can’t…
SFX: Ding a ling ling.
Naeka: Well then, I will see you tomorrow.

Manager: This is a sweets café! A sweets café that is loved by madams and mademoiselles…!! // I would rather us stay our own store and lose gracefully then for it to become his store if he is going to turn it into some amusement park horror house or zoo…!!
Naeka: Hey you… Spy Fujiwara has made her return… // I aced the interview so like you two I am totally prepared for tomorrow…
Manager: Wahhhhh, you can all just die…!!!
Naeka: Wah!?
Eiko: Manager!?
Miwa: Manager…!!
Manager: Break your head open on that sponge cake corner and die…!!!

Naeka: …What was up with him?
Miwa: Darn, I guess it was too big of a shock for him…
Eiko: But without the new menu to catch people’s eye we won’t be able to make a comeback…
Kogarashi: …Hmm.
Kogarashi: In that case this is a problem of ideologies. // Such walls still exist which mankind cannot surmount.
Kogarashi: Truly a difficult problem.
Miwa: Yeah.
Eiko: Sure is.
Naeka: No seriously, what was that?
Background: Hey guys?
Narration: Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old, as the grandchild of the great Zenjuro Fujiwara, the leader of the great Fujiwara Financial Group, she is his only remaining direct descendent… // Though she does not know it, in several months time when she turns 18, she will simultaneously become first in line to inherit the entire financial group. // Because of this, she is currently being targeted by a group planning on stealing her fortune! // Kogarashi and Fubuki are agent maids sent by Zenjuro to protect his grandchildren from this mysterious enemy!
Narrator: The scene of today’s service is the cafeteria quarter of the department store in front of the station in Shuho town. // Our story begins the day before yesterday…
Naeka: Come on guys!!

Narrator: The day before yesterday. // The Fujiwara residence.
Naeka: What!? // You want to be Kogarashi’s disciples!? // Have you gone crazy?
Title: Naeka Fujiwara’s friend Eiko Izumi
Title: Also a friend Miyu Hirano
T/L Note: Her name is said here to be “Miyu” even though elsewhere she is called “Miwa”
Miwa: When there was an administrative crisis you saved the fish monger with your magnificent strength. // And when a fight between a mother and daughter-in-law threatened to destroy the mayor’s family, you single handedly put a stop to it without consulting other people’s feelings. You are Shuho town’s Lethal Weapon. // The story of your participation in the inter-city baseball tournament is now a legend in the neighborhood!
Eiko: It’s what we would expect given your power!
Naeka: It’s a legend!?

Naeka: What did you do that it became a legend Kogarashi?
Miwa: What he did was hit an out of the park home run at 4 consecutive at bats…
Eiko: It seems like the opposing town’s pitcher was a former college baseball ace who was scouted sixth, but because of the trauma of that day he hasn’t even been able to pick up a chopstick since.
Background: The opposing pitcher was a very disagreeable guy.
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku…For small fry like you I only need one chopstick. // Hmph…Such a feat is a simple task for me.
Kogarashi: However, I am a Maid Guy who acts as a servant to his master. Without the master’s permission it is not my place to meddle in everyday matters. // If you have a favor to ask then you should start by speaking to my master. // As you were saying before, why would you want to study under me as a service professional? // Also, what is this cake shop that you want me to help’s crisis anyway?
Naeka: We…Well if it is a favor for my friends I don’t really mind but… // When you say cake shop, are you talking about the one at the department store in front of the station that you guys got a part time job at recently? // This crisis has to do with that cake shop? // Fubuki do you know something?
Fubuki: I wouldn’t exactly say that I know something but… // This crisis might have something to do with that rival shop that opened on the same floor recently. // For some reason it is really popular and the place that you two work part time at seems to be in trouble and on the verge of going out of business…

Miwa: Actually, we also have a favor to ask you Naeka as well! In fact, we need you most of all!!
Eiko: So first look at this!
Sign: Cake House Sweet Holstein
Naeka: “Sweet Holstein”!?
Miwa: Yeah! That’s the name of the rival shop!! // I’ll explain the situation while we look at this homepage!
Miwa: Look. // This is how their store is doing.
Naeka: Wow! Th…That’s some line! // This must be a popular store!
Miwa: What are you looking at Naeka? That’s not it! Look at the kinds of customers!
Naeka: The kinds of customers? // No…Now that you mention it, for people going to a cake store there are an awful lot of guys there…

Miwa: No! It’s not a lot. // There are only men lined up!
Waitress: We will serve you.
Eiko: This is their secret! This emphasis on exposure!! These waitresses with a French maid look!!
Naeka: Th…Their skirts are so short!!
Eiko: Plus, they are all Holsteins with D-cups or larger!!!

Eiko: Their cake isn’t the problem. // This is some pseudo-prostitution skin business that uses huge breasted, mini skirted maids, that are paid 1,800 yen an hour, to round up male customers!!!
Naeka: Currently accepting part-time job applications from large breasted women! // All food and traveling expenses will be covered along with a base salary of 1,800 yen an hour plus an extra 50 yen for every centimeter above 95 centimeters, with additional payment based on color, shape, arrangement, etc. // Note: Anything below a D-cup will not be recognized as large breasts. It goes without saying that B, A, and any other breasts incapable of creating cleavage are out of the question. Are those even really breasts? I’m sorry but please understand. // …Does this store base their recruitment solely on breasts!?
SFX: Gasp
Naeka: Could it be that the favor you wanted to ask was to get a job at this store and act as a spy? // It’s true that there is no way either of you could do… // Gah!!?
Background: You’re really full of yourself you big jerk.
Miwa: Th…That’s right. We came to ask you for a favor. // Are numbers might be a bit lacking, but to be called nothing because we are a B or an A… // Furthermore, what I really can’t forgive is the fact that that screwed up big breast cake shop is managing to shut our cake shop down!!!

Naeka: …You say it’s shutting you down, but aren’t all their customers men? // If most of your regular customers are women I wouldn’t think it would affect your business…
Miwa: Naïve! It may be in name only but both of them are cake shops. // During this time of economic winter if there are two of the same shop and one is behind in sales which do you think will be the one that survives? // The truth is, the department store’s top brass made an announcement that they would use tomorrow’s sales to determine which store they will keep.
Eiko: We have no chance of winning and the manager has fallen into a slump and does nothing but cry and won’t do any work.
Background: After all, if the store goes out of business we will have to give the uniforms back.
Miwa: When he finally does make a cake if you try it you can taste a slightly salty taste like tears… // With this sooner or later we will have to call a health care center and then he will be finished. // And then where will we, the people who work at such a store for 550 yen an hour, be then!!?
Miwa: So we beg you! Naeka Fujiwara!! Accept this grudge at being paid 1,250 yen less due to discrimination!
Eiko: Without your help I very well might break from this resentment! Please try to understand the pain in our chests!
SFX: Pat
Naeka: You say you beg me, but you don’t have to be so standoffish! We’re friends aren’t we!? Of course I will help you!! // Kogarashi will go to your store and act as a supporter! // And I will act as a spy and conceal myself in the other store and disclose any weaknesses I can find from the inside!
SFX: Boing

Eiko: Thank you Naeka! Even though you have huge boobs your still are comrade!
Naeka: Of course I would help a friend! And thanks for letting me copy your summer homework in exchange!
Miwa: I’m a little worried with leaving this just to Naeka, but please help us out!
Naeka: Wah, should you really say something like that in front of the person you are talking about!
Background: Friendship is a beautiful thing…
Naeka: It’s true that I may not be reliable, but if I can do something to help then I will. // But there is no one else so it can not be help…
Girls: Another?
Eiko: Alright, we can do this! Now we have 2 people!!
Naeka: Alright, let’s do our best Fubuki!
Fubuki: Noooooooooo…

Kogarashi: …Nnn, disgusting. // It has the taste of an old man who has lost his touch.
Miwa: It might be embarrassing, but this is the state the store is in. // With this we can’t even fight, let alone win! // Once again, I beg you master! // Please give us your support!!
Kogarashi: Kukuku…You girls can rest assured that I accept! // My supreme Maid Guy Recipe contains a repertoire of a hundred million things, not only food but also stuff you might not be able to recognize as food. // The ultimate dish, a food stuff that will make your heart tremble with the emotions of joy, shock, and fear. I, the Maid Guy, will show you the true essence of gourmet!
Kogarashi: We will start your training with the basics of cooking. Now let us head to the site of the decisive battle! The cafeteria quarter of the department store in front of the station!!
Eiko: We shall follow you master…!!!
Naeka: Come on, let’s go Fubuki.
Background: We have an interview!
Fubuki: No! I can’t wear that…!!!

Madame J: Now begins morning assembly. // First, greet the manager.
Madame J: Good morning!
Title: Sweet Holstein’s manager: Madame J
SFX: Boing
Girls: Good Morning…
SFX: Boing

Madame J: Starting today a new girl will be joining this floor. // Introduce yourself.
Naeka: I…I’m Naeka Fujiwara and I’m 17 years old. It…It’s a pleasure to meet you…!
Madame J: I don’t want any of you picking on the new girl!
Background: Yes…
Girl 1: Hmm… I wonder if they are a bit too ordinary.
Girl 2: They might be a bit on the small side, but they have a nice shape don’t they?
Naeka: Woah… // Ju…Just as you would expect from a specialty store that collects large breasts. They don’t care if you have any experience, they judge you solely by your breasts…
Madame J: The battle to determine which cake shop will remain in this department store is finally at hand. // Although our opponent should be easily defeated I don’t want anyone to let their guard down!
Naeka: I…I might have ended up in a really outrageous place this time!
Madame J: Now then, let’s practice your greeting “Welcome back”!
Background: Welcome back.

Madame J: Straighten your backs more, “Welcome back”! // You! Your not sticking your chest out enough! Do it again!! // You should be making them bounce more!
Naeka: Al…Also, I don’t know how, but the manager herself has the most enormous breasts of all! // This is the first time I have seen a bust that was measured in meters! I wonder if she can see her feet!?
Background: Welcome back. // Welcome back.
Madame J: Our preparations are complete, are battle formation is flawless, and my Holsteins morale is high as well. // You pitiful D’erlanger! This fight is ours!!!
Title: Meanwhile, “D’erlanger”
Eiko & Miwa: Welcome back…!!
Manager: Wh…What’s with that greeting…? // Izumi?
Eiko: Yes! I looked it up on the internet! // It’s the so called “magic greeting” that when said by waitresses with a maid look will single handedly increase sales by 20%!

Eiko: And if we say “master” at the end are customers will rise another 10%! // We should definitely make it our official greeting!
Manager: Thank you…But that’s enough…That’s enough…
Eiko: Manager?
Manager: Either way, this is an impossible challenge for us. // Even if we do our best we have no chance of winning.
Eiko: Do…Don’t say such things and let’s try our best manager!
Background: Before I saw a line gathered in front of Holstein.
Manager: If the butter is not of good quality then, no matter how great the patissier, you can’t make delicious cakes. // Yesterday I realized…cream, butter, yogurt…the things that are vital to a patissier…are all made from milk. // He who controls milk controls the patissier. Those who have no milk can’t even speak. This is a universal law, nature’s providence…
Eiko: Manager…?
Background: Providence?
Manager: As a man both me and you two didn’t have breasts from the start… // From the moment our opponents had huge breasts we had no chance of winning…
Eiko: Manager!!
Background: Wait a minute!
Manager: Ahh…If only just a little… // If only just a little, even if they were just average, if you… // If only you had breasts…!!!

Eiko: Even if it’s without you the rest of us will try!
Miwa: Everyone keeps going on and on about breasts…
Background: I do have some.
Kogarashi: Hmph.
Eiko: As long as we have are business permit that is enough! Get out the plates, prepare the reception, and set the table! It might be a little tight but we two will man the floor!!
Miwa: Yeah! Let’s do it!!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku, Then I, the Maid Guy, will handle the kitchen. // Behold my skill that even a thousand good-for-nothing patissiers could not hope to match!!
Eiko: Let’s do it. D’erlanger defeat Holstein!
Miwa: Fight…
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku…Ohh…
Background: Ohh…

Eiko: And let’s raise the curtain on today’s battle!!
Background: Welcome…

Eiko: …Breasts! // Was it really breasts after all…!?
Background: N…No one came…
Eiko: Pl…Please! Naeka!! // Somehow find their weakness…!!!
Naeka: Welcome back…

Book: Spy Memo
Naeka: It has been one hour since opening time and they have managed to keep it jam-packed. // Because of the line, there is a rule that customers who don’t order anything for more then thirty minutes are forced to leave, yet I have heard no complaints from any of the customers. // Since morning the fairly expensive and heavy cake set has been flying off the shelves…!!!
Naeka: Ahahahaha! Impossible! // It’s impossible everyone! My report to headquarters is that this store has absolutely no blind spots!! // No matter how skillful the competent spy 00 Naeka is I can’t find this store’s weakness, I’m sorry!!
Madame J: Ms. Fujiwara!
Background: Wah, no one showed up over there.
Madame J: Ms. Fujiwara. // …Just what exactly are you doing?

Naeka: …This is bad! // Did she find out I am a spy? What should I do? Should I knock her down? // There is a mop right behind me… No, wait, I shouldn’t be so hasty! Kendo should be my last resort!
Madame J: …Ms. Fujiwara, what do you think of this store?
Naeka: …What?
Naeka: Um, I think it’s a cake sho…
Background: But that’s what is written on the sign.
Madame J: Surely we sell cakes, but does that make us a cake shop? // In that case, since Koshien Stadium sells crushed ice does that make them an ice store?
Naeka: …Huh?
Madame J: You don’t get it at all! Because we sell cakes we are a cake shop? In that case there would be no reason to gather all of these large breasts! // What we sell here is large breasts! It’s a “Breast” Amusement Park!! A store that sells large breasted service! // The cake is merely the price of admission that we use to turn our service into money!
T/L Note: The character in the background means “Breasts”
Naeka: Breast Amusement Park!?
Background: What is that?

Madame J: For instance, when you are carrying trays you should take one tray, and without it seeming forced, you should put the tray to your side and use it to lift one of your breasts. // When you walk you should sway more! When you bow you should show your cleavage!! And every once in a while you should fall over and land on your breasts!!! // If you can’t do this then what kind of breasts do you have!? You have useless breasts!!
Naeka: N…No. I mean, I will take your word for it. But aren’t we popular enough without having to go so far manager? // On the contrary, I thought they would like it if I didn’t overdo it.
Madame J: You fool!! // This is why the people who naturally develop breasts you can drown yourself in are all big breasted bimbos! // Do you think that you can get ahead in this harsh breast society with ideas like that!? You novice!!
Madame J: That’s enough! I can’t let someone this careless back on the floor. // In the mean time, massage my shoulders!
Naeka: …Breast society??

Narrator: And then, after more then an hour since the stores opened…
Background: Ohh…
Man 1: What a dessert! It’s such a delicacy that it makes my mouth water!
Man 2: Tre…Tres bien!? // It’s a dessert that contains the essence of French identity!!
Naeka: Whoa, how did you do this? This place started thriving before I even knew it.
Eiko: We finally managed to get our motors running!
Background: By the way, this is our most popular item, the “mystery meat” cake.
Miwa: Heheh, this is our true power!
Eiko: At first master had to use some weird ability to draw people in, but after that our popularity began to spread due to word of mouth, and in the blink of an eye the place was packed!
Naeka: A…A weird ability?
Background: He did it again!?

Kogarashi: Ku ku ku ku ku, It’s called the deadly Maid Guy Hamelin Voice!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku… It is the Maid Guy Voice’s black shadow that controls the actions of weak willed people. A bug zapper that single handedly gathered up all the people who wandered around without deciding on a destination. // If 20 people gather 100 people will follow. Manipulating people is one of this Maid Guy’s specialties!
Naeka: That is great and all, but I am more concerned about the other thing you are manipulating. // You couldn’t possibly be thinking of using that two tone color animal as an ingredient right?
SFX: Smirk
Kogarashi: To eat the entirety of your prey is the sacred agreement between the hunter and the hunted that has existed since ancient times…
Naeka: Can you eat that…?
Background: Since Fubuki isn’t here you have been doing whatever you want…
Miwa: Mas…Master, all the same, hunting something like that would be bad…!
Kogarashi: Hmm? // Now that you mention it, where is the other one (Fubuki) master?
Kogarashi: …Did she run?
Naeka: …After I crammed her into the changing room and forced her to change her clothes I found a note she left that said “Please don’t look for me.”
Kogarashi: Good lord, recently that ditzy maid has been becoming more and more incompetent.

Miwa: Putting that aside, what is the situation like over there Naeka?
Background: It’s all in this Spy Memo.
Naeka: I’m glad you asked Ms. Miwa. // There were definitely people showing up there, but it seems like our place is starting to get a line out front as well doesn’t it?
Naeka: Anyway, I was sent here under the pretense of checking out the competition. // But if I don’t report back they will get suspicious, so I…
SFX: Stretch, Stretch, Stretch, Stretch, Stretch // Wobble
SFX: Boing
Madame J: Step Aside!
Man: Shigeyuki…?
Shigeyuki: Ohhh…
Naeka: Oh my goodness, she came here…!!
Background: Look, she is angry!
Eiko: Wa…Wait a minute! That is the other store’s manager!?
Miwa: Wh…What are those unnatural chest bumps!?

Madame J: We’re customers! // Aren’t you going to serve us!? You, over there, the minimum size!!
Eiko: Min… // Minimu…
Naeka: Eiko!?
Miwa: Are you okay? Get ahold of yourself Eiko…!!
Madame J: We will order 3 cake sets! We want that as soon as possible so we will wait right here!
Kogarashi: Kukuku…Thinking it would be an easy victory you gave no thought to the battle and now it is anyone’s game. // At last the commander has grown impatient and has shown themselves… // Hmm?
SFX: Grin!

Miwa: Compliments of the chef. // Our Madagascar originating special gombessa cake.
Madame J: Call the chef!!
Background: What is that?
Miwa: Is there something unsatisfactory with the treat we have provided you out of respect for your investigating your enemy?
Madame J: Of course there is!! Is this something else that you don’t understand you palm size!? // In what world is there a cake shop that serves a living fossil cake and then tries to make excuses! Anyway, bring out the person responsible at once!!
Background: …Palm?
Madame J: I came here thinking I would expose the poor cake shop that impertinently dared to oppose me. // But without even exposing anything I have gone straight past surprise to disgust to find that even your sign is a lie!
Background: Were you even planning on making cakes originally!?
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku… When it comes to our signs being lies we are both the same with these circus tents disguised as cake shops.

Madame J: Wh…Who are you!? Listen, I am going to expose you for what you really are, because I don’t know why, but you are very suspicious!
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku ku ku… It is a pleasure to meet you, I, the maid guy, am this shop’s patissier for the day.
Kogarashi: Also, I was planning on exposing you as well. // Ku ku ku… Mind your breasts Madame J, if that is your real name. // My special fang is sharp!!
Madame J: What!?

SFX: Boing
Kogarashi: Ku ku ku ku ku, it seems your attempt to find fault with us has backfired, you fake breasted manager. // In their dedication to freshness is where my Maid Guy Recipes show their true worth. // The freshness of my Maid Guy special cakes and those other cakes is completely different!!
Holstein Maid 1: Th…The cake just jumped…I mean, fake breasts? Your breasts were fake?
Holstein Maid 2: Th…This is a brassiere with large breast pads inside!?
Madame J: Grr…Cu…Curses!!
Naeka: Now…Now that you mention it, when I was massaging her shoulders I noticed that they weren’t very stiff and I though that something was strange!
Background: It’s too late now!
Holstein Maid 1: …How could you? We believed in you as the leader that would be at the head of the next generation’s breast society!!
Holstein Maid 2: This is terrible! We’ve been had!!
Background: It was all for the sake of becoming the Breast Elite! // Apologize at once you liar.
SFX: Bewwww…
Kogarashi: I would have a word with you as well. // Cheap silicone is poisonous to the body. I would suggest that you don’t overdo it.
Man 1: …Hey, what is this?
Man 2: They are saying that Holstein’s top three bustiest, including the manager, all have fake breasts!
Man 3: Wh…What the!? Are you saying they deceived our pure hearted intentions!?
Man 4: Are you saying we have been deceived!!?

Eiko: Now’s our chance!!
Naeka: Eiko!?
Eiko: The enemy’s line has broken!! // If we use “that” right now, we can take advantage of the situation and win in one fell swoop!!
Naeka: Ta…Take advantage of the situation? How will you do that??
Eiko: By appealing to the fact that these breasts are the real deal!! // The winner of a rock, paper, scissors tournament gets to fondle these breasts upon verification of their ticket…!!
Naeka: Wha…?
Crowd: Woah…Ro…ck…Pa…per…
Eiko: This is amazing, they are eating…it up!
Background: Ahhh…stop playing rock, paper, scissors…
Naeka: Stop it…It’s lies…nothing but lies…
Kogarashi: Hmm…Of course, use the enemy’s own weapon against them…quite an effective strategy. // In that case, it would stand to reason that the more weapons we have the better.
Miwa: Master?
Background: Whaaa, why? This has gone too far… // Shut up…be quiet…
Kogarashi: There is one over there who has been neglecting her duties.

Background: Welcome back… // I’m sorry, it’s master’s orders.
Background: Woah…
Kogarashi: It seems that after she ran away she was planning on hiding out in disguise in the store until closing time.
Naeka: I feel bad for her, so why don’t I feel like saving her? // We are both wearing the same outfit, yet no one is coming this way? Why?
Background: Woah… // A goddess… // N….No…Ah…. // A goddess has descended…
Kogarashi: With this we are doubly sure of victory. // Case closed!!

Eiko: Well then, in celebration of our victory… // Cheer…s!!
Background: Cheers!
Eiko: Thanks a lot you two… // Thanks to you two we were able to get through this with out losing to “them”…
Background: It’s thanks to Kogarashi as well…
Naeka: No, no, no, it wasn’t a big deal… // I’ll just entrust my homework to you now…
Eiko: However, I was surprised that the enemy’s manager had fake breasts. // It seems that she started out as just a regular patissier, so I wonder what caused her to turn out like that.
Miwa: I bet it was the result of having a lot of frustrations from being so small. // It probably became unbearable for her…
Background: I get that! I totally get that!!
Naeka: Hmm…It seems small people have a lot of problems huh…

Naeka: Well that’s a problem I don’t really understand! // Well, somehow I was able to make 1,800 yen an hour easily at that part time job and I get to have you guys look at my homework! // If you ever need a favor just ask and you can leave it to me!
Background: Ahahahaha…I was already a B or a C before I even knew it you see…
Naeka: …Huh? // Why do you two look so angry?
Naeka: Wha!? // What!? // What are you doing with those chairs!?
Narrator: Kogarashi the Maid Guy’s service is infinity. // That is to say that, given his master’s permission he would even consume the world with no discrimination or restraint, that is his greatest service. // When the storm of his service passes not even grass remains.
Detective: We caught you red handed smuggling rare animals!
Narration: And so, Naeka Fujiwara, 17 years old… // The day that she gains the inheritance rights to her fortune is still 107 days away…
Manager: …Huh?
Detective: This piece of evidence alone would have made a lot of food huh…!!
Background: Now get up!
Cop: Detective! I think this is a human bloodstain!!

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