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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Sankarea 15.5

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 15:15 | Go to Sankarea

-> RTS Page for Sankarea 15.5

Sankarea Special:

Top: Popular in a different magazine!! Tankoubon sales crossed 300.000 exemplars!!
Right: The new tankoubon!! Together with a poster, limited to the first print version only,
Tankoubon Volume 3 goes on sale on March the 9th.
Left: The story and her wounds are both fresh<3 She's a zombie!!
Bottom: [you wish....]
P1.Box1: Zombies---- // Those who are brought back to life by magic our drugs after having died once.
P2.Box1: Fearful monsters, who attack humans in their greed for flesh.
P3.Box1: Such... a Zombie...
P3.Box2: is in Japan... in this town...
P4.B1: Mh?
P1.Box1: living freely---!!!
P1.B1: Kyaa // ...eh, what. Just Babu. Don't scare me.
P2.Box1: This girl who just spoke to me is, Sanka Rea (Died at 15years)
P2.B1: Mh? What's up?
P2.Box2: A former lady of a noble household and now a Zombie---
P1.B1: Come, I'll wash you and change your bandages.
P2.Box1: By the way, I'm a zombie too. (Died at 1years and 5 months) // I got a name but no life. [small text] What a wordplay~ [/small text]
P3.Box1: Like her, I lost my life in an unfortunate accident...
P3.Box2: And
P4.Box1: a certain drug brought me back to life as a zombie.
P5.Box1: And the one who made this amazing drug is
P6.Box1: my master.
P6.B1: Nya---
P6.B2: Oh.
P1.B1: Babu. I'm home! I brought some dry-ice to cold down your body.
P1.Box1: Furuya Chihiro (15 years) // His passion for Zombie things like movies or games was so great, he even made a drug to revive the dead.
P2:B1: Ah, Furuya-kun, welcome back.
P2.B2: Geh.
P3.B1: Y- You're taking a bath again even though you're a zombie...
P3:B2: Well...
P4.B1: Even Zombies get dirty.
P4.B2: You see----
P2.B1: ....
P3.B1: Actually I even wanted to open the wound on my stomach and clean the "inside" properly too.
P3.B2: With clue and threads I meddles with your innards, so they won't fall out. Don't mess with it!!
P4.Box1: When she became a Zombie, she left her own home and came to leave here.
P1.B1: Hey, Furuya-kun.
P1.B2: Let's take a stroll until dinner.
P3:B1: Listen, // you're dead!!
P3:B2: Do you know what happens to the body after one dies!?
P4.B1: Ehm....
P5.B1: The umami components increases.... or not? [I read umami works in english too, fifth category of taste.]
P5.T1: The protein corrodes and amino acid increases... something like that...
P5.B2: ...Well, right, but that's not what I meant!!
P1.B1: Remember, on the day you died, you suddenly couldn't move anymore, right?
P1.B2: I can't... move... // My body is so hard...
P1:B3: That's the so called RIGOR MORTIS. Every living being gets to that state once it dies.
P2:B1: Like when you make sashimi out of fresh fish, it gets all crispy.
P2.B2: Don't use food as an example!! [small text] It's right though. [/small text]
P3:B1: What happens to the body
P3:B2: after the Rigor mortis is....
P5.B1: A- Anyways, you have to avoid to get outside in the sun!!
P5.B2: Ew----
P2.B1: Ah--- It started raining.
P2.B2: See, taking a stroll now is impossible...
P3.B1. No, rather it's only possible now!! // The rain clouds are blocking the sun and the temperature is dropping.
P4.B1: The perfect
P4.B2: weather for a stroll.
P5.B1: Besides
P1.B1: if I can't take a stroll...
P1.B2: I won't be a "normal girl"....
P2.B1: ....
P2.T1: Just take her~
P3.B1: God grief.... You win. But only to the nearby park!! // Also, properly dress up!!
P3:B2: Ew-- But I'm already dead, // so I won't catch a cold, even if I wear just a T-shirt.
P3.B3: That's not the problem!! [small text] You're really clueless... [/small text]
P4.Box1: "A life as a normal girl"
P1.Box1: Before she wasn't allowed to life a life which is a given to everyone else.
P1.Box2: She was born into a noble family, but...
P2.B1: I can finally do want I want, even touch this snail.
P2:B2: I see...
P3.B1: Ever since she was born, she was strictly raised as a fine lady, not being allowed near a single insect...
P4.B1: How ironic. By turning into Zombie
P4:B2: she can finally "live" her life....
P2.B1: Ah, the rain already stopped.
P2.B2: Oh, then let's head back.
P3.B1: Dun wanna--- Just a bit more.
P3:B2: Ah, hey.
P4.B1: Wah, so beautiful!! You can see the whole town!!
P4:B2: Hey, be careful or you'll fall down.
P5.B1: Don't worry. I'm a Zombie, I won't feel any pain. No problems.
P6.B1: That's not the point.... // It's specially because you're a zombie that you should be more careful about your body...
P6:B2: ... I know.
P1.B1: My wounds won't heal. So if I get hurt...
P2.B1: Even this wound on my stomach I got when I died, // we stitched it, but it doesn't heal...
P2:B2: And it never will...
P3.B1: ....
P4.Box1: Normally, if a living being dies
P5.Box1: it's "metabolism" stops working.
P1.Box1: Actually a living beings maintains it's life by replacing dead cells with new ones.
P3:Box1: But with a Zombie, the effect of the "Resurrection Drug" still maintains certain parts, // but blocks the creating of new cells.
P7.Box1: That
P7.Box2: means
P1.Box1: She holds full consciousness,
P1.Box2: but doesn't feel pain.
P1:Box3: And slowly....
P1.Box4: without halt...
P1:Box5: the body rots away------
P1.Box1: ....And
P1.B1: Ah...
P2.B1: !?
P3.Box1: at the same time, even though she's not aware of it herself yet...
P3:B1: Eh..?
P3:B2: H- Hey?
P3:B3: Wah, what a grip...
P4.Box1: slowly....her zombie....
P1.B1: Wh...
P1.B2: at...
P2.T1: instincts are awaking----
P2.B1: Re...a!?
P2.B1: W- Wha, sorry!
P2.B2: What... was I doing...!??
P3.B1: ....Just now...
p3:B2: was she going to k- kiss me? No... or?
P3.Box1: Geez.
P4.Box1: Their future won't be an easy one....
P4.Box2: I'll enjoy my days until I'm rotted away completely.
P4.Box3: As witness to the future of the Zombie Girl "Sanka Rea"!! [small text] Amen... [/small text]
Bottom: Over for now // Those interested in the story, please read either the Bessatsu magazine or the tankoubons!!

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