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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Supipara - Otome no Houkago Kansoku 3

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 16, 2011 18:32 | Go to Supipara - Otome no Houkago Kansoku

-> RTS Page for Supipara - Otome no Houkago Kansoku 3

Reserved for Galooza

PM me if you have any questions regarding the translation.

Supipara Chapter 03

Page 01

Is Sakura-sama here?
(A new stage and a somewhat unresting atmosphere)
Huh? How rare for you to come to a second-year classroom.
And you're to clingy, Narumi-senpai. You're a third-year, aren't you.
Ahaha! // That's because I have the habit of being there where cute girls are! // So...
What's up, Ritsuka-chan?
Chapter 03: What would you do!

Page 02

U- Umm....
My friend is in a bit of a troubling situation.
T- Troubled situation?
I can't help her alone...
Excuse me shortly, my phone...
Ah, Ritsuka-chan! You find them!?
Yes, Momiji-san. They're all in the second-years classroom.
Ah, it's Momiji-chan?
Could it be the friend in trouble is
Yes. that's right.
I think so.

Page 03

Yes. Yes... // Okay, later then.
Ah, did you wanted to say something, Sakura-sama? // I'm sorry. I can't do two things at the same time...
Ah, no... I know you have no evil intent... and I'm used to it...
It's your fault for talking to her when she's on the phone.
Anyways, bring us to her. You can tell us the situation on the way.
You are going to come?
Well, we got nothing to do anyway.

Page 04

Sp, what happened? // Momiji-chan is in trouble?
Yes... Huh? Did I mention it was her?
Ah~ Yes...
Speaking of Momiji, that's this hot-headed, masochistic, annoying shorty, right.
Her small size makes you want to embrace her. She's a cute girl.
So, what happened to the shorty?
Outside of school?
It's behind the school building....
I'm not good with explanations, so I think it would be better if you see it for yourself.

Page 05

It's this way.

Page 06

Now this is....
What a delicious situation!
Narumi-senpai, please wipe your drool.
She said she found a short-cut and got stuck in there by trying to get out through there....
I'm more interested on how this strange hole got here.
Anyways, so you want us to do something about this situation that resembles a hentai setting, right?
U- Umm, I'm sorry.
What you mean "hentai"...?

Page 07

Fine, I'll explain it.
Hey, Angie...?
You see, a hentai.... In the Edo Period, in a certain village there was an over flooded river and the flood broke a hole into the bank. A young villager then filled that hole with his own body and protected thus the village from getting flooded.....He was a hero, so to say. "Filling the leaking hole with 'myself'", this brave action was passed down as the "hentai" since then. Even now in Hokuriku there's held the famous sacrificial "hentai festival" imitating this action. [so basically, the kanji of the legend read the same as hentai and that's the joke here....]
That's why you call a situation like this "hentai".
I see....
Just as expected of Amano-sama. You're so knowledge.
Thank you very much for taking your time to explain it to the ignorant me.
....An airhead reaction like that is troubling....

Page 08

Well, her reaction is troubling too.
Momiji-san! Help is here!
O- Oh! I just thought my butt started to itch... // So Sakura-senpai is that, huh!
The butt talked!
She can tell if without seeing it.
Not like there are any other people who would do this.
Senpai! I don't want to waste my life like this! // Please help me!
I have a lot to say, but let's form a plan first.

Page 09

Rather, you're an underclassman, right. // First do something about your way of asking for a favour. // It makes me lose all motivation to help you.
Eh!? // Angie... You of all people are saying that!?
I don't mind.
Aww... After all your cold way of speaking sends down a shiver my spine!
Now I just want to get out of here.
I understand your feeling, but ... // We can't leave her like that.
I found something good.

Page 10

Okay, use this and hit that butt.
Eh, we can't really do such a....
(She's a maso after all)
Trust me. It'll be fine. If my calculations are correct... // it'll be like that. // It's all for her sake. There are times where you have to be a bit evil for your friends.
If you say so, I'll give my be.... // st!

Page 11 [Background sound in panel 1-4: *Bam*]

That made a good sound. You got a good form.
Ah <3
Ah <3
Great <3
Ah <3 // Ahn <3
...Isn't it time you stop.
Yes <3
Ah <3
HEY! // Are you listening!?
Hya <3
Ahn <3
Stop! I said, stop!
Hah.... // I'm sorry. I can't do two things at the same time.

Page 12

...She didn't get out.
Of course.
But don't worry. I'm prepared for this.
Hah <3
Hah <3
With the soap I stole earlier, we'll reduce the coefficient of friction!
When did she...
Okay! Soap her! // Narumi-senpai!
Don't be scared.
(Hey... Sakura-senpai // It tickles // Eh... even there... // Ah... it's dirty... // You're going to clean it up?... Ah <3 // C- Can't anymore....)
[sfx in panel 7: *rub*]
And we're more or less done!

Page 13

(*The violence is too much, so we changed to image)
Hyan <3
Now you're worried?
And now rotating!
Ahn <3
I'll spank too!
Ahn <3
And with the feet.
.... // She's not getting out...
(What do you want to do....)
You sure you really trying to get her out there?
I didn't expect this.
Well, just watch.

Page 14

(100 yen for a kick // I'll love it. // [the umbrella:] Momiji / Sakura // I'm a big M <3 Scold me. Mock me.)
Just a prank!?
With that, we can leave her like this and she can live here for life. // As long as there people abusing her.
You don't want to get her out after all!
Eh!? Ignoring play. // Sounds possible!
She doesn't seem displeased.
Let's leave the jokes aside.
So you're writing on people's butt as a joke?
Ah, but look.
If you let down her skirt, doesn't it read "close"? // That's wonderful.
It looks more like "big close".
I'm more focused on the "idiot" part....
Anyway, if it's just getting her out, there are other ways.
Eh, Alice....

Page 15

Don't tell me you... // want to let explode the gas of the home ec. room and blow away the wall!?
Even I think that's going to far! // You monster!
Nobody said anything like that! Nor did I think of that!
Geez, what a pain. You do something about it. // With your magic, bam.
I could... // but there too many people.
At this rate you won't be a magician, but the straight man.
Well, I want to go home already too..
(There <3)
Let's finish it with a bam.
Anyhow... wasn't there a smarter way?
I thought it would be better with an impact....
A- Are you okay, Momiji-chan?

Page 16

(Satis - fied)
I was holding in my pee the whole time. You really saved me!
(Momiji, a true M....a fearful girl)
Close call, huh. I'm glad.
If you really had it let out, I would have left you here without hesitation and went home.
I would have loved to see that.
Narumi-senpai... you're drooling.
...Go to the toilet before it leaks.
Thank you very much, everyone.
Ah... yeah.
Hey, Ritsuka-chan, could you.... umm... hit my butt.... again sometime...
Eh? You're planning to be stuck in a hole again?
No, not like that.
They're really close.

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