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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Onihime VS 26

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Oct 20, 2012 11:10 | Go to Onihime VS

-> RTS Page for Onihime VS 26

And another lame ending from IM DAL...
At least one project off my hands.
Reserved for A-Team

Onihime VS. Chapter 26 END

Page 01

(Mirei got to know the truth and now!?)
S- Sister...?
Because of me... you'll..
You... will die...
H- Hey wait... Sister... that's...

Page 02+03

Last Chapter
(What path will Setsuna take? The story of the Oni Princesses finally comes to an end!!)
S- Setsuna will...

Page 04

Sh- Shouko...
Is it true?
That Kanna and Rena will eat his heart and he'll die...
W- Well... but they didn't force him into that contract..

Page 05

Wh- What's with this atmosphere...?
E- Erionelle-sama...
Shouldn't we finish them off...?

Page 06

There you have it... You only have one choice.
And that is to go with me.
In the past, to gain rule over the Oni Clan, the Zombie Clan // researched on a technique to neutralize the Banrikou Heart, which gives transcended body.
It couldn't be used against a transcended body, but...
they developed a technique that can annul the Banrikou Heart Contract...
Meaning, you'll return to being a normal human.
I think you should come with me to my home.
And live by my side without any more grief...

Page 07

E- Erionelle-san, I...
E- Erionelle-san...?
If anything, this is just my own selfishness... In time I plan to settle things with the Oni Clan....
But I want you, Kashiwagi Setsuna.
For that I'm even willing to play dirty.
All the present ones here will swear that they won't get close to Setsuna from now o.
(P- Princess...)
In exchange, I'll spare the lives of you all.

Page 08

Y- You said to annul that Banrikou thing...? // You mean you can turn back his body to normal?
Of course.
Our Zombie Clan isn't just proud of it's strength alone.
S- Setsuna...?
She said there is a way...
A way for me to live on and get my original body back...!
Let me add: You'll inherit the strong life-force from the Banrikou...
You'll have a stronger heart than before...

Page 09

I swear by the name as the Zombie Clan Princess that there is no lie in my words.
Setsuna will...
get a healthy body...
S- Sister...!
Sh- Should I say all well...?

Page 10

Kanna...? Rena...?
We waited for a whole year....
And it was so close to maturity...
You think we would give up Setsuna so easily...?
(No stealing)
S- See! I told ya!
They showed their true selves!!
Well, I don't really mind.

Page 11

K- Kanna-san...?
It's not like I'll become the leader of the Oni Clan immediately after eating the Banrikou. // To be honest, I came to the human world to kill time.
Besides, the human world is quite interesting, so it would be a waste to return after only a year~
(So you understand...)
K- Kanna-san...
Besides, // it's like Arima said.
We're already a "family".
White.. Prin---
I'm glad to hear that you have no interest in the leader position.
voice is that...?

Page 12

Then there's no problem at all...
when I eat the Banrikou now.
R- Rena-san!?
What!? She can speak!?
Rena... -san!
What's with that appearance...!?

Page 13

Releasing all of her power... That's a temporarily ultimate mode, only possible for the Oni Royalty....
You always stayed quiet and clam. That you would go so far, means....
that you will eat his heart right here...?
I didn't know you were that obsessed with the ultimate power.
Nah, I guess that's wrong. Your aim isn't to be the leader.
Simply put...
You just wanted to win against me once.... That's all, isn't it? Kuku...
No need to answer...
Fine~ Bring it on.
It's time for some petting from your sister.

Page 14+15

I'll spoil you real good!!
A... Aww...
No... Both of you...

Page 16

Where's my food!?
(I'm so hungry)
How long do you plan to keep me waiting?
P- Please wait just a bit longer... I'm done soon.
No! I can't wait any longer!!
(Raw is fine too.)
*ding dong*
Ah, Arima-san and Hina...
(H- Here... Some pizza....)
What? Could it be you already ate?

Page 17

And here I specially prepared this...
No problem! I'll eat it all~
(You don't need to eat more...)
Huh? Could it be, you're scared of Rena?
She was just abiding the Demon's law~ // Don't be so alerted~
(No need to be scared. I lost after all)
She didn't...
even have any intention to win from the beginning...
*ding dong*

Page 18

What? So busy today.
Y-Yeah... I'll get it.
Okay, the pizza will be dinner...
What!? We'll eat it now as a side-dish!!
Wh- What was that!? Wasn't that Setsuna screaming...!?
Where did he go!?
Ah! There!!

Page 19

What are you doing!!
That's my line. You stole Setsuna from me while I was distracted by the technique... // I won't let my guard down anymore.
Because... I'm the only one who confessed.
(It's all set already for the wedding)
B- Bitch...! Doing whatever she wants...!

Page 20

Don't screw around! I confessed at the hot spring first!!
Eh? When? Really? // Huh? You're joking, right...?
(This isn't funny with this timing...)
Hey! What are you blushing for! Say it was just a joke!!
(They're all handwritting..)
Ex- Exchange diaries!?
(Setsuna's heart is already here!!)
Exchange my ass. You wrote that all by yourself!!

Page 21

F- First comes, first served...
(I think)
I won't hand him over...
Let him go, bitch!!
(It's on!)
I won't let you off so easily when I get you!!
After her!!
We'll chase you to the end of the world!!
Yare, yare...

Page 22

(Thanks for reading!! The last volume 4 is set to be released in November.)
really a noisy pack.

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