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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Parasite Girl Sana - Parasistence Sana 2

+ posted by PROzess as translation on May 23, 2013 22:57 | Go to Parasite Girl Sana - Parasistence Sana

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Reserved for Extras

Kisei Kanojo Sana Chapter 02

Page 01

(The second chapter of the parasite love comedy!)
Morning, huh...
I had a weird dream. // A dream about a girl coming out of my stomach.
Guess because of these stomach aches yesterday // I saw such a dream.

Page 02

(A parasite in your stomach!! The aim of the mysterious beauty Sana is..?)
Chapter 02: All you need is worm
Mm.... // Morning, Karato.

Page 03

Ow. // Ouch.
It's no dream!!
What are you doing?
If you want pain, I can move my main body around a bit in your stomach.
Main body?
GUAH // Ow. It hurts.
To think my host was a masochist...
No... You're mistaken.
It was no dream. She definitely
came out of my stomach...
Last night---

Page 04

What... did you just say?
Japanese... what?
Japanese Sea Tapeworm.
And that's what?
To make it simple,
it's a tapeworm. [I know this doesn't work in english, but the japs have two words for tapeworm-.-]
A tapeworm...!
It's that parasite, isn't it...That long one, like a noodle...
UWA!!! The research sample I ate for breakfast! It was in there.
Onii-chan! You can't eat weird stuff.

Page 05

So.. You're a tapeworm?
No! I'm a high level creature that evolved from a tapeworm.
You say parasite...
but you look nothing but a girl to me.
I have proof! // Because I'm not a mammal,
I don't have a navel.
For real...
A tapeworm in my stomach...
I'm a high level creature that evolved from a tapeworm!

Page 06

Listen, I know it from a researcher, but I'll tell you it.
It all started // when my kind started to have a consciousness.
While being a parasite, we evolved into a creature with a "self".
In philosophy you call it "existence".
A parasite with likewise an existence.
Parasite + Existence = Parasistence
The researcher called us "Parasistence".

Page 07

An evolved parasite with a consciousness...
I, who lived so far as a parasite, took a different route for evolving.
I protect my "host".
My main body is in there.
But I separated a part and managed to create a fragment. // The fragment, this body, will protect the host from the outside.
It also has the perfect ability to mimic.
How you like it? It turned out quite nice, right?

Page 08

She sure is cute... // Actually, wear some clothes already... (I can't face her)
Was I not done cute enough?
Or was the portion of my breasts not enough...?
Don't say portion! // And that's not the problem!
Actually, if you talk about that, Sakura will again go...
And I went out of my way to explain it!
Well, it's already late. And so much happened...
I suddenly feel sleepy too...

Page 09

So I slept until now, huh...
Your body must have needed sleep. // It'll take some time until I'll have gotten used to your body, Karato.
Huh? My name...
I heard it before you fell asleep. // You can call me Sana.
But I must say, your stomach is so nice. // We're a perfect match!
Don't cling to me...

Page 10

What's with this lovely-dovey conversation so early in the morning!? // What did you do yesterday after you make me fall asleep with all these difficult terms----
Sakura! Wh- Where did you come from!?
I was in the 20cm space between the bed and the wall!
(Wall // Sakura // Bed)
(You fell down there?)
And I was dressed like an old rag! // That's too miserable!
I- It hurts, stupid host.
What are you doing...

Page 11

That was an accident...
Where are you going, Sakura?
Ah, she's back.
Disinfecting the filth!!
You had to do some preparation first for you arousal!?

Page 12

Don't harm my host---!!
Sana! Sakura isn't an enemy.
A relative... // She's my cousin!!
is that so?
By the way, // what's with that weapon?
(Farewell, my stereo system...)

Page 13

It's a cuticle blade.
Just like the Samurai protected the Shogun with her life in the past, // I'll protect Karato with this...
Cuticle Blade // A weapon made out of hard cells, the cuticle.
S- See, she doesn't seem like a bad girl.
Anyway, it's not good for Sana to be naked.... // So could you bring her some clothes?
Why did you bring her a school uniform?
Eh... But we have school now.
I can't let Sana go there.
What's school?

Page 14

You don't know? // It's a place where boys and girls of the same age gather to study,
get friendly, eat and do club activities...
Sounds fun. I want to go there.
N- No. You stay at home!
Eh, but that's boring---
Actually, what's with your perverted dressing!?
Don't seduce Onii-chan!!
But it's tight around the chest.

Page 15

this one fits.
(Uniform of Sakura's older sister)
Facing reality is hard.
Okay, let's go to school!!
I said no!!
If you won't let me go, I'll use force // and ran amok in your stomach!!
Oww, my stomach hurts.

Page 16

You keep saying "protect"...
But you're just causing him trouble!!
Mm... // But Karato is a pervert that likes pain.
No, you got that wrong.
In such one day, he ventured into the world of S&M.
Hey, the floor is wet, so be care...
Not good...

Page 17

It doesn't hurt...

Page 18

Geez, you're such a troublesome host!

Page 19

But you two are a bit heavy...
Please get down quickly..
Y- Yeah.
I'm sorry...
I made a fuss and even endangered Onii-chan...
Don't worry about it...
It's okay! I'll protect you two from now on!
Eh.. Me too?
Of course. // I mean, you're important to Karato, right?

Page 20

Karato would be sad if you get hurt.
And making the host happy is the job of a parasistence!
So wherever you go, I'll follow.
I'll protect you.

Page 21

So that's why she wanted to go to school that much...
You're right...
I'm also happy if you're working towards Onii-chan's happiness!
Ehehe, thanks for earlier, Sana-s-- // No, can I call you Sana-chan?
Are you okay? You didn't get split hair?
What the.
Looks like one problem is out of the way, but
Okay, onwards to school!
There are still a mountain others left...
Don't act on the spur of the moment!
(Next time, finally at school!)

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