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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Lock On! 9

Such a nice day

+ posted by Runte as translation on Apr 17, 2010 10:32 | Go to Lock On!

-> RTS Page for Lock On! 9

Reserved for the Red-Hawks

Warning: English is not my strongest language, so those of you who hate bad Engrish should wait for the Proofread version


Page 01:

Let's see how

My first shot looks

9th Such a nice day

Page 02:

The day after Yuki was rescued

Is this the start of a peaceful day?!

It's Monday

Good moorning, Nikoo!

Morning, Yuki

Yuki is once again smiling

I'm so glad...
I was afraid she'd be down because of what happened yesterday

Guess I gotta thank Sanada...


Page 03:

Morning, Sanada

SFX: Wobble



Oh, right...
Niko... Yuki...

I didn't notice you

SFX: Stagger

Sanada... You okay? You look terrible

It seems I used my eyes too much yesterday

It's called "Eyestrain"

When you overuse your eyes, your sight will dim and worsen, and you’ll feel an ache

Page 04:

He was clearly overdoing it to save Yuki...
Well, of course... Since his eyes were all we had...

Thank you for saving me yesterday!

You're welcome
Can I take one?

SFX: Stagger Stagger

Of course!

I'll say it too...

Sanada... thanks for...


Let me take your picture!

Yester... What?


My eyes are all blurry so I can't really see your beautiful face!

Tha... Umm
Wait up... Too close!!

SFX: Blunt

I'm feeling a lot better after looking at you!!


Can I really say "Thank you" to him....

Page 05:


SFX: Gyaaaaaaaah

SFX: Kick

What, you can't?!

Aah... My head hurts...

SFX: Throb Throb

And I seem to have a fever...

But the worst is I can hardly see anything...

SFX: Blurry

So I can't focus my focal point...

I'll go to the infirmary

SFX: Stagger Stagger

Is Sanada-kun okay?

I bet he's faking it

Page 06:

The second you try to pity him, he'll attack you with "Then, let me take one"

After all, you can't trust men!

B... But Sanada-kun saved me yesterday!

That was...

He actually left his camera behind...

So he wasn't faking it...

Let me copy the homework!
I'm in deep shit!

Hell no! Do them yourself!

SFX: Clatter


Page 07:

SFX: Catch

Ku... Kurihara...

My bad...

Since it won't really be safe here...
I'll take it to the infirmary

SFX: Stagger Stagger

Where's my camera...?!

This is bad...
I forgot it in the classroom?!

Page 08:

Bad, this is really bad!!

That camera has that important....!!!

Even though he's a pervert, it's true that he did save Yuki...
Guess it's okay to say thanks while giving this back

SFX: Tap Tap Tap Tap

Ah! Sanada!

Here, your Came...

SFX: Swoosh


Page 09:

My camera!!

SFX: Rattle

Empty? It's not here?!

It got stolen?!

Shutter eye!

SFX: Kyuuun

I'll search for clues!!

SFX: Throb

It's impossible today!

Ooooi, Sanada!

SFX: Tap Tap

Your camera's right...

Where did you go?!

SFX: Jump

Where are you going?!?

Page 10:

Niko! Sanada-kun is really weird today!!

He's always weird, but this time it might be really bad!!

He didn't even notice when he walked right beside us...

Could it be that the Sanada right now can't understand anything that's happening around him?!

And above all, because of his aching and fever


SFX: Rustle Rustle

Where is my camera?!

He can't regain his composure!

I have to stop him!!

SFX: Dash

You've gotta help us!!

Isn't it pretty normal for Sanada to be weird?

Today he's even weirder!!

Please stop Sanada-kun!!!

SFX: Rush

Page 11:

Wait up, Sanadaa!!

SFX: Uwoooh
Calm down a bit!!

Why are they following me...?
Who are they?!

Are they trying to stop me from looking for my camera?!

SFX: Blurry

I won't let them!!!

SFX: Jump

SFX: Tap

SFX: Grab

SFX: Climb Climb

Are you a frigging ninja or something?!

Page 12:

Even if he can't see well or has lost his composure...

His level of agility is the same!!


SFX: Rush


You have to listen other people!

SFX: Tap Tap Tap

Where are yoou?!

SFX: Step Step Step




He's too much!!!


Page 13:

This is stupid... Just when I thought of thanking him...

Do what you want then...

...But why is he so desperate...?
Well, I know this camera is important to him and all, but...

Hah! Maybe!

Could it be full of data of indecent pictures?!
Like peeping photos!!

And he doesn't want others to see them...!

SFX: Step

I finally found you...!

SFX: Pant Pant

...That's my line

Page 14:

I tried thinking calmly

Someone who's against me taking photographs
Someone who doesn't think well of my camera...

Kurihara Niko!!
The criminal is you!!

SFX: Point

He thinks I stole it?!

I beg you! Please, return that to me!!

SFX: Bow Bow

I didn't steal anything, you know!

Thanks a lot!!

I'm so glad it's okay..! I really am...!!

SFX: Rub Rub

So it's that important, huh...

...Is it full of lewd pictures or something?

Page 15:

Wanna see?


SFX: Zura (In row)


There's lots of laughing girls...

Oh? Why is Yamato-kun here too...?

And there are... Zero lewd pics

SFX: Beep Beep


Since I took all of those today
Some of them have the focal point is all messed up and some of them are men

Page 16:

Rather than the camera, it was that data which was important to me

I got really scared... When I thought of losing today's worth of photographs

Data over... the camera?

But you're shooting everyday
It's not like today's very special...

Today is special

The reason I shoot every day is
Because every day is different

Even if they look similar, they're somewhere different

Everyone's everyone
It's not like they're laughing the same way every day, right?

Page 17:

Ah... This is...

Today's Yuki

You're right


SFX: pat

Thank you, Sanada

It's all thanks to you
That Yuki can smile and laugh today

Page 18:

SFX: Snap


...My bad!

When I focus the focal point,
I naturally push the button

SFX: Beep

That's the expression of my gratitude

Really?! Today is such a nice day!

Just a few minutes ago you felt terrible and made such an uproar

SFX: Giggle

SFX: Whooooosh

Page 19:

Sanada-kun found!

SFX: Slam

SFX: Rattle rattle

Ah! Niko found too!

SFX: Shock

I was looking for you

Others gave up pretty fast though...

What's wrong?

Did something good happen?

A little

A smile is the best medicine for tired eyes!!


Next time the model Sanada scouted will appear?!

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