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Jigoku Ane 2

The Early Afternoon Crisis

+ posted by Saan as translation on Jul 29, 2014 04:02 | Go to Jigoku Ane

-> RTS Page for Jigoku Ane 2

Jigoku Ane by You Yoshidamaru

Chapter 2: The early afternoon crisis.

Page 1

HIROKI: I just need to calm down...

HIROKI: That guys not here anymore.
HIROKI: Yeah, it was all a bad dream.

HIROKI: On the other side of this door, is definitely my old Nee-chan!!

TEXT: My pretty, sweet Nee-chan...
HIROKI: Nee-cha-...
(SFX: Gacha, door opens)

Page 2

TEXT: You love your pretty Nee-chan, don’t you?
(SMALL TEXT: But she sure has changed a lot)

Page 3

MAHIRO: Oh my,
MAHIRO: Morning, Hiroki.

HIROKI: Gyyaaaa!
TEXT: Inside my sister who lost her memories in a traffic accident,

TEXT: Actually, there seems to be another person inside her...I think.
MAHIRO: I just couldn’t sleep with clothes on...

HIROKI: What would you do if someone were to peep in?!
TEXT: It’s a situation that’s pretty hard to believe but,

TEXT: I just can’t seem to wake from this nightmare.
(SFX: gentle touch)

Page 4

MAHIRO: Hey, hey, Hiroki~ I’m on your back now loets go somewhere~
HIROKI: Get off.

MAHIRO: But I haven’t been anywhere outside of school yet
HIROKI: I have no idea what you are! And stop mimicing my sister!

MAHIRO: Then I’ll just go by my..
HIROKI: Over my dead...
(SFX: Kerslam!)

Page 5

MAHIRO: Youngsters are jut like trash.

HIROKI: Ooh..If only you hadn’t broken Dad’s tea bowl...
MAHIRO: You’re the one who broke it right.
HIROKI: Yeah I did.

HIROKI: Leaving him alone alone is risky so I cam along but...

HIROKI: Just for today I behave yourself! Don’t ever leave my side!
MAHIRO: I got it, I got it.
(Small text: Oh, excuse me)

Page 6

MAHIRO: Hey, how’s this?

HIROKI: Oh. Yeah, yeah. Looks great, looks great.
MAHIRO: Really!? What should I do?

HIROKI: Aaah, this gives me the creeps.
CASHIER: Well that comes to...

CASHIER: 30,000 Yen. (US ~$300)
MAHIRO: I’ve got cash.
HIROKI: Whaat!

HIROKI: Did you even here what I said before!?
(Small text: Could that have been when she got bumped into!?)

Page 7

HIROKI: You better get your ass home!!
MAHIRO: Oh, this is so cute!!


CASHIER: That looks wonderful on you ma’am.
MAHIRO: Do you have this in another color?
TEXT: Wha-What was that!? Just calm down. There’s some old guy inside her!

Page 8

HIROKI: No...If I didn’t know better...This is...My Nee-chan...

MAHIRO: Bought it, bought it.
HIROKI: If only I could bring her back with brute force.

MAHIRO: Ok, this time it’s actually your Dad’s card. Ah, this looks great.
HIROKI: Heeeeey!!

MAHIRO: Girly shopping sure is fun!

Page 9

HIROKI: Were you really a guy before?
MAHIRO: Ahh? I haven’t said that.

MAHIRO: Well, whaddaya want for dessert?
HIROKI: No, he’s definitley acting like a guy.

HIROKI: Don’t enjoy yourself too much.

MAHIRO: I ain’t doing anything wrong.
HIROKI: That’s all you do!!

MAHIRO: If so, is it really ok to just mope about it? Isn’t that unfaiar to your sister?
HIROKI: ...how should I put this,

Page 10

HIROKI: She just looks excessively happy. Even though it’s still annoying...


HIROKI: What did you do when you were still alive?

Page 11

HIROKI: I thought maybe you were a cross-dressing old man or something.
MAHIRO: Drop the old man thing. And don’t say “still alive.”

HIROKI: Come to think, I don’t even know your name.
MAHIRO: Dummy, if I told you you’d look it up right? If you knew my lineage you’d try to bring me out?

MAHIRO: Well, it’s too late for the stuff you already know.
(SFX: Gently falling)

MAHIRO: Oh, the bill.

MAHIRO: Well, at best you’re the only one worried...

HIROKI: Butt!!!

Page 12

MAHIRO: Hiroki,

MAHIRO: How do I look?
HIROKI: I have no idea.

CLERK: Do you know what you want, ma’am?

MAHIRO: Yeah, I forgot to wear underwear today.
CLERK: Well. Then I shall find you some panties suitable to your size.

MAHIRO: Go ahead.
CLERK: Thank you very much!
(SFX: Click, click, click)
HIROKI: Is this normal...?

Page 13

CLERK: Here, Onee-sama. I also have matching underwear for your little brother. I hope you enjoy a wonderful night. <3
HIROKI: Um, why night...?

MAHIRO: Woah, that time already?!

HIROKI: Well duh we lost time. You just did a bunch of impulse buys, what are you a kid!?
MAHIRO: I’m an old guy.

HIROKI: Man..Pickpocketing wallets, stealing cards, exposing yourself..

HIROKI: If you do anything more and cause a huge scene, I’m sending you stright back to the hospital!

Page 14

MAHIRO: Alright, alright.
MAN: Wait!!

MAHIRO: Shall we head home?

MAHIRO: Can’t make a scene right?
HIROKI: Bu, but...

HIROKI: Wait!!

Page 15

THEIF: Outta my way!!
(SFX: Thud)


(Package: Cheese cod)

MAHIRO: You better wait!!

(SFX: Thunk)

Page 16

MAHIRO: How dare you ruin my fun..And ruin the delicate camembert flavor…!!

MAHIRO: Guys that don’t get people’s fun,
MAHIRO: Have no right to look at people’s genitals!!

(SFX: fwoosh)

Page 17

MAHIRO: You best check out your own bits!

TEXT: Have you seen your own underwear?

Page 18

BOTH: …Ah!!

BOTH: The underpant’s clerk…
CLERK: I merely…wanted to research underwear…

CLERK: Your underwear…is on backwards.
MAHIRO: Ooh, thanks.

MAHIRO: Should I hold it back?

Page 19

MAHIRO: I went overboard there.

HIROKI: It’s ok for…today.

HIROKI: But it was too much ok!? You were almost out there ok!?
MAHIRO: I see, I see. Well, it was thanks to me.
(SFX: Ker-flick)

Page 20

MAHIRO: You’re turning into an adult, ya brat!!

HIROKI: Hold it back after all!! No, strangle it!
MAHIRO: Oh-oh-, would you like to try?

MOM: Mahiro-

Page 21

MOM: About your father’s tea bowl…
(SFX: Hoh)

MOM: Thank you.

MOM: Going out and buying the same kind and all.
MAHIRO: Well dad like it so much and all.

MOM: Now, now, let’s have dinner. Here, Hiroki and your father too.

MOM: Oh, there’s something in the bottom of the bag…

Page 22

MAHIRO: I thought I’d help you a get along more in marriage.
MOM: Oh, you’re into the adult stuff huh.

MAHIRO: I got one for you too.
HIROKI: That’s rope!!
TEXT: For a little bit I had a forgiving heart, and closed my eyes to fear.

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