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Drifters 11

+ posted by serizawa as translation on Mar 1, 2010 02:37 | Go to Drifters

-> RTS Page for Drifters 11


Octobrist: LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!

(A carriage leaves the fortress)


(Several soldiers of the Black King go after them. However, they are shot down.)

Soldier: !?

Wild Bunch gang man: Do them! Do them!
Do them, Kid!

Kid: Shit! Fuck!
I'm running out of bullets!!
[T.N.: I haven't figured out for sure what members Hirano is using. I presume they are Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, but so far Hirano has given no hint about who they are.]

(He keeps shooting from the carriage to open a way to escape.)

Hannibal: What's this? This is great!
Give me this and I will take Rome in one day!

Scipio: Shut up, old man!

Wild Bunch man: Hahahahaha!

Kid: !!

(a dragon appears in front of them.)

Wild Bunch man: !!

(the dragon opens her mouth to attack, but is taken down with heavy gunfire.)

Wild Bunch man: !!

Naoshi: Reporting! One "dragon" down!
Engaging combat! Target is "dragon"!! Target is "dragon"!!
This is Kanno Naoshi speaking, Captain of "Shinsengumi", 301st Air Force Battalion!

Naoshi: I hate things that spit fires!
Fuck you, you son of a bitch!
I have no fuckin' idea about where I am!
But I'm taking you all down, you freaking scum!!

(Naoshi chases dragons)

Octobrist: A drifter!!
He was a drifter!!

Octobrist: Let us flee from this place!!
But I won't let you do as you please!
Not anymore, Black King!!
The mistakes shall be amended!
You are not meant to be here!

Goblins: Pgya! Pgyuah!
Pgyah! Pgyah!

Black King: It is already too late.
Their fate is already settled.

Black King: Chase them.
Seek them.
Find them.
Kill them.
All drifters shall be killed.
No drifter is to be left alive.
Thus is my order, inexorable tragedy being my power of rule.

South, way south from the North Wall of Carneades--
-- in a castle in ruins---

Girl: I can't get into contact with the Great Master.
W, what shall I do?
I really hope the North Wall hasn't fallen...
Meanwhile, those stupid three guys are making such a big mess.
What should I do now?

(Nobunaga and Yoichi suddenly appear before her.)

Toyohisa: No wonder I had that feeling that someone was watching us.
Who are you!!

Girl (trembling with terror): Uh...
Ah... eh...
A "Kubi-oiteke" monster is trying to kill me!! [T.N.: "Kubi-oiteke" means literally "leave your neck(head)". It seems to be a monster (youkai) from Satsuma region, region of Toyohisa.]

Toyohisa: Who the hell is a monster!?

Girl: Augh!

Yoichi: Is she a spy?

Nobunaga: She is just too clumsy to be a spy.
... but first and foremost of all.

Nobunaga: Hey, Toyohisa.

Toyohisa: What?

Nobunaga: She's speaking the Language of the Rising Sun. [T.N.: Japanese.]

Toyohisa: Oh!

Yoichi: (Indeed!)

Toyohisa: Hey, you!
Confess! Spit out everything you know!!

Girl: (Help me! Don't kill me!)
Noooo! Aaaah! Noooo!

Toyohisa: If you don't tell me everything, I will leave you in his hands.

Nobunaga: Hello, I am the Devil Lord of the 6th Heaven. [T.N.: here, he's speaking just like Son Goku, from Dragon Ball.]
I like arson and mass murder.
I make toasts with the skulls of the men I kill.
(I love taking over the country)
(I love dancing Atsumori) [T.N.: Nobunaga liked to perform a dance telling the story of Taira no Atsumori, a young warrior of old.]

Girl: AAAAAH!!!

Girl: I, I am Olmine!
A magician and a Octobrist!
The Great Master ordered me to watch you!
To watch you Drifters! Please help me!

Toyohisa: I didn't understand a thing!

Nobunaga: That fool is saying that he didn't understand!
Explain, so that the fool can understand as well!

Olmine: You got to be kidding!

Toyohisa: Who is the idiot!?
Do you want to lose your head?

Nobunaga: Oh, so you did listen, after all.
You are indeed that "kubi-oiteke" monster then.

Olmine: Uh... well...
In this world, we call "Drifters"---
--- men like you, who came from "the other" world.
And the job of the Octobrist organization---
--- is to keep an eye and gather those Drifters.

Olmine: And you came here to fight. [T.N.: in the background, the names of several Drifters can be seen.]
Fight against men called as "offscouring".

Toyohisa: To hell with that.
(I'm telling you, I didn't understand a thing)

Nobunaga: Nobody tells me what to do.
(Why should I do that?)

Yoichi: No way.
(Just too troublesome!)

Olmine: WHAAAAT!?

Side note: The many warriors who came from so many eras and countries... what will be the path chosen by fate?!


Foot note: Drifters 11 end
Continues on the next issue (on sale March 30th).

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