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Detective Conan 738 (0 comments)
File 738
Caption: Will Ran and Kazuha be the Demon Dog's victims!?

Sidetext: The "Fiery Demon Dog" appears before Ran and Kazuha!!

Ran: Ka...

Ran: Get up!!
--The entrance is just right there!!

Takako: What's with the racket?
Ran: T-the Demon Dog!

Kazuha: The Demon Dog appeared in the garden!
Takako: Demon Dog?

Yoshiya:That's absurd!
--There's no way he could make it on the premises!
Miyuki: You don't think he climbed over the fence or something?
Tomoaki: I-in any case it's dangerous so we should stay inside for awhile...

Ran: T-that's Hachi's barking...
Kazuha: Is he in trouble?

Kazuha: I'm going to bring Hachi in!
Ran: Me too!
Takako: Now wait a minute you two!

Mouri:... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 737 (0 comments)
File 737
Caption: Are the remaining demon fires the flames of hatred and malediction?

Sidetext: What Conan and the others witnessed above the cliff...
Mouri: Fla--
--Flaming footprints!?

Mouri: That's what you saw above the cliff?
Heiji: Yeah, that's right...

Heiji: There were these spots starting about 20m from the edge...
--It was as if a fiery demon dog had run across...

Ran/Kazuha: Eeeek!?
Mouri: Hmph! But you didn't see the all-important Demon Dog, right?

Mouri: Obviously somebody just scattered oil there and lit it to make it look like the Demon Dog!
Conan: No...

Conan: There was no oil smell...
--And as the tracks got closer to the edge of the cliff, the spacings got wider and the flames... Read More " "
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File 736

Heiji: Yo, gramps!

Heiji: I don't suppose you know where the Inubushi residence is?
Man: Inubushi...

Man: What's your business?
Heiji: Just gonna solve a mystery about some mutt's curse...

Man: Take my advice...Give it up...
--Play around with fire you'll get badly burnt...

Heiji: Oh...
Mouri: So, where's the house?

Man: See that fortress-like roof there on the mountainside?

File 736
The Inubushi Family
Caption: The Demon Dog Curse Saga, Part 3...

Man: That's the Inubushi residence...
--A mansion cursed by the Demon Dog.

Kazuha: Hey, Heiji...
--Is it true?

Kazuha: About the pearl falling from the mouth of that adopted Inubushi son, Shinichi?
Heiji: It's true...

Heiji: He may have bit it off from his... Read More " "
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File 735
Avenging Ghost
Caption: What's the key to the hidden trick in the brazier?

Sidetext: Conan and Heiji have determined the victim's nurse helper to be the culprit...
Abukawa: Now wait...
--just a minute!

Abukawa: I'm only the nurse...
--I just got back from shopping!!
Box: Abukawa Funae (39) Home Helper

Abukawa: Besides...
--The door was taped shut using packing tape...

Abukawa: When I arrived you were pulling it off the window, right?
Heiji: Yeah...
--It was stuck on tight...

Abukawa: In addition...
--The fact there's the charcoal brazier beside the body means that...

Abukawa: No matter how you look at it...
--he committed 'charcoal suicide'!!
Box: Kudou Shinichi (43) Victim

Heiji: It certainly... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 734 (1 comments)
File 734
Demon Dog
Caption: Speaking of the owner of this hat...

Sidetext: A new case! Visitors arrive as Kogorou and the others are in the office focused on the TV...
TV: Grrrr.....

Dog: Grrrr...

Mouri: H-Hey! Why's that dog glowing!?
TV Man: Aaah!
Ran: It's...

Ran: a demon dog!!
--A real demon dog!!

Conan: It's phosphorus!

Ran/Mouri: Eh?
TV Man: Aaah!
Conan: The dog was painted with phosphorus to make it glow and scare people...

Conan: Holmes explains it at the end!
Mouri: Oh great! You spoiled the ending!

Conan: But I thought you knew it because Holmes' "Hound of the Baskervilles" is so famous...
Ran: But...
--we're not Holmes geeks like you and Shinichi...

Mouri: Hmph! Well, there's no point... Read More " "
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File 733
The Cleaning
Caption: Showdown

Sidetext: It's minutes until Kid's announced time!
Nakamori: The officer guarding the museum entrance!

Nakamori: How's the situation?
Officer: Sir! I haven't observed any guests turning away quickly at the gate!!

Nakamori: Any problems at the metal detection gates?
Officer: No! There haven't been any guests in possession of a pistol...

Nakamori: And in the Ryouma Exhibition!?
Officer: At present there's noone here resembling Kid...

Officer: Is Kid really coming!?
Nakamori: You fool!! Every time Kid's made an announcement he's never failed to show up!!

Suzuki: But Inspector Nakamori, I've said this many times, but this time is different because he announced he... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 732 (4 comments)
File 732
Caption: What does he mean by, "clean up"?

Sidetext: A "cleaning riddle" from the Kid was delivered...
Reporter: Please observe...

Reporter: this long line of people!!

Reporter: Having heard the Kid's announced time to be tomorrow at 8pm...
--one after another, Kid's fans are descending on the Suzuki Grand Museum in spite of it being just after closing!

Reporter: Will the Kid be able to return Sakamoto Ryouma's letter, sake cup, and pistol as he announced?
--And, will he be inclined to steal Ryouma's gunbelt as a reward?

Reporter: In addition, what is the true motive behind his sudden public announcement of the time!?
--Will everything be made clear... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 731 (0 comments)
File 731

Sonoko: I will once again clean up Japan!
Ran: Eh?
Caption: Conan and the others hang out after school...

Sonoko: OK, whose line is that?
Ran: Hmm, I've heard that somewhere before...
--Who was it?

Conan: Sakamoto Ryouma!
--On June 29 in the 3rd year of the Bunkyuu Era, 1863, Ryouma wrote that in a letter addressed to his elder sister...

Conan: It was on TV! Because of the current "Ryouma Boom"...[TN: The "Ryouma Boom" refers to the exploding interest in all things related to Sakamoto Ryouma due to the popularity of the TV drama series, "The Ryouma Legend."]
Sonoko: Is that so...

Ran: But why are you quoting Ryouma, Sonoko?
Sonoko: Last week they set up a... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 730 (5 comments)
File 730
The Secret of the Diary
Caption: The truth to the kidnapping case, hidden in a single photograph!?

Sidetext: Conan realizes the hidden truth to the baffling kidnapping case
Mitsuhiko: An...
--An extraordinarily awesome genius?

Mitsuhiko: Th-That's the kind of person we've been up against?
Conan: Well...

Conan: Great!
--The height of the seat is just right!

Conan: So could Ayumi-chan accompany on the piano...
--while the rest of you sing?
Ayumi: Eh?

Conan: I want you to give it your all...
--with a fun song!

Ayumi: OK!

Singing: I stepped on the cat, I stepped on the cat...
--After I stepped on him he scratched me...

Singing: The cat scratched me, the cat scratched me, the cat got scared and he... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 729 (0 comments)
File 729
Caption: Something is strange about this diary

Sidetext: The Detective Boys have encountered a kidnapping case.
Genta: Hey, Conan..

Genta: What're we gonna do with this?
Conan: Well, first thing is...

Conan: We have to open up this coffin...
Mitsuhiko: Wa...
--Wait just a minute!

Mitsuhiko: According to the contents of the diary we just found...
--Somebody has kidnapped a small boy and confined him here...They also wrote that since the child appeared to be aware of his own circumstances he would have to be killed, right?

Haibara: Yes...Furthermore there is some sort of red substance adhering to the last page, And written there are the words:
--"Boy, I'm sorry. Please forgive... Read More " "
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File 728
Air on the G String
Caption: The reason you pucker your lips is so that you can be attractive!

Sidetext: What on earth is the reason for the tense situation?
Genta: Crap!
--The culprit's still here!?

Mitsuhiko: A...
--Anyways, let's hurry up and get out of here!!

Ayumi: B-but...
--We have to save that boy!!

Conan: You guys!!
--Stick by me!!

Haibara: Yes...If we scatter we'll be taken down...
--What happened to that boy is liable to be repeated...

SFX: Waaaaaaaaaaah

Box: 3 hours earlier...
Man: It's no use, sir!
--The oil's leaking and the engine is fried...

Man: It needs time to be repaired at the shop or it won't run..
--I'll have to tow it in for now...
Agasa: Hey...

Agasa: Are you leaving us... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 727 (0 comments)
File 727
Happy White Day
Caption: Was this used?

Sidetext: Conan has noticed the miracle trick used by the wife to poison the company president...
Hoshie: Anyway!
--When my husband moaned and collapsed...I, his wife, was the only person beside him...

Hoshie: My husband's cause of death was acute poisoning by potassium cyanide...and the one to administer the poisoning may have been me...However, I was holding Ran-san's left hand with both of my own, giving her a palm reading. It was impossible for me to have administered the poison by hand...

Hoshie: Furthermore, from the medicinal wafers containing potassium cyanide discovered in my husband's car...
--and the fact that the wafer was lodged in... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 726 (0 comments)
File 726
Miraculous Trick
Caption: Where on Earth is the poison!?

Sidetext: The President is poisoned at the party...
Takagi: The deceased is Urai Taruto-san, age 53
--President of Urai Confectioners...

Takagi: He was hosting this party...
Megure: Oh...

Megure: I heard from forensics it was poison...
Takagi: Yes, they say it was acute poisoning from a hydrocyanic acid compound...

Megure: Then at the time he collapsed from the poisoning, the only people near him were those Mouri-kun brought along,
--Ran-kun and Conan-kun,

Megure: Along with the President's wife, Vice President of Urai Confectioners Urai Hoshie-san...
Hoshie: Yes, that's true...

Hoshie: At that moment Mouri-san was on stage giving a... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 725 (0 comments)
File 725
White Day Murder
Caption: Do you suppose he reciprocated?

Sidetext: It's finally White Day season...
Urai: Hmm?

Urai: What's this chocolate?
Hoshie: Why...
-- You know that's your own company's latest product!

Urai: Ah, the "Spychoco White" sold in March for White Day?
Hoshie: Yes...a tarter version of our popular "Spychoco Black," 'Suppaai' White Chocolate! [TN: Suppaai,' means 'sour' or 'tart' and sounds like the English word, 'spy'.]

Urai: Hey, you're not testing this out on me, are you...
--You know I can't eat sour things...
Sign: Urai Taruto (53) President of Urai Confectioners

Urai: Haven't I been saying this forever? I handle sweet things, and you, as vice... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 724 (0 comments)
File 724
An Eye for an Eye
Caption: Why are you so upset?

Caption: Conan explains the trick of the locked room above the lake...
Officer: Inspector Yokomizo!

Officer: I questioned the ryokan front desk employees!
Yokomizo: And?

Officer: They said Natori-san left her keys there are about 5:30 this morning...
Yokomizo: Ho...

Officer: In addition, Teradou-san called the front desk at around 2am asking for someone to come to his room to fix his air conditioning...
Teradou: Well, I couldn't figure out how it worked...

Yokomizo: And what about Tanzawa's claim that he went to the front desk for change at around 4am?
Officer: That's also true! He broke a 1000 yen bill into 100 yen coins...

Yokomizo: Hey! Is it... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 723 (0 comments)
File 723
The Locked Room Above the Lake
Caption: What in the world is it that you remember?

Sidetext: The arrogant, lecherous, scriptwriter is found dead at Kojyou Roten bath's rocky area...

Teradou: Huh? Is something going on?
Natori: I have no idea!

Natori: I came to go inside the Kojyou Roten bath, but these kids won't let me pass...
Mitsuhiko: It's because Conan
said not to let anybody in!

Haibara: Hey...Is he dead?
Conan: Yeah, he's not breathing...

Ayumi: No way...
Haibara! I hope you've contacted the police!
Haibara: Yes...

Tanzawa: Huh...

Tanzawa: It can't...
Why is sensei...

Tanzawa: Sensei!

Yokomizo: Cause of death is due to a strong blow to the back of the... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 722 (0 comments)
File 722
Steam Murderer
Caption: Developing the fortitude necessary for a detective?
Sidetext: A new case! Where are the cheerful Detective Boys headed to in Professor Agasa's beetle?
Aiyumi: On top is a flood and on the bottom a great fire...
What is it?

Mitsuhiko/Genta: An onsen!
Conan: Isn't the answer a bath? Onsens don't have fires...

Haibara: Now it's not necessary wrong, is it?
Ordinarily Onsens are usually heated up by boiling magma..
Conan: Well, that's true...

Conan: But why this turn of events? Why is the professor taking us to an onsen?
Agasa: I'm just going to make a few repairs!

Agasa: The ryokan owners liked my invention and ordered a lot of them!
They're popular with the customers, but... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 721 (0 comments)
File 721
The Kappa's True Form
Caption: Could it be...!?

Sidetext: Conan solves the puzzle of the drowning death trick....
Yama: Anyway...

Yama: Since Ran-san witnessed this figure of an unknown alien life form...
The culprit has to be none other than him...

Yama: For that reason, as an ultra classified X File, this case will be deposited in the deepest part of the Gunma Police headquarters...
Where it'll never again see the light of day...

Mouri: What, you mean it's going to go unsolved?
Conan: Geesh, it's not that kind of file...

Ran: B-but, why did the alien have to kill the ryokan owner, Banzou-san!?
Conan: Oh boy...
Yama: Didn't you hear what I said before about Banzou-san always using binoculars... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 720 (0 comments)
File 720
The Kappa's Curse
Caption: The result of the Kappa's actions...?

Sidetext: The cause of death for the innkeeper discovered soaking wet in a dry room is...
Mouri: What?

Mouri: You're saying the proprietor of this ryokan was murdered this morning by drowning?
Yama: Yes! That's according to the coroner...

Yama: Furthermore, from the water samples taken from both the exterior and the interior of the body of the victim, Numayama Banzou-san...
He may have been drowned at a polluted marsh somwhere and later transported to this location!

Ran: Come to think of it, there's that awful smell...
Mouri: Yeah, enough to curl your nose...
Conan: But it appears the culprit brought that smelly water... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 717 (0 comments)
File 717
Monkey and 9
What clue to the Tori-Man is in this wallet?

Sidetext: The Tori-Man has stabbed a man and escaped...
Megure: I see.

Megure: He's called 'Tori-Man' after the Rooster Fairs and for his thievery?

Megure: But this time he tried to also take a man's life...
Takagi: We've ID'd the man who was stabbed by the Tori-Man!

Takagi: Masuko Shirou-san, age 21 from Haido Town...
Apparently he's a student who failed the entrance exam to the Literature Department at Taito University...

Megure: Oh...I understand they brought the victim to the hospital. Is he conscious?
Takagi: Uh, no...

Takagi: His bag was among the contents of the daypack the Tori-Man threw at his pursuers...
We got his parent's... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 716 (0 comments)
File 716
Rooster Market
Does it Match?

Sidetext:What is Sonoko's purpose in coming to the late Autumn Rooster Market?
Sonoko: Oh!

Sonoko:They sell all types of kumades! [TN: Kumades are a type of rake which were originally used as weapons. These kumades are merely ornamental.]

Sonoko: As you would expect at a rooster market!
Ran: Busy, isn't it?
Mouri: But, what sort of kumade did you come to buy?

Mouri: Aren't kumades supposed to bring prosperity to your business or something like that?!
Ran: Eh?

Sonoko: Hey, Ran's preparing for the upcoming karate tournament...
Ran: Y-yeah! It's so I can win again...
Mouri: Oh? They have that sort of benefit?
Conan: They do!

Conan: A long time ago, after His... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 715 (0 comments)
File 715
Caption: Just you wait, he'll get his revenge!!

Sidetext: Conan has determined the Kid's disguise.
Ayumi: You figured it out, Conan-kun!

Ayumi: You know who the Kid changed into?
Conan: Yeah...

Conan: That's why I'm asking you to tell someone from the police riot squad.

Conan: Since the Kid is confined on these premises disguised as someone, you need to find somebody on the outside and let them know...
Genta: But which one should I tell?

Haibara: That's right...If it turns out the Kid's comrades are mixed in with the police.
Mitsuhiko: We'd be the ones in trouble...

Conan: No, the Kid doesn't have any comrades here...
Ayumi: Eh?

Conan: The Kid stole the amber Kirin's Horn all by... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 714 (0 comments)
File 714
White Tiger
When will the "Sleeping Conan" wake up!?

Sidetext: Haibara has discovered a clue to solving the puzzle left behind by Samizu Kichiemon!
Ayumi: It's true!

Ayumi: You can see the character for "sparrow"!

Ayumi: There, on top of the red pedestal!
Genta: Then maybe there used to be a sparrow statue on top!

Mitsuhiko: Yes, and perhaps...since the spot where it was removed looks pretty old, I think the statue was stolen a long time ago...
Haibara: It's not a sparrow...

Haibara:  Vermilion is a shade of red...if the missing character above "sparrow" is the one for "vermilion" would be referring to one of the legendary Divine... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 712 (0 comments)
Genta: Did you see it? The news about Kid this morning?
Ayumi: I did! I did!
Text: The Detective Boys hanging out after school...

Ayumi: He sent out another advance notice!
Mitsuhiko: Yeah! His target is a big jewel owned by Mr Suzuki Jirokichi!

Mitsuhiko: A kirin's horn! [TN: 'Kirin' is both the Japanese word for ’giraffe’ as well as the name of a mythical Chinese unicorn.]
It's got plants from over a thousand years ago mixed in, so it's like precious amber!

Haibara: But that's quick notice...Wasn't that ancient amber discovered at the old temple just last week?
Conan: Well, if that's the only thing they have every day on TV and the newspapers even Kid will come biting...

Genta: But...does a... Read More " "
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Detective Conan 711 (0 comments)
The Best Birthday
Caption: These two aren't being honest, are they?

Sidetext: What's the reason he didn't do anything for her birthday?
Ran: Now wait a minute...

Ran: Our family takes the trouble to stay at a hotel,

Ran: And even though we're all dining at the buffet,
you eat at separate tables!?

Eri: I was the first one to arrive at my seat...
So wasn't old mustache man the one who purposely sat separately?
Mouri: It couldn't be helped! I had to do some thinking...

Mouri: About how to prove the innocence...
of my wife, who's now become a suspect for murder...

Ran: Dad!

Eri: Ran! Don't fall for that!
I don't know what he's scheming!
Ran: Mom!

Conan: Oh! He's watching the time...

Conan: And checking the... Read More " "
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